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Albania - Luiz Ejjli - Zjarr e ftohte
Andorra - Jenny - Sense Tu
Armenia - Andre - Without Your Love
Belarus - Polina Smolova - Mama
Belgium- Kate Ryan - Je t'adore
Bosnia - Hari Mata Hari - Lejla
Bulgaria - Mariana Popova - Let Me Cry
Croatia - Severina - Moja Stikla
Cyrpus - Annette Artani - Why Angels Cry
Denmark - Sidsel Ben Semmane - Twist Of Love
Estonia - Sandra - Through My Window
Finland - Lordi - Hard Rock Halellujah
France - Virginie - It etait temps
Germany - Texas Lightning - No No Never
Greece - Anna Vissi - Everything
Iceland - Silvia Night - Congratulations
Ireland - Brian Kennedy - Every Song Is A Cry For Love
Israel - Eddie Butler - Together We Are One
Latvia - Cosmos - I Hear Your Heart
Lithuania - LT United - We Are The Winners
Macedonia - Elena Ristevska - Ninanajna
Malta - Fabrizio Faniello - I do
Moldova - Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R - Loca
Monaco - Severine Ferrer - La Coco-Dance
The Netherlands - Treble - Amambanda
Norway - Christine Gulbrandsen - Alvendansen
Poland - Ich Troje - Follow My Heart
Portugal - Non Stop - Coisas de nada
Romania - Mihai Traistariu - Tornero
Russia - Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go
Slovenia - Anzei Dezan - Mr.Nobody
Spain - Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary
Sweden - Carola - Invincible
Switzerland - six4one - If We All Give A Little
Turkey - Sibel Tuzun - Superstar
UK - Daz Sampson - Teenage Life
Ukraine - Tina Karol - Show Me Your Love

Chart was closed on May 9th

Chart Top3 Bottom3 Rus Bel Ukr Mol Arm Procedure Updated
Eurovision Song Contest Statistics Romania, Greece, Belgium Belarus, Lithuania, Israel 7 37 24 25 16 regular closed (2404)
doteurovision MB poll Germany, Finland, Russia Portugal, Israel, Spain 3 27 31 29 15 regular 05.05
doteurovision prediction poll (vote) Romania, Greece, Belgium Belarus, Portugal, Israel 6 37 27 25 18 regular 09.05 (1203)
All Kinds Of Everything Germany, Bosnia, Romania Lithuania, Belarus, Portugal 9 36 29 27 20 ranking of all songs 01.05
ESCprechart (vote) Greece, Romania, Belgium Ireland, Belarus, Israel 4 36 13 14 10 jury 09.05 (424)
Eurovision Madrid (vote) Romania, Belgium, Greece Lithuania, Belarus, Ireland 5 36 25



regular 04.05 (203)
Soult Eurovision (vote) Romania, Greece, Belgium Belarus, Bulgaria, Andorra 6 37 18 27 20 jury 03.05 (1480)
Andy's ESC (vote) Greece, Romania, Belgium Portugal, Israel, Switzerland 4 34 23 24 10 regular 01.05 (492)
Andy's ESC (vote) Belgium, Greece, Romania Switzerland, Albania, Portugal 4 34 15 17 10 jury 01.05 (492)
OGAE Germany (vote) Germany, Romania, Greece Belarus, Lithuania, Portugal 8 37 34 27 24 regular 09.05 (384)
ESC Austria (vote) Greece, Romania, Germany Ireland, Lithuania, Belarus 9 35 16 24 13 regular 08.05 (315)
Average ranking compiled by ESCKaz: Romania, Greece, Belgium Belarus, Portugal, Israel 6 35 26 27 15    
Generally our chart is not including polls which are made by choosing only one or few favourite songs, like you do in our site's poll, polls with only few voters (less than 100) and clearly manipulated polls, but we reserve right to include and exclude any polls without giving reasons
Semifinal prediction polls:
Big Poll (vote): Belgium, Sweden, Bosnia, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Iceland, Armenia, Macedonia
doteurovision (vote): Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Bosnia, Turkey, Iceland, Cyprus, Macedonia, Finland, Ukraine
OGAE Germany (vote): Belgium, Bosnia, Sweden, Russia, Slovenia, Iceland, Poland, Estonia, Monaco, Armenia
ESCSweden: Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Armenia, Russia, Bosnia, Turkey, Slovenia, Macedoniа, Iceland
ESC Portugal (голосовать): Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Bosnia, Turkey, Finland, Albania, Andorra Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Bosnia, Iceland, Armenia, Slovenia, Monaco, Turkey, Estonia
Semifinal according to bookmakers (from All Kinds of Everything): Sweden, Bosnia, Belgium, Russia, Finland, Macedonia, Estonia, Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland
