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Details of the contest - here. For the latest news and developments of Euroweek 2005 - please read news page
Schedule for Euroweek:
21 November - Official opening
22 November  - Rehearsals / Shooting postcards; Trip to Brussels; Euroclub opening
23 November - Rehearsals / Shooting postcards; Trip to Brussels
24 November - Rehearsals / Friendship classes; Euroclub disco evening
25 November - Dress rehearsals
26 November - Free cinema / Final (live show), 20.15 CET / After-party

Flashback - participants of 2005 event five years later - here.
Greece - Alexandros Chountas (02/04/90)
& Kalli Georgellis
(21/06/92) - Tora ine i sira mas (It's our turn now)

Αλέξανδρος Χούντας, Κάλλι Γεωργέλλη - Τώρα Είναι Η Σειρά Μας

Alexandros Choundas and Kalli Georgelli will represent Greece Hasselt, Belgium. After the announcement of the results, Kalli said that she didn’t expect to win, but revealed that she learned a lot from her experience last year, which helped her to improve and succeed this year.
During the Greek national Final the children’s parents were supporting and celebrating with them. The atmosphere during the Final was festive. The children knew all the competing songs by heart, so they were constantly singing and dancing along to them.

Alexandros lives in the suburbs of Athens. He is a first grade student at the Higher Secondary School.

Although he is only 15 years old, he has received many awards for his involvement in the arts. He finished first in the Student Theatre Festival and, in 2004, he came fourth in the national Junior Eurovision competition.

Music and singing is his life. So it’s not surprising that he wants to turn his passion into a profession.

Kalli lives very close to Alexandros and shares the same ambitions as Alexandros. She is in the second grade of Lower Secondary School.

Like Alexandros, Kalli took part in the 2004 national Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She also sang during the opening ceremony of the Athens Paralympics, for which she received the warm applause of the audience. Her dream is to have a spectacular career as a singer.

With only a few days to go before they depart for Hasselt in Belgium, Alexandros and Kalli spoke to again about their last-minute preparations and how they are feeling!

They told us that they can’t wait to go! Alexandros has started packing already and, being a shopping freak, he has indulged in a spending spree to buy clothes to keep him warm during the trip. Kalli, for her part, is not in a hurry. She will probably start preparing at the last moment!

One thing that both Greek artists have decided on, though, is what they are going to take with them to bring them luck! As soon as ERT posed the question, Kalli showed her cross from her christening ceremony. Both artists will take their beloved toys, including a bear and a dog, with them as well.

Until they depart for Hasselt, they keep taking their singing lessons. On Saturday, they are having their last rehearsal on Greek soil, as the next one will be held on the stage of Ethias Arena!

After Eurovision:
For the first couple of years Alexandros Hountas from time to time has been appearing at Greek TV and co-hosted Greek national final in 2007, you can see few videos from those years here. He was studying philosophy/ psychology at the University of Athens and in drama school of G. Theodosiadis. In 2009 he has started career as an actor, playing in Foundry Theater and in bar theater Vatrahoi, appearing in few minor roles in TV series, as well as taking part in musical Beauty and the Beast.

Kalli Therinae has graduated from International school of Paris, moved to Utah, US and studies in Weber State University. She sings in Orem Community Church. She also attempted in Season 11 of American Idol and reached top 100. Hello, Alexandros and Kalli! How does it feel to be representing the host country of next year’s Eurovision?
Alexandros and Kalli: We hope that it brings us luck. It’s a very good feeling and we are looking forward to next year’s show. We will definitely be there because we both live pretty close to next year’s venue. We’re also looking forward to meeting Helena Paparizou in person. But, first of all, we have to concentrate on this year’s contest. We’re not nervous but we are excited. It’s the dress rehearsals today! Can you tell us a bit about the song that you’ll be performing?
Alexandros and Kalli: It’s about us. It’s a song about teenagers and what they think and feel. We wrote it together which is even more fun than writing a song on your own. It took about a week to have it ready for the first rehearsals. Have you written any more songs together?
Alexandros and Kalli: Yes, actually, and we’ve performed together too. We’ve also performed cover versions of songs by famous Greek artists. That was great fun. As for the future, anything is possible. Perhaps we will stay together, perhaps we will do solo projects. But we can tell you that we are planning a CD. How was Eurodisco last night?
Alexandros: That was a big event. We enjoyed it a lot. There was a real ‘red carpet’ feeling.
Kalli: It was a great feeling. Like the one I had when I was singing in the Olympic stadium in front of thousands of people. There will be another red carpet event for you tomorrow afternoon in Genk, not far from Hasselt. What can you tell us about that?
Alexandros and Kalli [looking surprised]: Oh, we haven’t heard about that.
[Uh-oh. Maybe that was a surprise and has just let it slip? The Greek community in Genk has organised a party for Alexandros and Kalli in Genk on Saturday] Oops. Okay, perhaps that was meant to be a surprise! We won’t give you any more details. You’ll have to wait for one more night. Bye!


As the Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Hasselt approaches, Kalli and Alexandros are rehearsing intensively for their appearance in the Ethias Arena on 26 November!

The dancers who make up the rest of the group are also preparing feverishly. They are Penny Tsakrgianni, Eirini Spyropoulou, Athina Palaiologou and Antonis Skrivanos. Aspasia Sfakaki who will play the violin.

Under the guidance of their choreographer, Vicky Kabakoglou, the kids rehearse for two hours every weekend and have become very close. Naturally, Alexandros and Kalli’s vocal tutor, Maria Katsoura never misses a rehearsal either, helping her students to learn their vocals and dance moves!

ERT made it to the rehearsals last Saturday and watched the kids and they worked to perfect every part of their performance.

Kalli, Alexandros, Penny, Eirini, Athina, Antonis and Aspasia listen to Vicky and Maria’s advice carefully and are always eager to repeat the moves as many times as necessary, to correct all the flaws.

Although the kids are very young, they work hard with plenty of zest and enthusiasm, because, they say, they want to be perfect on the stage of the Ethias Arena.

ERT also revealed another secret! The Greek TV and web team had the chance to see the choreography for the song and learned that Ms Kabagoglou has been inspired by the words of ‘It’s Our Turn Now’. As a result, the choreography is now totally different to the one we saw in the Greek national final! will spy in on the next rehearsals as well, so that we can bring you all the latest news on the group’s progress!


On Sunday afternoon, friends of Alexandros and Kalli treated the two young Greek artists to an amazing surprise. With the pair spending so much time on the road now, their friends came up with a plan to hang out with them. One of Kalli’s friends from her dance school, along with other friends, organised a surprise party for the two Junior Eurovision contestants!

After the party, Alexandros and Kalli told ERT that it was one of the best events they had ever been to. They had a great time! Not only had they seen their friends again but they’d met new friends too. They spent the night dancing and at the end everybody joined in to sing their Junior Eurovision entry, ‘It’s Our Turn Now’.

It was a great to see that so many friends will be keeping their fingers crossed for the two on 26 November.

greece1.jpg (67860 bytes)
30/09/2005, hosted by Maria Spyridaki and Serafeim Silas
Dimitra Tzanakaki (14) - Oso zo (As long as I live)
Vasiliki Giannopoulou, Hermelina Hoti, Marina Xourgia and Aurora Kamperi(12) - To proto skirtima (The first thrill of love)
Christina Petrogianni (14) - Epitelous peto (I fly at last)
Caroline Tatara (14) - Mia istoria (A story)
Marianna Malantzi (11) - Matia paidika (Children's eyes)
Rafaella (Ioanna Chatziaivatzoglou), Nausika (Eleftheria Theodoridou), Akrivi Erkekoglou & Constantinos Katikaridis (11) - Choros (Dance) (music by Rafaella and Nausika, lyrics by Rafaella, Nausika and Akrivi)
Marina Chelmi (12) -  Vrochi apo astra (Rain of stars)
Maria Paraponiari (12) - Harry Poter
Nikolas Linaritakis-Liodakis (13) - Itan oniro (It was a dream)
Alexandros Chountas (15), Kaly Georgelli (13) - Tora ine i sira mas
60% tele / 40% jury
Με βλέπεις να μεγαλώνω, πάντα εσύ με οδηγείς
Μα τώρα ένα θέλω μόνο, με τα μάτια μου να δεις
Πιστεύω πως τώρα μπορώ κάτι να δώσω κι εγώ
Δεν είμαι μόνος, το χέρι μου απλώνω σύμμαχο να βρω

Θέλω για ανθρωπιά να ψάξω, να ζεστάνω όσους πονούν
Και κάθε στιγμή να αδράξω, οι καρδιές μας μιλούν
Τη ζωή τραγουδώντας, μια ευκαιρία ζητώ
Με όσα μου 'μαθες, θα συνεχίσω, με βήμα σταθερό

Τώρα είναι η σειρά μας για μια νέα αρχή
Δύναμη τα όνειρά μας κι όσα μου 'μαθες εσύ
Να, να, να, να, να, να…

Με βλέπεις να μεγαλώνω, να ανοίγω φτερά
Μα τώρα ένα θέλω μόνο, να 'σαι κι εσύ κοντά

Τώρα είναι η σειρά μας για μια νέα αρχή
Δύναμη τα όνειρά μας κι όσα μου 'μαθες εσύ
Να, να, να, να, να, να… x2

You watch me growing up, you are my guide
but I only want you to see through my sight
I think there’s something to be given by me
I’m not alone, I reach out an ally to see
For kindness I’m looking for, to warm who is in pain
trying the moment to catch, our hearts don’t talk in vain
Singing the life, for a chance I ask
you taught me to go on with steady pass

It’s our turn now for a brand new start
You gave me strength with dreams and stuff
Na, na, na, na, na…
You watch me growing up, opening my wings wide
But I only want this: having you by my side

It’s our turn now for a brand new start
You gave me strength with dreams and stuff
Na, na, na, na, na…
Denmark - Nicolai Kielstrup (04/10/91) - Shake-shake-shake

Nicolai Kielstrup is 13 years old and from the city of Vejle in Jutland. Two years ago he went to see the national Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, because he knew one of the participants. He was fascinated by what he saw and, ever since then, it has been his aim to take part himself.
Nicolai had already written his song for Hasselt, ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’ a year ago but at the time he was not quite satisfied with the result. So he waited a year and then finished it in time for this year’s Danish Final.

He has known his three dancers Camilla (13), Mellanie (12) and Jytte (14) for about three years. They met at a school for talented young singers, dancers and actors and, after they graduated, they decided to form a dance team: Dream Dance. They are used to performing together, but Nicolai is not greatly experienced as a singer – or rapper.

‘Shake, shake, shake’ is a rap about a boy who is falling in love but is so nervous that he is acting strangely and not having much luck! Nerves have not been a problem for Nicolai – he won the Danish final, scoring maximum points.

Some facts about Nicolai
Hobbies: Dancing
Favourite sweet: Chocolate and ice cream
Favourite dish: Spare ribs with roasted potatoes and spaghetti bolognese
Least favourite food: Roasted liver with dog biscuits...

Nicolai is accompanied by three dancers

Camilla Muxol Søberg, 13 years old
Mellanie Gandø, 12 years old
Jytte Knap, 14 years old


We met Nicolai for a very short interview just before the first dress rehearsal. Hi, Nicolai. How come you’re looking so relaxed?
Nicolai: This is what I’m like. I love to dance and that is what I’ll be doing on the big stage tomorrow night. So my song ‘Shake, shake, shake’ is a perfect fit for me – rap music and dancing combined. So you’re a fan of rap music?
Nicolai: Sure, that’s why I wrote a rap song. That is the music I like and it’s good for dancing to. But I also like pop and rock. Have you got any idols or favourites?
Nicolai: Almost all rap stars. But the star I particularly like is Justin Timberlake. If I could become like him… But I don’t know what I’m going to become. Still, Eurodisco last night must have been the perfect place for you…
Nicolai: Right! That was my night. We had a great party there – sorry that you weren’t allowed to come along! I can assure you, it was wonderful. Does that mean that you rushed to the dance floor?
Nicolai: Well, we were all really enjoying ourselves. I think that was one of my highlights of Junior Eurovision so far – apart from meeting the other artists, of course. I like the Dutch song a lot, but I also like many, many others like the Belgian one. I met the Swedish girls and the Greek duo and like what they’re doing too. Where do you expect your song to be in the final ranking on Saturday night?
Nicolai: Good question. If I won, that would be perfect – but, for me, having fun is more important. You can expect a great dance spectacle tomorrow night, though! Okay, we’re looking forward to it. Good luck!

After Eurovision:
nicolai_n.jpg (87259 bytes)Nicolai has graduated from business school and released three albums 'Nicolai' (2006, platinum), 'Stage 2' (2007, gold) and 'Deja Vu - Tilbage til Mig' (2009, gold). His transition from child star to an adult artist has taken some time and he wasn't seen much around in the last 2 years, still working on a new music. Myspace, Youtube

denmark1.jpg (191268 bytes)
MGP 2005 - de ungens melodi grand prix - watch the performances
17/09/2005, DR Studios in Copenhagen, hosted by
Jacob Riising
Annisette Ravn Jørgensen, 10 & Nanna Rossen, 8 - "Venindetanker"
Marieke van Beest, 13 - "Musikken"
Lucas Oliver Hasnaoui, 11 - "Fest her" 58
Jeans (Nathalie Hallundbæk, 12, Julie Louise Hamilton, 13, Louise Marlene Maisted, 13) - "Jeg ka' nemli' godt li' dig"
Karoline Dolva, 9 & Zoe Lilja Mikkelsen, 8 - "Et stjerneskud"
L.B.S. (Victor Eff, 15, Rasmus 'Snurre' Wriedt Larsen, 15, Lukas Kaldan, 15, Kristoffer 'Stoph' Michaelsen, 13) - "Superman" 42
Signe Kirstine Munkeboe Madsen, 13 - "Kære fru lærer signe" 64
Twiz (Sandie Camilla Jensen, 14, Louise Grønbech Munck, 14) - "Du må forstå" 60
Julia Østergård, 11 - "Sol og sommer"
Nicolai Kielstrup, 13 - "Shake-shake-shake" 96
Nicolaj Bundesen, Jeppe Kaas
Kender I det - når man er vild med en pige
Man vader hjernedødt rundt uden at vide Hva' man ska' sige
Vennerne spør' om problemet er sejt
Og man fortæller dem jo alt - yeah right
Den her pige ser syret godt ud
Så hende første gang da min klasse sku' ud
På tur for at fange lede fisk i en sø
Hvor var det sjovt - jeg sværger jeg ku' dø
Men alt var ik' nedern for pigen stod jo der
Med langt lyst hår og herre kolde tæer
Uden shit så bli'r man nødt til at gå hen Og sige hej
Og alle dreng'ne gjorde det - bare ik' mig
Men hvorfor?

Hun får mig til at sige uhh – break – break Hun får mig til at gå
Up and down and shake, shake, shake Slow i et back break Årh
Hun får mig til at sige damn – whou, whou Round and round up and down we go
Slow i et hand flake
Den tøs hun gør mig electric

Men altså tøsen her hun er ”wiggie, wiggie” wild
og hvis jeg ik' fik hende, vil det være en fejl
Hun sku' imponeres - så råbte hey
Og spillede lidt med musklerne - arh, okay
Men jeg ku' ik' gi' op efter forsøg nummer 1 Så jeg tænkte vedmig selv
Jeg må gøre noget fedt
Jeg laver shake, shake, shake men den Går lidt i ged – hvad tror I der sker?
Mine bukser falder ned
Hvor dum kan man være mand? Årh

Hun får mig til at sige uhh – break – break Hun får mig til at gå
Up and down and shake, shake, shake Slow i et back break Årh
Hun får mig til at sige damn – whou, whou Round and round up and down we go
Slow i et hand flake
Den tøs hun gør mig electric

Men vi kom fra den her pige ved siden af en sø
Hun smiler så sødt, at jeg er lige ved at dø
Hun går lidt frem – jeg gør mig klar
Pludselig sir' hun noget Shit står man bar’
Hun spør' efter mit navn
Jeg fatter ikke et klap
Men åbner min mund og lyder lidt som Chip og chap
Med vold store chancer for at lyde som et kvaj Kigger jeg op og sir:
Hej jeg hedder... øhm....Nicolai!

Hun får mig til at sige uhh – break – break Hun får mig til at gå
Up and down and shake, shake, shake Slow i et back break Årh
Hun får mig til at sige damn – whou, whou Round and round up and down we go
Slow i et hand flake
Den tøs hun gør mig electric

Damn – whou, whou round and round up And down we go – slow i et hand flake
Den tøs hun gør mig electric

mgpvindercover.jpg (84663 bytes)

12048995131.jpg (66057 bytes)

Prelude: Human beatbox / tutti



Know what it's like
When a girl catches your eye?
Your brain goes all numb
And your tongue feels like it's tied

Friends wanna know
Just trying to be polite
As if you tell them everything
(yeah right)

This girl
Was hot and hip

First time I saw her
Was on a class trip
Told us to catch some ugly fish
Said I'd try
Boy, what fun
I swear that I could die
But it wasn't all a waste
'cause she was very close
With long blond hair
And extremely freezing toes
Straight away
You have to go over
To her and say hi
And all the guys went over
I was shy


Why is it
Thought of her makes me go uhh

Break Break

Way she looks makes me go
Up and down
And shake


Slow in a back break
Way she looks makes me go damn

Woo woo

Round and round up
And down we go
Slow in a hand flake
That babe makes me electric


Let me tell you this babe
She is wiggie wiggie wild
And if I don't get her
I've really lost my style

Had to really wow her
So I yelled hey
And flexed my big muscles
(oh, okay)

But I couldn't give up
Although I'd been a fool
So I cheered myself up
I must do something cool

So I go
Shake shake shake
But guess what happened, jeez

Right before my eyes
My pants fell to my knees
How dumb can you get, man
Thought of her makes me go uhh

Break break

Way she looks makes me go

Up and down
And shake


In a back break

Way she looks makes me go damn

Woo woo
Round and round up
And down we go
Slow in a hand flake

That babe makes me electric


Shake it
Shake it
Com' on
Com' on
Co co come on



But we're talking 'bout a babe

I met down by a lake
Who flashed me a smile
That gives me a heartache

She takes a step
And I'm prepared
Suddenly she speaks
And I'm all scared

She asks me, ”what's your name?”
I feel I can't inhale
Then I try to speak
And sound of course like chip and dale

Sounding like an idiot
But thought I'd give it a try
I look at her and say
My name is Nicola... I

Thought of her makes me go uh

Break break

Way she looks makes me go
Up and down
And shake

In a back break

Way she looks makes me go damn
Woo woo

Round and round up
And down we go
Slow in a hand flake

That babe makes me electric

Ha Ha Ha Ha

lory.jpg (37737 bytes)Croatia - Lorena Jelusić (30/05/95) - Rock Baby

Lorena Jelusic was born on 30th May 1995 in Pozega and is the sister of Dino, who represented Croatia in 2003. Together they live in Zagreb, where Lorena is also attending primary school.

Lorena is passionate about music and goes to the music school Vatroslav Lisinski, where she learned playing the flute and the piano. Her favourite music style is rock and pop. Lorena is a fan of Jon Bon Jovi, Oliver Dragojevic and Nina Badric and has written both music and lyrics of her song Rock baby herself.

With Lorena Jelusic, the second representative for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is known. Earlier Norway selected Malin to sing Sommer og skolefri on 26th November in Hasse

Croatia will be represented in the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest by 10-year-old Lorena with her song ‘Rock Baby’.
In a stunning national final that also featured performances by Dino, Junior Eurovision winner in 2003, and Nika, who came third in last year’s event, Lorena managed to persuade the audience to award her the ticket to Hasselt.

Asked about her favourite musicians, Lorena named US superstar Jon Bon Jovi and a number of Croatian artists. Hoping to become a megastar herself, Lorena attends a Croatian music school where she studies flute and piano.


03/07/05, Anton Marti Studio, hosted by Iva Sulentic and Robert Boskovic
01. Kim Verson (11, Nova Gradiska) – Sretno dijete 23 5th
02. Sarah Posavac (13, Rijeka) – San 8 10th
03. Lorena Jelusi
ć (10, Zagreb) – Rock baby 36 1st
04. Kristina (12) & Valentina Bralo (14, Zagreb) – Ple
ši (Kristina Bralo - Valentina Bralo) 30 3rd
05. Lamia Belo
šević (9, Zagreb) and Luka Bršcić – Prijateljica (Lamia Belošević) 25 4th
06. Mia Maltar (11, Varazdin) – Ah ta ljubav 31 2nd
07. Ana & Matea Maduni
ć (14, Zagreb) – Probudi se (Matea Madunić) 10 9th
08. Valentina
Đuric & Kristina Jarić (13, Rijeka) – Peti element 21 6th
09. Filip Ratcovi
ć (13, Zagreb) – Mary bye, bye, bye 16 8th
10. Lucija Lu
čić (8, Zagreb) – Mikrofon 20 7th
100% televoting, regional: Slavonia, Dalmacija, Istra and Central Croatia
Jury: Nensi Atanasov, Helena Bastic, Davor Gobac, Zeljen Klasterka, Mladen Kusec, Marin Margitic i Nika Turkovic
Guests: Davor Gobac, Vanna, Dino Jelusic and Nika Turkovic.

I was born on 30 May 1995 in Pozega, Croatia and today I live in Zagreb with my parents and two brothers.

I am in the fifth grade of Antun Gustav Matoљ Primary School and in the fourth grade of Music School where I play piano. I also have a vocal coach.

After a few stage performances duetting with my brother Dino's in his solo concerts and on TV shows, I participated in the biggest TV music competition for children – Turbo Limach Show in 2002. As the youngest participant, I won the first round and went to the semi final. After that, I particpiated on my first international song festival in Egypt in 2003 where I won the organiser's award.

During Dino's tour of Australia at the beginning of 2005, I performed as a guest star in five of the seven concerts; last year I performed at his big stadium concert in Zagreb.

My biggest wish was to participate on the Croatian national selection contest for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, but I didn't expect to win. Although I like writing slow songs, I sent a pop song 'Rock Baby' and made it!

I am very happy to be representing Croatia in Belgium and I will do my best.

I like dancing, gymnastics, swimming and riding a bike. In my free time, I design jewellery for my friends and myself.

After Eurovision:
Lorena has released her debut in 2006 and for the first years has been appearing from time to time on TV and performing with her brother Dino and 2004 entrant Nika Turkovic. Now, Lorena has graduated from Gimnazija in Zagreb and moved in 2011 to study to Leon High in Florida, US as an exchange student. She is still singing, for example her latest song was when she featured on New Alliance song "Feelin' Good". She is also regularly performing in a church chorus.

