Mikolas Josef is an independent singer/songwriter/multiinstrumentalist/producer and music video director.

He was born on 04 October 1995 in Prague to a musical family and was raised in a village in central Bohemia Znojmo. He now lives mainly in Vienna. As a punishment he had a ban on playing a computer - playing guitar instead, which ended him playing it for five years, trying out most of common musical styles, starting folk records moving on to hiphop, house and pop music. His current sound however still carries signs of folk music, thus creating a unique combination and style.

He started his career at the age of 15 recording with local producers and busking in the capital. He almost failed his third year in high school when awarded grade E for Music. He continued busking throughout Europe in cities such as Oslo, Hamburg or Zurich saving up for his productions. Furthermore, Josef was awarded gold medal with distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts for acting. At age 17, he began modelling professionally and took part in fashion shows for clothing brands such as Diesel, Replay and Prada. Being dismayed by the environment in which, according to his words, the dishonesty of relationships dominated, he gradually found the greatest satisfaction and the need for self-realization in composing and songwriting.

He independently released his debut single "Hands Bloody" in 2015. The following year, he released the single "Free", whiched ranked nationwide (Europe 2 Music Chart winner in July 2016) and reached the 15th place of the most played singles in Czech radio by the official IFPI chart RADIO - TOP 100. The single "Believe (Hey Hey)" held the top slot of the most prestigious Czech hit parade, the Evropa 2 music chart, for 3 weeks. After the Believe single, Mikolas moved to Vienna, invited there by the renowned European sound-mix engineer Nikodem Milewski, who later became, in Mikolas' words, his 'musical mentor'. Milewski, who works closely with the best in Europe, including Felix Jaehn, Sam Smith, Klangkarusell and many others, also worked with Mikolas on his latest single, "Lie to Me". On 4 April 2018 it was announced that Mikolas Josef has signed his first record deal - worldwide with Sony/RCA.

"I'm trying not to look at Eurovision as a competition, because honestly I think it's more about people and nations getting together and trying to push each other further… I'm trying to really take it easy on the competition. I'm just here to have fun and see what happens. This is music. You cannot be so competitive about it or it ruins it"

First demo of his future Eurovision entry "Lie To Me" was created in October 2016, and then singer started sending it to some friends of him. So it took over a year for the song to be released and when it got out on 19 November 2017, it created a huge wave on social media where famous models and bloggers started to share the song. A lot of people stood up for it and said it sounded international and insisted it should be submitted for the Eurovision.

"Genuinely this song is about a young man having a hard time finding the right woman — or a relationship — and being after a breakup that didn’t end the best way and trying to get things off your chest, but in a positive way. This is about hard times that you’re going through and not getting swallowed by the negativity. I try to take the negativity, transform it in myself somehow and spit it out in a positive way so it’s dance-y and people can be happy when listening to the song"

In Lisbon, Mikolas will be joined on stage by professional dancers and brothers Kristián and Marek Mensa. Kristián is a student and self-taught artist, dancer, musician, actor and traveller. During his exchange year in Colorado, USA, he got highly motived to start creating and expressing his thoughts through visual art and dancing. Marek is a passionate hip-hop dancer. He came second at the Red Bull BC One Czech & Slovak Cypher, a big highlight in his dancing career.


ESCKAZ talked with Czech Republic representative Mikolas Josef prior to his performance as a guest at the first semifinal of the Ukrainian preselection.

"I was actually very close to go to Kyiv for the Eurovision 2017, but instead of me it was Martina Barta (who eventually made it). I was offered (to sing) "My Turn", but I didn't quite feel that this is my thing. It is actually good for me that I waited and this year I'm going with my own song. So everything happened when it should be happening", the singer says.

