Martina Bárta is a jazz singer and a hornist born in Prague on 1 September 1988. Already at the early age, she was listening to the sounds of the great jazz musicians together with her father, and it was not long before she went to the music school for the first time at the age of five. The instruments she initially learned were flute, piano, and violin. Her musical talent was quickly discovered and she was given a place at the Prague Music Gymnasium "Jan Neruda". There she also got to know the Waldhorn, for which she developed a passion that is still alive today. After graduation, she began a study of popular singing at the Prague Conservatoire.

She also won the talent competition "Robin Hood – cesta ke slávě" ("Robin Hood – The Path to Fame") and therefore she obtained the role of "Maid Marion" in the musical Robin Hood by Ondřej Soukup and Gábina Osvaldová in Prague's Divadlo Kalich Threatre. In 2011 she entered the Jazz Universität der Künste in Berlin where she was lead by an american jazz singer prof. Judy Niemack-Prins and jazz vibraphonist David Friedman. She finished her studies by a graduation concert "I'll be swinging you..." with the help of her mentor, american jazz double bass player prof. Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Diana Krall). It was in Germany that Martina has experienced her most significant success and popularity.

Martina Barta has a strong soul voice and belongs to the power women among the jazz singers. With her great expressiveness, Martina is suitable for events accompanied by somewhat larger danceable ensembles. Martina used to sing with the big band of Felix Slováček, one of the most famous big bands from Czech Republic, which also works with world famous artists like Karel Gott. At the beginning of 2014, Martina came as a replacement of German band "4 to the Bar" singer Miriam and has been on stage with the band hundreds of times since. Her Waldhorn turned out to be a great addition to the band's sound, but also her strong jazz vocals fit perfectly into the quartet. Together with Marcus Gartschock she performs a duet program as "Scotch and Soda". Martina also performs with band JJJazzmen and her own "Swinging Quartet", makes guest appearances with the band of German rock legend, Henning Protzmann, famed member of the bands Karat and Panta Rhei. She also works on the CD together with her sister Kristina, who is a talented pianist and great composer. Their first single is called "Find peace of mind" was awarded by OSA as the best jazz song of year 2016 at Bohemia Jazz Festival.

Her artistic activity abroad has earned her the privilege to meet and collaborate with global musical leaders such as the Roy Hargrove Quintet and American percussionist, Gregory Hutchinson. Last year, she had her first opportunity to travel to the United States of America, when she participated in the Jazz in Port Townsend workshop under the leadership of American contrabassist and Grammy Award-winning arranger John Clayton.

Martina Bárta is a young, ambitious, and talented singer – a new discovery on the jazz scene, endlessly travelling between Prague and Berlin, a combination of respect for the classics and a love of everything modern and innovative. With her song, "My Turn," Bárta brings immense enthusiasm, positive energy, and an exceptional style of expression to Eurovision. She captured the attention of the ESC Czech Team's management both with her strong and captivating voice as well as with her energy and musical sensitivity.

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- What are the most interesting aspects about your entry?
- I was surprised pleased about my nomination. It definitely changed my plans and my life got a bit crazier for a while but I like it! I didn't expect so many positive reactions from my friends.

- What are the three most impressive facts about you?
I'm a life optimist but that was not always the case. I'm ready to give my hands for helping to another people, wherever it's needed at any time. I'm an extreme goat cheese lover. My friends are laughing at me every time we go for eating together. They don't need to ask me, what I would like to eat!

- Do you have a (lucky) routine before going on stage?
I believe in the power of natural stones. One of my music teachers gave me a stone, which should help being resistant to the fears before going on stage. The stone should be placed on your chakra in the nearness of your heart. I thought about it, that I could put it in my bra. I hope it will make me stronger.

- Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?
At first it's a question of representation of my country. Also I'd like to use this opportunity to show the people who am I, what am I doing as a musician, singer and artist. I hope that it could also help me to get in touch with a lot of interesting people from the music business and people who are interested in music as much as I am.

Jan Potměšil - Creative Producer
His main job is to manage the program development of the Centre for Entertainment, Theatrical and Musical Production at Czech Television. He is in charge of a number of successful formats: StarDance ... when the stars dance (BBC format), The Secret History of My Family (BBC format) as well as the most watched talk show in the Czech Republic called Všechnopárty. Furthermore, many great entertainment, social and cultural programs, such as the presentation of music, film and sports awards, recordings of classical and popular music concerts as well as the largest charitable programs. He has been cooperating with Czech Television for 16 years and he has experience from other commercial television channels. Outside of television projects he co-authored the story and the libretto of the Christmas miracle musical that was being shown for four years in the Prague Broadway theatre. As the authorized creative producer, he is entering Eurovision for the third time. Under his leadership, the Czech team not only broke the curse of the last places, but also experienced tremendous success in the form of Gábina Gunčíková´s advance to the finals in 2016.