Average ranking compiled by ESCKaz: Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Bosnia, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Armenia, Poland, Turkey
William Hill: Greece 15/8, Romania 13/2, Sweden 7, Belgium 8 ... Russia 25, Ukraine 66, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Portugal, Albania, France, Bulgaria, Andorra 100
skybet: Greece 2, Romania 5, Sweden 7 ... Russia 28, Ukraine 40, Armenia 66, Belarus, Moldova 125... Andorra, Portugal 150
Ladbrokes: Greece 2, Sweden 7, Romania 8 ... Russia 33, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia 66 ... Belarus, Bulgaria, Albania, Portugal 100
Coral: Greece 9/4, Romania 6, Sweden 8 ... Russia 22, Ukraine 40, Armenia, Belarus 66, Moldova 80 ... Portugal 150
VC Bet: Greece 9/4, Romania 5, Sweden 6, Belgium 8 ... Russia 22, Armenia 66, Ukraine 80, Moldova 125, Belarus, Albania 200, Portugal 250
paddypower: Greece 2, Romania 7, Sweden 8 ... Russia 28, Ukraine 33, Armenia 50 ... Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Andorra, France, Albania 100
Bet 365: Greece 11/5, Sweden, Romania 6 ... Russia, Ukraine 25, Armenia 66, Moldova 100, Belarus 150, Portugal 200
Betdirect: Greece 15/8, Romania 15/2, Sweden 8 ... Russia 25, Ukraine, Moldova 66, Armenia 100, Belarus, Albania 200, Portugal 250
review: oddschecker
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The National Finals Song Contest consists in a competition between all those songs that participated in the National Preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest and didn't make it to the final.
Compared to other years, the NFSC2006 will have some changes, regarding the voting procedure for the first round. This year, all registered juries will be given an excel file where they can rank all the participant songs from 1 to 6. The top 100 songs with the best average score will qualify for the semifinals, providing that at least one song from each country is present in the semifinals. Voting procedure for both semifinals and final will stay the same as previous years.
Deadlines this year are the following:
Deadline for voting Round 1 is Monday April 17th
Deadline for voting the Semifinals is May 3rd
Deadline for voting the Final is May 10th
If you are interested in taking part in the NFSC 2006, please register in the NFSC website,

Rating of ESCKAZ
Our usual rating of the preview videos has been added.

ESCKaz rating: Best preselection songs 2006:

1. Kilpi - "Katharsis" (Finland)
2. Geir Ronning & Jorun Erdal - "Lost & Found" (Norway)
3. Ville Pusa & Christa Renwall "Eternally" (Finland)
4. Erti Hizmo & Flaka Krelani - "Per ty" (Albania)
5. Edmundas Kucinskas - "Tavo ir mano dalia" (Lithuania)
6. Sfinks - "Heshtje" (Albania)
7. Brian Kennedy - "The Greatest Song Of All" (Ireland)
8. Flamingosi feat. Luis - "Crazy Summer Dance" (Serbia)
9. Deyan Nedelchev – " Na teb" (Bulgaria)
10. Julian Lekocaj - "Nikki" (Albania)
11. Nina & Hanna Riika - "Here I Am" (Finland)
12. Ovi Martin - "The Better Side of me" (Norway)
13. Ibrica Jusic - "Njezne rijeci" (Croatia)
14. Tonin Marku - "Sytл e dashurise" (Albania)
15. Roger Pontare - "Silverland" (Sweden)
16. Soren Poppe and Lene Matthiesen Norrelykke - "En som dig" (Denmark)
17. Maria Radu and Mike Peterson - It's Our World (Romania)
18. Trilogy - This Heart of Mine (Malta)
19. Tomi Metsaketo - "Eternamente Maria" (Finland)
20. Tor Endresen - "Dreaming of a new tomorrow" (Norway)

First of all, we'd like to explain the concept of the points given out in the rankings of this website. All marks under the category "ESCKaz rating" and on this page are marks given by the authors and reviewers of our site. Though we try to be as objective as possible (and we have almost 10 year experience in music critics and international song festivals) - it is always possible that our opinion may be different from the opinion of other fans of the contest. But it was our site that has mostly correctly predicted outcome of ESC and JESC 2005 among all Eurovision related websites.