"Lie to me" was never created with the intention of actually going to the Eurovision. I made it, and then I received a phone call: "Do you want to participate in the national finals, we like the song" And then I said: yes I do, but the song - we need to make some changes in lyrics (for it to be allowed to the contest). I've already went to the studio to work on it and I am about to finish it, so of course it will be different", says the artist about his new song

Also from the interview you will find out
- what fear Mikolas had to overcome in order to perform in front of the Ukrainian audience,
- why did the camel appear in the music video and if he will be making Blue Carpet appearance in Lisbon,
- where will he be shooting his postcard,
- where his preparations take place - in Vienna (where he currently lives) or Prague,
- what are his first ideas of the stage presentation and whether he will dance on stage,
- what promo parties before the contest he plans to attend.

Latest news

Mikolas Josef, the singer who will represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, spent a few days in Portugal to shoot his postcard and had the opportunity to celebrate the traditional Portuguese carnival in Trás-os-Montes.

In the village of Podence, in Macedo de Cavaleiros, Mikolas Josef found himself with a group of caretos, traditional figures of this carnival. Dressed in their usual colorful fringed suits and iconic masks with large noses, the caretos surrounded the artist and with him they walked down the streets of the village, playing games and displaying the rattles that they wear to the waist.

After the filming, the singer commented on this experience: "It is very good that the artists coexist with the inhabitants of each place and with the traditions and customs of Portugal. This serves not only to promote the country but also to create memories that will last forever. I really enjoyed myself in Macedo de Cavaleiros with a fantastic team!"

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Czech entrant Mikolas Josef has departed for Vienna, where he currently resides, to work on "clean" version of his contest entry. To remind, currently lyrics of the song are marked as "explicit".

29/01: Mikolas Josef to represent Czech Republic
23/01: International jury winner revealed
22/01: Foreign jury members revealed
08/12: Jan Bors reveals more info on the national final
07/12: Czech Republic returns to the national final


Czech Republic will select its Eurovision 2018 representative with a help of online preselection scheme "Eurovision Song CZ".

On 26 September Czech broadcaster Česká televize (CT) has kicked off its quest to find a song for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The submission period was open till 17 November 2017. The Czech broadcaster highlighted that it is not looking for any specific genre. At least one of the main vocalists must be Czech. All entries should be sent to the following email address: It was announced that by 1 November over 130 entries have been received. At the deadline, more than 300 entries have been received, in various styles, most of them are in English, but there are also some in Czech and French.

Jan Potměšil, Creative Producer at CT says: "Participation has been promised by, among others, performers including Dasha, Thom Artway, Mikolas Josef, Markéta Konvičková, Pavel Callta, Elis Mráz, Yanna, Mariana Prachařová, Annabelle, bands Doctor Victor and Eddie Stoilow. The chosen artist or band will get the absolute attention, including performances in at least 6 European countries on local stages. This season we are going to put special focus on stage performance and look – we would like to prepare everything in Czech republic and bring it to Portugal. We really appreciate growing interest amongst the Czech musicians and producers. It shows positive attitude towards the biggest and most spectacular musical show in the world"

Gabriela Gunčíková, the 2016 Czech Eurovision hopeful says: "I believe that the Czech Republic has enough to offer and show. The Eurovision Song Contest is, above all, a game, and I believe that participating in international games is much healthier than being a part of international conflicts".

Marta Jandová, the 2015 Czech Eurovision representative says: "I have to say that both Vaclav and I have gained a lot of new fans from countries all over the world who follow our social networks. That alone makes our participation in Eurovision worthwhile. When the performer is somebody who is not well-known to people, such as Martina Bárta last year, it is a stunner for them as beginners and for us too, even though we are not beginners anymore".