"Within the Czech ESC team, I cooperate with amazing professionals who not only enjoy their work, but they also try to move it forward. I believe that this enthusiasm will be reflected in the quality of the song, the stage performance and the overall result.We carry a simple message, which is very important for us: Look around you and don´t be afraid to help those closest to you and even strangers in your neighbourhood"

Jan Bors - Head of Delegation
He is the head of the Czech delegation for the second year in a row. As the Senior Content Producer, he was responsible for the last three years of StarDance, the Help Children shows or large social events such as The Footballer of the Year. He worked on New Year's Eve shows and in the past, he was the script writer and editor of the most popular computer games magazine GamePage. He also reviews computer games. He was invited into the Czech Eurovision team last year. He puts the emphasis on the presentation and the promotion of the song abroad and he believes that an advance to the final this year will be confirmed.

"This year we are focusing on simplicity and purity, which is based on the song itself and on the interpretation of it by Martina Bárta. We put the main emphasis on honesty and the importance of the message that the song My Turn carries. Of course, the visual presentation through which we want to strengthen the overall emotion and pass it on to audiences around the world is no less import"

Jan Maxian, Music Supervision
Czech actor, singer, presenter, composer and musician. He graduated from the State Conservatory in Prague. The holder of several music, theatre, reciting and television awards. He is one of the founding members of the socalled "New circus" Cirk La Putyka, he took part in a number of roles and composed music for Czech and foreign films, TV series, musicals, theatre and radio plays and advertisements. A member of the successful musical band NightWork. As a musical director, he is working on music with film studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., DreamWorks and others.

"As the music supervisor of the Czech delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest I'm actually in charge of everything that concerns the musical side of things. From selecting suitable music material, which means searching trough hundreds of offered songs, through the selection of the suitable artist, to debugging and editing the song and music directly for Martina. This is related to the care of her vocal processing, filming, mixing and everything that goes with it. Simply, as far as the musical aspect of the participation in ESC goes, I am a part of it."

Uroš Trefalt, Art director
He studied theatre directing abroad as well. He is still fascinated by short silent comedy. He is the creator of many well-known campaigns. He is a multiple holder of the prestigious award in the television design competition Promax/BDA.

"The scenic rendition of the song My Turn is a dialogue of an individual with a graphic visual that represents basic human emotions. Martina Bárta walks through a ‘labyrinth’ of light in which people in various extreme situations are being projected. The most dominant feature is the contrast of darkness and light"

Zoltán Tóth, Costume designer
Slovak fashion designer and stylist, living in Prague. He graduated in Architecture and Fashion Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Thanks to this, he places equal emphasis on detail and on the perception of perspective in his work. He observes the relationship between the body, the clothing, the object and space. He has gained his experience during a two-year internship at the studio of the designer Lenka Sršňová and among other things he is devoted to styling for Soffa, Elle and other magazines. In his collections, he always develops personal themes that he abstracts and develops conceptually and in terms of the cut.

"The costume for Martina is made to measure her personality and the character of the song. It is feminine, romantic and gentle. Thanks to the material we will use, it will also perfectly complement the light show which will take place on the stage"

Kyler Niko is the deliverer of three intermixing skills: songwriting, vocal performing and producing. He is a classically trained pianist, with an infinitely eclectic musical mind built from his shameless love of 90s boybands, to new hip hop and deep house. This diversity enables him to write any genre with the same passion and prowess as the one before it. Kyler is currently writing with and for some of the biggest artists in the world, these include: EXO, SHinee, TVXQ, Arashi, Fleur East, Nate Simpson, and BTS, to name a few. Parallel to his songwriting, Kyler is also an amazing artist and has been busy working and writing material for his own artist project. With some amazing collaborations and features confirmed, the album is set to drop this year.

Model Radka Rosická will be Czech spokepsperson at the contest this year.


Interview with Martina Barta - Czech Republic

Watch interview with the representative of Czech Republic Martina Bárta that we have recorded during Eurovision PreParty Riga.