Jednog jutra kad sam se probudila,
U svojim sam te mislima tad vidjela
A ti menei ne vidiš, ne kažeš mi ni “bok”
Na glavi imaš slušalice i stalno slušaš rock

I zato želim biti
tvoja rock baby
Jer mislim da smo dobar par
Sve bih dala tebi

Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar

Tvoja rock baby
Jer mislim da smo dobar par
Sve bih dala tebi
Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar

Rock, rock, rock baby, rock, rock, rock

Već danima pokušavam do tebe doći ja
Imam čak i brojeve svih tvojih frendova
A ti me ni ne vidiš, ne kažeš mi ni “bok”
Na glavi imaš slušalice i stalno slušaš rock

I zato želim biti
tvoja rock baby
Jer mislim da smo dobar par
Sve bih dala tebi

Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar
I zato želim biti
tvoja rock baby
Jer mislim da smo dobar par
Sve bih dala tebi

Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar
Tvoja rock baby
Jer mislim da smo dobar par
Sve bih dala tebi
Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar

Sve bih dala tebi
Ma daj pogledaj me jednom bar

One morning when I woke up
and opened the door
I saw your big brown eyes
and fell to the floor

But you don't even look at me,
you don't even care
All the time you listen to rock
and don't know I am there

That's why I wanna be your

Rock, rock baby
Come here and rock with me
I wanna give you everything
I love you so much, can't you see

Rock, rock baby
Come here and rock with me
I wanna give you everything
I love you so much, can't you see

Rock, rock, rock baby, rock, rock, rock

I've been trying to see you, for so many days
I've even manage to find out all numbers of your friends

But you don't even look at me, you don't even care
All the time you listen to rock, and don't know I am there

That's why I wanna be your
Rock, rock baby

Come here and rock with me
I wanna give you everything
I love you so much, can't you see

Rock, rock baby
Come here and rock with me
I wanna give you everything
I love you so much, can't you see

I wanna give my everything
I love you so much, can't you see
AlinaEremia102.jpg (29776 bytes)Romania - Alina Eremia (15/12/93) - Turai! (Tzooray!/Hey!)

Alina, Romania’s representative in the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, was born in Buftea in 1993. Her hobbies are music, painting, traveling, computer games and roller-skating. Alina loves chocolate and says it’s her favourite food.
Her favourite singers are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Monica Anghel and Romania’s 2005 Eurovision participant Luminita Anghel.

She loves her family, especially her 8-year-old brother, Mircea, who is also a very talented little singer.

Here are some details of Alina’s musical career.

Musical activities:
Maline has been a member of the group Miracol for over six years. In that time, she has also been studying the piano at the School of Music and Fine Arts no. 1 Bucharest.

1997 – 3rd prize at the Stelutele Abracadabra music contest in Romania
1998 – 2nd prize at the Tara Spiridusilor music contest in Romania
1999 – 1st prize and Grand Prix at the Tip Top Mini Top children’s TV contest in Bucharest, Romania
2001 – participant in the Ploaia Stelutelor TV contest
2002 – 2nd Prize at the Ti Amo International Music Festival for Children in Romania
2003 – Finalist at the Nile International Song Festival For Children in Cairo, Egypt
2003 – 1st Prize at the Ursuletul De Aur National Festival for Children in Baia Mare, Romania
2003 – 1st Prize at the Ti Amo International Music Festival for Children in Romania
2003 – 1st Prize at the Delfinul De Aur National Festival for Children in Navodari, Romania
2003 – Trophy and Grand Prix at the Stelutele Pucioasei National Contest for Children in Romania
2003 – 1st Prize at the Flori De Ghiata National Festival for Children in Romania
2004 – Popularity Award at the Golden Star International Song Contest for Children and Teenagers in Bucharest, Romania
2005 – Special Prize of the Jury at the Nile International Song Festival For Children in Cairo, Egypt
2005 – Prize for the Best Performer of the Festival and 1st Prize for best song at the Djurdjevdanski Festival International Children Competition in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina
2005 – Third Prize at the Slaviansky Bazaar In Vitebsk Children’s Festival in Belarus
2005 – 2nd Prize at the Mamaia Copiilor National Children’s Festival in Romania
2005 – 1st Prize at the Golden Cross International Song Contest in Malta
Alina has also performed on a number of radio and TV shows.


After Eurovision:
Alina Eremia has graduated from George Cosbuc Billingual Collage and plans to enter Faculty of Political Science in the University. After Eurovision she continued participation in music festivals, including It Tralcio D'Oro, Verdinote, Berliner Perle, Asian Festival in Beijing - 3rd prize, Discovery - 1st prize and number of festivals in Romania. In 2009 Alina was invited to UK to sing at the National Day of Romania nad in 2010 was awarded "Small Ambassador of Romanian Music" award. Since 2011, she is part of "La La Band" with many other famous junior Romanian artists and playing in Pro TV series "Pariu cu viata" Hi, nice to meet you. How are you finding Hasselt?
Alina: Very good. We are very happy to be here. Hasselt is a lovely town. It’s our first time in Belgium and we’ve already enjoyed a lot of wonderful Belgian food. Have you met the other contestants yet?
Alina: Sure. We met all the others yesterday at the opening party. Let’s talk about your rehearsal. You’ve just come off stage and look a bit exhausted – are you?
Alina and the dancers: Yes, but we are very proud of ourselves. The rehearsal was very good and we are satisfied with our preparations. The stage is so big and impressive. And the lights are great for our performance. Although we’ve done a lot of shows in Romania, this is the first time that we’ve been on such a big stage. A quick question for the dancers: have you always danced with Alina or have you done your own projects, too?
The dancers: We do our own projects as well. It’s the first time that we’ve worked with Alina. But we’ve known her for a long time now and we are friends. We live quite close to each other in Romania.
Alina: They live in Bucharest and live in Buftea – which is not far away from me. What is the most difficult part about being on stage? Singing? Dancing? Or singing and dancing?
Alina: We have fun and enjoy everything we do. So there is no real difficult part. It’s a bit exhausting to do it over and over again and it takes a lot of preparation. But it’s great fun to do it.
Alina’s dancer: It has taken two months to prepare.
Alina: No, more like three or four months!
[Cue a lengthy discussion between the group. It sounds as if Alina wins the argument – but maybe she’s just more insistent?] What is it like to write a song? Which bit comes first?
Alina: The music comes first. That is all I really need, everything else will come later. Let me tell you a bit about my Junior Eurovision song, ‘Turai’. It is about myself, about my life, and how I live and feel. Who do you think is your biggest rival in Junior Eurovision?
Alina: Belgium! [laughs] But all the others as well. There are so many good, strong songs. Belarus, Sweden…
Alina’s dancers: Spain has a very good song, Denmark as well …
Alina: We fear almost everyone [laughs again]. Have your parents and fans accompanied you to Hasselt?
Alina: Actually, only my mother is here with me. My father and all my friends are in Romania. They will be keeping their fingers crossed for us back home.
Alina’s dancers: Our families are in Romania as well. They are very proud and will be watching the show on Saturday. Thanks to all of you and good luck!

Bugle Gabriela (8, Oradea) - Trenul vacantei (Holiday train) 52 (47+187)
Bere Georgina Florentina (11, Oradea) - As vrea sa fiu o vedeta (I wish to be a star) 0 (0+61)
Mares Dana (13, Ploiesti) - Canta! (Sing!) 8 (8+168)
Eremia Alina (11, Buftea) - Turai! (Tzooray!"/"Hey!) 120 (60+958)
Ciocan Gabriel (13, Bucuresti) - Prietenul meu (My friend) 8 (8+94)
Matei Patricia (9, Bucuresti) - Muzica e tot ce am (Music is all I have) 26 (26+85)
Trandafir Andreea (9, Bucuresti) - Ciocolata (Chocolate) 49 (19+242)
Gergely Ana Maria (9, Bucuresti) - Zambet de copil (The smile of a child) 1 (1+159)
New Star Music (Sanda-Gorun Cristian, 12, Craiova, Prepelita Diana Ioana, 11, Iasi, Sima Teodora Roxana, 12, Bucuresti, Craciun Anca Florentina, 10, Calarasi) - Rock-ul se canta asa (We rock like this) 72 (32+378)
Bistriceanu Dragos (8, Bucuresti) - Romania!!! 55 (20+310)
Trio (Razvan, 13, Claudia, 13, Ruxandra, 12) - Cantec cu chitara (A song with my guitar) 17 (7+188)
Mihaela Silviu (13, Bucuresti) - Speranta (Hope) 71 (19+620)
Bebinela (Beatrice, 13, Bianca, 13, Petronela, 13, Bucuresti) - Glie strabuna (Ancient land) 29 (4+228)
Melu Gloria (12, Bucuresti) - Romancuta (Little Romanian girl) 37 (17+200)
Tiba Andrei Alexandru (12, Timisoara) - Suflet de copil (A child's heart) 0 (0+164)
Dumitru Sonia Petra (10, Arad) - Dar nu-i nimic (But it's alright) 35 (20+197)
Total (jury + tele) Guests: Noni Razvan Ene, Alina Sorescu

Rockids (Mihai Cernea (Bubu), Ana Vera Vulcu, Giulia si Lavinia Parilla, Vladimir Pupuzan, 11, Bucuresti) - Ce sa fac (What to do?)  Shakers (Popovici Ernestine-Ines, 13, Paise Georgiana-Catalina, 17, Bucuresti) - Povestea ta (Your story) 3'19'
Puscaciu Stefania (12, Vaslui) - Flori, Zarul vietii, Iubeste tot ce te-nconjoara, Bucuria de a trai, Caut un compozitor, Sarba flacailor, La moartea lui Stefan cel Mare
Tache Mihaela (15) - Mi-e dor de tine (I miss you) 
Noua Generatzie (Sterie Cristian, Popa Sorin, 14, Pitesti) - La Multi Ani ! (Happy Birthday)
Cretu Neacsu Adelina Elena (10, Campina) - Asta-s eu ! (That's me!)  4'05'
Coman Larisa (15, Baia Mare) - Inima mea (My heart)
Constantin Maria Manuela (15, Galati) - Sunt fitoasa (I love to show-off)
Rogovschi Daniela (12, Chisinau) - Vreau la hora

Zis-a mama, cand am intrebat
Ca mi-s cea mai mandra in sat
Harnicuta cum o alta nu-i
Nu m-ar da pe-oricat nimanui.

Doua mure-n loc de ochisori
Si obrajii ca doi bujori
Parul in cosite impletit
Gura ca un mac inflorit.

Asta-s eu si nu am ce face,
Hai turai si turai si turai!
Toata lumea in sat ma place,
Hai turai si turai si turai !

Dragu’ mi-i din gura a canta
Pana cand se va-nsera.
Si mi-i drag la hora ca sa joc,
Pana din calcaie iese foc.

Hei, hei, turai, hei!

Mai, badita, nu sta suparat,
Ca e vremea de jucat,
Sa ne luam de mana amandoi
Cum e jocul pe la noi.

Asta-s eu si nu am ce face,
Hai turai si turai si turai!
Toata lumea in sat ma place,
Hai turai si turai si turai!

Dragu’ mi-i din gura a canta,
Pana cand se va-nsera
Si mi-i drag la hora ca sa joc,
Pana din calcaie iese foc.

Hei, hei, turai, hei, turai, hei!
Cand sarbatoarea e in toi, sa pot dansa
Sa fiu cu fete si feciori de varsta mea, hei!

Doua mure-n loc de ochisori
Si obrajii ca doi bujori
Parul in cosite impletit
Gura ca un mac inflorit

Si mi-i drag la hora ca sa joc
Pana din calcaie iese foc.
Dragu’ mi-i din gura a canta
Pana cand se va-nsera.
Mother said, when I asked her,
That I was the prettiest in my village
And as busy as a bee.
She wouldn’t give me away for the world.

Two blackberries are my tiny eyes
And my cheeks are like two peonies.
My hair is braided in long tresses
And my mouth is like a blooming field poppy.

This is me, there’s nothing to be done.
Let’s tzooray and tzooray and tzooray.
Everybody in my village cares for me.
Let’s tzooray and tzooray and tzooray.

I want to sing at the top of my voice
Until the sun sets.
And I want to join the round dance
And dance until my heels catch fire.
Hey, hey, tzooray, hey.

Come on, boy, cheer up.
It’s high time for dancing.
Hold out your hand to me.
That’s the way we’re dancing over here.

This is me, there’s nothing to be done.
Let’s tzooray and tzooray and tzooray.
Everybody in my village cares for me.
Let’s tzooray and tzooray and tzooray.

I want to sing at the top of my voice
Until the sun sets.
And I want to join the round dance
And dance until my heels catch fire.

Hey, hey, tzooray, hey.

When the feast is in full swing, I can dance.
I can be with girls and lads of my age. Hey!

Two blackberries are my tiny eyes
And my cheeks are like two peonies.
My hair is braided in long tresses
And my mouth is like a blooming field poppy.

And I want to join the round dance
And dance until my heels catch fire.
I want to sing at the top of my voice
Until the sun sets. Hey!
I’m the apple of my mother’s eye
She believes I’m pretty and shy
So she says I’m busy as a bee
Well, I think she’s right, look at me!

Dark as night, my eyes are spreading light
And my cheeks are rosy and bright.
Mummy braids my tresses very well
Poppies are my lips, you can tell.

This is me, I’m as sweet as honey
Let’s tzurai and tzurai and tzurai
Do like me, cause it’s nice and funny.
Let’s tzurai and tzurai and tzurai.

I am keen on singing all day long
You will surely like my song
And the tzurai is my lucky chance
Till my heels take fire, I will dance.
Hey, hey, tzurai, hey!

Come on baby don’t you be so sad
Let us jump and swing, let’s be mad
Put your arms around my waist and skip
It is cool, just take my tip.

This is me, I’m as sweet as honey
Let’s tzurai and tzurai and tzurai
Do like me, cause it’s nice and funny
Let’s tzurai and tzurai and tzurai.

I am keen on singing all day long
You will surely like my song
And the tzurai is my lucky chance
Till my heels take fire, I will dance.
Hey, hey, tzurai, hey tzurai, hey

With maids and lads of our age, we’re having fun
It’s gonna be the greateast feast for everyone.hey!

Dark as night, my eyes are spreading light
And my cheeks are rosy and bright.
Mummy braids my tresses very well
Poppies are my lips, you can tell.

And the tzurai is my lucky chance
Till my heels take fire, I will dance.
I am keen on singing all day long
You will surely like my song.hey.
D3DS0484.jpg (35614 bytes)UK - Joni Fuller (03/10/91) - How Does It Feel


Joni lives in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire with her dad (Chris), mum (Helen) and her younger sister (Eve) as well as a pet rabbit called “Alfie”.
Mum and dad say that she has been interested in music since she was a baby and that she used to hum to music before she could walk.
Her whole family are very supportive when it comes to her music - even if she keeps them waiting in the car to go to school because she can’t leave her piano.


Joni came up with the line “How does it feel?” and then wrote the song around it. She says that “it was all about trying to make different emotions into images”.
It was Joni’s music teacher who told her about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and suggested that she should enter one of her songs.
Joni originally wrote the song on the piano and then added the violin part.


Joni is a member of Phil Collins’ “Music Foundation” and recently performed at his son's christening. “It was a brilliant experience and I felt really lucky to be part of such an occasion”, says Joni.
She tries to practice her music every day and has reached grade 7 on the violin and grade 5 on the piano.
Joni attends the Royal Northern College of Music every Saturday where she concentrates on classical music – although in her leisure time she prefers rock music.
Her favourite artists to listen to are Prince, The Rolling Stones and Dire Straits and also film music by composer John Williams. Her favourite song is “Pirate” by Ricki Lee Jones.
When she is not singing or writing Joni likes to go to the movies, eat out or go bowling.
Joni is claustrophobic and can’t go in lifts EVER – she would prefer to walk up many flights of stairs than be in a confined space!

Joni, a real Junior Eurovision Song Contest fan, is proud to represent her country in Hasselt. The 13-year-old is not only a talented musician, singer and songwriter but also an award-winning scientist. She was awarded the top science award at her school recently!

For her performance in Hasselt, Joni is planning some surprises. She has already revealed the first one: she will be playing the violin on stage.


After Eurovision:
Graduate of Junior Royal Northern College of Music, Joni is twice winner of the MIBI Songwriting Contest in 2008-2009, featured as an 'Inspirational Teenager' by The Independent and 'One to watch' by PRS for Music and awarded 'Best Female Artist' at The Exposure Music Awards. Joni's instrument-swapping live performances have become her trademark.... from intimate venues and festivals in the UK to theatres and stadiums in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Dubai. 2011 saw a busy schedule of writing, recording and live performances, including an explosive set in the Olympic Stadium, Lausanne during the firework finale of Athletissima 2011 and a string of London and festival appearances. 2012 sees Joni back in the studio, arranging and recording new material and preparing live shows.  Her latest single is Satellite. Myspace, Youtube

We met Joni after her second rehearsal in which she had had to rest her voice due to illness. How are you? How is your throat?
Joni: It’s still quite sore. I’ll be alright though. I just need to rest. onight, there’s the Eurodisco but apart from that I’m just going to spend the day resting at the hotel. Are you taking any medication?
Joni: No, just rest! Apart from that, how are you enjoying Hasselt?
Joni: I’m loving every minute of it. Everything’s been so great. Performing on the stage feels amazing, although it’s a bit scary when you think of all the people who will be there watching on Saturday. Will that be the biggest concert you’ve ever played?
Joni: Actually, no. I’m part of Phil Collins’ Music Foundation, a project for young musicians, and we’ve actually toured with him recently. I opened one of his concerts at a stadium in Dusseldorf, playing ‘How Does It Feel’ on the piano. Isn’t that how it was originally intended to be performed, with you on the piano?
Joni: Yes, that’s how I wrote it. But then I thought the violin adds something different. It’s actually the first time I’ve stood at the microphone to sing, though. How did you get involved in Junior Eurovision?
Joni: It was my music teacher who told me about it. She knew that I wrote music so she suggested that I enter the competition. So you were writing songs before the contest?
Joni: Yeah! I’ve been writing songs since I was eight. I’ve probably written about 50 now but I keep making changes to them. The ones I wrote when I was eight are laughable! And did you just choose the best one to put forward for the competition?
Joni: No, it wasn’t about choosing the ‘best’ one. ‘How Does It Feel’ was one of my newer songs and I was quite excited about it. And I felt it summed up what I was all about so I put that one forward. Who are your musical influences?
Joni: I like lots of different types of music. Kate Bush, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Dire Straits…. Dire Straits? There can’t be many 14-year-old girls who say that.
Joni: I know! My dad plays a lot of them but I have my own record collection too. And which Rolling Stones songs do you like?
Joni: My favourite is 'Gimme Shelter', I think. Can you play those tricky guitar parts?
Joni: Well, I don’t really play the guitar – I can pick one up and play a little, but I’ve only taught myself. So what do you play?
Joni: I’m working towards my Grade 5 on the piano and Grade 7 on the violin. That’s it! Okay, well we’ll let you rest your voice. Thanks for talking to us and get well soon!

Joni: Thank you!

How does it feel, writing songs on a rainy day, and
How does it feel, when someone comes and takes them away
How does it feel when the words just won’t flow

How does it feel, stars in a winter’s sky, and
How does it feel, you close your eyes and dream you can fly
How does it feel, living life on a high,
Or just trying to get by
Don’t run and hide, nobody’s searching
Don’t try to walk away or step aside
You’ve been, living life passing time, so let it shine

Hey, there’s a moment waiting and,
Hey, hear the voices singing
A song, for the future
There’s inspiration when you close your eyes

How does it feel,
How does it feel,
How does it feel, you’re waiting at the start of the show
How does it feel when the lights go down low
And time moves so slow
Don’t run and hide, nobody’s searching
Don’t try to walk away or step aside
You’ve been, living your on the line, so let it shine

(Violin Solo)

Voicescover.jpg (75273 bytes)0000864030_500.jpg (23775 bytes)
uk1.jpg (107559 bytes)
03/09/04, Granada Studios in Manchester, hosted by Michael Underwood and Nikki Sanderson
Vicky Gordon (14) - Groovy Chick 23
Craig Lees (15) - Clear the Air 35
Lizzie M (13) - Devil in a Hood 17
Sarah Robertson (15) - In My Life 36
Joni Fuller (13) - How Does it Feel 43
Jack Garratt (13) - The Girl 13
Jessica Stretton (14) - About You 26
Ben Smith (15) - Lovely 41
Regional voting: A: UK Text and Mobile, B: Northern Ireland, C: England North, D: Scotland, E: England South, F: Wales
Sweden - M+ (Maria Josefson, Maria Chabo) (15, 15) - Gränslös kärlek (Bottomless love)

Two Assyrian girls, Maria Chabo and Maria Josefson, both 15 years old, live in Norrkoping. They became close friends as soon as they met at the beginning of the 7th grade, and they soon started singing and writing music together. They regularly perform at school and in the recreation centre, singing mostly their own songs, but also cover versions.
Maria Chabo is a youth leader at church. If she couldn’t pursue her dream career, music, she would consider a career in acting or writing. As a hobby, Maria plays badminton.

Maria Josefson likes dancing and English is her favourite subject at school. She and Maria Chabo are starting upper-secondary school this autumn, studying science.

Maria Josefson loves merry-go-rounds and having fun! She likes many musical styles except rock.
Both Marias are very fond of food, so their motto is: “Life is too short to diet...”.


07/10/05 hosted by Nanne Gronvall and Shan Atci
01. LaLi - Du får ta mitt hjärta (Elisa Lindström, Alma Lindström, Alexandra Larm, Isabella Larm ) 38 (28+10)
02. Ana Ferreira Rodrigues (11) - Dansa är OK 76 (16+60)
03. Alex & William Johansson (11, 8) - Vill du bli min tjej 22 (12+10)
04. Julia Holmstrom (13) - Jag vill inte förklara 76 (46+30)
05. My Wangdahl (8)- Mamma förlåt 40 (20+20)
06. Lu.Ke (Ludwig Keijser, 15) - Hela världen snurrar 64 (24+40)
07. Nathalie Borgen Andersson (14) - Utan dig 38 (28+10)
08. Ida & Jessie (12, 12) - Coola brudar 26 (16+10)
09. Ludde (Ludwig Larsson, 10) - Håkan Kråkan
22 (12+10)
10. M+ - Gränslös kärlek 98 (48+50)
1400 songs submitted. Total (jury regional
North, Middle, East, West and South + tele (197000 votes casted)

After Eurovision:
In 2006 Maria Chabo took part in auditions for Swedish Idol. After that she has been studying3_IMG_1295.jpg (76651 bytes) in the University and was mostly active as member of Theologist Committee of her Syrian Orthodox Church in Norrkoping, rather than singer.