Martina Bárta ,the 2017 Eurovision hopeful comments on her Eurovision experience: Those were the most amazing three months of my life, a great life experience. Thanks to Eurovision, I have made new friends and I'm still in contact with some of the performers. It is important to find your inner composure before the performance and to avoid unnecessary stress beforehand. The people in front of you haven't come to hurt you... They're there to encourage you". Alongside the official announcement, the Czech delegation has launched a remix of the song that Czech Republic presented in Kyiv. The song "My Turn" was remixed by Norwegian producer JOWST, who won the 10th place at Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Czech Republic returns to the national final - 6 acts will compete for the Eurovision ticket in January, has been revealed on 7 December by the head of delegation Jan Frost Bors. Preselection will be online only. Czech public will be able to vote via official Eurovision mobile app, and international jury will have a say as well.

Of more than four hundred registered tracks, thirty-six were submitted by home songwriters. The Czech TV team with the help of Jan Maxián, the professional music advisor to the Czech delegation, has selected six entries of different genres, the finalists will be announced on January 8, 2018 alongside simple videos. Fans will then be able to listen to all the songs and vote for their favorite on the CT website or Facebook page. Voting will run for 14 days.

Public will be able to vote for the best songs from 8 to 22 January via the official Eurovision mobile app. Everyone is allowed to vote, but only votes coming from the territory of Czech Republic will be counted. Voting will be free of charge and only 1 vote per device will be allowed. International jury will be made of 8 members, their names will be revealed after the end of their voting, which will also run until 22 January. Both votes will be calculated on 8-6-4-3-2-1 scheme. In the case of tie, public favourite will prevail. Results of the jury vote will be announced on 22 January, and overall results and the winner - on 29 January.

First hints on the identities of the chosen artists have been released on 13 December. Officially the contestants and their entries will be revealed on Monday, 8 January, during special press-conference.

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Debbi, real name Deborah Kahl, is a singer of German extraction. Aged 10, she moved from Dortmund to Prague. She had been living in Germany, because her Mom emigrated there with her family at age 14, and later found a German husband. Aged 17, the singer first appeared in the first series of ‘Czecho-Slovak Superstar', where she performed as Debbi Kahlová. She lost in the semi-finals, but had already caught the attention of producer Martin Ledvina and soon began putting together her first album.

The unmissable singer with a distinctive and hypnotic voice started her career with the hit "Touch The Sun", which became the most played song of 2011 on Czech airwaves, and also won the prestigious ‘Angel Award' in the ‘song of the year' category. Another hit followed, the summer song "La, La". The year after that, the singer assisted the rapper Lipa with his song ‘I am lying by your side'. This song also immediately became a big hit on the web and the radio, giving Debbi and her ‘ailing-sounding' voice a permanent home in the top tier of Czech and Slovak Radio.

Her second studio album "Love, Logic & Will" (Spring 2013) received well-deserved accolades, including a nomination for ‘female vocalist of the year' in the Angel Awards. In 2017, she released her album "Break", a success with both fans and critics – e.g. the website iReport rated the album as world class, offering a very compelling, refreshing version of pop.

The three-member rock band "Doctor Victor" has been together since 2012 and is known for their quite unmistakable sound and especially the show they put on with their frontman Victor, full of unbridled power. The band is inspired by blues-rock, mostly from the turn of 1960s and 70s. Victor dreamt of starting a band even as a boy, playing his guitar every day and everywhere he possibly could. As a kid, he used to duckwalk to school, mimicking his prime idol – Angus Young, the founder and guitarist of the world-famous group AC/DC.

Victor is a graduate of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and also holds a prestigious scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The band's achievements in recent years include 1st place in "Hard Rock Cafe Rising", 2nd place at an international band competition in Thailand, playing warm-up to the Lucie band on her comeback tour and recording a solo album in Scotland for Dan MacCafferty, the legendary singer of Nazareth.

He could be excused for revelling in the warm-up slot for AC/DC at their Prague concert as part of the "Rock or Bust" tour, a role Doctor Victor got exclusively among Czech bands.Last but not least, the band is opposed to taking drugs; untypical in rock music, but all the more appreciated. Victor himself is a complete teetotaller, abstaining from smoking and alcohol, too. His only high is his music.