This year we'd like to suggest you couple of different opinions. As usual our lead reviewer will be author of ESCKaz Andy Mikheev, but this year he will also be joined by one of the leading ESC experts in Russia Anton Kulakov.
In this very rating, each song is marked in 4 categories. The last category is performance during Eurovision itself and will be added in May. At the moment it is replaced on the preliminary mark based on National Final and other live performances. In each category maximum score is 10/10.
In the ratings at national pages all songs are judged by the author of ESCKaz out of 10 points and this will help us to create top 20 of the best preselection songs of Eurovision 2006 season.
We'd like to emphasize once again that the rating is published only to give you preview for each song. If you want us to hear your opinion write to us or post message at our messageboard.

Participants of Eurovision 2006

Andy Mikheev
(M: Music, L: Lyrics, V: Vocal, T: Total impression before the contest)

Anton Kulakov
(M: Music, L: Lyrics, V: Vocal, T: Total impression before the contest

(3 cat)
Albania - Luiz Ejjli - Zjarr e ftohte M: Traditional folk dance motives and bagpipes is a bit old scheme for Eurovision success, isn't it? 6/10
L: folk ballad 6/10
V: Well, I can't say that vocals are bad, but it is definetely monotonous and putting to sleep. 7/10
T: Folk performance in Albanian language and song will struggle to qualify to the final of the contest  7/10
M: Another Balkan ethnic middle-tempo. Nice, but pretty average.  6/10
L: The lyrics probably are the best part of the song 9/10
V: Nacal and rather week. Not suitable for ths song. 5
T: No chances with Albanian language of performance at all. 3
19 / 20
Andorra - Jenny - Sense Tu M: Clear similarities with last year entry as they share same author. 8/10
L: Without you, without you and 20 times around. Possibly Catalan lyrics have some hidden sense, but it is rather difficult to catch. 6/10
V: We will see, when the song will be performed live and not with playback. There is clear good vocal potential, only hoping it won't be spoiled by screaming Annabel Conde at backing vocals 7/10
T: Song in unknown language will again go nowhere. Why not to sing in English? 6/10
M: The best Andorran Eurovision entry ever. 8/10
: Song about woman trying to dump her boyfriend and nobody can save her and she is tired of everything and she feels as in hell. OK, everything I got in Catalan is the phrase, and I can not find out how to run from that. Not bad. 8/10
: For a waitress it is excellent 8/10
: Surely better than both previous attempts. 8/10
21 / 24
Armenia - Andre - Without Your Love M: Up-tempo song with traditional ethnic motives. Very nice. 9/10
Ballad lyrics, very fitting in uptempo tune 9/10
Extremely professional 10/10
If there is justice this song should qualify to the final 9/10
M: Unbelievable! Really unexpected great mix of oriental styles with pop ones. 9.5/10
: Who cares! As Andy said on Luminita last year not the lyrics, but their performance is what counts. 9/10
: Impresses. 10/10
: Absolutely unexpectedly for me - a very strong finalist. 9.5/10
28 / 28.5
Belarus - Polina Smolova - Mama M: Pop rock hit, as it was announced - in the style of Michael Jackson 7/10
Old conflict between parents and children 7/10
Singer really overestimate her language abilities. It is really difficult to understand any other single word besides ma-ma-ma-ma. 6/10
Self confidence and serious English practicing can save this song 6/10
M: flat pop rock of Scandinavian type. Agressive and really NOT BAD (don't throw vegetables on me) 8/10
: Another "Mama, I want to go home" 7/10
: Great. 10/10
: There is no need to replace the song 9/10
20 / 25
Belgium - Kate Ryan - Je t'adore M: Scandinavian dance schlager, nothing to add. 7/10
L: Despite French title song is performed in English. And as usual the lyrics are typical for the dance song, being about love and having no additional sense. 6/10
V: Difficult to say something based on performances at the national preselection, where playback and back-vocals could be heard rather than lead live vocals. 7/10
T: Seems to rushing forward to repeat Xandee's fate. It will be difficult to qualify to the final. 7/10
M: Too Scandinavian rhythm, arrangement, and the song in general is too Scandinavian. But this is plus. 8/10
L: Anyone remember any interesting points in any song of Scandinavian type? 7
V: Vocal is stable but very unoriginal. 7
T: If will be drawn in the beginning will fly like Laura in Kiev. Other way, chances are pretty good. 8
20 / 28
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Hari Varesanovic - Lejla M: The best example of what can be created on the basis of Balkan folk-music. Is not a repeat of Lane Moje, but more quality product 9/10
This time the lyrics are about doves, not fawns.. 9/10
Vocal of the highest level 10/10
Storms through the final and won't be lost there too 8/10