Maria Josefson has been publishing several songs on her myspace, gave some local performances and has won the vote of radio East FM for a promising new artists in 2009 with song "I forgive you".

MCH & MJ: Okej ska jag va ärlig, känner jag så här. Jag vill bara ha dig hos mig för jag är så kär.
I mina tankar finns det, bara du och jag, i en värld där ingen kan dig ta.

MJ: Trots hur mycket jag försöker och glömma, trots vad folk säger, om dig
är jag fortfarande rädd att jag alltid kommer att älska dig

MCH: Du är han, utan tvekan, han med ögon som lyser som stenar. Skulle passa så bra du och jag om du bara visste de känslor jag har

MJ: Han med ögon som får mig å falla
MCH: Så mycket mer än bara en av alla
MJ: Han som får mitt hjärta å stanna
MCH: Han är allt jag vill ha

MCH & MJ: Okej ska jag va ärlig, känner jag såhär. Jag vill bara ha dig hos mig för jag är så kär.
I mina tankar finns det, bara du och jag, i en värld där ingen kan dig ta.

MJ: Även om du aldrig kommer å veta hur jag känner, lever vi för alltid kvar
hand i hand i drömmarnas dal

MCH: Men jag vill, åh jag vill, för alltid bara vara din. Kanske du känner som jag.
Ska jag berätta det för dig eller hålla det kvar

MJ: Han med ögon som får mig å falla
MCH: Så mycket mer än bara en av alla
MJ: Han som får mitt hjärta å stanna
MCH: Han är allt jag vill ha

MCH & MJ: Okej ska jag va ärlig, känner jag såhär. Jag vill bara ha dig hos mig för jag är så kär.
I mina tankar finns det, bara du och jag, i en värld där ingen kan dig ta.

MCH & MJ: Okej ska jag va ärlig, känner jag såhär. Jag vill bara ha dig hos mig för jag är så kär.
I mina tankar finns det, bara du och jag, i en värld där ingen kan dig ta.

MCH & MJ: Vill bara höra dig säga att du är min och jag är din

Okay, you want the truth, so – this is how I feel
I want you to be beside me – for my love is real
My eyes can only see you, oh please let me know
Say there’s a world where you will never go

No matter how I try to forget about you, or what they tell me
’bout you I’m afraid all the time that I’ll love you for eternity

You’re the one, without a doubt, the one who fills me with devotion
You and I, we could be so good, if you only knew my inner emotions

I could drown looking into your eyes
So much more than just another guy
I see you, and cannot feel my heart beat
You’re the one that I need

Okay, you want the truth, so – this is how I feel
I want you to be beside me – for my love is real
My eyes can only see you, oh please let me know
Say there’s a world where you will never go

Just want to hear you say that you are mine and I am yours

Even if you’ll never know how I feel or what’s in my heart
Hand in hand we’ll always be
in my deepest darkest dreams

But I want, how I want, to be your girl forever more
What if you feel just like me
Should I just open my heart or keep it deep inside me

I could drown looking into your eyes
So much more than just another guy
I see you, and cannot feel my heart beat
You’re the one that I need

Okay, you want the truth so – this is how I feel
I want you to be beside me – for my love is real
My eyes can only see you, oh please let me know
Say there’s a world where you will never go

Okay, you want the truth so – this is how I feel
I want you to be beside me – for my love is real
My eyes can only see you, oh please let me know
Say there’s a world where you will never go

Just want to hear you say that you are mine and I am yours
Russia - Vlad Krutskih (19/06/95) and "Street Magic" Doroga k solntsu (Path to the Sun)

(composed by Kim Breitburg jr, V.Krutskih, written by Artyom Kavalerian, V.Krutskih). Street magic are Vsevolod Tarasov, Daria Gorskaya, Denis Uskov, Maria Pestunova and Vladislav Geshele

Vladislav Krutskikh was born on 19 June 1995 in Voronezh, Russia and started singing at the age of five. Today, he is studying stage singing at The Court’s Magicians variety-studio for children.
Vladislav is the only musician in his family. His mother, Tatyana, is a housekeeper and his father, Vitaly, is an engineer in the fishing industry.

In 2002, Vladislav was awarded first prize at the Applause International Contest in Latvia. A year later, he became the Laureate of the Let Children Laugh International Children’s Art Festival in Moscow.

His success story continued in 2004 when he received the Grand Prix at The Star International Children’s Music Contest in Ukraine and in 2005 he was awarded two gold medals at the International Performing Arts Championship in Hollywood, USA in the ‘Voice of Word’ and ‘Broadway’s Music’ categories.

Vladislav is a fourth grade student of the 23 secondary school in Voronezh. He is fond of bike rides with his friends and his favourite animal is his cat, Phyodor.

Decision that RTR/Russia broadcaster will participate in Junior Eurovision was taken in the May 2005, and since then organizers were doing hard job listening and watching performance of the different Moscow and regional children bands and music studios. But the ideal contestant was not found until members of Volshebniki Dvora didn't caught the attention of organizers, as this studio is one of the most established in Russia, and their singers are young but professional and already awarded numerous national and international prizes.

"Invitation to the contest was sent to us very late, and we couldn't organize open preselection. Thus we asked specialists to select most potential children, and then selected Vladislav from the shortlist of 15", tells Gennady Gohshtein, producer of Russia broadcaster.

Vitaly Ososhnik, producer of "Street Magic": "Quite unexpectedly we've got invitation to participate in such a high ranked contest. It is even more unexpected as we're from provincial city of Voronezh. For such an important events people from province are very rarely invited, it is easier to decide all questions with citizen of Moscow. That shows that we were really selected based on talent. At the time of invitation we with Vlad were at the different contest and children camp "Orlyonok", from where we immediately arrived to Moscow.

Because of all this happenings preparation of the documents and recording of the song was done in a very short period of time.  "This song is about how children colour the sun", told Vlad Krutskih. A new set of costumes for Vlad and his backing dancers (other 10-11 year old members of studio) is being designed by Voronezh designer Sasha Mahinov.

After Eurovision:
Vlad was ESCKAZ guest reviewer for Junior Eurovision 2009.
Watch ESCKAZ interview with members of Geroi band here.
005_.jpg (132976 bytes)In January 2007 was released solo album of Vladislav Krutskih "Zvyozdy molchat" (Stars are silent) which has sold over 15,000 copies. He also participated in several albums of "Volshebniki dvora" (Street Magic) group, and actively toured with them. In 2006, as member of "Street Magic" has received the prestigious "Young Artist Awards" in Los Angeles (USA), as the best foreign children's music project, and in 2008 he was invited to "Young Artist Awards" as a guest. In 2007, Vlad took part in music contest in Egypt. Since 2009, he was one of the hosts of show "The Magic Hit Parade" on radio "Melodiya-Voronezh", and in 2010 he worked at "Children's Radio". In November 2009 in the U.S. was released single "Hello Hello". In early December 2010 he (together with his JESC backing vocalist Seva Tarasov and other Russian JESC entrant Mikhail Puntov) became a member of the group "Geroi" (Heroes), with which he performs now.

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Весь мир нарисован зеленым и синим
И солнце протянет к нам золота нить
А эти дороги - как тысячи линий,
Которые можем мы соединить

Дорога к солнцу сквозь дни и ночи,
По ней идем все дальше ты и я, ты и я
Дорога к солнцу всегда короче,
Когда с тобою рядом верные друзья

Есть кисти и краски, а значит понятно,
Что цвет можешь выбрать себе ты любой
Пока на планете есть белые пятна
Мы можем их вместе раскрасить с тобой


Нет музыки солнца на свете чудесней,
И нам еще надо так много успеть
Обычные ноты становятся песней,
Которую можем с тобою мы спеть

Ves' mir narisovan zelenym i sinim
I solntse protyanet k nam zolota nit'
A eti dorogi - kak tysyachi liniy,
Kotorye mozhem my soedinit'

Doroga k solntsu skvoz' dni i nochi,
Po ney idem vsyo dalshe ty i ya, ty i ya
Doroga k solntsu vsegda koroche,
Kogda s toboyu ryadom vernye druz'ya

Est' kisti i kraski, a znachit ponyatno,
Chto tsvet mozhesh vybrat sebye ty lyuboy
Poka na planete est' belye pyatna
My mozhem ih vmestye raskrasit' s toboy


Net muzyki solntsa na svete chudesney,
I nam esche nado tak mnogo uspet'
Obychnye noty stanovyatsya pesney,
Kotoruyu mozhem s toboyu my spet'

The world is painted green and blue
The sun is sending us its golden threads
These threads are like thousands of lines,
That we can bring together.

The lines are the paths to the sun
Through days and nights we follow the path, me and you,
Any path is always shorter
When true friends are with you.

We have brushes and paints, and thus
We can choose any colour to paint
As long as there are blank spaces on the planet
We can paint them together with you.


There is nothing more beautiful than music of the sun
And we have a lot of things to do,
Ordinary notes become song,
Which we can sing together with you

Macedonia - Denis Dimovski (04/06/93) - Rodendenski baknez (Birthday Kiss)

Denis Dimovski was born on 4 June 1993 in Prilep in FYR Macedonia. He is in the 6th grade of Blaze Koneski primary school and the 4th year of the music school in his home town.

Denis has been involved in music for seven years now and has taken part in numerous national and international children festivals. Last year, at the ‘Slavic Bazaar’ children festival in Belarus, Denis won the award for the best performance. At the international children festival in Romania, he won second place.
Asked about his competitors, Denis says that he likes all the songs and considers them all to be favourites.
As for himself, Denis characterizes himself as a quiet and rather reclusive kid. His parents are his greatest supporters.

Denis plays the piano and tries to follow in the footsteps of his idols, Pavarotti and Tose Proeski, who participated in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

Stefan Krstevski, the lyricist of this year’s FYR Macedonian song, was born on 26 August 1991 in Skopje.
He is an eighth grade student at the 11 Oktomvri elementary school and started to write songs at the age of eight.

Inspired by his 13th birthday, he wrote the lyrics for ‘Birthday Kiss’ in just ten minutes.

Stefan speaks two foreign languages: English and German. His favourite meal is cabbage rolls and his favourite drink is Fanta. Stefan’s favourite singers are Tose Proeski, Justin Timberlake, Kaliopi and Gwen Stefani and he considers Jean Claude van-Damme to be the best actor in the world and Jennifer Aniston, the best actress. ‘Friends’ is his favourite TV series.

In his spare time, Stefan plays basketball at Junior school or swims, and in the winter he goes skiing.

Stefan works as a reporter for Muzicki Svon, a music magazine for children. Until recently he was a member of the Zlatno Slavejce chorus.

In his Junior Eurovision performance with Denis, Stefan expects to bring the most beautiful kiss back to his home country - a kiss that all children in FYR Macedonia are waiting for anxiously. A kiss for a better future for all children in FYR Macedonia.


17.09.04, Studio 3 of MTV, hosted by Marija, Dushan, Marija and Mimica.
1. Denis Dimoski - Rodendenski baknez 40+45 (318)= 85
2. Ivana & Vojdan - Jas i ti 24+60 (1498) = 84
3. Kristina Milosevska - Zapej mi 28+50 (461) = 78
4. Milanka Noveska - Mojot son 36+40 (244) = 76
5. Petar Gurevski - Daj mi nekoj znak 32+25 (201) = 57
6. Robert Mitrov - Kade da te pronajdam 21+35 (237) = 56
7. Simona Dimitrova - Silen ritam | 12+30 (236) = 42
8. Pandelina Atanasova - Magija da napravam 18+20 (79) = 38
9. Despina Spirovska - Ljubov bez granici 10+15 (48) = 25
10. Stefani Brzanova - Detska fantazija 15+10 (21) = 25

Jury: Aleksadar Dzhambazov, composer, Martina Siljanovska, Aleksandar Masevski, composer, Tamara Todevska, singer, Zoran Angelovic, representative of Mobimak, Tatjana Laskovska-Zabaznovska (without voting right)

Age: 12
Hometown: Prilep
Family: Parents and a younger brother
What is your song about? It’s about a birthday party and a special present the boy is expecting – a kiss from his girlfriend
I love: music
I hate: arrogance
Favourite Artist: Luciano Pavarotti
Favourite Song: After You / Obsession
Favourite Film: A trip around the world in 80 days
Wish I could: Bring peace to the whole world
Hobbies: Listening to music, ride my bike
Bad habit: None
I’m happy when: People around me are happy
I get angry when: People are arrogant
Favourite candy: chocolate
I wish: I could become a famous singer
Boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
Favourite food: pizza
Favourite colour: Black & white
In the Junior Eurovision Song Contest I look most forward to: making the best possible performance
By the way… I love watching music TV and the Internet

Age: 14
Hometown: Skopje
Family: Parents and a younger sister
How long did it take to write the song? A month
I love: Peace
I hate: Wars
Favourite Artist: Tose Proeski
Favourite Song: Sun and Moon
Favourite Film: Titanic
Wish I could: Fly
Hobbies: Writing songs
Bad habit: None
I’m happy when: ... I’m playing
I get angry when: someone lies to me
Favourite candy: ”tulumba” (a kind of Oriental cooky)
I wish: that the Republic of Macedonia would to be recognized by its constitutional name
Boyfriend/girlfriend: None
Favourite food: ”sarma” – a kind of food made of minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves
Favourite colour: Blue
In Junior Eurovision I look most forward to: ... bringing to my country the most beautiful kiss

After Eurovision:
Denis was ESCKAZ guest reviewer for Junior Eurovision 2010
"The Eurovision was a big and really good experience for me. It was a great fun and I met a lot of friends there , but I’m still in contact with some of them. Next year after the Eurovision was released my first album "I svetot e mal" (Even The World Is Small).
I had a lot of performances , also I took part on a lot of TV showes: In 2006 I took part at the humanitarian concert "Against terror on children" in Tel Aviv, Israel; and at the international music festival "Asterisks" where I won Grand-Prix. In 2007 I took part at the international music festival in Ukraine "Land of the future" and won Grand-Prix as well. In 2008 I took part at the international music festival "New Wave Junior" in Russia. In 2009 I took part at the international music festival "Lake Pearls" and I won First prize in folk vocal category, Second prize in pop vocal category and Second prize in classical vocal category. In this summer 2010 I took part at "Ohrid Fest" International Macedonian Adult Festival and I won 3th prize from audience with "Ostani so mene". I had also taken part in various TV shows. Now I'm studying in High Musical School - Profile: Solo singing". Youtube

Цела година го очекувам овој ден
Кој за мене е како никогаш посебен
И баш оправдано сум возбуден
Дека ќе станам тинејџер

Атмосферата за роденденот супер е
А и поклонот што го добивам од тебе
И уште остана да дочекам
Тоа што ми го вети да го добијам

Прекрасно ми е, во прегратка ми е
Првото танго веќе го играме
Не можам никако да дочекам
И бакнеж да добијам

Cela godina go cekam ovoj den
koj za mene e kako nikogas poseben
i bas opravdano sum vozbuden
deka ke stanam tinejdzer

Atmosferata za rodendenot super e,
a i poklonot sto go dobivam od tebe,
i uste ostana da dochekam
toa sto mi go veti, da go dobijam

Prekrasno mi e, vo pregratka mi e,
prvoto tango veke go igrame
ne mozam nikako da dochekam
i baknez da dobijam.

* arranged by Borche Shabanovski

I've been waiting all year for this day
A day which is very special for me
And right, I'm so excited
That I will become a teenager

The birthday atmosphere is great
And so is your present to me
But I'm really still waiting
For what you promised me

I feel so great, it's in my reach
We're dancing our first dance
But I just can't wait until
I get that kiss from you
Netherlands - Tess Gaerthe (21/08/91) - Stupid

14-year-old Tess is the winner of the Dutch national selection. With 36 points she got her ticket for Belgium where she actually lives for the last three years.

Tess' song has been produced by Tjeerd Oosterhuis, the brother of Trijntje Oosterhuis, who is widely considered to be the most popular female pop singer in the Netherlands at the moment. Together, Tjeerd and Trijntje were the duo Total Touch.

More about Tess here:

Tess was born in Amsterdam but moved to Belgium three years ago.
Tess’ ‘family’ also includes three horses, two dogs, two cats, a chinchilla and many more animals.

In her spare time, Tess either loves to play football with her twin brother Joel on a field behind her house or call her friends. Their conversations last for some time because normally they are about – what else – boys!

So it almost goes without saying that her song ‘Stupid’ is about being in love. It’s a song about how to make sure that ‘he’ loves you, too… and about being so stupid that you like a fool whenever he’s around.


After Eurovision:
Tess has followed her JESC entry by several # 1 hits in the Kids top 20 (including 26 weeks in top 20 with song "First Kiss") and her debut album "Onweerstaanbaar" (March 2008) (a compilation of songs she and her mother wrote between the age of 13 up to 16 ending with the song "Change"). She lived in Antwerp for a while where finalized her first musical (Jazz) studies at the Kunsthumaniora. Currently she is playing in a band Tess & the Chiefs and they have released their first album in November 2010 called 'Time Warp', and performs backing vocals in the band of her twin brother Joel - Ashtraynutz. She also recorded 4 track demo with Donovan and single "Higher" with Louis Bailar, and is also giving singing workshops. myspace, Youtube Hello, Tess. How are you today?
Tess: Actually, I am a bit tired – but not from partying, if that’s what you were thinking! It’s just that it’s a lot of work to prepare for the show and do the rehearsals. Did you know that your song is one of the most popular among the other Junior Eurovision stars?
Tess: Oh, that’s a surprise. No, I didn’t know that. But it makes me very happy. Good to hear that. Oh, that’s cool! How much of yourself is there in your song ‘Stupid’?
Tess: Well, of course, I’m singing about myself. And the feelings I describe in my song are feelings that I know well. But, on the other hand, it’s fiction, too. When writing a song, I pick something to talk about and come back with an idea that forms the basis for the lyrics. What was your first rehearsal like?
Tess: The stage is so beautiful. I’ve never stood on such a big stage before. So it was a very, very impressive right from the beginning. My rehearsal also went very well. I’m completely satisfied with how it went. So I promise to give everything I have on Saturday evening. Have you already met your ‘friendship class’?
Tess: No, not yet. I know that they’re coming to see me. But I’ve met all the other contestants and become friends with many of them. Lindsay from Belgium has become my closest friend here in Hasselt. We missed you on the trip to Brussels. What happened?
Tess: That’s right. I didn’t go on the trip with the others. My mum thought it would be good to have a short rest at home. Can you describe how it felt shooting your postcard?
Tess: Sure. Well, there were a lot of cameras as you can imagine. It was done in a so-called blue box. I introduced myself and they are going to mix that with images of Hasselt. But everything else is still a secret. Did you choose your stage costume yourself?
Tess: I have some influence on my costume, my make-up and hairstyle. But the idea is not mine – although it could be! It’s great. I like what I wear as well as the costumes my dancers have. And after Junior Eurovision, what comes next?
Tess: I don’t think my life will change that much. I will go on writing songs. I have a few prepared but still not enough for a CD. Apart from singing my own songs, I have also done cover versions of songs that I like. So, let’s wait and see what comes next. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you. Thanks for the interview.

netherlands1.jpg (68223 bytes)
Junior Eurovisie Songfestival 2005 - watch the show and extras
24.09.2004, Utrecht Central Studios, hosted by Tooske Breugem
1. Tess – Stupid 12+12+12=36
2. Tjindjara – Blijf jezelf 10+8+8=26
3. Yara & Anjes – Vriendschap 8+6+6=20
4. Cleo – Ik lijk zo op een jongen 6+10+10=26
5. Angelo – Slapeloze nachten 7+7+7=21

10.09.2004 Semifinal 1:
1. Angelo (14, Heerhugowaard) – Slapeloze nachten (Sleepless nights) 8+5+7=20
2. Tjindjara (15, Almere) – Blijf jezelf (Stay yourself) 10+10+8=28
3. The Smilies (Agnes (9) Babette (9) Anna (9) Lotje (10), Rotterdam) – Als je lacht (When you laugh) 7+6+10=23
4. Mitchell (10, Leiden) – Jij bent alles voor mij (You are everything to me) 6+8+6=20
5. Tess (13, Putte, Belgium) -Stupid (Stupid) 12+12+12=36

17.09.2004 Semifinal 2:

1. Sophie (11, Lichtenvoorde) – Spetterende tijden 7+8+7=22
2. Tyrone (14, Veghel) – Keer op keer 8+7+6=21
3. Yara & Anjes (15, Amsterdam) – Vriendschap 10+12+8=30
4. Giovanni (13, Leiden) – Machteloos 12+6+10=28
5. Cleo (9, Utrecht) – Ik lijk zo op een jongen (I look like a boy) 6+10+12=28

Jury+Junior jury+televoting=total
Jury: Manuela Kemp, Kim-Lian van der Meij, radio DJ Sander Lantinga and actor Antonie Kamerling
Stephanie (12, Amsterdam) – De wereld om je heen withdrawn, replaced by Cleo
1st semifinal 434.000 – 2nd semifinal: 541.000 – final: 751.000 (12.6%/5%)
Het is weer zover
Kriebels in de maag
Wat doe ik ermee
Stel ik ‘m de vraag
Ik zie ‘m lopen
En draai me om
Ik weet wel zeker
Hij vindt me vast dom

Hoe kom ik erachter
Wie schakel ik in
Wie is nu eigenlijk m’n beste vriendin
Ik moet het echt weten
Ik red het zo niet
Ik doe steeds zo stuuuupid
Telkens als hij me ziet

We zijn aan het sporten
Ik loop met de bal
Als hij dan voorbij loopt
Doe ik net of ik val
Hij heeft niets gezien
Hij kijkt zelfs niet om!
Ik weet nu zeker
Hij vindt me vast dom

Hoe kom ik erachter
Wie schakel ik in
Wie is nu eigenlijk m’n beste vriendin
Ik moet het echt weten
Ik red het zo niet
Ik doe zo steeds zo stuuuuupid

Het gebeurt me elke keer
En altijd doet het weer zeer
Nooit stel ik de vraag
Zeg zie jij me graag
Het gaat me nooit lukken
Ik blijf altijd alleeeeeeen

Hoe kom ik erachter
Wie schakel ik in
Wie is nu eigenlijk mijn beste vriendin
Ik moet het echt weten
Ik red het zo niet
Ik doe steeds zo stuuuuuupiiiid

Hoe kom ik erachter
Wie schakel ik in
Wie is nu eigenlijk mijn beste vriendin
Ik moet het echt weten
Ik red het zo niet
Ik doe steeds zo stuuuuuupiiiid

Zo stuuuuupid
Telkens als hij me zieieieieiet!