Even as a little boy, Jan Žampa, the frontman of the "Eddie Stoilow" band, was deeply steeped in music. His father, who played and sang with Miky Volek, Schelinger, and other Czech Big Beat greats, spent evenings teaching him to play guitar. He went to music school, but got expelled for doing everything purely by ear and not by reading notation, which was not allowed. He set out on his own at 16 and played his first concert in Malta, where he was attending boarding school between 1991 and 1998.

After his return from Malta he was a guest beatboxer in the band Ian Sen, where he immediately took the place of their lead singer, after filling in for her with his excellent voice in flawless English. He never parted company with that band and has been its frontman for over fifteen years. In that time, apart from minor member changes, the band also changed its name to Eddie Stoilow, which, according to the actor Bob Klepl, is supposedly Armenian for ‘Cosmonaut'.

Apart from his role in Eddie Stoilow, Jan Žampa also composes film music, writes music for many other musicians and is often invited to sing the Czech national anthem at numerous major events. Over the past two years the band has managed to release, in addition to the three radio singles "Sun Is Shining", "Coming Home" and "Beautiful Wonderful", a fourth Studio album entitled "Jupiter", which was accompanied by the band's most extensive foray yet, the Jupiter Tour 2016 nationwide throughout the Czech Republic.

Eva Burešová was introduced to music by her parents, who are both musicians. From 8 years old, she studied opera singing with Sylvie Pivovarčíková and at 14 got two main junior operatic roles, in the Opera ‘Carousel' at the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre. A year later, she moved to Prague, where she embarked on her studies at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, majoring in Musicals. She was only there a year when she got one of the main roles in the Musical ‘Baron Munchausen' by Zdeněk Barták, at the Hybernia theatre. After two years at the Conservatory, she switched to studies at a private international conservatory, where she majored in Musicals, Jazz and World Music.

In 2011, she became better known to viewers through the ‘Czecho-Slovakia's Got Talent' contest, with the song Listen (by Beyoncé), having reached the finals. The jury, comprising Jaro Slávik, Martin Dejdar and Lucie Bílá called her the best singer overall, out of all the competitions that took place in the Czech Republic. Since then, Eva has been unmissable in many major Czech musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar (as Mary Magdalene), Dracula (as Adriana/Sandra, Lorraine), Cyrano (as Roxanne) and many others. In addition to her roles in musicals, she appears in several television series. This year marks the launch of Eva's first solo album, with participation from Czech and international authors.

Mikolas Josef, today a composer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and director of music videos, grew up alternately in Prague and Znojmo. He now lives mainly in Vienna. He comes from a musical family. He's been playing the guitar since he was 5. He graduated from the English High School in Prague, and although his study grades were good enough for him to go on to prestigious UK Colleges, he opted not to keep studying, but to get on with his musical career.

Aged 17, he won the highest meritorious award from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, the Gold Medal with distinction for solo acting. He has not taken up an acting career yet, though. Just before embarking on his musical career, he spent a year working as an international model, for major global fashion brands. He cut his promising modelling career short, rejecting practices within the industry. After leaving the modelling world, he headed to European cities including Oslo, Zurich, Hamburg, Vienna, and Prague, where he made a living as a street musician. After a year of travelling he invested his savings in his creative work, which in 2015 resulted in his first single and video-clip "Hands Bloody".

He became better known to Czech fans after his second single "Free". This song has been ranked the 4th most played local song in the Czech Republic (source: The single "Believe" held the top slot of the most prestigious Czech hit parade, the Evropa 2 music chart, for 3 weeks. After the Believe single, Mikolas moved to Vienna, invited there by the renowned European sound-mix engineer Nikodem Milewski, who later became, in Mikolas' words, his ‘musical mentor'. Milewski, who works closely with the best in Europe, including Felix Jaehn, Sam Smith, Klangkarusell and many others, also worked with Mikolas on his latest single, "Lie to Me".

