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13/01: Eastern Norway semifinalists presented
06/01: First 9 of MGP competitors revealed


Once again the Norwegian Eurovision entry will be chosen via the national final format NRK Melodi Grand Prix. There will be five semi-finals before the national final, one for each region of Norway (North, Central, West, South, East). The semifinals will be broadcasted in front of live audiences, from H3 Arena in Fornebu in the Oslo region. The semifinals will include four local artists from the specific region. They will compete in a cup, and it will be up to the televoters which of them qualifies for the national final in Trondheim. Five artists have pre-qualified for the Grand Final. They are chosen by a jury led by Stig Karlsen. These five artists will perform their songs in one semi-final each. The 2020 competition will not include a European jury. The winner of MGP 2020 will be strictly in the hands of the Norwegian viewers. Earlier plans were to involve 40 songs in the competition with Stig Karlsen explaining change to 25 songs format saying that they're focusing on quality over quantity.

Submission period for the show lasted from 2 March (date of the NRK MPG 2019) to 31 July 2019 (extended from original deadline of May 17). Around 600 entries were received. According to the rules, at least one songwriter has to be a Norwegian citizen. Each producer or songwriter allowed to send in up to 3 songs. "The content is very varied and the quality is good. In the open submission we received 600 entries, and we have actively gone out and invited 200 songwriters, record labels and producers to join. Five are directly qualified, and in the end we will have 10 finalists who will fight to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May 2020. We have mainstream songs, typical folk favorites, songs that offer madness and entertainment and some more sophisticated. When we have as many as 25 artists / songs in all the finals, we can release a more colorful selection", says Stig Karlsen, who this year gives all the power to TV viewers. "The Melody Grand Prix has engaged people for 60 years. There has been a lot of joy, commitment and temperature and certainly also irritation. Every time, there are a million people who come along, and this time it is the viewers who fully vote out the winner."

The changes are made as part of the celebration of MGP's 60 years anniversary in 2020. It has been 31 years since the national final was held in a different city, and this will be only the third time in six decades the final is held outside of Oslo (The 1985 and 1989 contests were both held in Stavanger in Western Norway). "We are excited to take the national final to Trondheim next year. We hope the people of Trondheim are ready to create a massive celebration for everyone, near the middle of our sprawling country" says head of MGP, Stig Karlsen. Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, and the regional capital of Trøndelag county. The final will be held in the arena Trondheim Spektrum.

"I can promise you great songs, amazing artists, pyrotechnics, confetti, fabulous hosts and everything you expect from MGP. And of course, we are so happy to welcome KEiiNO back to perform after the incredible year they've had," Karlsen says. Mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik adds: "It has been important to us that the arena should work well for culture, not just sports. According to feedback I have received from concert goers, there is great acoustics, which I think means a lot to the artists".

On 5 December, NRK has revealed that Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Ronny Brede Aase and Kåre Magnus Bergh will host the Norwegian national selection. Kåre Magnus Bergh is known to MGP fans, having hosted MGP since 2015. Ronny Brede Aase is one of the newcomers, but not at all unknown to the Norwegian public. He has hosted Norway's most popular radio morning show for 10 years. This year, the show in its current form is slated to go off the air, and Brede Aase is eager to take on this new opportunity. "I am sure it will be an amazing anniversary of the competition, and I hope to show the viewers how excited I am about Melodi Grand Prix. I love MGP and have been a fan since I was a child. I remember being too young to stay up and watch the whole national final and having to listen to the end of the show on the radio in bed" says Brede Aase. The third host of MGP 2020, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, is an experienced television host. She has her own childhood memories of Norway's biggest television show. "I have a tape at home with a recording of me as a child, pretending to both be the MGP host and an artist. Everything about MGP captivated me; the artists, the backup singers, the songs, the choreography and the outfits" says Gjessing Linhave and adds: "I feel like the luckiest person in the world and am honored to get the chance to work with both Ronny and Kåre Magnus".

Ticket sales for the event opened on November 14th: 7,000 tickets went on sale. On Monday January 6 at 12.30 CET, NRK has revealed the first 9 of the 25 artists participating in this year's Melodi Grand Prix. At a press conference at NRK's headquarters in Oslo, the three MGP hosts first presented the five artists who have pre-qualified for the Grand Final. Then the four artists from Southern Norway who will compete in the first semi-final on January 11 were presented. The four songs from Southern Norway also became available for streaming on the same day. The next artists participating in the regional heats were revealed on Mondays of the show week.