* arranged by Tjeerd Oosterhuis

It’s such a joy
The virus of love
What am I to do
Again chasing a boy
I see him come near
I ‘m growing so tense
I know for sure
He thinks I am dense

How do I fix this
It leads to no end
Where are you now
When I need my best friend
It’s driving me crazy
I need you right here
I am acting so stuuupid
Every time he comes near

I am at the gym
And play with the ball
When he passes by
I’m pretending to fall
He does n’t react
I feel such a fool
I know for sure
He thinks I am dull

How do I fix this
It leads to no end
Where are you now
When I need my best friend
It’s driving me crazy
I need you right here
I am acting so stuuupid

And it happens every time
I can’t ask will you be mine
I act like a cow
So stupid somehow
I’ll never be with him
I am forever alooooooone

How do I fix this
It leads to no end
Where are you now
When I need my best friend
It’s driving me crazy
I need you right here
I am acting so stuuupid

How do I fix this
It leads to no end
Where are you now
When I need my best friend
It’s driving me crazy
I need you right here
I am acting so stuuuupiiiid

So Stuuuupid
Every time he comes neaeaeaeaear
Serbia & Montenegro - Filip Vučić (11/07/95) - Ljubav pa fudbal (First love, then football)

The winner of Serbia & Montenegro’s first national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is ten-year-old Filip Vucic from Niksic with the song ‘Ljubav pa fudbal’ (‘First Love, Then Football’) for which he wrote the music and the lyrics.
Filip is in the second grade of a music school and plays the piano. He has been singing in a choir since he was four years old. At the same time, Filip is a soloist with the music and performing arts company 'Akord' from Niksic where he is also a member of the children’s dance ensemble 'Zahumlje'.

Filip likes acting, reading books, watching movies but most of all he likes singing and dancing. Hi, Filip – your rehearsal has just finished. How was it?
Filip: In one word: fantastic! Nothing went wrong or had to be changed. I feel fine and ready for the big show. Have you met the other participants yet?
Filip: I was at the opening party of course. But so far, I have only seen them as a group. I haven’t had the chance to meet any of them personally. I’ve listened to most of the songs, though. And I think there are some strong competitors. So what do you expect from the final?
Filip: To win of course! Your song is about love and football – does it mean that you love football?
Filip [with a bright smile]: Yes, I definitely love football. I also play football – but not for a club, just as a hobby. When we met you, you were playing computer games here in the fun room. Is that another of your hobbies?
Filip: I love car racing games like the one I’ve been playing in the fun room. At home I don’t have a computer so I’ve been enjoying having it here even more. Have you brought a fan club with you to Hasselt? Or is everyone keeping his fingers crossed for you at home?
Filip: All my friends are staying at home, and so is my family. But my father is here with me. He will watch the show and hopefully see me win!
tradicionalni-bozicni-koncert-hora-svetog-novomucenika-stanka-12-8.jpg (15722 bytes) All the best to you – and good luck in your next computer game, too!
[And off Filip goes for another virtual Formula 1 race]


After Eurovision:
Filip was last seen by wide public with song Igraj at Nasa Radost 2006 festival. Lately he has been performing with Niksic church choir, for example you can hear him on this record.

First of all, congratulations for winning the Serbia & Montenegro national final. What was your reaction when your name was announced as winner?
Filip: I was absolutely delighted!

How did your friends and parents react? How did they feel?
Filip: My parents were so happy. They gave me lots of kisses and hugs. My friends were also very happy!

Could you describe the main idea behind your song? What is it about?
Filip: The song is about a boy who is in love and so leaves a football match.

Football is a central to your song. Do you play football yourself?
Filip: Yes, I play football, but I play basketball, too.

What would you like to become in the future?
Filip: Apart from becoming a musician, I'd like to do something to do with sport.

If you were asked to decide between singing or playing football, which would you choose and why?
Filip: I’d choose music, because I think that I have more talent for it.

The motto of last year’s Junior Eurovision was ‘Feel free to say NO’, from the European anti-smoking campaign. Which motto would you choose for this year?
Filip: I think the motto should be “Drugs – never. Drugs – no thanks”.

Whatever the result on 26 November, you will always be the winner in Serbia & Montenegro. How do you feel about that?
Filip: Of course, I would like to win. But, whatever happens on 26 November, I’ll be glad to be part of it. May the best song win!

Did you watch last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest? What do you think of the winning song? Did you like it?
Filip: Yes, I have and I liked the winning song a lot!

What about the other participants in this year’s contest? Do you know any of their songs already and, if so, do you like them?
Filip: Yes, sure. All the songs are great.

Talking about your everyday life, can you describe a day in your life?
Filip: I get up at seven o’clock in the morning, watch some cartoons and get ready for music school. When I come back home, I do my homework and get ready for 'normal' school. At one o’clock, I go to school where I stay until six. After school, I go to the Akord or Zahumlje center for rehearsals. When I come back home, I do my homework for school, watch TV for a while, and then I go to bed.

How do you combine singing and school?
Filip: School comes first, then I sing.

What are your hobbies?
Filip: Basketball.

What do your friends think about you, now that you are famous?
Filip: My friends support me a lot!

If you could be a prime minister for 24 hours, what would you change in your country or and what would you leave as it is?
Filip: If I was a prime minister, I would pay more attention to culture and art.

What would to suggest a guest should visit in your town?
Filip: The wildlife. It's beautiful – that's what you will find in Serbia & Montenegro! Apart from that, there are a lot of cultural monuments you should visit.
29.09.2004, RTS Studio 8 in Košutnjak, Belgrade
01. Katarina Ostoji
ć (12) – Košava (K.Ostojić - Tamara Maksimović, 13) 1
02. Tea Kostić Janković (11) – U snežnoj noci (Marina Prole, 13) 17
03. Nevena Majdevac (15) – Da sam dobra vila 17
04. Filip Vučić (10) – Ljubav pa fudbal (First love, then football) 58
05. Darja Srećković (15) – Sećanja 6
06. Aleksandra Mitrović (11) – Slanik i salveta 17
07. Jana Škobić i Andrea Ošterbenk (12) – Šta je sreća (Andrea Ošterbenk) 3
08. Filip i Vladimir Ćabak (9/10) – Neznalica 19
09. Sanja Jovanović (11) – Zvezdin Sjaj (A Shining Star) (Mia Lazarević, 12 - Aleksandra Cimbal, 12) 40
10. Marija Ugrica (10) – Geografija (Jelena Despotović, 13) 10
11. Stefan Đoković (15) – Pesma otvara vrata 23
12. Kristina Mihajlovski (15) – Tragom zvezda snenih (The Trail of the Sleeping Stars) 54
13. Jovan Jovović (12) – Grade moj (J.Jovović, Balša Jovović) 33
14. Filip Trajanovski (14) – Ti uvek bićeš moja (You Will Always Be Mine) 34
15. Danica Zečević (15) – Uzalud su snovi (Danica Zecević - Danica Zecević, Milena Cvetković, 15, Tijana Bucanović, 15) 8
16. Olivera Vitorović (11) – Pcelica i med (Bojana Gajić, 13 - Katarina Blazević, 12) 28
17. Anđela Đurović (14) – Noć puna želja (A Wishful Night) (Anđela Đurović - Marko Karanikić, 15) 35
18. Firuca Čina (11) – Šta sanjaju decaci (Danica Cerović, 11, F.Čina - Nevena Krsmanović, 11, Jovana Cvejić, 11, Sara Stojanović, 11) 3
Jury 6/7, televoting 1/7




While I was playing as defender yesterday,
I saw my baby waiting for me.
It seems that these days
The defence is weak

My coach is angry with me:
“Come on kid, or it’s back on the bench for you.”
If only he knew
What it was all about.

As I leave the field,
I see the wind in her hair.
Please, my fans, forgive me.
She means more to me.

She is so beautiful when she is waiting for me,
She loves me most.
Latvia - Kids4Rock - Es esmu maza, jauka meitene (Little pretty girl)

Monta Beļinska (21/09/94), Daniēls Groza (24/05/93), Edijs Beļinskis (09/12/92), Zane Ošiņa (10/09/94)

Daniēls Groza
Born: 24 May 1993
(composer and drummer)
Daniels sings in the band ‘Okey’ and on his own. He likes heavy metal and punk rock by bands like Nirvana, Slipknot, System of a Down, Metallica, AC/DC, Sepultura, Nickelback, Placebo, Greenday and Tokio Hotel.

Sleeping late in the morning is one of Daniel’s favourite things, apart from reading. His favourite books include ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Brothers Lionhearts’. And of course, Daniels loves music. Daniels is a multi-instrumentalist: he plays guitar, bass, piano, accordion, harmonica and a little bit of violin.

Daniels considers himself a punk. His dream is to create a world famous band and play lot of concerts.

In the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Daniels wants to have a good time. He wishes all contestants good luck.

Monta Be
Born: 21 September 1994
(lyricist and lead singer)

Monta studies music and sings in the band ‘Okey’.

She has a brother, Edijs and her favourite colour is khaki green.

Monta likes literature (poetry and stories) and movies (sci-fi and fairy tales) such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Eddie Murphy and Jackie Chan films. Her favourite bands are Nirvana, Greenday, Him, the Scorpions and BrainStorm, who she really adores.

You can always recognise Monta by her sunny personality. She has a lot of friends and she likes having fun with them.

Monta doesn’t like it when her parents make her study for school. She also dislikes big cities.

In Junior Eurovison, Monta hopes that everyone performs well and has fun. As for herself, she hopes she doesn’t give up!

Edijs Be
Born: 9 December 1992

Edijs plays in a band founded by Daniels and has been singing in the band ‘Okey’ for the last three years.

He likes surfing the internet, hanging out with his buddies and playing games. He has a cat called Gurkis, which means cucumber.

Edij’s favourite bands are BrainStorm, Greenday and Nirvana. He likes Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy. In his spare time, he goes to parties, plays pranks on people, goes swimming and plays basketball, soccer and volleyball. He also likes skateboarding and riding his bike.

He would like to travel by aeroplane, helicopter, boat and go-kart. Together with his friends, Edijs invents games. His favourite seasons are summer and winter because – for him – they are “the best of the whole year”.

Born: 10 September 1994

Zane likes playing the guitar and working on the computer. Her best friend is Monta and she likes to study. By the way, for four years Zane has been the best pupil in her class!

Zane sings in the choir ‘Lido studija’ and she likes dance, especially modern dance. Her favourite singer is Avril Lavigne and her favourite Latvian bands are Tumsa and BrainStorm. Zane’s favourite movie is ‘Titanic’ and her favourite actors are Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

In her free time, Zane goes swimming and cycling. Her favourite food is pizza and potatoes with mushroom sauce. Her lucky number is 7 – which was her starting number in the Latvian Junior Final.

After Eurovision:
20110826113521-DSC_1274.jpg (26126 bytes)
zane_n.jpg (24236 bytes)
In May 2006 Kid4Rock have released their album "Skats no malas" with 10 songs written by band members themselves, and have disbanded shortly after that. Monta Belinska has appeared at Martins Freimanis memorial concert in 2011 singing "Paspelesim paspeles". Daniels Groza currently sings and plays guitar in "Aizmirstie" group with which he was giving some local concerts in 2011-12.

K4R4.jpg (46134 bytes)There are three hours to go before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest begins. We bumped into Kids 4 Rock and noticed that they were already wearing their costumes and make-up. Hello guys. There are just a few hours to go before the contest. Are you nervous?
Kids 4 Rock: A little bit nervous, but not too bad. We’re trying not to think about it. Have you enjoyed your time in Hasselt?
Kids 4 Rock: Yeah, it’s been very nice. What’s been your favourite moment?
Kids 4 Rock: Well, I think it was when we went to the pool this morning. That was fun. Our manager woke us up at 8 o’clock in the morning and took us swimming. He woke you up at 8?!
Kids 4 Rock: Yes! Monta, you wrote the lyrics to the song. Can you tell us what it is about?
Monta: The song is about me. It’s about my interests, about my family, about my friends. It’s called ‘Little Pretty Girl’, because that’s what I am. I’m a nice girl! How long have Kids 4 Rock been together?
Daniels: About a year, but Monta and I have known each other for about 8 years.
Monta: And I’ve known Zane for about a year. Back to the contest: you’ve heard all the other songs by now. Do you have any favourites?
Kids 4 Rock: The ones we really like are the ones from Malta and the Netherlands. What are your plans for after the contest?
Kids 4 Rock: We’re going to write some new songs. And then we’re going to release a full album. How many songs have you written so far?
Kids 4 Rock: We’ve written four. So we need to write a few more. Did you have to decide which one to enter into the contest?
Kids 4 Rock: No, we’d only written one at that time. ‘Little Pretty Girl’ is the first song we wrote. Well, we wish you all the best tonight. Good luck and thanks for the interview!
Kids 4 Rock: Thanks!

As the opening eight contestants rehearsed for the first time on the stage of Ethias Arena, the artists from the remaining eight countries had a day to relax and take it easy. Kids 4 Rock did some sightseeing for us!

So what did they choose do? Sleep? Meditate? Watch TV? Of course not. They descended on the city of Brussels to spend a day exploring the capital.

Their priority, understandably, was food and they were soon sampling some tasty Belgian cuisine. ‘French fries’ might sound like a French speciality but everyone knows that Belgium’s French fries are the best in the world. And the kids wasted no time in finding out for themselves. Within minutes, they were tucking into a big portion of fries each.

Immediately afterwards, their minds turned to dessert and so they jumped at the chance to sample another Belgian speciality – chocolate and waffels! The kids headed for Brussels’ famous chocolate museum and saw how Belgian chocolate is made. During the tour, they were invited to try some of the chocolate from the huge containers in which it is made. They didn’t need to be asked twice!

Next stop was the city’s most famous tourist attraction, the Manneken Pis. As if to prove that Belgium has gone crazy for Junior Eurovision, even the statue has dressed up in a white Junior Eurovision shirt and red trousers. A dozen Japanese tourists were taking photographs of the statue too, but their attention soon turned to the pop stars that stood next to them. The artists were given their first taste of fame as the Japanese tourists turned into paparazzi and began clamouring to take photos of the young stars.

After an enjoyable day out, the young stars headed back to Hasselt, ready to begin the hard work tomorrow.


17.09.2005, Juras Varti, Ventspils, hosted by Walters & Kazha
1. Ieva Vilciņa (14, Riga) and Elīna Zariņa (14, Kekava) - "Vēlies" (Wish!) (music by E.Zariņa, lyrics by Ieva Vilciņa) (mentored by Niks Matvejevs)
2. Laura Grigorjeva (10, Riga) - "Bam bam bam"
(Bam, bam, bam) (mentored by Gunārs Kalniņš)
3. Ieva Sutugova (14, Auros) - "Nāc līdzi"
(Come with me) (mentored by Olga Rajecka)
4. Madara Grēgere (13, Ventspils) -"Viss notiksies!"
(Everything will happen!) (mentored by Aivars Krancmanis)
5. Monta Beļinska (10) and Daniēls Groza (12, Ventspils) - "Es esmu maza, jauka meitene"
(I'm a little lovely girl) (music by D.Groza, lyrics by M.Beļinska) (mentored by Mārtiņš Freimanis) 2331
6. Sabīne Berezina (15, Īslīcē) - "Reiz kādā pilsētā"
(Once upon a time in a city) (mentored by Nicol) 1946
7. Evita Gržibovska (12, Daugavpils) - "Lidojums sapnī"
(A flight in a dream) (mentored by Jānis Rībens)
8. Kristiāna Stirāne (11, Ādaži) - "Lielais baltais draugs"
(My big white friend) (mentor Intars Busulis) 2183
9. Ilze Ozoliņa (14, Jēkabpils) - "Nāciet visi līdzi man"
(Everybody come with me) (mentored by Jānis Stībelis)
10. Kristina Brjazgunova (13, Riga) - "Karnevāls"
(Carnival) (mentored by Yana Kay)
Reserve: Artūrs Toms Plešs (13, Bauskā) - "Tālu projām"

Jury: Valts Puce, Yana Kay, Guntars Racs, Niks Matvejevs, Lauris Reiniks
Guests: Martins Talbergs and C–Stones Junior, Putnu balle, Valters & Kaza and band "Double Faced Eels"

Es esmu maza, jauka meitene,
Kas visiem zēniem prātus jauc.
Bet, ja nu kāds sāk mani kaitināt,
Tad labāk fiksi ātros sauc.

Es esmu maza, koša meitene
Un visi skatās, plecus rauc.
Es esmu tā kā maza košļene,
Kas pielīp visam, kas nav ļauts.

Es esmu maza, jauka meitene,
Kas visiem zēniem prātus jauc.
Bet, ja nu kāds sāk mani kaitināt,
Tad labāk fiksi ātros sauc.

I’m just a little pretty girl
Who is confusing every boy
If only some of them goes teasing me
Then he will quickly call for help

I’m just a little curious girl
Who is confusing all my folks
They say I am as little chewing gum
Who sticks to all that’s not allowed.

(repeat 1.)


Belgium - Lindsay Daenen (12/06/94) - Mes rêves (My dreams)

At just 11 years of age, Lindsay, from Wezembeek-Oppem, already has the makings of a star!
Lindsay is the eldest of three children and divides her free time among the Brownies, her dance classes, her guitar lessons and chatting with her pals on the web.

She is a big fan of Lorie, her favourite singer. So it’s no surprise that Lindsay collects photos and posters of Lorie and anything else about her.

Lindsay’s greatest wish is to become a singer and that is also the theme of her song.

Lindsay’s details:

Favourite music: dance music
Idols: Lorie, Nadya, Jenifer
Favourite love song: ‘Vivo per lei’ – Bruno Pelletier and Helиne Segara
Lindsay adores: being on stage
She hates: lying
Her biggest fault: lazing around in bed in the morning
Favourite dish: meatballs with tomato sauce and French fries
Favourite television programme: Beverly Hills
Favourite film: Sister Act
Favourite animal: the kitten
Favourite clothes: flared trousers, little tops, trendy skirts, fashionable sneakers...

After Eurovision:
525763_3717421027280_1030512429_n.jpg (97264 bytes)Lindsay has been ESCKAZ guest reviewer for Junior Eurovision 2010.
"After Junior Eurovision, I have done a lot of stage performances and took part in different television shows (CAP 48 and performing with Sandra Kim, for example). In 2006 I have presented new track "L'amitie". Since then, I'm working on a new album and also I have shot a new video clip. My new style is rock! and you will hear from me soon!" Hi, Lindsay. How does it feel to be performing at home in Belgium?
Lindsay: It’s a great feeling. I’m really enjoying myself. The best thing is meeting all the other participants. Is there one that you’re particularly good friends with?
Lindsay: I’ve become close friends with Malin from Norway. We’ve been trying to learn words from each other’s languages. The day before yesterday I learned some Norwegian, yesterday she learned some French from me. Do you think it’ll be an advantage for you to be the representative of the host country?
Lindsay: It’s good to be supported here and I’m fine with it. But for the big event, it’s the viewers at home who’ll decide and so I think I have the same chance of winning or losing as everyone else. Have you met Marcel and Maureen already?
Lindsay [laughing]: I know them well. They were the hosts of the national final, too. Marcel was a member of the jury and we were a bit scared of him. He was so strict and direct with his opinion. Can you describe the costume that you will be wearing on stage?
Lindsay: It will be very colourful. You might have spied and seen me on stage during the rehearsals. The costumes were originally designed by my choreographer. My dancers will wear green skirts, I will wear trousers and a bordeaux jacket. Your song is about dreams. Which of your dreams would you like to become reality first?
Lindsay: Becoming a singer. My second one is that I have fun and be happy – a wish for all other children as well. So, where is your friendship class?
Lindsay: I haven’t seen them so far. They will be here for my rehearsal today. I expect them to arrive shortly. You have to go on that big stage again soon – any nervousness?
Lindsay: I was nervous when I did it for the first time. But my nerves reduced each time and I feel fine now. Apart from your own, which is your favourite song in Junior Eurovision this year?
Lindsay: I have more than one. I like the Norwegian entry as well as the Dutch one. But I’m sorry it’s time for me to go on stage now. See you soon! Thanks for talking to us. Good luck to you!

LesOpposees.jpg (19496 bytes)Max.jpg (15928 bytes)Marie.jpg (15463 bytes)
Jess'nEmmy.jpg (18335 bytes)Finalisten.jpg (14108 bytes)qRockmadam.jpg (21980 bytes)
Lila.jpg (22939 bytes)Melanie.jpg (13029 bytes)Matt.jpg (21265 bytes)
Celine.jpg (14800 bytes)Abigail.jpg (16019 bytes)Lindsay.jpg (21052 bytes)
18.09.2005, presented by Ilse Van Hoecke and Jean-Louis Lahaye
01. Marie – Non, stop 10+7+11+14=42
02. Jess 'n Emmy – Een gevoel 9+9+8+18=44
03. C
éline – Pourquoi 7+8+10+16=41
04. qROCKmadam – Grenzen 8+10+7+20=45
05. Lindsay – Mes
rêves 12+12+12+24=60
06. Max – Voor eeuwig 11+11+9+22=53

junior jury + professional jury + the radio jury + the televoters

04.09.2005 Semifinal 1:
1. Les Opposées (Anissa, Schaarbeek & Kellie, Hélécine) – J'en ai marre (I'm fed up with it) 40
Max (14, Dilbeek) – Voor eeuwig (For eternity) 52
Marie (11, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe) – Non, stop (No, stop) 47
Jess 'n Emmy (Jessy & Emma, 11, Pajottenland) – Een gevoel (A feeling) 50
Nicolas (12, Marchin) – Le nez dans les étoiles (With the nose in the stars) 46
qROCKmadam (Eline, Liselotte, Julie & Eva, Antwerp)– Grenzen (Borders) 50
Guest: Gene Thomas

11.09.2005 Semifinal 2:
Lila (Sarah & Lisa, Vosselaar) – Een dagje uit (A day out) 48
Melanie (14, Gilly) – Une fille ordinaire (An ordinary girl) 41
Matt (11, Munte) – De allermooiste van de klas (The most handsome of the class) 44
Céline (14,
Henri-Chapelle) – Pourquoi (Why) 48
Abigail (12, Antwerp) – Huisparty (House party) 44
Lindsay (11,
Wezembeek-Oppem) – Mes rêves (My dreams) 60
874 entries received.
Jury: Melanie Cohl, Andre Vermeulen, Marcel Vanthilt and Viktor Lazlo

J'ai toujours eu dans mon coeur
Envie d'un monde meilleur
De le crier haut et fort
Avec ma voix de ténor

J'ai toujours voulu chanter
Pour que les choses puissent changer
Moi j'ai 10 ans et je crois
Qu'une bonne étoile veille sur moi

Si tu crois en tes rêves
Une force en toi se lève
C'est l'espoir qui grandit
C'est la vie qui sourit

Si tu crois en tes rêves
Pour que rien ne s'achève
Laisse donc parler ton coeur
Un clin d'oeil au bonheur

A force de le vouloir
Aussi de toujours y croire
Que de merveilles en ce monde
Protègeons-les chaque seconde

Effaçons donc le malheur
Toutes les guerres et les pleurs
Donnons la joie aux enfants
Qui bientôt seront des grands


Moi j'ai 10 ans et je crois
Que le monde compte sur toi
Que l'amour et l'amitié
Ne forment qu'une unité

Que cette force pourra
Balayer tous les tracas
Qu'ensemble nous serons plus forts
Pour garder tous ses trésors


My heart has always longed for a better world.
I’ve always wanted to shout it out loud and strong with my tenor voice.
I’ve always wanted to sing so that things can change.
I’m 10 years old and I think that a lucky star is watching over me.