M: Unbeliavably touchy motive, which shows who is author of it from the very first notes. But this is not original. And there is no development throughout the song as in Lane Moje 8/10
: Very strong touchy lyrics. 9/10
: Great vocal. 9/10
: Everything will depent on the draw and neighbouring countries. Anyway it is just the repeat of what we've already seen. Though it is nice. 8/10
28 / 26
Bulgaria - Mariana Popova - Let Me Cry M: Very strong ballad, but pretty annoying backing tune 8/10
L: Ballad is ballad 7/10
V: Very strong. With Azis on backing vocals will be amazing 10/10
T: Chances are high with right preparations 8/10
M: Some ordinary balkan low tempo pop tune with a sign of folk 6/10
: Another "you've left I stayed". Let me cry so my eyebrows will become longer. 5/10
: Woman can sing. Specificly howl. 7/10
: Absolutely no chances to qualify. 6/10
25 / 18
Croatia - Severina - Moja Stikla M: No special music features, but the authorship of Novkovic is interesting, considering he is more rock singer than folk one. 7/10
L: Humouristic number. There is absolutely no sense to Africa Paprica. 7/10
V: Standard vocal. 7/10
T: A lot of will depend on the presentation and language of performance. If it will be performed in the same way as it was at the national preselection - we just have to hope for the neighbouring votes. 6/10
M: Ethnic horror. 3/10
: Senseless lyrics written in deeply drunk mood. 4/10
: Nice. 5/10
: Croatia and Macedonia will fight against each other and will both stay in semi. The song is too specific for Eurovision. 5/10
21 / 12
Cyprus - Annette Artani - Why Angels Cry M: Nice ballad, but in the middle there are some different parts which logically should belong to other song. New arrangement should help. 7/10
Seems to be another peace anthem. 7/10
Pathetic vocal with clear mistakes and poor vocal line holding. I'm not even speaking about "bronchitis" during semifinal. 6/10
Israel 2005 recipe. According to the replay rule shouldn't work. 7/10
M: Standard and very Americanized ballad which is produced in US in unlimited quantities. 6/10
L: Another Irish - protestant rubbish. I like a part about dying children. However the reason of their deathes is not mentioned. That means that woman probably doesn't know who Marquis De Sade is. 5/10
V: The best part of the song, reminds Glennis a lot. 9/10
T: And where Glennis got last year? 4/10
20 / 20
Denmark - Sidsel Ben Semmane - Twist Of Love M: Twist of 60th has found it's way to Eurovision. 8/10
L: Love story of some Johnny and Connie with attempts to spoil it by some O'Smarty, who failed cause  "He didn’t know how to twist". Sad. 8/10
V: Great vocal performance despite rather small experience of the performer. 9/10
T: A bit changed presentation, quality picture and song should pass Denmark to the finals in 2007. 8/10
M: Nothing new in twist style. Absolutely unoriginal. 5/10
L: Nice story about boy Johnny who could dance twist. 6
V: Vocal is surely good. 8
T: With При соответствующей постановке номера песня может выстрелить. 8
25 / 19
Estonia - Sandra - Through My Window M: Typicly commercial Scandi pop, without any appeal. 6/10
L: Optimisticly performed song about the girl watching through the window and remembering her lover. 6/10
V: Nice trained vocal 8/10
T: Song chances are minimal. Attempt to repeat 2002 should fail. 6/10
M: Scandinavian optimistic tune, which will be accepted well in Nordic block, and is quite easy to remember and forget. 8/10   
L: Another Scandinavian sample. Not bad. 7
V: Stable vocal. A bit training and variation is required. 8
T: Very good chances in semi and in final with the support of Scandinavian countries. 9
20 / 23
Finland - Lordi - Hard Rock Halellujah M: Not so heavy hard rock with memorable refrain 9/10
L: Usual rhytorics of the band and of the metal style. Angels with Demons are back representing Finland in a bit altered way 9/10
V: The only thing I hope they will also invite the professional vocalist Pasi Rantanen to perform backings during the Athens presentation as well. Vocals will be very strong department then. 8/10
T: Guaranteed finalist and one of the leaders of the final 9/10
M: Usual rock tune and for me all of them sound the same. 7/10
: Yes, it is aROCKalypse, open your sole and it is remastered lyrics of Jari Sillanpaa about tango, this time it is about hard rock. 9/10
: If there were no screams a-la Kipelov on the background it would be better. Rock vocals for me are all the same as rock music. 6/10
: 100% finalist, it would be even better if it will be drawn after ballads. 8/10
26 / 22
France - Virginie Pouchain - Il etait temps M: Amazing theme of Corneille, ballad, but author is very recognizable in it. 10/10
L: Dreams can come true 9/10
V: The absolutely best vocal of the contest, enough said 10/10
T: Will Europe understand this song? The song is of love/hate type, you can either adore it or not understand completely.