NRK wants to focus more on online voting for the major entertainment programs and for the first time all votes for MGP will be cast online - for free. NRK User account is required to vote. Each viewer will have three votes. Once you have confirmed your decision, there is no way to change your opinion or vote on multiple candidates. Voting links will be found on or on the front page during the live broadcast.

Semi Final 1 - 11 January 2020 - Southern Norway
Geirmund - "Come Alive" (Eric Lumiere, Jonas H. Jensen, Niklas Rosstöm)
Geirmund Hansen (31) is from Stavanger, but moved to Kristiansand in 2013. He is educated at the University of Agder at the Department of Rhythmic Music. Geirmund works both as a songwriter and an artist, and as a vocal educator at KV Vennesla and at the University of Agder. His first TV performance was during the opening of "Kilden" concert hall in Kristiansand where he performed his own song, "Theatre" with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. The breakthrough as an artist came when he participated in Norwegian "The Voice" in 2013. Geirmund has been involved in the work of the Stine Sofie Foundation. In 2017, he wrote the song "Ser du meg" as a gift to the foundation's center in Grimstad. In recent years, Geirmund has been the vocalist in the band "Rendezvous Point". He regularly does event assignments with "Need Music" and the band "Bryggebandet", as well as solo concerts. He is now planning several releases as a solo artist.

Kim Rysstad - "Rainbow" (Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Kim Rysstad)
Kim Rysstad (38) is from Valle in Setesdal and is an artist deeply rooted in Norwegian folk music traditions. In the fall and winter of 2019, he became known to a large audience through his participation in the Norwegian TV show "Stjernekamp" (NRK) where he made it to the final. Kim participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2012 with the song "Så vidunderleg". He collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to create the Christmas album "Snøen laver ned". His debut album "Tak hard uti hand" from 2007 was named the solo album of the year at the "Folkelarm" music festival, and his second album "Vegen" was nominated for a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammy) in 2011.

Lisa Børud - "Talking About Us" (Jimmy Jansson, Anderz Wrethov, Maia Wright, Laurell Barker)
Lisa Børud recorded her first album as a five-year-old and from then on a significant child star with over 120,000 albums sold. She grew up in the highly musical Børud family, and together they toured all over Norway. Over the course of 12 years, she released eight albums, two DVDs and two compilation albums. After completing the hip hop dance education at the Bårdar academy in Oslo, her career took off in when she participated in the TV show "Stjernekamp" (NRK). She was praised for a number of fantastic song and dance acts. In 2018, Lisa was one of Alexander Rybak's dancers and backup singers at Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal.

Raylee - "Wild" (Andreas Stone, Anderz Wrethov, Laurell Barker)
Raylee Charlotte Kristiansen (22) from Tromøy in Arendal released her first record as an 11-year-old. She was at the time known as the child star "Lotta". The song "Hvem eier" has been streamed over 1.2 million times on YouTube. Raylee is both a singer and a dancer. In 2008, she starred in the musical "Annie". As an adult, Raylee has released several songs. Her first self-written song in English, "Love Me", came out in 2017. Raylee participated in "Stjernekamp" at NRK in 2014, and in 2015 she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix with the song "Louder". In 2016 she came third at the Norwegian version of "Dancing with the stars" at TV2.

Geirmund - Come Alive (Eric Lumiere, Jonas H. Jensen, Niklas Rosström) VS Lisa Børud - Talking About Us (Jimmy Jansson, Anderz Wrethov, Maia Wright, Laurell Barker)
Kim Rysstad - Rainbow (Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Kim André Rysstad) VS Raylee - Wild (Andreas "Stone" Johansson, Anderz Wrethov, Laurell Barker)
Lisa Børud - Talking About Us VS Raylee - Wild