If you believe in your dreams, you can feel the strength rising inside you.
Hope is growing stronger
Life is smiling at you

If you believe in your dreams so that nothing comes to an end
Go on and let your heart speak
Give happiness a wink

By always wanting it and by keeping on believing in it
What wonders there are in this world
Let’s protect them every second
Let’s wipe away sadness
All the wars and tears
Give joy to the children
For they will soon be grown-ups


I’m 10 years old and I believe that the world is counting on you
That love and friendship go together as one
That this strength can sweep away all our worries
That we will be stronger if we hold together to keep all its treasures


*arranged by Luc Rigaux

Malta - Thea (Saliba) (14/09/91) & Friends - Make It Right

Thea Saliba was born on 14 September 1991. She lives in San Pawl tat-Targa and began her schooling at St. Catherine’s at the age of four.
Thea is well known for her extra-curricula activities. At the early age of six when she was chosen to act and sing in popular musical ‘The Sound of Music’. Thea was cast in the role of Gretel, the little sister of the Von Trapp Family. Other opportunities followed and Thea starred as a princess in ‘The King and I’ and sang in the ‘Magic of Musicals’, ‘Musical Scrooge’ and ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. In fact, she was hardly ever off the Mediterranean Conference Theatre stage!

From the age of four, Thea showed an interest in ballet dancing. She started to attend ballet classes at ‘Olivia Dow Russian Ballet’ and her constant desire to achieve high grades led her to participate in her first ballet, ‘The Red Rose for a Ballerina’ in 1997 and she went on to perform in four other ballets – culminating in ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’ in 2004 in which Thea had two main parts.

This experience encouraged Thea to develop her singing skills and she went on to perform in several foreign song festivals. In October 2001, she participated in ‘Verdi Note’ Battipaglia in Italy, and, in December 2002, Thea was invited to represent Malta in ‘Pompei Giovani’ in which she came second out of 14 participating countries. In August 2003, she participated in another prestigious song festival in Bari, Italy in which she won the award for best performance.

Thanks to her special talent, Thea soon became a TV star. It all started in 2003 when Thea was invited to the live TV show ‘Sibt id-Dar’ and in January 2005 she joined Channel Education 22 as a presenter, also fronting another live TV show, ‘Sibt il-Familja’.

Thea is now very busy preparing for her upcoming TV shows during which she will meet local VIPs, talk to people on the street and run down the Top 10 international hits.

From the age of five, Thea has been practicing hard at the piano at Miss Anne Marie Chircop. She has passed her seventh grade at piano and eighth grade at theory. The latter helps her to compose her own songs.

In 2004, Thea decided to team up with a dance group. She took on five experienced dancers – Greta, Jolynn, Luanna, Valerie and Yasmeen – with whom she participated in that year’s ‘Junior Song For Europe’ with her own original song ‘Say No’. She came sixth.

‘Thea & Friends’ decided to continue as a venture and toured the island, performing in many popular local musical events. They agreed to perform another hip-hop style song in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In the summer, two male dancers, Daniel and Matthew, joined the team.

24 September will be a memorable day for ‘Thea & Friends’. They managed to win the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song ‘Make It Right!’ with lyrics and music by Thea.

During her little free time, Thea likes to cuddle her five cats whilst reading. She also encourages her parents to visit her great grandma whom she loves dearly.

 id509830040.jpg (14391 bytes)

24/09/2005, Sir Temi Zammit Hall, the University of Malta
01. Ryan Abela - My Wish 51 13th
02. Jeanise Bonnici - My Secret Friend 50 14th
03. Thea & Friends - Make It Right (Thea Saliba) 128 1st
04. Kristina Camilleri Burlo' - The World As One 67 11th
05. Raisa Piscopo - Nature Powers  107 5th
06. Sophie & Damian - Kids Rule (Sophie Debattista) 117 2nd
07. Louanne Caruana - Rock 'n' Roll Girl 54 12th
08. Brooke Borg - Forever Love 103 6th
09. Vanessa Ann Gatt - The Real Me 46 15th
10. Domenique Azzopardi - It's Time To Party 114 3rd
11. Kylie Coleiro - Creatures Of God 91 7th
12. Christabelle Borg - Going Wild (Giselle Spiteri/Christabelle Borg) 110 4th
13. Klinsmann Coleiro - Time Is Running Out 78 9th
14. Deborah Cassar - Closer 69 10th
15. Francesca Zarb - Lucky Star 46 15th
16. She 2s - Got 2b 2's (Victoria Schembri) 83 8th

Jury 7/9, televote 2/9

Of the 146 entries submitted, 60 were short listed for the second round held behind closed doors on Saturday 3rd September

Maltasong denied all claims about breaching of rules by any participant and declared the following:
There will be no disqualification of the song Make It Right. First of all Thea Saliba did not participate in the festival L-Ghanja Tal-Poplu. Also as stated by one of the organisers of L-Ghanja Tal-Poplu the cd compilation was not for sale from music shops. Good morning, Thea. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
Thea: Nice to meet you. You’re very welcome. I am quite excited about the show. Your song ‘Make it right!’ is unlike any of the others in this year’s Junior Eurovision. It is about a serious topic. Can you tell us more about it?
Thea: You’re right. When I see the news and see what is happening in the world, it makes me disappointed – all this suffering and all these wars. There is such a lot to complain about that I had to write a song about it. It’s meant for the whole of Europe. But I also like to dance so I chose a dance rhythm. I want us to live in a happy world. Do you think that music can change the world?
Thea: I hope it can – or rather I believe it can, otherwise I wouldn’t write songs like ‘Make it right!’ I’ve written many others too, including one for last year’s Maltese national final. It’s my hobby, writing songs and perhaps it will become a profession!? I often sit down at a piano and just start playing… It doesn’t take me long to write a song. How did you meet your dancers?
Thea: We’re all from Malta, of course. One of the girls is a close friend of mine who I met 11 years ago at school. The others are all friends too – I met them last summer I think. Using BMX bikes in your performance is also unusual…
Thea: Correct! We wanted to do something special which has never been done before. Can you tell us what the Maltese national final was like?
Thea: A Maltese jury chose 16 songs to go to the national final. And, luckily, I was one of them. It was a big show and finally my name was announced as the winner. I was 11 points ahead of second place. Malta has also made quite a name for itself in the adult Eurovision. Chiara came second this year with ‘Angel’…
Thea: Yes, I know. And I know Chiara. She is lovely. I like her and her songs a lot. Hopefully, we will do just as good a job here at Junior Eurovision. Good luck to you!

After Eurovision:
thea_n.jpg (56590 bytes)Thea Saliba has been ESCKAZ guest reviewer for Junior Eurovision 2011
"Every JESC reminds me of my expereince at this contest in 2005 in Hasselt Belgium with my song 'Make it Right'. Participating in such an important international song festival at a very young age will guide you through your music career in the following years. In the following 3 years post 2005 I have travelled to UK to record new songs with British music producers and promoted my songs during various performances in UK. Was also invited to Germany to work with 4 other international artists to create a new song and performed also in The Netherlands.
An Italian music producer remixed my song 'Musilicious' who later invited me to Palermo to produce an outstanding music video. I have released over 10 singles in the past 5 years working closely with US, German, Italian, Maltese, UK and Swedish song writers and music producers. I was twice nominated for 'Best Hip Hop and RnB Artist' at the Malta Music Awards during which I also performed and launched my song 'Caught You Out'. This year I worked with US song writers and music producers with my latest release 'Hostage For Love'.
I continued my piano studies and I have now my own piano studio teaching young students from the age of six upwards.
In parallel with my music career and piano teaching, I am in my 3rd year full time university student reading law."

In 2012 Thea has released new single "Let the Music Start It", recorded in Germany. Myspace, Youtube

What do you do,
When children suffer
With pain and hunger?

What do you do,
When nations fight
With all their might?

You just can’t sit down,
Take a look around,
We can build a brave new world
With no more danger

Just do what is right,
Be a guiding light,
Join our hands and make peace last
A little longer




There is a way,
For a brighter new tomorrow

There is no way,
We can live in grief and sorrow

We can’t sit and wait,
It can be too late,
We can live in harmony
And make life better
I am here for you,
You can help me too,
We can do what we have to do
It’s all that matters

Repeat chorus

I can, I will,
Be a force, a new beginning

I know, for sure,
In the end we will be winning

You just can’t sit down
Take a look around
We can build a brave new world
With no more danger

Just do what is right,
Be a guiding light,
Join our hands and make peace last
A little longer


Norway - Malin Reitan (07/08/95) - Sommer og skolefri (Summer vacation time)

Malin Reitan is nine years old, and she is the fourth grade at school. She lives in Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. Malin sings her songs in her own regional dialect.

She began singing before she could talk! At her audition, Malin was told that her song was a bit too short, so that she sat down on her way home and wrote another verse which she immediately sent to the jury. For her song, Malin chose a topic that she, like most children, dreams of: summer holidays!

Malin’s favourite subject in school is maths. She also enjoys reading about nature and animals.

Malin lives on a farm with 65 horses, several dogs and a pig called Gisse. She loves to ride, and practices equestrian riding on a shetland-pony named Edward.

Malin has a big family and is especially fond of her little sister, two-year-old Tuva. Malin’s greatest wish is to continue singing and become a star!


We meet Malin outside the make-up room, shortly before her first rehearsal. Hi, Malin. You’ve just had your make-up and hair done. Are you happy with the results?
Malin: Yes, I like it. It feels great. I am very satisfied. And is this the dress that you will be wearing during the show on Saturday? [Malin is wearing a pink dress.
Malin: Yes, this is what I will wear on Saturday as well. This will be your first rehearsal on the stage. Are you nervous?
Malin: No, not at all. My parents are here with me and I think they are more nervous than I am. Your song is about summer and leisure time. Are they what you like best?
Malin: Of course, school is okay. But I like to have time for my hobbies. I like riding more than anything, but I also swim and go skiing.
[The Head of the Norwegian Delegation adds that Malin is a very good skier.] Do you have your own horse?
Malin: We have 65 horses! But my favourite horse is Prince. Would you love to become a professional singer?
Malin [nodding]: Yeeessss! I would love to! Do you have a favourite star?
Malin: Hmm, not really. Perhaps a Norwegian band called Three Little Italians. How hard is it to write a song?
Malin: Good question. It’s not that easy. But I sing about what interests me most and what I love – summer, ice cream and things like that – so finding ideas is no problem. I always start with the lyrics first. Then I start to sing along and… there is the melody. I’ve been singing since I was three years old, so I am used to it. The Norwegian final was in May, though, and since then we’ve spent a lot of time preparing the song with many hours of rehearsals. You said that you’re here with your parents. Are your friends here too?
Malin: No, but I have 20 relatives with me. My whole family is here to support me. Well, you’ve got our support as well. Good luck!

After Eurovision:
Straight after, in 2006 Malin released two albums: Malin pa manen in May, which included her Eurovsion entry and Chrismas songs album Malins Jul in November. In 2007 Malin has performed at birthday of King of Norway. Third album Pang was released in April 2008, it reached number 5 in the national album chart and was followed by summer tour in Norway. In 2008 her self-titled album had appeared (it won Spellemannprisen 2009) and in November 2010 she has released Christmas album with Celine Helgemo. In total her albums were seld in 150 000 copies, first of which became platinum and all her other albums have got gold trophies. In 2008-2010 Malin has been performing with Celine on Chrismas shows in Trondheim. In October 2009 she took part in "Beat for Beat" on NRK. In April 2011 came her 6th album - Paradise. Malin took part in adult MGP preselection with the song "Crush".

4You.jpg (28147 bytes)

MGP jr. 2005 - watch the show
28/05/2005, Spektrum, Oslo, hosted by Stian Barsnes Simonsen and Nadia Hasnaoui
01. 4 You (Silje (12) Lusie (12) Kristin (12) Gina (12), Skjetten)- "Dans, data & dumpe" 15276
02. Lil' P (12, Forresfjorden) - "HipHop selvbiografi"
03. Charlie (10, Siggerud) - "Kjendiser"
04. Karoline (14, Skoppum) - "Står i regnet"
05. Maskerte Barn (Christian (15), Andre (14), Spikkestad) - "Bygda mi"
06. Rikke & Malin (11, 12, Sortland) - "Det e teit"
07. New Justice (Torstein, Magnus, Kenneth, Trym, Martin & Jonas, Hommelvik) - "Skola e en slum" 26360
08. Malin (9, Trondheim) - "Sommer og skolefri" 43201
09. Silje (15, Holmlia) - "Mobba"
10. Friends (Adrian (12) Emma (12) Rikke (11), Levanger)- "Sammen" 15458
Guests: Wig Wam, Jorunn Stiansen
560 entries received
Televoting: Oslo Spektrum, the viewers in Nordnorge, Sornorge, Vestnorge, Ostlandet and Midtnorge.
Når æ våkne på mårran en sommerdag
Å ser ut av vinduet mitt
Å sola skin å himmeln e blå
Å æ tar sommerkjolen på
Tre ganger fem å fire pluss tre
No kan æ bare blåse i det
For sola skin å himeln e blå
Å æ tar sommerkjolen på

Sommer det e det æ vil ha
Sommer det e det som e bra
Ferie å skolefri
Da bli æ veldig glad å bli
Sommer det e det æ vil ha
Sommer det e det som e bra
Sommer å skolefri

Å æ spise is å kose mæ rått
Sol å sommer JA det e godt
Vintern e så kald å så lang
Nei best e sommer sol å sang


When I wake up on a summer’s day
Look out my window, what do I see?
The sun is shining, the sky is blue
I put on my summer shoes
Three times five and four plus three
No longer means a thing to me
The sun is shining, the sky is blue
I put on my summer shoes

Summertime is what I want
Summertime is just spot on
School is out, vacation time
Everyone is feeling fine
Summertime is what I want
Summertime is just spot on
Summer vacation time

Ice cream is my favorite treat
Sun and summer can’t be beat
Winter is so cold and long
No, give me summer, sun and song

EurovisionJuniorFinal08.jpg (30316 bytes)Spain - Antonio José (02/01/95) - Te traigo flores (I bring you flowers)

10-year-old Antonio José Sanchez Mazuecos is a football fanatic – but he puts just the same passion into his stage performance as he does into his game. The whole of Spain will be keeping its fingers crossed for him as he performs his song ‘Te traigo flores’ (‘I’ll bring you flowers’) in Hasselt.
The Junior Eurovision participant from Palma del Rio in the province of Cуrdoba combines flamenco with Latin rhythm. He will have everyone off their seats and dancing to the rhythm of this catchy tune.

Te_Traigo_Flores.jpg (251276 bytes)Antonio José is studying singing and plays the guitar. He describes himself as someone who is “as stubborn as a mule and who won’t give up until he gets what he wants”. So be warned! He is determined to make his appearance “a goal, right in the top corner of the net”.

Antonio and Maria, his parents, constantly support him in his dream of becoming a successful singer. Apart from his family, Antonio José has the support of someone very special to him: Manolita. But who is Manolita? His girlfriend? A neighbour? No, Manolita is his tortoise!

Surrounded by flowers, Antonio José will bring the scent of both springtime and his native Cуrdoba to Hasselt.


Antonio José left Madrid with best wishes, signed photos and the support of the entire country.

After a two-hour flight from Madrid Barajas to Brussels, Antonio José received a warm welcome from Belgian television and was asked to give them his first impressions. He was overwhelmed!

With him in Hasselt are Jorge, Raquel Cristina and Kike, who will be working with him throughout the week.
After arriving in Hasselt, Antonio José headed for the opening party where he had a great time with the artists from the other 15 participating countries.

Many of the artists entertained the other guests by performing their Junior Eurovision songs, and Antonio José was no exception. He and his friends performed an a capella version of ‘Te traigo flores’, and the debate as to who would come first, second and third in the contest really began.

The next morning, Tuesday, Antonio José was able to relax a bit. Having a day off from rehearsals, he joined the other kids on a trip to Brussels to visit tourist attractions including the Manneken Pis – which is dressed up in Junior Eurovision shirt and red trousers!

We find Antonio José playing a driving game on the PlayStation and invite him to give us an interview. Hi, Antonio José – how about a quick interview for
Antonio José: Okay, sure. You’re just about to rehearse for the first time. Aren’t you nervous?
Antonio José: Nervous? What is that? I’m not nervous – no, not at all. Last year, Maria Isabel from Spain won. Do you think this will help you?
Antonio José: I think that it could mean something, or it could mean nothing. If I win, I win – if I don’t win, that’s fine as well. In my opinion, it’s difficult to say who’ll win it. Which of the other Junior Eurovision artists would you vote for if you were watching at home?
Antonio José: I’d vote for the Netherlands – for Tess. I like her song very much. But there’s also Greece. Kalli and Alexandros have a very good song, too. Did you visit Brussels yesterday with the other Junior stars?
Antonio José: Yes, that was great fun. We visited the townhouse, went to a chocolate museum, saw the Manneken Pis in his Junior Eurovision clothes. I enjoyed that day off a lot. What I liked best was the cathedral. It was very big and impressive. Can you tell us a bit about your song ‘Te traigo flores’?
Antonio José: Well, it’s for my grandmother who died recently. I am singing about the flowers on my balcony, which I would like to take to her. And how long did it take to write the song?
Antonio José: Oh, it was done quite quickly. I think it took about a week. I started with the lyrics and then moved onto the music. But after that, the rehearsing and choreography started… What will your performance be like?
Antonio José: I will be singing solo on stage accompanied by four dancers. We have worked together for a long time and have become friends. And what are your plans for after Junior Eurovision?
Antonio José: I will definitely make a CD. And then let’s see what happens next! I have to prepare for my rehearsal now – see you soon. Thanks and good luck!

After Eurovision:
Shortly after the contest Antonio Jose has released his debut album "Te Traigo Flores", which combines flamenco with Latin rhythms. The album took him to galas in major TV channels and radios in Spain, as well as numerous concerts around the country. In summer 2007 he has launched a new single called Cuentame, a fusion between rumba and reggaeton. It was released on compilation "Caribe mix 2008". In 2007 he started production of his second album "Todo vuelve a emprezar" composed by Crister Garcia. In 2010 a single "Junto a ti" won him prize to the best pop/rock song at the International Festival of Latin American Song of California in San Francisco. His last released single was Vuelve a ti in December 2010. In 2011 he was seen performing a new song "Siento por ti" on Spanish TV. He has been performing accoustic set in concerts with guitarist Manuel Reyes and you can see 2011 version of Te Traigo Flores here.

Eurovision_Junior_2005--Frontal.jpg (204713 bytes)
02.10.2005, hosted by Jorge Fernandez
Carla Galiot (14) - Mil historias
Alba (9) & Marta (9) - Bicho raro
Alba Mercado (10) - Tela
Antonio Jose (10) - Te traigo flores 28.5%

18.09.2005, Semifinal 1
Germán (11) and Tazirga (13) - "Junto a Ti" (mentored by Rosa)
Juan Carlos Arauzo (13) - "De Sol a Sol" (mentored bu Malú)
Alba and Marta (9) - "Bicho Raro" (mentored by Junior) 30.5%
Carla Galiot (14) - "Mil Historias" (mentored by 3+2) 41.6%

25.09.2005, Semifinal 2
Sergio Oliva (13) - Uno a cero (mentored by María Isabel)
Alba Mercado (10) - Tela (mentored by David Civera)
Verónica Robledano (12) - Desgarradora (mentored by David Bustamante)
Antonio José (10) - Te traigo flores (mentored by Merche)

Group songs: "Amigos Simpre", "Al Calor del Sol"

Vale la pena darle mil vueltas a la luna llena
robarle melodías es pa y hacerte una
canción a mi manera yo te canto a ti mi
flamenca que no es osadía que canta mi

Hoy yo te traigo flores de abril cortaitas ya
vienen llenas de colores hoy te regalo un
día pleno de sol un dibujo, un poema y mis
tazos de colección

Vale la pena ir a la playa buscar en la arena
coger caracolitas es pa hacerte un pasador
sueña que vas volando sobre mi cometa vas
sembrando las nubes de claveles

Hoy yo te traigo flores de mi balcón y
cortaitas ya vienen llenitas de colores y
corriendo voy y te regalo el firmamento un
dibujito, un poema, una rumba y todos mis tazos de

Mi colección

Y hoy yo te vengo a cantar
Con mi rima y mis versos es lo que tengona
más aaaaaa linda estrella con tu brillo
iluminas todo mi andar

Hoy yo te traigo flores de mi balcón y
cortaitas ya vienen llenitas de mil colores y
corriendo voy y te regalo el firmamento un
dibujito, un poema, una rumba y mis tazos de

It is worth
to give thousand returns to the full moon,
steal melodies to make you a song
on my way
I sing to you my flamenca
that is not daring
is that my heart sings.