Pavel Callta's family is musical to the core, his Mom was a great singer, and it seems every member of the family plays some instrument or other. Pavel started out on the piano, but soon moved on to the trumpet and then the guitar. This he stuck with, and is now inexorably linked with it. He wrote his first lyrics, ‘Song for you' aged 16. But it wasn't all entirely straightforward. At 15 he started signing with the "Low AttenDance" Big Band in Česká Lípa, but gave that up, along with his trumpet, in favour of competitive swimming, which he did for many years. At that time, he opted for sport.

In 2008, he once again returned to making music, this time as a member of the Prague ska-reggae band "Unity". He went on to be the frontman of the melodic pop-rock band "Sweeper". In 2009, he enrolled at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, under the leadership of Eduard Klezla. He left college after a year, however, preferring to study in New York, followed by another college in Antwerp, Belgium.

Pavel fully committed his life to to music after reaching the semi-finals in the ‘Czecho-Slovakia's Got Talent 2011' TV show, where he wowed at the keyboard with his great compositions "Hero" and "Apologize". This was followed by his début Christmas single ‘In the Stars' with more than a million views on YouTube, and a few weeks topping the Evropa 2 radio station "T-Music" chart. The launch of his début album was marred by a family tragedy; the death of his father. The album was thus released a year later, under the name ‘Moments'. Recent hit singles include the ‘Therapist' and the latest ‘We write our dream' where Pavel, after a long musical break, is joined by none other than Leoš Mareš. This year, Pavel will be launching his second album, named ‘Touches'.

On 22 January Czech Television has published the names of ten foreign jurors who are evaluating entries of the Eurovision Song CZ. All members of the jury are former Eurovision participants.

Dami Im (Australia 2016)
Iveta Mukučjan (Armenia 2016)
Jalisse (Italy 1997)
Liora Simon (Israel 1995)
Nathan Trent (Austria 2017)
Naviband (Belarus 2017)
Norma John (Finland 2017)
Robin Bengtsson ( Sweden 2017)
Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia 2016)
SunStroke Project (Moldova 2010, 2017)

# Performer Entry Songwriter(s) Jury Tele Total
01.Eva BurešováFlyVáclav Noid Bárta, David Vostrý2 (27)68
01.Mikolas JosefLie to MeMikolas Josef8 (68)816
01.Pavel CalltaNever ForgetPavel Callta4 (34)48
01.Eddie StoilowWe Rule This WorldJan Žampa, Jan Martínek2 (27)24
01.Doctor VictorStand UpDoctor Victor3 (30)14
01.DebbiHigh On LoveEllie Wyatt, Jon Hällgren, Mahan Moin, DWB6 (54)39


Миколас Йозеф - независимый исполнитель, автор песен, мультиинструменталист, продюсер и режиссер видеоклипов.

Он родился 4 октября 1995 года в Праге в музыкальной семье и вырос в деревне в центральной Богемии Зноймо. Сейчас он, в основном, живет в Вене. В детстве, в качестве наказания его заставляли вместо компьютера играть на гитаре, в итоге он играл на ней пять лет, испробовав все музыкальные стили, начав с фолк-музыки, и дойдя до хип-хопа, хауса и поп-музыки. Его нынешний саунд, однако, до сих пор несет в себе частицы фолка, создавая уникальную комбинацию и стиль.

Он начал свою карьеру в возрасте 15 лет, работая с местными продюсерами и будучи уличным музыкантом в столице Чехии. Он почти провалил свой третий год в высшей школе, получив двойку по музыке. При этом он продолжил петь на улицах различных городах Европы, таких как Осло, Гамбург и Цюрих. Впоследствии, Йозеф был награжден золотой медалью с отличием, закончив Лондонскую Академию Музыки и Драматических Искусств по классу актерского мастерства. В 17 лет он стал профессионально работать моделью, и принимал участие в модных шоу таких брендов, как Diesel, Replay и Prada. Однако, его оттолкнула эта среда, в которой по его словам доминировала нечестность в отношениях, и вместо этого он нашел самоудовлетворение и самореализацию в написании песен.