Semi Final 2 - 18 January 2020 - Eastern Norway
Tore Petterson - "Start of Something New" (Tore Petterson, Knut Bjørnar Asphol)
Tore Petterson (40) was born in Drammen, a city not far from Oslo. He is known from the NRK series "Sofa" and has been a judge in the Norwegian version of "Dancing with the stars" on Norwegian TV2. He is also a comedian in the humor duo "Adam and Tore" with his friend Adam Schjølberg. In this year’s MGP he participates with the song "The start of something new". It is written and produced with Knut Bjørnar Asphol, who among other things has produced Alexander Rybak's 2018 Eurovision song "That's How You Write a Song". Tore has played with jazz legend Ola Calmeyer for eight years, and more recently with his own band "Tore Petterson Trio" with pianist Torbjørn Kvamme and Frøydis Grorud on saxophone and flute.
JÆGER - "How About Mars" (Roel Rats, Synne Vorkinn, Chris Wortley, Sindre T. Jenssen)
Anna Jæger (26) is from Oslo and Asker, but spent her childhood years in Canada and the USA with her diplomate family. JÆGER has been a musician since she was a kid, and as an adult she has found her way into "electro-pop rock". JÆGER combines inspiration from her upbringing in North America with experiences from Norway. Some of the artists who inspire her most are Tove Lo, Elle King, Billie Eilish, Robyn and Halsey. As a teenager, she played in rock bands in the United States and performed in small venues and nightclubs in Virginia and Washington DC. In recent years she has played on venues such as John Dee, Gamla, and The Thief in Oslo. The "School of Rock" became very influential in JÆGER’s coming-of-age. It is a place where young talents learn to play rock music in bands and perform on a variety of venues. JÆGER participated in "The Voice" on TV2 in 2017, and A-HA legend Morten Harket was her mentor. She recently released the single "Can't Help it" on Spotify, and is currently working on several new projects.

Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn - "Fool For Love" (Torbjørn Raae, Arve Furset, Kim Wigaard Johansen, Maria Mohn)
Kim Wigaard (31) from Oslo and Maria Mohn (36) from Fredrikstad are both vocal coaches in addition to their own careers as artists. It is time for the coaches in MGP! Kim has for many years worked in Norway and abroad, and has participated in musicals, operas and cabarets. He has sung in the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, worked in New York and had a solo concert for a sold-out Oslo Concert Hall. He is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Oslo Academy of the Arts and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Kim was a semi-finalist in Norwegian Idol, came top 40 in Norwegian The Voice and was most recently a judge in the Norwegian TV show "All Together Now". Maria graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music and works as a singer, songwriter, pianist, comedian and actor. She sang in the group PUST who was nominated for Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy), in the Norwegian Soloist Choir, has been a vocalist in bands, orchestras, and has shared the stage with a number of great artists. Maria released her debut album "Bli med meg" in September 2010. The album received great reviews and was sold-out after just over a week. Her second album was released in 2014 and made it to the Norwegian charts.

Rein Alexander - "One Last Time" (Erik Småland, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Rein Alexander)
Song and music were important parts of Rein Alexander Hauge Korshman’s (48) upbringing. He sang in the legendary boys choir "Sølvguttene" and travelled around Norway and worldwide. Today he is a trained and self-taught, experienced musician and interpreter of many genres. Rein Alexander has lived in Norway, the United States, Iceland, London, Italy and Sweden, both as a student and as a professional. He has received awards at schools such as the Royal Academy of Music and The Reykjavik Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts. In 2003, the Norwegian people voted him all the way to victory in the NRK TV show "Kjempesjansen". Rein Alexander has performed countless concerts for large audiences. He has also played roles such as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Anatoly in Chess, Terje Vigen, Caston in Beauty and the Beast, Shere Kahn in The Jungle Book, Anton Fugger in Which Witch and more.

Tore Petterson - Start of Something New (Tore Petterson, Knut Bjørnar Asphol) VS Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn - Fool For Love (Torbjørn Raae, Arve Furset, Kim Wigaard Johansen, Maria Mohn)
JÆGER - How About Mars (Roel Rats, Synne Vorkinn, Chris Wortley, Sindre T. Jenssen) VS Rein Alexander - One Last Time (Erik Småland, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Rein Alexander)
Kim Wigaard ^ Maria Mohn - Fool For Love VS Rein Alexander - One Last Time

Semi Final 3 - 25 January 2020 - Western Norway
Semi Final 4 - 1 February 2020 - Central Norway
Semi Final 5 - 8 February 2020 - Northern Norway

Final - 15 February 2020 - Trondheim Spektrum
Sondrey - "Take My Time" (Ola Frøyen, Eric Lumiere, Terchi Pippuri) - the song will be released on January 10 and Sondrey will perform in the semi-final for Southern Norway on Saturday January 11.
R & B and Soul artist Sondrey (Sondre Mulongo Nystrøm) (25) is participating in MGP for the first time. In 2016 he got a record contract with a record label after participating in the TV show "The Stream" on TV 2. In 2019 he came in third place in the TV show "Stjernekamp" (NRK). His most streamed song is "Fordi jeg elsker deg". In 2019, he released the song "A Darker Life". Sondrey grew up in Øyer near Lillehammer. He is a 100- and 200-meter sprinter and has participated in several national championships. Last year he studied at LIMPI in Lillehammer, a school that was started by the internationally known Stargate producers. His music is inspired by Japanese culture and anime, MJ, Daft Punk and urban music from Canada. He is also a member of a music collective known as SAFEHOUSE that makes music for the K-Pop industry.