Martina says that she would like to keep the spirit of the music video in a stage presentation, but she will be alone on stage in Kyiv - there will be no backing dancers - but she will get support from four backing vocalists.

From the songs of this year she likes Australia, Finland and especially enjoyed Portugal.

In addition to Riga, she will visit London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Madrid.

After Eurovision, Martina plans to record the album together with her sister. The album will be in the styles of jazz and soul, and based on the songs with a deeper meaning.

Latest news

Czech broadcaster has released official Q&A session.

- How would you describe yourself?
- Optimistic, sometimes too crazy and absentminded. Loving life, my family, friends and music. Often unnecessarily choleric and impatient.

- You are a jazz singer with a great talent. How do you perceive your participation in a contest of predominantly pop songs?
- For me, participation in the Eurovision is a huge challenge. The biggest music project i have ever participated in. I don´t take the fact that my main focus was mainly on jazz music in the past as a disadvantage.

- Your professional life is straddled between Prague and Berlin. Where do you actually feel at home?
- I simply have two homes. I love Prague and Berlin. Both cities are completely different and each of them has its own, for me very inspirational, energy.

- What was it about the song my turn appealed to you?
- My turn is a song with a particular story. It has a soul. It is not exactly typical, but that makes it stronger.

- So, what is the story?
- Every one of us should be ready to offer a helping hand. Anytime, anywhere and to anyone. We should appreciate our loved ones and the people we are surrounded by. You never know when you are going to need help yourself.

- Are you looking forward to participating in the contest?
- I very much look forward to participating in the Eurovision. I am preparing intensively. I regularly attend vocal lessons, I work on my physical appearance, and psychological well-being.

- The results of the Czech Republic get better every year. What effect do these expectations have on you and what is your personal goal?
- I feel the responsibility motivates me enormously. Plus I am not alone in this, a whole team of people supports me. Of course, I will be extremely happy if we manage to get to the finals and to achieve the best place possible. I think we do have something to offer and we are doing maximum to prepare for it.

- Considering the type of the song, success largely depends on the quality of singing. How are you preparing?
- I regularly attend singing lessons of Hana Pecková who is the best vocal trainer in the czech republic for me. She knows very well how to work with her students in order for them not to be afraid of participation in this type of contest. “Si canta come si parla,” or “sing the same way as you talk.” she often reminds me that, and she is right. Singing should come naturally out of your soul.

- An event of this size with huge interest of journalists and fans is a new challenge for you. How do you feel in this role?
- The first week after my nomination was really hectic. Luckily, I have great people around me who are happy to help me in case I need it. I am not alone in this and that calms me down. And at the same time, it confirms the importance of the message of the song My turn.

- Which songs of the other countries do you like?
- I like the Australian singer. Mainly his appearance.

- This year the Eurovision will be held in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. How are you looking forward to this city?
- I have never been to Ukraine, but I have heard Kyiv is a nice city. I will definitely visit a nice jazz club, and i would like to get to know the traditional Ukrainian culture. I like travelling, in general, very much and I'm really looking forward to the stay in kyiv with the czech crew, delegations from other countries and all the fans of Eurovision.

21/04: Jazz version at Eurovision Meets Jazz

11/03: Music video presented
07/03: "My Turn" presented
21/02: Martina Barta to perform "My Turn"
16/02: Martina Bárta confirmed to represent Czech Republic


On 14 September Czech national broadcaster Česká Televize (CT) confirmed its intent to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and announced a call for the local and international songwriters to submit potential entries for the competition.

"I am very pleased that once again we get the opportunity to present the Czech Republic at the world's biggest entertainment show. Our priority is to constantly improve the quality, both in the selection of the contest entry and the artist, and in the preparation for the event itself," says Entertainment Programming Manager Jan Bors

Deadline for entry submission was set for 30 November and songs could have been submitted to The entry will be selected by an expert jury composed of representatives of Czech Television and respected music experts. After selection of the song it will also select an artist, who will represent the Czech Republic.

"To find a song that matches the current world trends and qualities and also stands the intense competition in the ESC is very difficult. It is absolutely normal for Czech artists to cooperate with foreign authors and producers. I am convinced that the widest open song selection is the way to the higher quality," adds Jan Potměšil, creative producer in charge of the project

On 1 December it was announced that more than 300 entries have been received by the broadcaster. By January the number of songs in running was shortened to five, and then they were distributed to the potential performers. The winning combination was chosen in early February. On the jury selecting the Czech entry were: conductor and composer Martin Kumžák (50), singer, producer and composer and member of 4TET, Jiří Škorpík (44), founder of the group Lucie and composer Michal Dvořák (51), composer and singer Pražského výběru Michal Pavlíček (60) musician, composer, conductor and member of the group BSP, Ota Balage (55).