Он выпустил свой дебютный сингл "Hands Bloody" в 2015 году. На следующий год он выпустил сингл "Free", который вошел в национальные чарты (победитель чарта Europe 2 в июле 2016) и достиг 15й строчки самых ротируемых песен на чешском радио по данным официального ТОП 100 чарта IFPI. Сингл "Believe (Hey Hey)" возглавлял хит парад Evropa 2 на протяжении трех недель. После его выпуска, Миколас перебирается в Вену, по приглашению известного европейского саунд-продюсера Никодема Милевски, который по словам Миколаса становится его "музыкальным наставником". Милевски, который работал с такими известными музыкантами, как Felix Jaehn, Sam Smith, Klangkarusell, также поработал и над новым синглом Миколаса "Lie To Me". 4 апреля 2018 было объявлено, что Миколас Йозеф подписал свой первый контракт с лейблом, мировую дистрибуцию артисту теперь гарантирует Sony/RCA.

"Я стараюсь не рассматривать Евровидение как конкурс, потому что, честно говоря, мне кажется, что это больше тусовка людей и народов, которые собираются вместе и пытаются чему-то научить друг друга. Я стараюсь не концентрироваться на конкурсной составляющей. Я просто получаю удовольствие, и посмотрим, что произойдет дальше. Это - музыка. Нельзя соревноваться в ней, или это разрушит ее".

Первое демо его будущей конкурсной песни "Lie To Me" было создано в октябре 2016 года, и тогда же певец начал направлять его своим друзьям, спрашивая их мнение. Прошло более года, до того момента, как песня была выпущена, и когда это произошло 19 ноября 2017 года, она создала большую волну в социальных СМИ, знаменитые модели и блоггеры стали делиться его песней. Многие слушатели стали отмечать, что она звучит международно, и стоит принять участие с ней в Евровидении.

"Если брать в целом, то эта песня о молодом человеке, который испытывает трудности с поиском подходящей ему девушки или отношений - и после очередного разрыва, который был достаточно сложным, он хочет сбросить этот груз с плеч, но в позитивном смысле. Она о тяжелых временах, через которые мы все проходим, и о том, что нам нужно стараться не быть охваченными негативом. Я стараюсь принимать негатив, трансформировать его внутри себя, и выдавать в ответ позитив. Это танцевальная песня, и я надеюсь, что она сделает людей, слушающих ее, более счастливыми"

В Лиссабоне с Миколасом выступят на сцене профессиональные танцоры братья Кристиана и Марек Менса. Кристиан - студент и артист-самоучка, танцор, музыкант, актер и путешественник. Во время обучения по обмену в Колорадо, США, он получил мотивацию для создания и выражения своих чувств посредством визуального искусства и танца. Марек - страстный хип-хоп танцор. Он занял второе место на соревновании Red Bull BC One Czech & Slovak Cypher.


ESCKAZ пообщался с представителем Чехии на Евровидении 2018 Миколасом Йозефом перед его выступлением в качестве гостя на первом полуфинале украинского отбора. Видео с русскими субтитрами.

"Я был очень близок к поездке в Киев на Евровидение в прошлом году. Но вместо меня поехала Мартина Барта. Еще до нее мне была предложена к исполнению конкурсная песня "My turn", но мне показалось, что это не совсем мое. И вообще, это хорошо, что я переждал год и могу теперь представить свою песню. Всё происходит тогда, когда должно происходить", рассказал исполнитель

"Lie to me" не была создана для того, чтобы быть представленной на Евровидении. Я создал ее, а потом получил звонок "хочешь ли ты принять участие в нац.отборе? потому как нам нравится твоя песня. Я ответил положительно, но дело в том, что ее текст не совсем соответствует правилам конкурса. Нам пришлось изменить их, мы вот-вот закончим все редактирования и представим новую версию", говорит исполнитель о своей новой песне