Didrik & Emil - "Out Of Air" (Eric Lumiere, Jonas H Jensen, Niklas Rosstöm) - the song will be released on January 17. Didrik & Emil will perform in the semi-final for Eastern Norway on Saturday January 18.
The Solli-Tangen brothers grew up outside Porsgrunn in Telemark. They have had great success with concerts and summer shows, and in recent years they have worked together on the performance "En broderlig aften". Didrik (32) is educated as a classical singer from the Barratt Due Music Conservatory, where he graduated in 2010. That same year he made his national breakthrough when he won the Melodi Grand Prix with the song "My Heart Is Yours" and represented Norway when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Norway. Following his participation in Eurovision, he has performed both at home and abroad and sung a duet with José Carreras. He has also participated in several TV shows and has been the host of Norwegian "Dancing with the stars" on TV 2. As a 19-year-old, Emil (28) was admitted to the bachelor's program for performing singers at the Barratt-Due Music Conservatory in Oslo. Already two years later he was admitted to the State Opera Academy in Oslo, as one of the youngest to ever be admitted. In 2013 he participated in Melodi Grand Prix with the metal band "Gromth". He has since been featured in several TV shows, held concerts and performed in opera roles across the country.

Akuvi - "Som du er" (Beatrice Akuvi Kumordzie, Andreas Stone) - the song will be released on January 24. Akuvi will perform in the semi-final for Mid-Norway on Saturday January 25.
Beatrice Akuvi Hosen Kumordzie (25) is a singer-songwriter artist and entertainer with Norwegian-Ghanaian background. She grew up in Asker outside Oslo in a home filled with music. Sister Anna-Lisa participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 where she made it to the gold final. The two sisters joined their father on music assignments early on, at events where traditional African music was at the center. Akuvi describes her lyrics as pages taken from her diary, which she then adds a melody to. She found her sound on a four-year journey in South Africa, where she attended peace, conflict and religion studies. On her musical journey, she picked up elements from traditional South African gospel, West African afro pop and American hip hop and R&B. The result is what she calls "reggae-infused neo-soul." In 2019 Akuvi participated in the TV show "Beat for Beat", performed at festivals and released two singles.

Ulrikke Brandstorp - "Attention" (Christian Ingebrigtsen, Kjetil Mørland, Ulrikke Brandstorp) - the song will be released on January 31. Ulrikke will perform in the semi-final for Western Norway on Saturday February 1.
Ulrikke Brandstorp (24) from Sarpsborg became well known to the Norwegian people when she came second in the TV show "Stjernekamp" (NRK) in 2018. Later, she has been featured at "Addresse: Tel Aviv" (A TV show about Eurovision) the charity show "Håp i ei gryte" and "Idrettsgallaen" where she paid tribute to ski athletes Marit Bjørgen and Ole Einar Bjørndalen with an emotional performance. Ulrikke is known to many fans of Melodi Grand Prix. She participated in 2017 and made it to the gold final with the song "Places". In the summer of 2019, she performed at the live TV show "Allsang på Grensen" where she sang the hit song "Shallow" together with Ben Adams from the boyband A1. The duet has been viewed over 2 million times online. Throughout the fall of 2019 and until March 2020, Ulrikke can be seen performing at Folketeateret in Oslo. She plays Liesl who is one of the lead roles in "Sound of Music".

Tone Damli - "Hurts Sometimes" (Helge Moen, Jim Bergsted, Jethro Fox, Tone Damli) - the song will be released on February 7. Tone will perform in the semi-final for Northern Norway on Saturday February 8.
Tone Damli (31) entered the Norwegian music scene when she, as a 16-year-old, participated in Norwegian "Idol" in 2005. Later that year she released her debut album "Bliss" which went gold. She has released five albums and achieved platinum several times. She was a judge at Norwegian "Idol" for two seasons and made it to the final of Norwegian "Dancing with the stars" on TV2 in 2006. Tone participated in Melodi Grand Prix with the song "Butterflies" in 2009. She came second in the final, beaten only by Alexander Rybak who won with "Fairytale". Tone's song sold to platinum and was on the Norwegian hit chart for 17 weeks. In 2013, she participated in the Swedish "Melodifestivalen" together with Erik Segerstedt. They performed the song "Hello Goodbye". Tone is from Sogndal in Sogn and Fjordane, and studied music at Firda high school.