Speaking to creative producer Jan Potměšil revealed that singer Dasha was the original preference for the broadcaster, but her manager Martin Kumžák didn't agree with her Eurovision involvement and gave broadcaster a tip for Martina instead. "I thought - who is she? For which I am ashamed now ... On YouTube I found all the available videos of her performances and I was absolutely thrilled. I immediately called Martina. In this particular song we tried about five singers. Martina Bárta charmed us with her personality and voice. And the author of the music, Kyler Niko, agreed that she is the right choice for us".


Мартина Барта - джазовая певица и музыкант духового оркестра, родилась в Праге 1 сентября 1988 года. С раннего детства вместе со своим отцом она часто слушала записи выдающихся джазовых музыкантов, и в возрасте пяти лет стала заниматься в музыкальной школе. Ее первыми инструментами стали флейта, фортепиано и скрипка. Ее музыкальный талант был вскоре замечен, и она поступил в Пражскую Музыкальную Гимназию "Ян Неруда". Там она начала играть на валторне, которая по сегодняшний день является ее главным музыкальным инструментом. После окончания гимназии, она начала учиться эстрадному вокалу в муниципальной консерватории Праги.

Мартина победила на конкурсе талантов "Робин Гуд - Путь к славе" и получила право исполнить роль Леди Марион в мюзикле Робин Гуд. В 2011 году она поступила в Джазовый Университет Искусств в Берлине, где занималась с американской джазовой певицей профессором Джуди Ньемац-Принс и джазовым вибрафонистом Давидом Фридманом. Она завершила свое обучение выпускным концертом "I'll be swinging you..." при участии своего ментора, американского джазового контрабасиста профессора Грега Коэна. Именно в Германии к Мартине стали приходить ее главные успехи и популярность.

У Мартины Барты мощный соул-голос, который ставит ее в один ряд с известными женщинами джазовыми исполнительницами. Со своей выразительностью, Мартина может выступать в сопровождении больших танцевальных ансамблей. Мартина пела с оркестром Феликса Словачека, одним из крупнейших оркестров Чехии, который также работал, помимо прочего, с Карелом Готто. В начале 2014 года Мартина пришла на замену солистке немецкой группы "4 to the Bar" Мириам и с той поры дала больше сотни выступлений в ее составе. Ее валторна оказалась прекрасным добавлением к звучанию группы, а джазовый вокал идеально влился в квартет. Вместе с Маркусом Гартщоком она исполняет дуэтную программу "Scotch and Soda". Также Мартина выступает с группой JJJazzmen и со своим собственным "Swinging Quartet", в качестве гостя с группой немецкой рок-легенты Хеннинга Протцманна, члена групп Karat и Panta Rhei. Также она работает над совместным альбомом со своей сестрой Кристиной, которая является талантливым пианистом и композитором. Их первый сингл "Find peace of mind" получил приз Лучшей Джазовой песне 2016 года на Bohemia Jazz Festival.

Ее художественная деятельность за рубежом дала ей возможность встретиться и работать со всемирно известными музыкантами, такими как Roy Hargrove Quintet и американский перкуссионист Грегори Хатчинсон. В прошлом году она впервые побывала в США, где приняла участие в семинаре Jazz in Port Townsend под руководством американского контрабасиста и обладателя премии Грэмми Джона Клейтона. Мартина Барта - молодая, амбициозная и талантливая певица - новое открытие на джазовой сцене, постоянно передвигающаяся между Прагой и Берлином, сочетающая в себе уважение к классике и любовь ко всему новому и инновационному. С ее песней "My Turn" Барта несет на Евровидение невероятный энтузиазм, положительную энергию и свой исключительный стиль экспрессии. Он завоевала внимание организаторов Чешского отбора как своим сильным, чарующим голосом, так и своей энергией и музыкальной чувственностью.

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- Каковы три наиболее интересных аспекта твоей песни?
- Я была приятно удивлена своим выдвижением. Оно, конечно, изменило мои планы, и моя жизнь стала немного более сумасшедшей на какое-то время, но мне нравится! Я не ожидала такой положительной реакции от своих друзей.