Также из видео вы узнаете
- какой страх Миколасу пришлось преодолеть, чтобы выступить перед украинскими зрителями,
- зачем в клипе появился верблюд и отправится ли он на синюю дорожку в Лиссабоне,
- где будут проходить съемки его посткарда
- где будет проходить его конкурсная подготовка - в Вене (где он живет обычно) или Праге
- какие у певца есть первые идеи сценического номера и будет ли он танцевать на сцене
- какие промо-вечеринки перед конкурсом он планирует посетить


Миколас Йозеф, певец, который будет представлять Чехию на Евровидении 2018, провел несколько дней в Португалии для съемки своей открытки и имел возможность отпраздновать традиционный португальский карнавал в Траз-уш-Монтиш.

В деревне Поденше, в Маседу-ди-Кавалейруш, Миколас Йозеф оказался с группой карето, традиционных фигур этого карнавала. Одетые в свои обычные красочные окантованные костюмы и знаковые маски с большими носами, карето окружали артиста, и вместе с ним прошли по улицам деревни, играя в игры и демонстрируя погремушки, которые они носят до пояса.

После съемок певец прокомментировал этот опыт: "Очень хорошо, что артисты сосуществуют с жителями каждого места и с традициями и обычаями Португалии. Это служит не только для продвижения страны, но и для создания воспоминаний, которые будут длиться вечно. Мне очень понравилось в Маседу-ди-Кавалейруш с фантастической командой!"

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Представитель Чехии Миколас Йозеф отправляется обратно в Австрию, где в настоящее время проживает, чтобы подготовить "чистую" версию своей конкурсной песни. Напомним, что ее текст в настоящее время содержит несколько нецензурных выражений.

29/01: Миколас Йозеф представит Чехию. #ВКОпрос
23/01: Объявлен фаворит международного жюри
22/01: Объявлен состав международного жюри
04/01: Предварительная информация о схеме проведения чешского отбора
13/12: Представлены первые намеки на личности участников финала
08/12: Ян Борс раскрывает новые детали национального отбора
07/12: Чехия возвращается к национальному отбору

Национальный отбор

Чехия выберет своего представителя на Евровидении 2018 при помощи онлайн отбора "Eurovision Song CZ".

26 сентября чешский вещатель Česká televize (CT) приступил к поиску песни для Евровидения 2018. Период подачи заявок был открыт по 17 ноября. Чешский вещатель подчеркнул, что они не ищут какой-то конкретный жанр. По меньшей мере, один из главных вокалистов должен быть чехом. Все заявки должны быть отправлены по следующему адресу: Было объявлено, что к 1 ноября подано более 130 заявок. К концу приема завок поступили свыше 300 песен, в различных стилях, большинство исполняется на английском, но также поступили и песни на чешском и французском.

Ян Потмешиль, креативный продюсер CT: "Участие было обещано многими исполнителями, такими как Dasha, Thom Artway, Mikolas Josef, Markéta Konvičková, Pavel Callta, Elis Mráz, Yanna, Mariana Prachařová, Annabelle, группы Doctor Victor and Eddie Stoilow. Выбранный исполнитель или группа получат полную поддержку, включая выступления как минимум в 6 европейских странах в период подготовки. В этом сезоне мы хотим заострить внимание на сценическом выступлении, конечно, нам бы хотелось провести всю необходимую работу в Чехии и привезти в Португалию итоговый результат. Мы очень ценим возрастающий интерес к конкурсу среди чешских музыкантов и продюсеров. Это говорит о позитивном отношении к самому большому и зрелищному музыкальному шоу в мире"

Габриела Гунчикова, представительница Чехии на Евровидении 2016, с надеждой говорит: "Я считаю, что Чехии есть что показать и чем удивить. Евровидение – это игра, и я думаю, что участие в международных соревнованиях гораздо полезнее, чем участие в международных конфликтах".