13/01: Представлены полуфиналисты Восточной Норвегии
06/01: Представлены первые 9 участников MGP

Национальный отбор

В очередной раз представитель Норвегии на конкурсе Евровидение будет выбран посредством национального формата NRK Melodi Grand Prix. На этот раз перед национальным финалом состоятся пять полуфиналов, по одному для каждого региона Норвегии (Север, Центр, Запад, Юг, Восток). Полуфиналы будут транслироваться из H3 Arena в Форнебю, регион Осло. В полуфинале выступят по четыре артиста из определенного региона. Они будут соревноваться по кубковой системе, и от телезрителей уже будет зависеть, кто из них выйдет в национальный финал в Тронхейме. Пять артистов прошли предварительный отбор и попадут напрямую в финал. Их выбрало жюри во главе со Стигом Карлсеном. Эти пять артистов впервые представят свои песни в полуфиналах - по одному в каждой. В конкурсе 2020 года не будет голосовать европейское жюри. Судьба MGP 2020 будет лежать в руках норвежских зрителей. Ранее планировалось привлечь 40 песен к участию в конкурсе, но Стиг Карлсен объясняет изменение формата на 25 песен тем, что организаторы проекта сосредоточены на качестве, а не на количестве.

Период приема заявок на участие в шоу продлился со 2 марта (дата MPG 2019) до 31 июля 2019 (продлен с первоначального срока 17 мая). Было получено около 600 заявок. Согласно правилам, по крайней мере один из авторов песни должен был быть гражданином Норвегии. Каждый продюсер или автор песен могли отправить до 3 композиций. "Содержание полученных заявок очень разнообразно, их качество весьма хорошо. В открытом отборе мы получили 600 заявок, и мы активно приглашали к участию - около 200 авторов песен, звукозаписывающих компаний и продюсеров напрямую. Пять из участников выйдут напрямую в финал, таким образом у нас будет 10 финалистов, которые будут бороться за то, чтобы представить Норвегию на Конкурсе Песни Евровидение в Роттердаме в мае 2020 года. У нас есть мейнстримовые песни, типичные фолк-фавориты, песни, которые предполагают безумие и развлечение, и некоторые более сложные композиции. Поскольку у нас есть целых 25 мест, мы смогли сделать красочную подборку", говорит Стиг Карлсен, который в этом году отдает всю власть телезрителям. "Melodi Grand Prix привлекает людей в течение 60 лет. Было много радости, преданности, высокого градуса напряжения и, конечно, также раздражений. Каждый раз, шоу смотрит миллион человек, и на этот раз зрители самостоятельно выберут победителя."

Изменения были сделаны в рамках празднования 60-летия MGP в 2020 году. Прошел 31 год с тех пор, как национальный финал проходил в другом городе, и это будет лишь третий раз за шесть десятилетий, когда финал проводится за пределами Осло (конкурсы 1985 и 1989 гг проводились в Ставангере в Западной Норвегии). "Мы рады принять национальный финал в Тронхейме в следующем году. Мы надеемся, что жители Тронхейма готовы устроить праздник для всех, рядом с центром нашей страны" говорит руководитель MGP Стиг Карлсен. Тронхейм - третий по величине город Норвегии и региональная столица округа Трёнделаг. Финал пройдет на арене Тронхейм Спектрум.

"Я могу пообещать вам отличные песни, замечательных артистов, пиротехнику, конфетти, замечательных ведущих и все, что вы ожидаете от MGP. И, конечно, мы будем рады приветствовать KEiiNO, чтобы они вновь выступили после того невероятного года, который у них был, говорит Карлсен. Мэр Тронхейма Рита Оттервик добавляет: "Для нас было важно, чтобы арена была задействована на культурных мероприятиях, а не только на спортивных. Согласно отзывам, полученным от посетителей концертов, на ней отличная акустика, что, я думаю, значает много для артистов".