Today I bring flowers of April
they come cut up full of colors
today I give you a sunshine day
a drawing, a poem, a rumba and my tazos of collections

It is worth
to go to the beach,
to seek in the sand to get shells to make you a pin
dream that you go flying over my kite
sowing the clouds of carnations

Today I bring you flowers from my balcony
and cut up already they come full of thousand colours
and running I go
and I give you the firmament
a drawing, a poem, a rumba and all my tazos of collection.

Today I come you to sing
with my rhyme and my verses
it is what I got, no more.
Oh pretty star
with your shyness
you illuminate all my steps

Today I bring you flowers from my balcony and cut up already they come
full of thousand colours
and running I go
and I give you the firmament
a drawing, a poem, a rumba and all my tazos of collection
KseniyaSITNIK92.JPG (35331 bytes)Belarus - Kseniya Sitnik (10/05/95) - My vmeste (We are together)

Kseniya was born on 15 May 1995 in Mozyr where she still lives. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a director of UMES music school.
She is in the fourth grade of school No 13. Her hobbies include singing, dancing and drawing. Kseniya has an older sister who also takes part in children’s song contests.

Kseniya started her career at a very early age. She has taken part in many festivals such as the Chernobyl Way charity show and the festivals ‘Falling Stars’ in Nova Ruda, Poland and ‘Star Light’ in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kseniya won prizes in the Golden Bee festival as well as the Grand Prix at the international children contest ‘Vitebsk-2005’ in Belarus.

Belarus’s newest star, Kseniya Sitnik, has expressed her disbelief at winning the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Hasselt, Belgium.
“I never expected such a result. I never expected first place,” said the 10-year-old singer, moments after her sensational victory. “I feel really excited. I can’t express myself.”

The whole night, she said, had been very tense.
“It was horrible waiting for the voting results. But I would like to thank all the countries that voted for me,” she said. “Performing was really cool and exciting. On one side, it was exciting, and other side there was a kind of fear. But the people here have been really kind and have helped me so much, so I didn’t worry too much.”

Kseniya hopes that people will heed the words of her song, ‘We Are Together’.
“I would like all of the countries in Europe and the world to be united in friendship,” she said. “I have a lot of thoughts about how there should be more friendship in the world. So I put them into the words of a song. We’re able to do a lot when we’re together. So let’s multiply the laughs, the smiles and the songs.”

One journalist asked her what she would do with her new-found wealth.
“I never heard anything about money!” she said. “But if you’re offering, I won’t refuse!”

She made sure she thanked the team that have helped her.
“I have a very good stylist. He has created this costume,” she said. “A lot of people were involved in the preparation of this performance. I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped – especially my coach, my choreographer and, of course, a lot of my relatives who were watching this show and were worried for me. I hope the whole of Belarus was watching me, in fact the whole of Europe. I thank them for their votes.”

What were her favourite memories of Belgium?
“My performance, the chocolate factory and the discos – and the victory! It’s a pity we have to leave tonight – otherwise I would stay a couple of days in Belgium,” she said.

She was also asked how she planned to celebrate.
“I haven’t any plans,” she said. “But I’m sure Mum will allow me to drink a little champagne. And we must have a disco.”

Kseniya finished by sending out an invitation to the people of Europe.
“I would like to add that you are all welcome to our country. It’s very beautiful and you must all come,” she said, before adding, “I still can’t belief what has happened. It just hasn’t sunk in.”

discpreview.jpg (26917 bytes)

Name - Ksenia Sitnik.
Song - "We are Together".
Date of birth - 15.05.1995.
Place of birth - Mozyr, Gomel Region.
Favorite spot in town? - Friendship Park.
Your sign? - Taurus.
Which character traits do you like and which would like to lose? - I like gaiety, friendliness, looseness. I don't like stubbornness.
Favorite school subjects? - My Homeland Belarus and Math.
Career plans? - Singer.
What do you do in spare time? - Sing, draw, dance, swim.
What kind of sports do you go for? - Swimming.
Favorite film? - The Hot Chick, It Takes Two, Heartbreakers.
How did you become enthusiastic with music? - My mom sings, my sister sings, I had to do the same :).
Your favorite band? - YUMES Pop Singing Studio.
What is your song about ? - Friendship and peace.
Which musical competitions did you take part in? - The Shining of Stars (1st award, St. Petersburg), Spring Shooting Stars (1st award, Novaya Ruda, Poland), Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk's 2005 (Grand-Prix).
Who is your source of inspiration? - Mom who is also my coach.
Your creed? - Sing no matter what!
Favorite pet? - Cat.
Favorite dish and who cooks it? - Mushroom bisque made by mom.
Favorite color and what is it associated with? - Pink, associated with May, spring, warmth and joy.
Favorite book? - Fairytales of the peoples of the world.
Signs you believe? - The black cat crossing the road brings bad luck. Returning is a bad sign.
The most unusual gift you have ever received? - Journey to Turkey.
Which country or city would you like to visit? - Venice, heard a lot about it, saw it on TV.
Who of the celebs would you like to sing with on stage? - In Belarus - with Petr Elfimov, in Russia - with Anton Zatsepin, abroad - with Jennifer Lopez.
How did you decide to take part in the selection round? - I was inspired by the victory at the Slavonic Bazaar'2005.


After winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Hasselt, Belgium, Kseniya has returned home to Belarus to find that her life has completely changed.

She has become the most popular kid in Belarus. Everyone there knows her and respects her for defeating 15 other Junior Eurovision competitors.

But that’s not all. The little Belarusian girl recently received a Letter of Appreciation from the President of the Republic of Belarus.

What about school, you might well ask? Well, Kseniya’s education is now paid for by a special fund for talented children – but, apart from her new-found stardom, she shares the same daily routine as all school children. At the moment, she is doing her best to catch up with the schoolwork she missed when she was away in Belgium.

After Eurovision:
Watch Kids of Eurovision documentary devoted to Kseniya Sitnik here.
DSC07035.JPG (65852 bytes)Ksenia Sitnik performed as a guest at the Junior Eurovision 2006 and 2010, and was present at the competition in 2008. In December 2005, Ksenia Sitnik played a major role in the New Year musical "Starry Night 2006". In May 2006 appeared first music video of the singer for the song "Malenkiy korablik" (Little Boat). Later, there were videos for the songs "Prostaya pesenka" (Simple Song) and "Non-stop." In Autumn has released her first album "My vmeste". During the qualifying round of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 she introduced a new single, "Malchishka iz vosmogo b" (A boy from 8b class). Hosted TV chart program "Nasha pyaterochka" (Our top 5) on Belarusian TV channel "LAD" till it's closure in May 2009. In May 2010, released her second solo album "Respublika Kseniya". She still appears in concerts of the V.Mulyavin music theater, led by her mother - Svetlana Statsenko, though not as often as in past years.

yankevich1.jpg (9560 bytes)bobkova2.jpg (8224 bytes)volodkevichmoschenko1.jpg (9577 bytes)volodkevichmoschenko2.jpg (12318 bytes)kulagina1.jpg (9423 bytes)
vorobey2.jpg (9503 bytes)dudaladov2.jpg (11947 bytes)lipskaya1.jpg (11535 bytes)lila1.jpg (10940 bytes)zhigolkovich1.jpg (12319 bytes)
24/09/2005 "Song for Eurovision", hosted by Egor Volchek, Olga Satsiuk and Evgeny Bulka - watch complete show here.
01. Natalia Lipskaya (10, Minsk) - "Vsyem detyam na zemlye" (To all the children of the world),
02. Vadim Dudaladov (14, Minsk) - "Milaya mamulya" (Sweet mommy),
03. Kristina Bobkova (13, Minsk) - Prazdnik Evrovidenia (Eurovision holiday),
04. Irina Kulagina (12, Lepel) - "Ranitsa" (Morning) - 2nd
05. Yulia Vorobey (13, Rechitsa) - "Ne upusti svoyu mechtu" (Don't miss your dream),
06. Bozhena Yankevich (12, Minsk) - "Angel" (Angel).
07. Mikhail Lila (11, Mozyr) and Polina Zhdanovich (11, Mozyr) - "Mary nyabyos" (Dreams of the skies) - 3rd
08. Aleksey Zhigalkovich (9, Minsk) - "Solnechniy ray" (Sunny paradise),
09. Anastasia Volodkevich (12, Vitebsk) and Ekaterina Moschenko (13, Vitebsk) "Vozdushniy zmey" (Kite),
10. Kseniya Sitnik (10 , Mozyr) - "My vmeste" (We are together) - 6497 votes

Jury: Eduard Zaritskiy, composer, Lyudmila Borodina, producer of channel LAD, Vasily Rainchik, composer, head of jury, Tatyana Parakhomovich, representative of Ministry of culture, Nina Shoba, head of Sudzorye nadey contest.
На ладошках неба пляшут облака,
В доме запах хлеба и парного молока.
Как она прекрасна - милая земля,
Льётся наша песня,
Мы одна семья!

О-а-о, только вместе мы большая сила,
О-а-о, не разлей вода,
О-а-о, чтобы радость в сердце не остыла,
О-а-о, рядом ты и я!

Мир такой красивый, радужны цвета,
Быть всегда счастливым есть у каждого мечта.
Тонкими ручьями широка река,
Будем же друзьями -
Вот моя рука!

Мы многое сможем, когда будем вместе!
Давайте умножим и смех, и улыбки, и песни!


Na ladoshkah nieba pliashut ablaka,
V dome zapah hleba i parnova malaka.
Kak ana prekrasna – milaya ziemlya,
Lyotsa nasha pesnia,
My adna semya!

O-a-o, tol’ka vmeste my bal’shaya sila,
O-a-o, nie razlei vada,
O-a-o, shtoby radost v sertse nie astyla,
O-a-o, riadam ty i ya!

Mir takoi krasivyi, raduzhny tsveta,
Byts vsegda schaslivym yest’ u kazhdava mechta.
Tonkimi ruchyami shiraka reka,
Budem zhe druzyami –
Vot maya ruka!

My mnogae smozhem, kagda budem vmeste!
Davaite umnozhim i smeh i ulybki i pesni!

I see the clouds dancing
I smell the bread and milk
My land is that I fancy
We are the family.

Oh-ah-oh, when we are together
Oh-ah-oh, we are strong
Oh-ah-oh, let`s be friends forever
Oh-ah-oh, you can nothing alone

How marvelous this world is
How beautiful and bright
I am with you and we all
Will live under a peaceful sky

We can do a lot, when we are together!
Let's multiply both laugh and smiles and songs!


Cyprus (withdrawn) - Rena Kiriakidi (11) - Tsirko (Circus)

The national broadcaster CyBC (Cyprus) today announced the withdrawal of its entry from the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest that will be broadcast live from Hasselt on the 26 November.

The decision was taken by CyBC after questions arose regarding the origins of the winning song from the Cyprus national selection and according to the JESC rules which state that all song entries must not have been commercially released, published or publicly performed prior to the Contest and must also be originally composed by the performing child artists in their respective national languages.

However, according to the rules, CyBC will still broadcast the show and viewers in Cyprus will also be able to take part in the televoting.

Cyprus decided to withdraw from the 3rd Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005. The song entry was already chosen and submitted. On September 16, Rena Kiriakidis won the Cypriot national selection with the song "Tsirko" (Circus). Parents of the participants immidiaitely reacted and accused the song of been a plagiarism of Tolis Voskopoulos song. CyBC appointed a committee to decide for the future of the song. The committee said that the song had problems.

CyBC decided to withdraw from the show. The Cypriot national broadcaster issued a statement concerning this issue saying that CyBC acted in the best interest for the broadcaster and afte examining all possible options and solution there was a decision to fully withdraw from the show. Though, CyBC will broadcast the show and participate in the televoting. This is the first time in the history of any Eurovision event that a non-participant country will appear to vote in the scoreboard.
01. Stella-Maria Koukkidi - Pera apo tin thalassa (Far away from the sea) 1.175
02. Popi Christodoulou - Thelo to oneiro na zo (I want to leave a dream) 729
03. Louis Panagiotou - Fantasia (Fantasy) 3.144
04. Louis Georgriou - Esai pantou (You are everywhere) 1.583
05. Nikol Paparistodimou - Zali ksafniki (Suddenly daze) 1.292
06. Christina Christofi - Tha eisai edo (You will be here) 2.359
07. Rena Kiriakidi - Tsirko (Circus) 4.679
08. Katerina Tofia - Agapa ti zoi (Love the life) 1.855
09. Christos Milordos - I ora pige mia (The time goes one) 3.005
10. Christina Averkiou - As ftiaksoume to kosmo ksana (Let's makes the world again) 1.682

Guests: Marios Tofi, 4 Play
Sixteen countries participated in the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest thar was held in Copenhagen 2003. Last year, in Lillehammer, there were eighteen participants. In Hasselt there will be sixteen since the French, Swiss and Polish broadcasters declined to take part in the JESC 2005.

Two new countries, Serbia & Montenegro and Russia, will be participating for their first time in the world’s biggest music event for children. Russia – Europe’s biggest nation – and Serbia & Montenegro have already been successful participants in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they obtained top positions in the top three. The EBU and host broadcasters VRT and RTBF are happy to welcome these new countries to the JESC.

Show broadcasted all over the world
The 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will not only be broadcasted live in the sixteen participating countries (plus Cyprus which withdrew with its song recently but will be participating in the voting). Several satellite channels (like RTR and TVE Internacional, which are available in almost every country of the world) will air the show as well. Viewers at the other side of the world will get the chance to catch the atmosphere in Hasselt too since Australia’s SBS channel will also broadcast the show.

Preparations on track
In the mean time, preparations for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are running smoothly. Belgium’s Flemish and French-speaking public broadcasters VRT and RTBF are currently filling in the last pieces of what will be a very fresh and spectacular TV show. The EBU has congratulated VRT and RTBF for the good work already done so far and wishes them the best of luck in the final stages of their preparations for 26 November.


This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, live from Hasselt on 26 November, will be the third such contest.
There will be 16 countries competing in this year’s show.

The 2003 contest, in Copenhagen, Denmark was won by Dino from Croatia
The 2004 contest in Lillehammer, Norway was won by Marнa Isabel from Spain

Here are some facts & figures about the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
The Grand Final will be broadcast live from Hasselt which is the capital of the province of Limburg. It has 68,000 inhabitants and is 81 km away from Brussels, 78 km away from Antwerp, 45 km away from Liиge and 60 km away from Eindhoven.
8,500 tickets were sold for the Grand Final.
The show will be broadcast by 20 public broadcasters and 10 satellite broadcasters. It is also broadcast in Australia.
There will be 3,150 parking spaces outside Ethias Arena.
For the first time in the history of Junior Eurovision, the show is being produced by two host broadcasters: VRT and RTBF.
Russia and Serbia & Montenegro are will be competing in the contest for the first time.
14 cameras will be used, including one cascade-crane (21 meters), one supertechno-crane (15 meters), one skymote (9 meters) and two wireless steadycams.
There will be 330 moving lights on stage.
40 strobe lights will create a unique atmospheres for each song.
60 moving lights will be in the audience.
The heigt of the stage is 14m.
100km is the total length of all cable used.
In the Green Room, there will be 18 lighting balloons.
90 washlights will be hung in the roof of the venue.
The artists of each country will introduce themselves in a postcard of 30-35 seconds length, filmed around Hasselt.
The trophy will be created at the famous Belgian art school Lucas Faydherbe (Mechelen).
A total of 170 journalists are accreditated.
A total of 350 foreign delegates are accreditated.
The team of VRT / RTBF consists of 250 people.
More than 300 Junior Eurovision banners will promote the event in Hasselt.
More than 700 posters will invite guests of Hasselt’s hotels, restaurants and cafes to the show.
Each artist will have two rehearsals. There will also be two dress rehearsals.
The size of Grenslandhallen is 38,000mІ from which Ethias Arena is 13,600m
At a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, Maureen Louys and Marcel Vanthilt, the two hosts of the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest, presented the order of appearance of the songs to be performed in this year’s contest, now featuring 16 countries instead of 17.

The songs to be performed live at the JESC 2005, will appear in the following order:

01 - Greece - Alexandros & Kalli - “Tore ine i sira mas”
02 - Denmark - Nicolai - “Shake-shake-shake”
03 - Croatia - Lorena - “Rock baby”
04 - Romania - Alina Eremia - “Turai”
05 - United Kingdom - Joni Fuller - “How does it feel”
06 - Sweden - M+ - “Granslas karlek”
07 - Russia - Vlad Krutskikh - “Path to the sun”
08 - FYR Macedonia - Denis Dimoski - “Rodendenski baknez”
09 - Netherlands - Tess - “Stupid”
10 - Serbia & Montenegro - Filip Vucic - “Ljubav pa fudbal”
11 - Latvia - Kids 4 Rock - “Es esmu maza, jauka meitene”
12 - Belgium - Lindsay - “Mes rкves”
13 - Malta - Thea & Friends - “Make it right”
14 - Norway - Malin - “Sommer og skolefri”
15 - Spain - Antonio Jose - “Te traigo flores”
16 - Belarus - Ksenia Sitnik - “My vmeste”

The selection of the running order was conducted in two phases. In the first, which took place on Wednesday evening at the City Hall of Hasselt, there were three draws – one to select the countries that would perform first and last in the contest; a second to decide on the position of the host country; and a third to divided the 14 remaining countries into two groups of five (for the positions 2-6 and 7-11) and one of four (for the positions 12 and 14-16).

The second phase of the selection of the running order was conducted by the JESC Steering Group this morning. The group decided on the final positions of the countries within the three groups, taking into account, for example, that no three ballads or no three songs from one European region should be performed consecutively in the Contest.
Marcel and Maureen are already very familiar with the (Junior) Eurovision Song Contest.

Marcel Vanthilt has been a jury member of the Belgian national finals for both the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contests since 1999. He was also one of the Flemish commentators at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer.

Maureen Louys was one of the hosts of the Belgian finals for the 2004 and 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contests. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be Maureen’s first experience of international TV presenting.

The duo will be presenting the live televised show from Hasselt's the brand new Ethias Areana and introducing young talents from 16 countries to millions of viewers across Europe.

In Maureen Louys and Marcel Vanthilt, host broadcasters VRT and RTBF have found ideal ambassadors for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Their complementary styles and knowledge of languages, combined with their experience of hosting national hit entertainment shows, will appeal to youngsters and parents alike.

Also appearing as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest's international star act will be Maria Isabel, the young girl who won last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer with her song ‘Antes muerta que sencilla’, which became a big hit both in her home country Spain and in France. Maria Isabel will perform her winning Junior Eurovision entry once more, as well as her new single ‘Pues va a ser que no’.

Belgian host broadcasters VRT and RTBF are negotiating with other well-known music stars to perform at the Junior Eurovision stage in November as well.
Televoting - How to do it!

You can vote for your favourite act on Saturday night via telephone or SMS.

To place your vote, use the telephone or SMS number for the country that you are in. Then add the running order number. Please remember – you cannot vote for the country from which you are calling!

You will find all televoting and SMS numbers listed below.

When to start voting
The voting window will be open for ten minutes straight after the last song. You will be told exactly when the voting starts and ends during the show.

The running order
01 – Greece
02 – Denmark
03 – Croatia
04 – Romania
05 – UK
06 – Sweden
07 – Russia
08 – FYR Macedonia
09 – Netherlands
10 – Serbia & Montenegro
11 – Latvia
12 – Belgium
13 – Malta
14 – Norway
15 – Spain
16 – Belarus

Choose your favourite act and remember the running order number. (These numbers will be also shown throughout the show.)

To vote by telephone…
Dial the telephone number listed for the country from which you are calling, plus the running order number of your favourite act.

For example: If you are in the UK and you like the Netherlands, dial 0901 121 31 plus 09 (for the Netherlands).

To vote by SMS…
Text the listed keyword (representing the act you like most) and send it to the SMS number listed for the country that you are in. For example:

If you are in Norway and you like Romania, text 04 (for Romania) and send to 26800.
If you are in Croatia and you like Malta, text pjesma13 (for Malta) and send to 66544.

Please be advised that there is a cost to televoting. If you are under 18 and you want to vote, make sure you ask for permission from whoever pays the bill and/or the authorisation of your parents or guardians.

Calling and SMS rates will be shown on your TV screen.
As previously announced, Cyprus (CyBC) is not competing in the contest but viewers in Cyprus can still vote for their favourite song!

And here are the telephone numbers, SMS numbers and SMS keywords for each country…

Voting number: 8 810 101 03
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 1180 BYR
SMS Short Code: 7708
Keywords: 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 1300 BYR

Belgium RTBF
Voting number: 0 90 55 31
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: Ђ 0,50
SMS Short Code: 3320
Keywords: 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,50 Ђ

Belgium VRT
Voting number: 0 90 55 32
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: Ђ 0,50
SMS Short Code: 3470
Keywords: 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,50 Ђ

Voting number: 0 61 50
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 3.66 KN
SMS Short Code: 66544
Keywords: pjesma 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 3,66 kn

Cyprus (will participate in the voting although it withdrew with its song)
Voting number: 900 390
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,45 CYP
No SMS participation

Voting number: 70 19 29
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,25 kr./call in caller tariff (standard tariff)
SMS Short Code: 1212
Keywords: sang01-16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: standard tariff

FYR Macedonia
Voting number: 0590 221
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 23,60 MKD
SMS Short Code: 141200
Keywords: 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 23,60 MKD

Voting number: 901 111 005
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,587 Ђ
SMS Short Code: 4321
Keywords: E01 to E16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,595 Ђ

Voting number: 90514
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,20 LVL
SMS Short Code: 9301035 OR 6000201
Keywords: 01-16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,20 LVL

Voting number: 5004 32
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: Lm 0,23c6
No SMS participation

Voting number: 044 8888
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,234 Ђ
No SMS participation

Voting number: 0909 31 31 0
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,55 Ђ
SMS Short Code: 3111
Keywords: 01-16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,55 Ђ

Voting number: 829 490
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 5 NOK
SMS Short Code: 26800
Keywords: 01-16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 5 NKr

Voting number: 0900.0900
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: Ђ 0,60
SMS Short Code: 0900 0900 -01 up to -16
Keywords: ---
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: Ђ 0,60

Voting number: 8 809 200 20
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 20 rubles
SMS Short Code: 7708
Keywords: 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,708 $

No fixed line Participation
SMS Short Code: 3323
Keywords: Pesma 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 35,4 Din

Voting number: 905 44 52
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 0,87 Ђ from fixed line and maximum 1,86 Ђ from mobile line
SMS Short Code: 5152
Keywords: cancion 01 to 16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 1,04 Ђ

Voting number: 099-567
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 1,50 SEK/Call
SMS Short Code: 099-567 -01 up to -16
Keywords: ---
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 1,50 SEK/SMS

United Kingdom
Voting number: 0901 121 31
Suffixes: 01 to 16
Tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 25p
SMS Short Code: 61177
Keywords: 01-16
SMS tariff in country currency incl. VAT: 25p

New details concerning the format and design of this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed at a press conference with the Belgian host broadcasters and Maureen and Marcel, the hosts of the show.