M: Outstanding theme, really touching soul. Excellent replacement!!! 10/10
L: Also pretty strong 9.5/10
V: I can just agree that it is great. 9.5/10
T: Hey, it can't really be that I liked France so much???? But the chances to win are superpb.
29 / 29
Germany - Texas Lightning - No No Never M: Please try to explain me what is difference of this number from last year Austrian one? 7/10
L: Of ballad type. 7/10
V: Singer is less attractive than soloist of Global Kryner and is singing a bit worse. 7/10
T: Is big four aiming for the last places again? 6/10
M: Pretty nice country. 8/10
L: Another thing that Andy usually calles "typical Austro-German jokes". Another love tune. 7/10
V: Not the best point in the song, loosing to the Global Kryner vocalist surely. But rather OKish. 8/10
T: Considering that the number was the most stylish from German selection - it may climb to the high place. Even may repeat surprize effect of "Surprize" (1999) 9/10
21 / 23
Greece - Anna Vissi - Everything M: Strong pop/rock ballad 10/10
May be a bit weaker part of the song, but the attempt of the singer to pen the lyrics has deserved to be mentioned 7/10
At least in the studio version vocal was really impressive, and there is enough of expression in the performance too 9/10
One of the favourites to stay in top 5 of the Eurovision 2006 9/10
M: Comparing with Cypriot ballad which is really poor, this is song of the highest level. But the standard is a bit overused. 7/10
L: Couldn't imagine whether it will be this monotonous. 6/10
V: Without any questions it is very good. Let's remember her 1982 entry? 9/10
T: Will score on the previous achievements. But won't be among the leaders.  7/10
26 / 22
Iceland - Silvia Night - Congratulations M: Well, if we won't take in mind personality of Silvia, author of music is same that wrote Icelandic song last year, and it is typical pop tune with clear vocal line . 8/10
L: English version is very close to original. My respect. 7/10
V: Song is more comedy act where vocals don't make significant difference. 7/10
T: A lot of will depend on staging of the presentation in Athens. Has all chances to qualify to the final. 7/10
M: In the existing variant it is not bad middle tempo, I hope for more developments during revamping. 8/10
L: Glad that the sense of the lyrics was not lost during translation. I miss f*** word, but eurotrashfreak is great. The best lyrics of the competition by far. 10
V: Vocals don't make difference in this case, but it is not bad. 9
T: Possible 0 pointer, possible triumphant. 9
23 / 27
Ireland - Brian Kennedy - Every Song Is A Cry For Love M: Irish ballad, written by the performer himself. Orchestral arrangement is worth to mention. 8/10
L: Typical ballad love story, very easily pictured and it will be easy to understand for the listeners from the whole Europe. 7/10
V: Vocals of highest world level, as Brian is really star singer. 10/10
T: Not depending on the quality of performance in televoting era this song simply has no chances and it will be surprising if it qualifies to the final. 7/10
M: Another Irish ballad. Absolutely unoriginal. I know dozen of similar songs. 4/10
L: And another love story 8
V: Very touchy vocals. Male equivalent to Enya. 7
T: No chances. As Belgium year ago. 3
25 / 19
Israel - Eddie Butler - Ze hazman M: We're the world, 8/10
L: We're the children... any differences? In general - rather nice peace anthem, but it will be difficult to fight with Switzerland in that department. 8/10
V: Vocals are pretty nice 8/10
T: Chances in the final are not that high 7/10
M: Nice slow tempo tune, which comparing to the pretty standard Greece can suceed if... 8/10
: Tradition of mixing of Hebrew and English is kept. Though Shiri sounded better. Look in your heart and inside your soul, theme is not a new... 6/10
: Do you remember 1999? Do you remember New Wave contest? Nice boy with soulful vocal...7/10
: And the song is reminding something. Can't understand what. And it will be crushed by Switzerland if drawn next to it. And there are enough of ballads already. 7/10
24 / 21
Latvia - Cosmos - I Hear Your Heart M: Intro should be altered a bit, but in general vocal melody is very good. 8/10
L: Problems of mutual understanding 7/10
V: Professional 9/10
T: Perspectives are really good, considering that the band is already directly in final. 8/10
M: Something really melodic and can not be compared with anything. Though idea with the slow rhythm a bit lowers song chances. 8/10
: Another typical ballad lyrics... 7/10