5 декабря NRK объявил, что Ингрид Йессинг Линхаве, Ронни Бреде Осе и Коре Магнус Берг станут ведущими норвежского национального отбора. Коре Магнус известен фанатам MGP, он является его неизменным ведущим с 2015 года. Рони Бреде - один из новичков, но неизвестным норвежской публике его назвать нельзя. В течение 10 лет он вел самое популярное в Норвегии утреннее радио-шоу. В этом году оно в его нынешней форме должно уйти из эфира, и Осе стремится воспользоваться этой новой возможностью. "Я уверен, что это будет удивительная годовщина фестиваля, и я надеюсь показать зрителям, как я рад провести Melodi Grand Prix. Я люблю MGP и являюсь его поклонником с детства. Я помню, как был слишком молод, чтобы не ложиться спать и смотреть весь национальный финал, и мне приходится слушать конец шоу по радио в постели", - говорит Бреде Осе. Третья ведущая MGP 2020, Ингрид Йессинг Линхаве, является опытной телеведущей. У нее тоже есть свои детские воспоминания о крупнейшем телевизионном шоу в Норвегии. "У меня дома есть запись, на которой я в детстве представляю себя одновременно и ведущей и участницей MGP. Всё в нем очаровывало меня: артисты, бэк-вокалисты, песни, хореография и костюмы" говорит Йессинг Линхаве и добавляет: "Я чувствую себя самым счастливым человеком в мире, и для меня большая честь получить шанс поработать с Ронни и Коре Магнусом".

Продажа билетов на конкурс была открыта 14 ноября, всего было выпущено 7 000 билетов. В понедельник, 6 января, в 14:30 Москвы, NRK объявил первых 9 из 25 артистов, участвовующих в Гран-при в этом году. На пресс-конференции в штаб-квартире NRK в Осло три ведущих MGP сначала представили пять артистов, которые прошли предварительный отбор и попали напрямую в финал. Затем были представлены четыре артиста из Южной Норвегии, которые примут участие в первом полуфинале 11 января. Четыре песни из Южной Норвегии также стали доступны на стриминг платформах в тот же день. Следующие артисты, участвующие в региональных этапах, будут представлены публике по понедельникам в неделю шоу.

NRK хочет сосредоточиться на проведении онлайн-голосования в основных развлекательных программамах, и впервые все голоса на MGP будут поданы онлайн - бесплатно. Для голосования необходим аккаунт пользователя NRK. Каждый зритель будет иметь три голоса. Как только вы подтвердите свое решение, вы уже не сможете изменить свое мнение или проголосовать за нескольких кандидатов. Ссылки для голосования можно будет найти на или на заглавной странице во время прямой трансляции.

Полуфинал 1 - 11 января 2020 года - Южная Норвегия
Geirmund - Come Alive (Eric Lumiere, Jonas H. Jensen, Niklas Rosström) VS Lisa Børud - Talking About Us (Jimmy Jansson, Anderz Wrethov, Maia Wright, Laurell Barker)
Kim Rysstad - Rainbow (Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Kim André Rysstad) VS Raylee - Wild (Andreas "Stone" Johansson, Anderz Wrethov, Laurell Barker)
Lisa Børud - Talking About Us VS Raylee - Wild

Полуфинал 2 - 18 января 2020 года - Восточная Норвегия
Tore Petterson - Start of Something New (Tore Petterson, Knut Bjørnar Asphol) VS Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn - Fool For Love (Torbjørn Raae, Arve Furset, Kim Wigaard Johansen, Maria Mohn)
JÆGER - How About Mars (Roel Rats, Synne Vorkinn, Chris Wortley, Sindre T. Jenssen) VS Rein Alexander - One Last Time (Erik Småland, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Rein Alexander)
Kim Wigaard ^ Maria Mohn - Fool For Love VS Rein Alexander - One Last Time

Полуфинал 3 - 25 января 2020 года - Западная Норвегия
Полуфинал 4 - 1 февраля 2020 года - Центральная Норвегия
Полуфинал 5 - 8 февраля 2020 года - Северная Норвегия

Финал - 15 февраля 2020 года - Тронхейм Спектрум
Didrik & Emil - "Out Of Air" (Eric Lumiere, Jonas H Jensen, Niklas Rosstöm)
Ulrikke Brandstorp - "Attention" (Christian Ingebrigtsen, Kjetil Mørland, Ulrikke Brandstorp)
Akuvi - "Som du er" (Beatrice Akuvi Kumordzie, Andreas Stone)
Sondrey - "Take My Time" (Ola Frøyen, Eric Lumiere, Terchi Pippuri)
Tone Damli - "Hurts Sometimes" (Helge Moen, Jim Bergsted, Jethro Fox, Tone Damli)