Марта Яндова, представительница Чехии на Евровидении 2015, рассказывает: "Должна сказать, что мы с Вацлавом приобрели много новых фанатов со всего мира, которые теперь следят за нами в социальных сетях. Это уже говорит о том, что наше участие не прошло даром. Когда исполнитель не очень известен людям, как например Мартина Барта в прошлом году, конкурс – потрясающая возможность для них, да и для нас тоже, хотя мы и не совсем новички".

Мартина Барта, представительница Чехии на Евровидении 2017, делится собственным опытом: Это были самые невероятные три месяца моей жизни, определенно большой жизненный опыт. Благодаря Евровидению у меня появились новые друзья, и я продолжаю общаться с некоторыми представителями других стран. Важно сохранить свое внутреннее спокойствие перед выходом на сцену и постараться заранее избежать ненужных стрессов. Люди перед тобой – не враги... Наоборот, они вдохновляют тебя". Параллельно с официальным объявлением, чешская делегация выпустила ремикс на песню, которая представляла эту страну в Киеве. Ремикс на песню "My Turn" сделал норвежский продюсер JOWST, который занял 10ое место на Евровидении 2017.

Чехия возвращается к проведению национального отбора - об этом заявил 7 декабря глава делегации Ян Борс. Отбор из шести песен пройдет в январе, он будет проводиться в интернет формате. Чешская публика сможет проголосовать посредством официального мобильного приложения Евровидения, также заявки оценит международное жюри.

Из более чем четырехсот заявок, только 36 были написаны местными авторами. Телевидение Чехии вместе с консультантом отбора Яном Максианом выбрало шесть песен в различных стиля для участия в шоу. Финалисты будут объявлены 8 января 2018 года, поклонники конкурса смогут услышать все песни на сайте и Facebook странице канала и проголосовать за лучшие из них. Голосование продлится 14 дней.

Публика сможет проголосовать за лучшие песни с 8 по 22 января посредством официального мобильного приложения Евровидения. Голосовать могут все, но засчитаны будут только голоса из самой Чехии. Голосование будет бесплатным, и допускается только 1 голос с устройства. Международное жюри будет состоять из 8 членов, их имена будут оглашены после завершения голосования, оно также продлится до 22 января. И зрители и жюри проголосуют по схеме 8-6-4-3-2-1. В случае равенства баллов преимущество получит фаворит зрителей. Голоса жюри будут оглашены 22 января, окончательные итоги и победитель - 29 января.

Первые намеки на личности тех, кто примет участие в национальном отборе были опубликованы 13 декабря. Официально, конкурсанты, песни и видео на них будут представлены в понедельник, 8 января, во время специальной пресс-конференции.

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22 января телевидение Чехии опубликовало состав международного жюри, которое оценивает песни национального отбора Eurovision Song CZ. Все члены жюри - бывшие участники Евровидения.

Dami Im (Австралия 2016)
Iveta Mukučjan (Армения 2016)
Jalisse (Италия 1997)
Liora (Израиль 1995)
Nathan Trent (Австрия 2017)
Naviband (Беларусь 2017)
Norma John (Финляндия 2017)
Robin Bengtsson (Швеция 2017)
Sanja Vučić ZAA (Сербия 2016)
SunStroke Project (Молдова 2010, 2017)

# Исполнитель Песня Авторы Жюри Теле Итого
01.Eva BurešováFlyVáclav Noid Bárta, David Vostrý2 (27)68
01.Mikolas JosefLie to MeMikolas Josef8 (68)816
01.Pavel CalltaNever ForgetPavel Callta4 (34)48
01.Eddie StoilowWe Rule This WorldJan Žampa, Jan Martínek2 (27)24
01.Doctor VictorStand UpDoctor Victor3 (30)14
01.DebbiHigh On LoveEllie Wyatt, Jon Hällgren, Mahan Moin, DWB6 (54)39