: We all heard how Cosmos can perform live 10/10
: Chances that Latvia will stay in final for one more year are very high 9/10
24 / 25
Lithuania - LT United - We Are The Winners M: Pop rock. 6/10
L: At least adding points for the idea, which is so far unique for Eurovision. 9/10
V: Six not-so-young singers are shouting that they are winners of Eurovision. Shouting pretty confidently.7/10
T: Will fight with other humouristic numbers and a lot of will depend on their draws. 7/10
M: Surprisingly great music theme and great developments. Passionately awaiting for the studio version. 8.5/10
: Everything genius is simple! 9.5/10
: Great idea, great vocals. 9.5/10
: Finalist. As Siliva Nott is loosing to them on all measures. 9/10
22 / 27.5
Macedonia - Elena Ristevska - Ninanajna M: R'n'B of Balkan type 6/10
L: Phrase: you've changed Eminem for the planet of folk-singers really impresses. No. 6/10
If she will cope with breathing in a rather energetic song, she can show rather good vocals. 7/10
T: Poor number, which can hope only for the support of "Balkan block". 6/10
M: Another variation of the theme of Balkan ethnics. Seen thousand times. 5/10
: The only thing that differs this song from the average. Few lines are very interesting. 9/10
: Really nothing special. 5/10
: Considering last year qualification of Vucic, it is difficult to predict. But really it shouldn't go anywhere. They will fight with Croatia and possibly throw out each other. 5/10
19 / 19
Malta - Fabrizio Faniello - I do M: Commercial discoteque number, but done on the highest level, I should admit. 9/10
L: Another song on the wish to bring back lost love. But I'm rather happy that there is some sense in the lyrics, not like in the most of dance tunes. 7/10
V: Professional vocals and performance, laureat of number international vocal contests. 9/10
T: Performance that should be liked by average European audience and should do pretty good. But with overproducing may fail like Cyprus last year. 8/10
M: Is it another ABBA? Following Bosnian steps? Passages are rather nice. 7/10
L: Another typical Scandinavian love song. Not bad. 8
V: Remember his abilities since 2001. But here is something else... 8
T: I mean the song that can keep Malta in finals for next year. And can win too. 8
25 / 23
Moldova - Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R - Loca M: Latino r-n-b is not the style I'm interested in. 6/10
L: Mix of different loca-boca-choca and other okas 6/10
V: Vocal of Arsenium is on good level, it is difficul to say something about other singers. 7/10
T: A lot of Eurovision fans seem to like this one, but I still don't see it in the top 10 at the end of the year. 7/10
M: Another summer beach tune...6/10
L: Extreme mix of English and Spanish words 7/10
V: Not bad... 7/10
T: Show of one hit wonders continues... 6/10
19 / 20
Monaco - Severine Ferrer - La Coco-Dance M: Carribean pop. Rather quality, but not more than that. 7/10
L: Dance with Tahitian language 7/10
V: Difficult to tell, so putting an average mark for now 7/10
T: Only extremely impressive performance can make this song qualify to the final 6/10
M: Sunny Carribean rhymes. Will they perform in dresses hemp?  6/10
L: Understood without consultings with dictionaries. Beach hit about sun etc Nothing to talk about.  6/10
V: Virginie is better. 5
T: May succeed with a good performance. 9
21 / 17
The Netherlands - Treble - Amambanda M: Ethnic pop? Well, pop performed with use of ethnic instruments... 7/10
L: Imaginary language, we had it already hadn't we? 7/10
V: Good 7/10
T: Chances to qualify are minimal. Best comparision - Tii 7/10
M: Lively beach tune, reminding of Carribean in some way. Easy to remember. 8/10
L: and same lively lyrics half in imaginary lyrics 9/10
V: girl band is girl band 7/10
T: will be somewhere near the final 9/10
21 / 24
Norway - Christine Gulbrandsen - Alvendansen M: Norwegian folk mixed with commercial music? Done profesionally. 8/10
L: Despite song is told to be about dances of elves, the lyrics give impression of a night love affair. For misleading 6/10
V: Potentially vocal is pretty decent, but it heavily relies on backs for the moment and should be trained hard during preparation period. 7/10
T: Folk song in the national language will not be among the favourites of the final. 7/10
M: Nice Nordic ethnic theme. With clever revamping may strike hard. 9/10
L: Quite logical for this case lyrics about how she wants to fly and other things,  9
V: Vocal is of the grand scale. 10