The 2005 Junior Eurovision motto and stage design

'Let's get loud' is the motto of this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a rallying cry for the new generation of young Europeans who want to celebrate and watch a brilliant show, not only on TV but live in Ethias Arena. Inside the venue, huge LED screens will be positioned around a circle-shaped stage to create the kind of atmosphere you'd find at a rock event.

Approximately 100,000 LED dots will bring added sparkle to the stage. LED dots are used in TV screens, computers and mobile phones, and the organisers of Junior Eurovision hope that, by using these on stage, the show will have a look and feel that is young and modern.

This year's design - with red and black as the main colours - will seem more adult than the ones we saw in Copenhagen and Lillehammer.

The artists will enter the stage via a big catwalk which will lead to a Junior 'Green Room' that is being built into the venue.

For more details, please go to the photo galleries in the Multimedia Lounge here on

The voting procedure

The broadcasters announced a change in the presentation of the voting results. Points from 1 to 5 will not be announced by the spokespeople, but will be shown directly on the live scoreboard. All other points (from 6 to 12) will be announced by the teenage spokespersons themselves.

This procedure will not influence or change the televoting procedure as such.

Opening of the show

Fasten your seatbelts! The show will be a 100km/h ride from the very beginning! The famous Belgian director, Dirk Decloedt who created Cйline Dion's latest show in Las Vegas, has developed the concept for the opening act.

Big drums and pyrotechnics will accompany the 16 participaants as they enter the stage together for the first time.

Even Manneken Pis, the most famous Belgian of all, will be dressed up for this event. On 10 November, the honorary citizen of Brussels and symbol for Belgium will change into a costume more appropriate for Junior Eurovision. Just see what he looks like! will keep you posted! meets…
Dino, winner of Junior Eurovision 2003 and brother of Lorena, this year’s Croatian participant Hello, Dino – welcome to Hasselt. How are you?
Dino: I’m fine. It’s great to be here in Hasselt. It is a beautiful city. I am looking forward to this year’s Junior Eurovision competition which will be very tough. It will be hard to win. Have you got any tips for your sister Lorena who is participating for Croatia this year?
Dino: Actually, just one piece advice. She has to feel good. That’s it. Can you tell us a bit about her song?
Dino: Sure, it’s a fantastic rock song. It’s about falling in love with a boy. So how do you feel about seeing your sister perform this year? Would you like to swap places with her?
Dino: No, I’m not jealous. This year, it’s my sister’s year. I’m here to support her. What will you be doing during her rehearsals and the grand final?
Dino: Oh, well – I will be keeping my fingers crossed for her. This is all I can do. Let’s talk about your own career. You were in Australia last winter. Can you tell us about that?
Dino: That was great, really great. The Australians are very nice people – not noisy, you know. And I enjoyed these beautiful cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and all the others. It was one of the best countries I’ve ever been to. And how many concerts did you give?
Dino: Seven – among them Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Did Lorena perform with you too?
Dino: Sometimes I was alone on stage and sometimes she joined in as my special guest. Thanks for this quick interview, Dino. Good luck to you.
Dino: You shouldn’t say good luck to me, but to my sister. See you! And visit my website

Hasselt, 23 November

Prince Laurent of Belgium, the second son of King Albert II, will attend the live broadcast of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the Ethias Arena on Saturday.

Belgian host broadcasters VRT and RTBF are delighted to confirm the royal visit to what will be the biggest television event in Belgium for years.

It will be the first time in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that a member of the royal family has attended the event.


Hasselt has a junior city council which consists of 39 children between 11 and 12 years of age. It advises the actual city council on issues that are important to children and, for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the children made the following suggestions:
The Eurodisco (24 November in Disco Slices) should have:

Child-friendly opening and closing hours
A traffic-free Junior Street outside the building
Free use of toilets. All toilets should be kept clean by a toilet attendant
A limited number of adults, to make sure it is a real kids party
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest should:

Be a non-smoking event
Be a time to meet other children
Have stewards helping you when and where they can
Have arrows indicating the location of the toilets
The organisers, the city of Hasselt and the Ethias Arena have ratified these ideas and decisions in a charter, which was officially signed on 16 November.

Other examples of the junior council’s initiatives include:

1) Kids awards. Shops, pubs and other companies that score high marks for child friendliness now receive an award.
2) Evaluation of playgrounds. Members of the junior city council evaluate the attractiveness and safety of the playgrounds.

The city council has launched child friendly initiatives of its own, including the ‘House of the Child’ and the ‘Comic Book Route’. The ‘House of the Child’ is a place where children can gather to play and have fun together. The ‘Comic Book Route’ is a route through Hasselt’s city centre which features comic book figures painted on houses to welcome everyone to the city. The kids can even win comic books!

It might be useful to know that Hasselt’s child friendly image attracts a lot of young people to the city. From a total population of 69,529 people, 10,428 persons are under 16. The average age in Hasselt is just 32 years old.

Hasselt is seen as an important centre of education as well. More than 47,000 people are taking lessons here on a daily basis, be it at kindergarten, primary or secondary school or at the University of Hasselt.


The host broadcaster of the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be Romanian television station TVR.
“It is a great honour for our country and for Romanian national television to be organising this important event,” said Mioara Negescu of TVR. talked to the Romanian delegation and discovered that it has already started preparing for the event. We learned that TVR is currently choosing a venue in Bucharest that will be big enough for the show.

We will bring you more details of the event as we get them. But, in the meantime, TVR told us exactly what the city of Bucharest has to offer. We’re told that a visit to Parliament’s Palace and the Village Museum is a “must” during your stay in Romania’s capital. Those of you who wish to learn more about the history of Romania should pay a visit to the History Museum while the Art Museum is the place to feel truly inspired!


Dynamic logo for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005, which will be held on 26 November in the Belgian city of Hasselt, now has its own official logo. The ‘singing girl’, which is the generic logo for all Junior Eurovision Song Contests has for the occasion been placed inside a circle together with a red square.

The 2005 logo symbolizes a contemporary and self-aware European youth who is not afraid to voice its ideas.

The logo consists of several parts: (the girl in the circle, the words 'Junior Eurovision Song Contest 05' and the red square) which can be composed together in more than one way, making it flexible and dynamic. Over the coming months, the 2005 J-ESC logo will be featured on a variety of platforms such as flags, posters, maps, publications, clothing, merchandise, etc. The logo will of course also play a vital role in the concept of the show and live broadcast of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

The 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be a high quality music show, co-produced on behalf of the EBU by VRT and RTBF, the public broadcasters of the Flemish and French-speaking communities of Belgium. On 26 November, starting at 20:15 CET, millions of viewers across Europe will be able to watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be broadcast live from the Ethias Arena, via the Eurovision satellite network.


Picture a dark, clear night, with the light reflected in the water, the sky full of sparkling stars, in a winter wonderland, somewhere in a small town... such as Lillehammer!
That’s the concept of the stage design dreamt up by Norwegian Television NRK for the main event on November 20.

The junior stars on stage will be watched over by thousands of sparkling stars on the stage’s walls and floor. And projections on the stage will make each performance a unique visual experience.

Want to know more about the event? Or get a sneak preview of what’s in store? asked the Norwegian broadcaster what we can expect and this is what we found out:

The show will start with a girl snowboarding into Lillehammer from space. Then wham! Down she comes to the big stage where Nadia and Stian will be ready to welcome you!

During the show the theme of stars, snow and space will be everywhere: The Snow Parade will invite 50 dancers on stage together with acrobats and entertainers.

But if you want more information, you’re going to have to watch the show!
It’s going to be great, we promise! met Maureen and Marcel in Brussels after they performed their first official duty as Junior Eurovision hosts – the announcement of the running order for the contest on Saturday, 26 November.

After finally bringing the two together for the interview (Maureen was surrounded by the press on the right, Marcel was doing pictures on the left), we talked about how it feels to represent Junior Eurovision, about their preparations and about coping with boredom. But trust us, the Grand Final from Hasselt will be anything but boring! Fasten your seat belts! Welcome, Maureen and Marcel. When did you receive the phone call that told you you would be hosting this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest?
Maureen: Oh, well … [thinking]. That’s a good question.
Marcel: [helping her] Ten days ago!
Maureen: No, no – you must be mistaken. For me it was three weeks ago.
Marcel: Aaahhh! [He rolls his eyes] Then you’re the privileged one, aren’t you? They wanted you more than me [looking unhappy].
Maureen [flattered]: Yes, I’m the winner.
Marcel: But they chose me from 1,000 men including Brad Pitt [His eyes twinkle]. So, why do you think they chose you instead over Brad Pitt?
Marcel: Brad Pitt wasn’t available on the night of the final. But it’s a good question as to why they chose me. [Looking up] Perhaps because I am as tall as Maureen. Or because we like each other a lot. You see, last year they wanted to have Eminem. This year they finally have it – M&M – Maureen & Marcel! How did you feel after you were offered the job as hosts?
Maureen: I was very proud. It’s a big challenge. I will try to do my best. It’s so exciting.
Marcel: I was disappointed at first.
Maureen: Ha? Disappointed?
Marcel [smiling]: Yeah, disappointed. Because I had to give up my job as Junior Eurovision commentator which I did last year. That was such a lot of fun to do the live commentary, sitting in a little booth. But you see, I can’t do both. So my first reaction was – “Oh, damn, I can’t do that anymore.” You can always do it next year again…
Marcel: Yes, that’s right. But believe me, this year we will have fun on stage.
Maureen [nodding]: A lot of fun. I can assure you! You both have a lot of experience of Eurovision. What does Eurovision mean to you?
Maureen: I am a fan but it’s also a challenge to do a good job. I like music contests so Eurovision is perfect for me.
Marcel: For me, it’s like Christmas has come early! Everyone together, the whole world in one place.
Maureen: But there are no gifts…
Marcel: Well, there is one – the Grand Prix. It’s like the World Cup. It’s an enthusiastic atmosphere, it’s very emotional and makes people feel good. For once in your life, you are the centre of attention [Marcel starts laughing]. Have you had the chance to listen to all 16 Junior Eurovision entries?
Maureen: No, actually, not yet. Some aren’t even finished yet. But of course, we will listen to them as soon as we can.
Marcel [with a face like a very strict teacher]: We know Lindsay, and we love Lindsay. [He starts humming Lindsay’s song]. Shouldn’t the hosts stay neutral?
Marcel: That’s right. But so far, I only know one song, and I like it. [He nods and holds his thumbs up].
Maureen: Of course, we are neutral. It’s just that we’ve started our preparations and so far we’ve only heard the Belgian entry. And we love it! What can we expect from the show? The same atmosphere as in today’s press conference? [Maureen and Marcel were having a great lot of fun, always joking, and entertaining us brilliantly.]
Marcel: No, it will be completely boring. [By his face we see that he’s only kidding].
Maureen: It will be very strict, very boring. No fun at all. [She says this and almost immediately has to laugh]. It will be like: [with a face like a stone] “Good evening, Europe. We are happy to be here.”
Marcel [also with a face like a stone]: She will be happy to be there. I’ll just be there.
[They can’t keep a straight face any longer and burst out laughing – so much that we have to take a short break.]
Marcel: [wiping away tears of laughter] Oh, my God. Now seriously! You know, the show is a visual format. The songs are all very good and they’re the most important part of the show. Maureen and myself are only asides. At the end, we do have a serious and tough job – the voting. Everything has to be correct. But apart from this it will be a relaxed atmosphere, maybe a joke here and there – but not too much
[Again, we sense that he’s kidding]. So…
Marcel: [interrupting] …maybe two…
Marcel: …maybe three…
Maureen: No, two is enough! Marcel, we know you from the early days of MTV. What do you think? Would the winning Junior Eurovision entry have a chance on MTV?
Marcel: Yes, sure – why not?
Maureen: Yes, I think so.
Marcel: Last year’s song, ‘Antes muerta que sencilla’ was a very, very good one. And the UK and Romanian entries were among my favourites. Very professionally done. So, I think that this year’s quality will be as good as last year’s. [A little pause] Lindsay is as good! [Laughs] Could we perhaps see the two of you performing on stage? Doing a duet maybe?
Maureen: Oh, no – I don’t sing [looking frightened]. I actually can’t sing.
Marcel: No, no, no. We won’t perform. But never say never actually. We don’t know yet. [now we are kidding] Ok, guys, we do understand. It will be so boring!
Maureen: Right. Very boring. So, let’s talk about your preparations for the show.
Maureen: We’ve just started. We will do our scripts shortly.
Marcel: Yes, there’s a lot of script that we have to learn. All the explanations during the show and the explaining of the voting procedure. This has to be done correctly.
Maureen: During the event week, we will be in the venue. Together with the artists.
Marcel: We will do a first run-through of our script on Monday [21 November]. Then we will go over it and do some filming with the kids.
Maureen: We will go for a trip to Brussels with them, too. And we will invite them for some real Belgian food!
Marcel: Oh, yeah – we will be busy. [Rolling his eyes again]. Last question for today – why should children come to Hasselt to see the show? Aside from your boring performance, of course…
[Gales of laughter]
Marcel: Kids, you won’t be able to even think. It will be fun from the first minute. Hasselt is a small, charming town and is pretty near to Brussels and Liиge. The atmosphere with the crew is so relaxed.
Maureen: It will be fun, fun, and once again fun! After this interview we really believe we’ll have a great time! Thanks for so much laughter and, of course, we will follow up your preparations in November. So, please come back to Thanks Maureen, thanks Marcel – see you soon.


The Mayor of Hasselt Welcome to Junior Eurovision. Is this a great opportunity for the city of Hasselt?
Mayor: Oh, yes, it is. It is the biggest event Hasselt has ever had – more than 10 million TV viewers will be looking at us. So we are very happy to be hosting this song contest. Is Hasselt prepared for the show?
Mayor: Yes, it is. You might have seen the flags outside. Hasselt is dressed up for Junior Eurovision. We are prepared, the locals are prepared and so are the schools. We are ready to go. Have you had have the chance to listen to the Junior Eurovision songs yet?
Mayor: Yes, of course. I’ve already heard all of the songs. I heard half of them during the press conferences. And your favourite song so far is…?
Mayor: I’m patriotic. Belgium of course, is my favourite. What about you? Can you sing, too?
Mayor: Well, Hasselt is a city closely connected to music. We have two big music festivals here – one for younger people, one for older ones – and they attract thousands of people to the city. But if you ask me, my favourite group is, and will always be, the Rolling Stones. So, have you ever thought about starting a new career as a singer?
Mayor: No, apart from politics, “I can’t get no satisfaction”. I love music of many different styles – but, as for a new career, I’m afraid it’s too late. Will you be joining us in the venue for the grand final on 26 November?
Mayor: Of course, I will be there. And so will a lot of people from the city council. We are very proud of this event and will support it as much as we can. Thanks for this interview and enjoy your evening.

At 6pm, the doors of SAS Radisson hotel were opened for the grand opening party of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Crowds of TV crews, journalists, national delegations and fans gathered to witness the official launch of the contest – and to tuck into the enormous Belgian buffet. spotted Alina from Romania, Kalli and Alexandros from Greece and, of course, Lindsay from Belgium among the first guests.

The Greek team had brought a huge, flag-waving fan club consisting of delegation members, parents and friends. Thea from Malta was also there, with the friends who will be with her on stage this saturday.

Denis from FYR Macedonia was accompanied by his parents who had brought yellow and red flags to support him. He soon met Lorena from Croatia who had brought a supportive family member of her own – none other the first Junior Eurovision winner, Dino, her older brother. He explained to us that he would be keeping his fingers crossed for her throughout the week. (See the interview with Dino here on

The kids from all 16 nations mixed freely and quickly became friends. Malin from Norway chatted to Kseniya from Belarus and Kseniya even gave us an autograph (which you will be able to win in a competition on this site).

We saw Tess from the Netherlands giving an interview for a local TV station; Nicolai from Denmark answering questions for the host broadcasters and Antonio Josй from Spain still dressed in his warm winter jacket. (Believe us, it’s cold here in Hasselt).

The atmosphere was buzzing as journalists competed to get the best shots and parents watched proudly from the sidelines. The kids were soon enjoying Belgian waffles, popcorn, spring rolls and french fries drowned in ketchup.

Kids 4 Rock from Latvia showed us their shirts which are uniquely branded with their names on the back. M+ from Sweden and Filip from Serbia & Montenegro come on stage to pose for press pictures and Joni from the UK was accompanied by her friend.

Then it was time for the host broadcasters to welcome everyone and officially open the Junior Eurovision event week. The mic was passed to Sophie, a little girl who is acting as an ambassador for Hasselt, before everyone was warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Hasselt himself. (He is also interviewed here on

We were then ready to welcome another two Junior Eurovision VIPs – the hosts, Maureen and Marcel.

As expected, their appearance on stage was met with great applause and was a lot of fun – even though Marcel was losing his voice.

“Oh my God, don’t sing, don’t even think about it,” joked Marcel in a voice like gravel. “I will keep my mouth shut. This is what happens when someone talks too much in the cold.”

Maureen then started to invite each Junior star onto the stage: “Here is Vlad from Russia…”

Once all the kids had come up on stage, Maureen and Marcel asked them to finish the opening night with three loud cheers – at which point, it was time for bed!

Stay tuned for the latest news from the rehearsals tomorrow morning!

Stage Impressions
It’s 9.30am on a cold Tuesday morning in an empty arena in Hasselt, but no-one seems to have told Greek stars Alexandros and Kalli – they are belting out their song as if Saturday night is here already.
It’s day one of rehearsals for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and this is the first time that the young artists will have seen the arena. can confirm one thing: it is massive. The venue is big, the stage is big, even the lighting rig looks huge. But the performers don’t look in the least bit fazed by the size of the operation.

Alexandros and Kalli, and their five dancers, wait patiently for the technical team to make last minute preparations before launching into an impressive rendition of their song. The pair have real stage presence and great chemistry, often looking into each other’s eyes as they sing. Once the sound and lighting preparations have been finely tuned, this will be a great start to the show.

Denmark’s participant Nicholai makes an equally impressive start to his rehearsal schedule. The backing track to ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’ features a human beat box, reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, but when he puts the microphone to his mouth and unleashes a volley of quick-fire rap, he could be mistaken for a young Eminem. He even has the blonde hair. The whole performance is very professional. It may be the first rehearsal but the choreography of the three female dancers is already flawless.

Suddenly, the stage lights change from harsh white light to a warmer colour scheme of pink and red. Croatian singer Lorena stands alone in the centre of the stage to perform her song, ‘Rock Baby’. Her style may be very different to that of Dino, her older brother who won the contest in 2003, but it’s clear that she comes from a family with showbiz pedigree. She looks totally at ease on stage and gives a fine performance.

During the lunch break, we meet Alexandra, a make-up artist for the show. She explains to us that all Junior stars be given a light make-up for their first camera rehearsals today. On the big night, the contestants may wear “a bit more” to add some more glitter and glamour. But, above all, the make-up has to look natural. It also has to suit the look of the young artist and match his or her costume.

Alexandra is working closely with a team of other make-up artists and hair-dressers. They have a very tight schedule for the big show. The exact timings are not yet fixed – but, she assures us, it will be hard work.

And there is more hard work on display after lunch as Romanian contestant Alina gives a performance full of energy and movement. Her song, ‘Turai’, is an upbeat pop song featuring hip-swinging, toe-tapping, hand-clapping and shouts of “Hey, hey!” The song certainly fits with the motto of this year’s contest – “Let’s get loud!”

Moments later, in the press centre, bumps into the Romanian delegation. There are several of them here in Hasselt, on a fact-finding mission as they prepare to host next year’s Junior Eurovision in Romania. They tell us that the Romanian people are very proud to be hosting the 2006 event and that preparations are well underway. Romanian broadcaster RTV is still discussing several different options but has yet to make a concrete decision about which venue to use.

“You know, you have to consider the weather, the traffic and infrastructure,” they told us. “But we are happy to have a number of options to choose from. The only thing we cannot influence is the weather – hopefully, it won’t be too cold! You should come to Romania in summer. It’s so wonderful. Consider yourselves invited!”

The UK’s song ‘How Does It Feel’ features just a piano, a violin and Joni Fuller’s superb voice, which manages to be both powerful and delicate at the same time. The song is a stirring ballad and Joni shows her professionalism by performing the song a dozen times, without complaint, as the crew experiment with different shows and effects.

As the stage lights blend from a simple white to a passionate red, Sweden’s M+ take to the stage and give a whirlwind performance of their power-pop song, ‘Bottomless Love’. The two Marias sing and dance with gusto and the song ends on the kind of loud boom made famous by the Backstreet Boys and Britney.

Russia’s rehearsal was an enjoyable reminder that this is a contest for children. While some Junior artists look and sound almost like adults, Vladislav’s performance is a celebration of the fun of being a child. Vlad and his dancers were dressed in bright primary colours and were clearly having a great time on stage. Even the crew seemed to be enjoying his performance!

The last participants to rehearse today were Denis and Stefan from FYR Macedonia. Denis performs with real attitude and has a powerful voice for such a small kid – you can tell that he’s a fan of Pavarotti. Behind him, Stefan (who wrote the song ‘Beautiful Kiss’) dances away and plays a pipe solo halfway through the song.

All in all, it was a successful day of rehearsing. The stage looked great, the performances were impressive and both will get even better by Saturday. Be sure to tune in!


Hasselt, Friday 25 November
The hosts of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest have promised the public a great show and assured them that the rehearsals have been problem-free.

Speaking at a special press conference in the Ethias Arena in Hasselt, Marcel Vanthilt and Maureen Louys also spoke of Junior Eurovision’s growing status.

“I was once sent to cover the MTV Awards in Los Angeles in 1987,” said Marcel, who was one of MTV Europe’s first VJs in the 1980s. “That was big. This is bigger. It’s only the stars that are smaller – in height, I mean.”

The duo already have experience of Eurovision. Marcel Vanthilt has been a jury member of the Belgian national finals for both the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contests since 1999. He was also one of the Flemish commentators at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer. Maureen Louys was one of the hosts of the Belgian finals for the 2004 and 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contests. This will be her first experience of international TV presenting.