- Каковы три наиболее впечатляющих факта о тебе самой
- Я оптимист по жизни, но так было не всегда. Я готова протянуть руку помощи другим людям, если они в ней нуждаются. Я невероятно люблю козий сыр. Мои друзья смеются каждый раз, когда мы идем вместе обедать. Им не нужно спрашивать меня, что бы я хотела съесть!

- Есть ли у тебя какой-либо счастливый ритуал перед выходом на сцену?
- Я верю в силу минералов. Один из моих педагогов подарил мне камень, который должен помогать побороть страхи перед выходом на сцену. Камень нужно приложить к чакре рядом со своим сердцем. Я подумала, что могу вложить его в свой бюстгальтер. Надеюсь, что он сделает меня сильнее.

- Почему Евровидение так важно для тебя?
- Во-первых, это вопрос о представлении своей страны. Я хотела бы использовать эту возможность, чтобы показать людям, кем я являюсь, что я делаю, как музыкант, певица и артист. Я надеюсь, что это также поможет мне познакомиться со многими интересными людьми из шоу-бизнеса, и людьми также сильно интересующимися музыкой, как и я.

Кайлер Нико - автор песен, исполнитель и продюсер. Он имеет классическое образование пианиста, а его бесконечно эклетичный музыкальный мир основан как на любви к бойзбендам 90х, так и к хип-хопу и дип-хаусу. Эта разносторонность и помогает ему писать новые песни в любых жанрах с той же самой страстью и мастерством, что и предыдущие. Кайлер в настоящее время сотрудничает с многими всемирно-известными артистами, такими как EXO, SHinee, TVXQ, Arashi, Fleur East, Nate Simpson, и BTS. Параллельно с написанием песен, Кайлер сам по себе потрясающий артист, и постоянно работает над материалом для собственного проекта. Он уже договорился о некоторых совместных треках и завершает альбом, который выйдет в течение этого года.

Модель Радка Росицка станет глашатаем Чехии на конкурсе Евровидение этого года.


Interview with Martina Barta - Czech Republic

Интервью с представительницей Чехии Мартиной Бартой на промо-вечеринке Евровидения в Риге.

Мартина рассказала, что хотела бы сохранить дух видеоклипа в сценической презентации, но в Киеве на сцене она будет одна - танцоров на сцене не будут, но ей помогут четыре бэк-вокалиста.

Из песен этого года ей нравятся Австралия, Финляндия и особенно Португалия.

Помимо Риги она посетит Лондон, Тель-Авив, Амстердам и Мадрид.

После Евровидения Мартина планирует записать альбом вместе со своей сестрой. Альбом будет в стилях джаз и соул, а песни будут содержать глубокий смысл.


21/04: Джазовая версия на Eurovision meets Jazz

11/03: Представлен видеоклип My Turn
07/03: Представлена песня My Turn #ВКОпрос
21/02: Мартина Барта исполнит песню My Turn
16/02: Мартина Барта представит Чехию

Национальный отбор

14го сентября чешский национальный вещатель Česká Televize (CT) подтвердил свое участие в конкурсе Евровидение 2017 и объявил призыв к местным и зарубежным авторам подавать потенциальные конкурсные песни.

"Я весьма доволен тем, что в очередной раз мы получаем возможность представить Чехию на крупнейшем в мире развлекательном шоу. Наш приоритет заключается в постоянном улучшении качества, как в выборе конкурсной песни и ее исполнителя, так и в подготовке к самому конкурсу", говорит руководитель отдела развлекательных программ Ян Борс

Крайний срок для приема заявок был установлен на 30 ноября, песни следовало отправлять по адресу Конкурсная песня будет выбрана экспертным жюри, в которое войдут как представители Телевидения Чехии, так и уважаемые музыкальные эксперты. После выбора песни, также будет проведен и выбор артиста, который представит Чехию.

"Найти песню, которая бы соответствовала современным мировым трендам и качествам и могла бы выдержать серьезную конкуренцию на Евровидении, достаточно сложно. Абсолютно нормальным для чешских исполнителей является сотрудничество с иностранными авторами и продюсерами. Я убежден в том, что проведение широкого открытого отбора песни - путь к повышению качества," говорит Ян Потмешил, креативный продюсер проекта

1го декабря было объявлено о том, что на отбор вещателем было получено более 300 заявок. К январю число участвующих песен было сокращено до пяти, и затем они были розданы потенциальным исполнителям. Лучшая комбинация будет определена в феврале.