T: With good draw and staging - favourite of the contest. 9
21 / 28
Poland - Ich Troje - Follow My Heart M: Despite the song author of this and 2003 entry is the same person (German composer and singer Andre Franke aka Elija) - this time song of "They are Six" is professional but commercial pop with rapping parts. 8/10
L: The idea of performing in 5 languages is a bit old and never worked at Eurovision, especially taking into consideration that the lyrics of this 5 versions will have very few things in common. 6/10
V: Six vocalists, but only one of them who performed well at the preselection and deserved highest mark is Olaf Jeglitza aka Real McCoy. Other members of the band should concentrate on the live performance. 8/10
T: With such a poor performance as on the preselection and chaotic presentation song simply goes nowhere. But there is potential with right staging. 7/10
M: Absolutely traditional for the band mix of styles. The beginning is oriental and other parts are very predictable too. 7/10
L: Same language mix. But it sounds pretty good, much better than all pseudoScandinavian lyrics. But for god's sake why they are again mentioning that gasoline? 8
V: As in 2003. Why do they need that strange whisperer?  8
T: Won't they follow the steps of previous Polish entry? May be!  8
22 / 23
Portugal - Non Stop - Coisas de nada M: Cheap commercial pop 7/10
L: Don't know how good Portuguese lyrics are, but there is absolutely no sense in English part. 5/10
V: No false notes, and this is good 7/10 
Chances? What chances? 5/10
M: Something reminding ABBA. 9/10
: Very good lyrics and excellent mix of languages. Though Portuguese should try to sing in Brazilian dialect, it is better for singing 10/10
: Stable. 9/10
: It is possible that if whole song will be performed in English it will qualify to final. Remember last year they have collected many points even though the performance was absolutely awful 8/10
19 / 28
Romania - Mihai Traistariu - Tornero M: Dance hit that can win Eurovision 2006. 10/10
L: Unfortunately the lyrics have fallen victim to the amazing energy of the song. 8/10
V: Vocal abilities of Mihai are well known in Europe and abroad. Professional singer, winner of many international festivals. So the vocal is of highest possible standard. 10/10
T: Image of the performer and stage presentation should be completely change in order to achieve hightest result. 8/10
M: Nice uptempo theme. I'm glad it doesn't follow Sistem's traditions as biggest part of preselection did. 8/10
: Great mix of English and Italian. This is an example for Ich Troje. Everything is in place. 9/10
: Something really outstanding. 10/10
: Good chances for the top 10 and chances for a win with better presentation and image.
28 / 27
Russia - Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go According to our good tradition we don't rank Russian song, we just leave success for Russia and Dima at Eurovision 2006!    
Slovenia - Anzei Dezan - Mr.Nobody M: Typical Vlasic's melody, permanent author of Nusa Derenda, that is dance pop. Nice instumental parts and great arrangement.  9/10
L: Seems that the transfer to English goes rather smoothly here, though there is nothing very special in both Slovenian and English versions. 8/10
V: Despite the young age of the singer - performance is absolutely professional, no vocal troubles at all. 9/10
T: A lot of will depend on whether song will be spoilt again by Slovenian delegation in preEurovision period, as it was done last year. 8/10
M: It is very reminding Noeh Noeh of Derenda from last selection. But it goes better after first part of the song. It looks like Energy #2. Overall impression is very good. 9.5/10
L: Slovenian lyrics keeps tradition of Omar Naber. Nice part about ringing alarms. 10
V: I can see why this guy lost to Naber. But he is not bad. 9
T: The song should go to the final. It's potential is amazing! 10
26 / 28.5
Spain - Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary M: The first association is so called Russian shanson. This is unknown for English speaking audience, so I won't even try to describe. 6/10
L: Something about the main hero trying to catch some man at the night club? 7/10
V: Song was performed via playback, but we know that the vocals of the band are pretty average. Which is not so important as getting the right mix of 4 vocal is. 7/10
T: One hit wonders of few years back. Possibly someone still remember them. 7/10