Marcel reported that the voice problems that have plagued him all week are now over.

“My voice is okay,” he explained. “It’s the biggest TV show I’ve ever done. So what happens? I get the flu. On Monday, I felt like a roasted pig – my temperature was about 40 degrees. And my voice went. But I’ve been taking a homeopathy pill every hour and it works. And I will shut up for most of tomorrow to rest my voice.”

Naturally, the pair were asked to say which were their favourite songs in the contest:

“It’s hard to say which is the best,” said Maureen. “Some are ballads, some are pop songs. I think they’re all great.”

“I have one I like best,” insisted Marcel. “Belgium. It’s a really happy pop song, and Lindsay’s cute. To win the contest, you have to have a good song and a good performer. Belgium this year has both. But then, others have that too!”

Both were reluctant to reveal details of their costumes, although Maureen hinted that Marcel will be wearing a blue suit. Marcel revealed that Maureen will be wearing “a really nice dress”.

“Well, less a dress, more a napkin,” he joked. “It’s tiny. I’m lucky. I’m going to be closer to her than anyone in the building!”

“We’re actually going to be wearing two outfits,” continued Maureen. “The first ones are quite rock and roll. Then we change costumes into something smarter and more formal for the voting.”

With Belgian being a country of two languages, Marcel and Maureen were asked how the show would incorporate English, French and Flemish.

“Firstly, I think Belgium should be an example to the rest of the world,” Marcel said. “We speak French and Flemish, and French culture is totally different to Flemish culture. But we get along!”

“As for the show, I will be speaking mainly French,” said Maureen. “Marcel will be speaking mainly English. There is a little bit of Flemish in there as well, at the beginning”

“I think if I was speaking Flemish for two and a half hours, we’d lose a lot of viewers,” said Marcel.

As a judge in this year’s Belgian national finals, Marcel earned a reputation of being a harsh, intimidating character. But he assured everyone that he would show a softer side as host of the main event

“My role in the Belgian national contest was to be the naughty one,” he said. “But here I have a different role. People are coming from such a long way away – so I’m going to be warm and welcoming and friendly. It’s actually a relief not to have to give an opinion on every song!”

Tuesday had been a busy day for the artists in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Half of them had spent the day rehearsing on the stage in Ethias Arena while the rest had travelled to Brussels for an afternoon of sightseeing.
But these young stars have plenty of energy and nothing was going to stop them attending that night’s party.

This time, the occasion was the grand opening of Euroclub, the official night spot for the week of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Situated at the Blue Olive, a trendy bar and restaurant in the heart of Hasselt, Euroclub is a place for the Junior stars – as well as their friends, family and supporters – to let their hair down and get to know each other better.

The motto of this year’s contest is ‘Let’s Get Loud’ and the atmosphere in Euroclub was very loud. The participants had met each other the previous night at the official opening of Junior Eurovision but were soon chatting to each other in Euroclub like old friends.

The party was a great opportunity for them to share their experiences of the day. What did they think of the arena? How did their rehearsals go? Are they feeling nervous? What is Brussels like?

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Eurovision party if there hadn’t been any singing. Fortunately, in the centre of the room, there was a stage and a karaoke machine, and most of the stars – and their friends – took it in turns to sing their favourite pop songs. Before long, almost everyone in the room was singing and dancing.

Expect more of the same in Euroclub for the rest of the week!

With the stage covered in bright purple light, Jess from the Netherlands appears on stage with her four dancers. All are wearing a combination of bright pink and green with shimmering sequins. It is a look that perfectly matches the cheerful, upbeat song, ‘Stupid’. The dance routine – in which the dancers use their jumpers as props – looks great, although their choreographer makes a few small adjustments between each run-through. A really good first rehearsal.
The next person to rehearse is football-mad Filip Vucic from Serbia & Montengro. He loves football so much that he even brings a ball on stage with him! His entry is a truly catchy song with plenty of “la, la la’s” and a pumping dance beat and Filip seems to really enjoy performing it. The song is about how love should come before everything, even football. And to prove the point he finishes by kicking the ball into the crowd.

Then it’s time for some rock and roll! Latvian band Kids 4 Rock take to the stage and put their heart and soul into their rehearsal. They may be small – bass player Zane can only just reach the end of her guitar! – but they certainly know how to rock. They show off the same poses used by the classic rock bands of the past such as Aerosmith, AC/DC and Wig Wam (Norway’s entry from Eurovision 2005). The song sounds great on the arena’s deafening sound system.

There suddenly seem to be a lot of people watching the rehearsals – which means it must be the turn of local favourite, Belgian singer Lindsay. Sure enough, she is greeted by applause from friends and family as she jogs onto the stage in her bright pink costume. With here are six equally tiny dancers, dressed in orange and green and they all give loud shouts of “Yo! Yo! Yo!” to start the performance. With a catchy chorus and an energetic dance routine, their performance is about one thing: fun!

Thea Saliba and her friends from Malta are next on stage. Thea's entry ‘Make it Right’ is a funky, modern pop song and, by the end of the first run-through, a few people in the audience are already singing along. On stage, Thea’s is joined by five female dancers and two male dancers who start the song on BMX bikes. Even after one rehearsal, their choreography looks really polished.

It’s freezing cold outside the arena but when Norwegian singer Malin starts to sing you can almost feel the sun come out. Her song is all about having fun in the summertime and she sings it with such a big a smile that it’s impossible not to join in. Malin and her six friends jump around and dance as if they’re playing in the sunshine and, afterwards, everyone seems to be very happy with the rehearsal.

Spain’s Antonio Josй is the next act to rehearse. His song, ‘Te Traigo Flores’, is a powerful, up-tempo song with a flamenco rhythm that raises the temperature in the arena by a few more degrees. After a brief technical problem in the first run through, he gives a number of very professional performances which must be quite tiring – the song’s choreography is very energetic. His four dancers dance acrobatically around four silver stools. Antonio Josй will be hoping to repeat Spain’s success in last year’s contest!

Kseniya from Belarus is the last of the 16 participants to rehearse but it is worth the wait. With two dancers, she comes on stage wearing one of the most memorable costumes in this year’s contest – sparkly jeans, white trainers, a tracksuit top, a ballerina’s tutu and a sun visor with her hair in bunches that look like two palm trees. ‘We Are Together’ is a really catchy song and Kseniya sings it well. She has a big voice for such a small person!

So now every artist has had the chance to rehearse on the Junior Eurovision stage. We’ll be seeing them all again over the next two days, making their final preparations before the dress rehearsals begin.


It’s Thursday morning and the second round of rehearsals are beginning. During the previous two days, each participant has had the chance to rehearse several times on the Ethias Arena stage. But now, as the big event gets closer and closer, they must make sure that they correct any technical problems before it’s too late. The pressure is on!
This time, the young stars will get to experience the feeling of a live audience – each one has a ‘friendship class’ of local school children who have come along to support them.

Just as they did on Tuesday, Greek artists Alexandros and Kalli start the show. Again, they have to be wide awake and full of energy – even though it is only 9am. And they are! Their funky dance routine looks even better than last time and their singing seems louder and more confident. Very professional.

Denmark’s young rapper Nicolai is next on stage and his performances have members of the crew nodding their heads in time with the music. His song is a real party record that will remind Will Smith fans of ‘Boom Shake The Room’. Nicolai somehow manages to breakdance, rap and smile at the same time!

Next up is Lorena from Croatia. She smiles at her supporters, sat a few metres away, and then launches into a spectacular performance. It sounds as if the technicians have made some changes over the last two days because her voice sounds louder and clearer, and this seems to make her even more confident. She seems very happy with her rehearsal and so she should be!

Romanian singer Alina clearly loves to have an audience. Like a true professional, she divides her attention between the TV cameras and the friendship class that have come to support her. Somehow she also manages to concentrate on singing and dancing brilliantly too. The choreography is very precise and will look even better by Saturday!

Joni from the UK is on stage next. She’s been suffering from a sore throat for the last 24 hours and has been advised to rest her voice. However, she mimes through the song so that the camera crew can rehearse on their shots. Her miming is excellent, by the way – you have to look very carefully to see that she isn’t really singing! It’s a shame her friendship class supporters don’t get to hear her sing live but the rest of Europe will get to to hear the real thing – back to its best – on Saturday.

After Joni’s elegant, gentle song, M+ from Sweden come on and rock the arena! ‘Bottomless Love’ must be the loudest song in the contest this year – partly because of Maria and Maria’s powerful voices. They really do sing their hearts out and the applause from the supporters is almost as loud. In fact, the crowd are so enthusiastic that a member of the crew has to tell them to put their banners down as they’re blocking the cameras!

Vlad from Russia is on stage next, with the kind of cute smile that you’d expect to see in a Disney movie. He sings the song beautifully yet again and his dancers really look comfortable on stage today. Vlad is not wearing his scarlet beret today but has a nice red knitted jumper on instead. Which look will he go for on Saturday?

Denis from FYR Macedonia gives a brilliant performance, to great applause from the school children in the audience. Again, the sound levels seem to have been adjusted slightly since Tuesday making his voice sound even better which just adds to his confidence – he looks like he’s been performing for years and years. Really professional!

Jess from the Netherlands is wearing a scarf – just as a precaution to protect herself from a sore throat. Her vocal chords are clearly in good health though. She hits every note perfectly and, at the key change near the end, her voice soars to another level. Her supporters go wild! Her dancers do a great job too and look like they have adjusted well to the size of the stage.

The next person to rehearse is Filip from Serbia & Montenegro. He comes on holding his beloved football which gets a cheer from the other football fans in his friendship class. This seems to give him even more confidence. At one stage, he even gives a high five to a member of the audience. The kids seem to love the pumping beat of his song – some even punch the air in time with the music!

Latvia’s Kids 4 Rock run on next in their trademark denim, ready to unleash some good old rock and roll. Wearing the guitars down low like a miniature Nirvana, they give a few manic performances of their pop rock song, ‘Little Pretty Girl’. Their enthusiasm is infectious – lots of people seem to be dancing along to their rehearsal.

All of a sudden, there’s a loud cheer from the local school children. It’s for Belgian singer Lindsay, of course. She smiles and waves to her fans and they cheer again. Their encouragement seems to give Lindsay an extra 10% - and it gives her dancers more confidence too. They all give a flawless performance yet again.

Malta’s Thea Saliba is the next person to rehearse. Her song sounds great today – a really sophisticated pop song that J.Lo would be proud of. Thea sings it beautifully. She and her dancers perform the song a few times and it seems to get better with each rendition. Even the BMX bikers that form part of her act skid along the stage faster than before – very spectacular! Thea shouts “Thank you!” to the supporters cheering her name.

Next, it’s Malin from Norway. She and her dancers are all dressed in bright colours – pink, yellow, green and orange – that look like a dizzying kaleidoscope as they cart-wheel and skip around the stage. It’s a happy feel-good song and the audience certainly seems to like it. A very professional rehearsal, even though it looks they’re just playing and having fun!

From a sunny song to a sunny country. It’s Antonio Josй from Spain who seems to be very popular among the female school children in the audience. He never gives less than 100% and the audience respond to his passion by dancing along to his performance. His voice seems to be getting stronger too. It sounds great on the Ethias Arena’s huge sound system!

Then the stage lights turn to bright green. And, like a traffic light, this signals that our final act is ready to go! Kseniya from Belarus skips onto the stage wearing the biggest smile you can imagine. Her two dancers join in and sing with her and soon the audience are singing along too! It’s a great way to finish the show, and Kseniya seems to be growing in confidence all the time.

Check back tomorrow when we’ll be covering all the news from the dress rehearsals. Now it gets serious!


The prize they all want

Earlier this year, students at the Lucas Faydherbe Art School in Mechelen were invited to design the Junior Eurovision trophy that will be presented to the lucky winner on 26 November.

The design that was chosen for this year’s award was by Liesbeth Pieters, a third-year design student. Based on the Junior Eurovision logo, Liesbeth created a trophy that appeals to both the young and the old. It consists of a red square box in transparent acrylic with the inscription ‘Junior Eurovision Song Contest 05, Hasselt, Belgium’.

Inside the box is a 3D-figurine of the singing girl from the Junior Eurovision logo.

    - In order of voting -

Country: Cyprus
Broadcaster: CyBC
Name (Age): Anna Maria Koukides (14)

Country: Greece
Broadcaster: ERT
Name (Age): Markos Skourtelis(-Bouketsidis) (12)

Country: Denmark
Broadcaster: DR
Name (Age): Caroline Forsberg Thybo (12)

Country: Croatia
Broadcaster: HRT
Name (Age): Nika Turkovic (10)

Country: Romania
Broadcaster: TVR
Name (Age): Beatrice Soare (15)

Country: UK
Broadcaster: ITV
Name (Age): Vicky Gordon (14)

Country: Sweden
Broadcaster: SVT
Name (Age): Halahen Zajden (13)

Country: Russia
Broadcaster: RTR/Rossija
Name (Age): Roman Kerimov (12)

Country: FYR Macedonia
Broadcaster: MKRTV
Name (Age): Vase Dokovski (13)

Country: Netherlands
Broadcaster: AVRO
Name (Age): Giovanni Kemper (14)

Country: Serbia & Montenegro
Broadcaster: RTS/RTCG
Name (Age): Jovana Vukcevic (16)

Country: Latvia
Broadcaster: LTV
Name (Age): Kristiana Stirane (11)

Country: Belgium
Broadcaster: VRT / RTBF
Name (Age): Max Colombie (14)

Country: Malta
Broadcaster: MT/PBS
Name (Age): Stephanie Bason (15)

Country: Norway
Broadcaster: NRK
Name (Age): Karoline Wendelborg (15)

Country: Spain
Broadcaster: TVE
Name (Age): Gonzalo Gutierrez Blanco (16)

Country: Belarus
Broadcaster: BTRC
Name (Age): Anton Lediaev (14)


Hasselt, Saturday, 26 November
Belarus win!

Belarus won the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest after a thrilling contest in Hasselt, Belgium.

In front of a live audience of 8,500 at the brand new Ethias Arena, Kseniya Sitnik took the title with the song ‘We Are Together’, ahead of second-placed Antonio Josй from Spain and Norway’s Malin in third. Kseniya was presented with a trophy designed by local student Liesbeth Pieters.

For the first time, the event was organised by two host broadcasters, VRT and RTBF, and their coordinated effort has drawn unanimous praise from participants and observers alike. Guests at the show included Prince Laurent from Belgium, the first time that royalty has been present at Junior Eurovision.

A total of 71 artists from 16 countries (and their broadcasters) took part in the contest this year. Belarus (BTRC); Belgium (VRT and RTBF), Croatia (HRT), Denmark (DR), FYR Macedonia (MKRTV), Greece (ERT), Latvia (LT), Malta (PBS), Netherlands (AVRO), Norway (NRK), Romania (TVR), Spain (TVE), Sweden (SVT) and the United Kingdom (ITV) were joined for the first time by Russia and Serbia & Montenegro. Cyprus (CBS) was a late withdrawal from the contest, although Cypriot viewers were able to watch the event and take part in the televoting.

A centralised pan-European televoting platform enabled viewers from the 17 aforementioned countries to cast votes via telephone and SMS.

The event was also broadcast in Ukraine, Albania, Portugal, Australia and via international satellite channels.

The two and a quarter hour show, hosted by Maureen Louys and Marcel Vanthilt, included performances from Cirque du Soleil and Marнa Isabel from Spain, the winner of last year’s contest who already has released her second album, ‘Nъmero 2’.

The show’s grand opening featured drummers, bungee jumpers and pyrotechnics and was developed by Dirk Decloedt, the man behind shows of superstars like Cйline Dion. The stage was the largest ever used for the Junior contest and was lit by 100,000 LEDs to create the look and feel of a huge rock concert. Once again, the artists’ Green Room was situated amid the audience.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has attracted more than 170 accredited journalists and the official website,, has so far recorded traffic from 111 countries, including non-competing nations such as France and Poland as well as countries as far afield as the USA, Ghana, Benin and the Ivory Coast.

In the adult Eurovision Song Contest, the winning country hosts the event the following year. But to avoid heaping unnecessary pressure on the Junior artists, the host broadcaster for next year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest had already been chosen. Junior Eurovision 2006 will take place in Bucharest, Romania and will be organised by Romanian broadcaster TVR.

It is 20.15, Saturday, 26 November. Young artists from 16 participating countries are gathered back stage, nervously waiting for the chance to put months of preparation into practice. It’s the Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005.
The atmosphere is awesome. The noise of the crowd can be heard back stage and the artists all look understandably tense. For most of them, this is the biggest concert of their lives.

Suddenly, a booming voice is announcing the start of the show. It’s time for the kids to head for the green room. Here we go!

The artists walk along the catwalk as each country’s name is announced. Around them, percussionists suspended from the ceiling beat out a drum roll while bungee jumpers rise and fall all around them. With a boom of fireworks, Marcel and Maureen appear.

And after a quick introduction, it’s time for the songs.

The Greek song, by Alexandros and Kalli, is called ‘It’s Our Turn Now’ and they take their turn to show the crowd what they can do. It’s a great start. They show no sign of nerves and sing and dance with more passion than ever. At the finale, one of the dancers tears off another’s skirt, just as Bucks Fizz did all those years ago. The crowd go wild for a terrific performance.

Danish hip-hop sensation Nicolai starts his performance alone on stage, standing motionless under a single spotlight. But in the blink of an eye, he’s all action – rapping and breakdancing while surrounded by a team of dancers. At one point, his dancers rip off his jeans to reveal… another pair of jeans! The girls in the audience love that.

Having performed across the world with her brother Dino, Croatian artist Lorena has plenty of experience of playing to big crowds. So it’s no wonder that she seems so at ease in front of the Junior Eurovision crowd – she sings directly into the camera like a true professional. She really looks like she’s enjoying herself and her voice sounds great!

Romanian star Alina looks confident too – perhaps because a fan poll named her as the favourite to win the contest. Mind you, she already performs like an established star. She and her three dancers look striking in their traditional Romanian costume. She has a very strong voice and her dance moves are really sure-footed. She gets a huge reception from the audience.

Another act who sounds like an established musician is the UK’s Joni Fuller. With a voice and a song that could belong to an adult singer, she has the audience rapt for the duration of her performance. Despite three days of throat problems, her voice sounds great – she certainly sounds like she is back to full health!

Sweden’s M+ then come on and perform at maximum volume. The crowd are really jumping and both girls sound great – like proper US divas! The choreography really complements the song and the girls seem delighted with their performance. So do the crowd.

Vlad from Russia is next, leading his dancers onto the stage in a human train. You can hear the mothers in the arena say, ‘Awww’ as he appears – he looks so sweet with his red shirt and white clothes! His song is a happy slice of pop music. And, within a minute, the audience are clapping in time with the beat. Vlad’s group of backing dancers give a really good performance too.

Someone in the crowd starts to wave the flag of FYR Macedonia as soon as Denis comes on stage, wearing a bright white costume with golden tassels. The rest of the audience gives him a warm reception and, in return, he gives his best performance of the week so far, showcasing his excellent voice and looking totally at home on the arena’s enormous stage. The song is a great mix of traditional and modern music.

We’re halfway through now, and it’s time for Tess from the Netherlands to perform her song ‘Stupid’. It’s a great pop song with a massive chorus that the crowd instantly warm to: as Belgium’s neighbours, the Netherlands has plenty of supporters in the crowd. Jess’ voice sounds better than ever tonight and there’s a big whoop from the crowd when she reaches the key change.

Filip Vucic from Serbia & Montenegro enters the stage, clutching his football as if he’s ready for a match. Instead, he puts it on the floor and launches into his sing-along anthem ‘Ljubav Pa Fudbal’. Its hardcore beat is impossible to resist and soon dozens of people in the audience are dancing along with him. After a technical mishap in his previous rehearsal, Filip’s fans are delighted that this one runs smoothly.

Latvia’s tiny rockers Kids 4 Rock take to the stage next. The band might just have the tiniest bass guitarist in global rock music but they make a big noise. They play to the TV audience as much as the crowd in the arena. The singer beckons the camera towards her while her band mates lead the crowd in over-the-head handclaps, reminiscent of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ by Queen. Rock and roll!

According to the rules of Junior Eurovision, each country can only have a limited numbers of performers. But the next country seems to have about 8,000 singers. It’s Belgium. And, before Lindsay has even come onto stage, 8,000 voices in the arena are singing: “Lindsay! Yo! Yo! Yo!” Not that she needs any help, though. She and her team of amazing dancers give a thrilling performance.

And there’s more amazing dancing from the next country. Malta’s song manages to combine a funky melody with a serious message about healing the troubles of the world – but what really grabs your attention is the brilliantly choreographed dance routine. Thea and her dancers wouldn’t look out of place on MTV. The crowd, of course, love it.

Norway’s little star is Malin. Dressed in pink with her long, blonde hair in cute bunches, she sings her song with a huge smile on her face. Her dancers frolic around her, turning cartwheels and giggling innocently. But Malin shows that she is a good singer too, holding the final note until the applause begins.

Spain’s Antonio Josй brings Latin spirit to the evening. His supporters are some of the loudest in the audience, screaming and shouting as soon as he takes the stage. They shout even louder as he yells ‘Hey!’ to signal the start of the song. He sings with real passion but allows himself a little smile as he sees the audience clapping along. And, all the while, he never misses a dance step! So professional.

And finally, it’s Belarus. Kseniya has worn a different costume for every rehearsal, but it’s good to see that the tutu is still there! She looks delighted to be on stage. It’s impossible to watch her performance without smiling. She looks so young but her dancing is perfect and she always hits the high notes. She’s a star in the making.

And there we have it – 16 very different songs. Now it’s up to the people of Europe to decide the winner.

In the meantime, there’s plenty more entertainment. We see a stunning piece of acrobatics from Cirque du Soleil that manages to silence the rowdy audience and then it’s the return of an ‘old’ favourite: Maria Isabel, the winner of last year’s contest. Perhaps old is the wrong word – incredibly, she is still only 10 years of age. Yet she has just released her second album and is a star across Europe and the Americas.

Alongside a troupe of ballet dancers, she sings her winning song “Antes muerta que sencilla” as well as a brilliant new one. Junior Eurovision fans still love her.

The tension is now almost unbearable. The votes have been counted and it is time to announce the winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the winner of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is….



It’s time for us to dash to the press conference and after-party! Don’t worry. We’ll bring you all the news!

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