M: Considering that music is nothing similar to their previous songs - so we can see it as a new music step. Nice and memorable middle tempo motive 9/10
: Great lyrics, especially I liked grammar perversions. 10/10
: Let's see how they will be performing live. Existing variant is not bad. 9/10
: No repeat of the last year's horror. And amazing winning chances for this song. 10/10
20 / 28
Sweden - Carola - Invincible M: Absolutely standard Swedish schlager. 7/10
L: Also nothing new in this genre 6/10
V: If it will be like in the final - a-la Bonnie Tyler - it will be great. And so far 8/10
T: It will qualify based on the old achievents 8/10
M: Vocal line is identical to the song Nordurljos from Icelandic preselection 1987.  7/10
L: Satisfactory. Let's see how full English version will look like. 7/10
V: Hm, as if we've already forgot that. 9/10
T: Well, the fact is that it is 100% sure finalist...9/10
21/ 23
Switzerland - six4one - If We All Give A Little M: Standard anthem of Ralph Siegel, very strong verses and pretty week chorus, but song is easy to remember after first listening. 8/10
T: Again standard peace anthem 7/10
V: The biggest plus of the song is the fact that performers were not selected for their star status but for vocal professionalism. All are vocalists of the highest level. 10/10
T: International attempt of Siegel is set for successful Eurovision journey. 8/10
M: Song attracts from the very first notes. And it develops through 3 minutes pretty decently. Good job by Siegel! 10/10
L: Another anthem, but lyrics are pretty suitable for music. 9.5
V: If they will perform live on the same level as they do in studio - it is really impressive. 9.5
T: Song in top 10 is reserved as many friendly countries will give points to their nationals. 8
25 / 29
Turkey - Sibel Tuzun - Superstar M: Interesting mix of styles, but rapping part really shouldn't be there, it is just poor copy of Sertab's part. 7/10
L: Of course, she should perform English version for better result. 7/10
V: So far song never was performed live, but considering professionalism of the singer, there should be no problems. 8/10
T: Should easily pass to the final, but to prognose top 5 there with performance of Turkish version is rather optimistic. 7/10
M: Very unexpected and strong. Surprised they can do such a great songs in Turkey. Especially choir is amazing. 10/10
: Lyrics are about how cool and great she is. Pathetic but strong. 9/10
: Unique moment is that in English varian all oriental vocal disappeares and this is big step forward.9/10
: 100% certain finalist, and possible winner with good performance. And very rare case when song sounds great in Turkish language, and there is no need to translate it.10/10
22 / 28
United Kingdom - Daz Sampson - Teenage Life M: Very nice and memorable melody. 9/10
Can't stop thinking that the song was impressed by legendary rock musical The Wall. 7/10
So far it is difficult to understand how the performance of 5 teenage girls will sound? The variant is invitation of famous "black girls choir" aka legendary Doogie White.6/10
I have rather mixed feelings towards it. I like the song, and it will be great to see it on Eurovision stage, but speaking objectively it breaks EBU rules and should be disqualified. - 
M: How many same tunes I've heard. O, my God, not again! 3/10
: Great lyrics for the anti pimple cream advertising. 2/10
: Yes. It seems they will never learn lessons from the failures of previous years. 3/10
: And remembering Denmark at Junior song contest - the song can climb high, though it doesn't deserve it! 2/10
22 / 8
Ukraine - Tina Karol - Show Me Your Love M: Structure of the song was really made with look back on the winners of previous years. As the result they got nice cha-cha-cha 9/10
L: The Queen lyrics were more interesting, but reminded Agurbash a lot 7/10
V: Vocal is nice and even jazzy 8/10
T: A lot will depend on the stage presentation 8/10
M: Rhythm is very similar to Ruslana. And it is again mid-tempo song with some unexpected balalaika in the middle 6/10
: Another love lyrics, absolutely nothing special. 6/10
: Good. 8/10
: Can hope for the final... If will continue antagonize with neighbouring Russia. 7/10
24 / 20

So far on the present moment (on 3 categories):
AM: France 29, Armenia 28, Romania 28, Bosnia-Herzegovina 28, Slovenia 26, Finland 26, Greece 26, Ireland 25, Switzerland 25, Denmark 25, Bulgaria 25, Malta 25 ...
AK: France 29, Switzerland 29, Armenia 28.5, Slovenia 28.5, Turkey 28, Norway 28, Portugal 28, Spain 28, Lithuania 27.5, Iceland 27, Romania 27 ...