Born in 1992, Christabelle is singer/ performer/ songwriter/ social media influencer. Having been taught by both Maltese and foreign tutors Christabelle has been singing for the past 20 years. Besides music Christabelle is also an accountant after following a commerce degree as well as a Masters Degree in Accountancy at the University of Malta.

Christabelle was 3 years old when she started performing on stage with her first original song "Jien Inhobb Il-Helu". Following a brief stint on television in her teens – during which she hosted Teen Traffic and Teen Trouble (both nominated for a Malta Television Award) – Christabelle decided to focus on her career in music. She took part in several competitions some of which being the Junior Eurovision 2003-2006 preselections in Malta and also in Louisiana where she managed to obtain the F.I.D.O.F Award and was also the winner of the competition. Christabelle has had gigs both in Malta and also away from the island , some of which being Bari, Battipaglia, Rome in Italy; Baton Rouge, Los Angeles and also San Francisco in the United States.

Christabelle has also had the opportunity to study music and vocal technique at the infamous Mount Sainte Mary"s College (SLS Technique) in Hollywood. The same school that has hosted Lucy Hale (Pretty little Liars) Frankie Sanford (The Saturdays), Demi Lovato and several other famous stars.

For the past six years, Christabelle has been working with American and British producers on a string of hit songs, including "I Wanna Know", "Flame", "Naturally", "Every Time I Bleed", "Everything About You", "Say", and "Fall for You", with many of them reaching the Number 1 spot in the local charts. In 2009, she was hand-picked by Gigi D"Alessio to perform alongside him during his concert at the Palalottomatica in Rome. She has also opened for world-renowned singer Laura Pausini in Malta, and performed at Isle of MTV 2017 sharing the stage with such artists like The Chainsmokers.

Christabelle has won 8 Bay Music Awards these being Best Solo Artist 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 , 2013 Viewers Choice Award 2008,2008 and also the Best Song Award in 2009. Christabelle has had the privilege of performing at all of these award shows. Besides being nominated for several other awards Christabelle has also won Best R n b artist at the Malta Music Awards where Christabelle has also performed.

Christabelle has taken part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) three times. In 2013, the singer fiished 8th with the song "Lovetricity", in 2014 she was 2nd with "Rush" and in 2016, fourth with "Kingdom". She believes that, due to its popularity all over Europe and the world, the song contest is one of the best ways for Maltese and European artists to get their music out there and to share their message.

Following a one-year break, Christabelle returned to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Taboo, a personal song co-written by herself along with Johnny Sanchez, Muxu and Thomas G:Son, the latter of which wrote Loreen’s 2012, Eurovision-winning song, Euphoria. Muxu is the songwriter behind Malta's two victories at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and Malta’s 2015 Eurovision entry Warrior. Johnny Sanchez is a Swedish music producer and songwriter who has been writing songs for the Eurovision Song Contest for countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Ireland.

Her Eurovision entry, "Taboo", is a song that addresses the importance of compassion when it comes to mental illness. A cause that"s very close to the artist"s heart, she hopes that this song will get people to talk more openly about mental illness, making it easier for those suffering from it to open up to family and friends.

The singer has been made an ambassador of the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society for mental health. Her role within the Foundation is to continue to raise awareness about the reality of living with mental illness, while also supporting local charities that focus on mental health. As the singer has stated herself in various interviews, this is something that hits very close to home due to her suffering from poor mental health at certain stages in her life. This is not the first cause Christabelle has taken on, however. In fact, as a much-loved, local LGBTIQ+ ally, the singer has performed multiple times at Malta Pride. Her reasoning, as she has made clear over the years, is that no one should be discriminated against or persecuted for loving another human being.

"Her message to her fans is a simple yet powerful one: “Let no one take your dreams away from you; in fact, make sure you surround yourself with positive people! Also, whatever you do, keep studying – having an education is as important as anything in life."

Latest news

During a week dedicated to Brain Awareness Week, Eurovision Song Contest winner Christabelle was invited by the Italian Ambassador Mario Sammartino to his residence at Ta' Xbiex together with a number of Italian professional experts in the mental health field.

In view of her winning song ‘Taboo', Christabelle was invited to attend for activities to be held during the week.

The reception was attended by a number of experts specialising in the field including the world-known neurologist Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti.

Professor Rizzolatti was invited to Malta to speak about his work and the results in his field. He related to TVM the importance of creating widespread awareness of the nature of mental illness because all humans should show empathy towards those suffering in silence.

Italian Ambassador Sammartino also speaking to TVM said Malta and Italy are collaborating in the sector to raise awareness supported by members of Italian Professors and Researchers in the Mental Health field at Malta University.

Shooting for Taboo music video has kicked off. Christabelle kept her momentum on her #Taboo journey and this time she put her soul and mind into the music video shooting.

During the last 4 weeks an intensive process started in order to come up with a video concept, film it, edit the footage. The production team had very intense and challenging filming sessions, especially when wind, rain and cold battered on them.

Filming took place in 4 different locations with the presence of around 200 extras for a total of more than 72hrs of filming.

The concept behind the music video was to represent different factions of society and their own personal struggles. Their leaders are exploiting their weaknesses by forcing them to battle each other, whilst exposing them to the emperor, a representative of the society which decides to blindly judge the tribes in the video. The cheering crowd symbolises individuals who would rather choose to believe the prejudices in society, rather than forming their own opinion.

The box is a representation of the state of mind one goes through when fighting his personal battles. Christabelle willingly enters the ring, on a mission to break the taboo and leads the rest of the factions to winning over their own personal struggles, without the fear of seeking help.

The recordings of Christabelle's postcard had as background the Coudelaria de Alter do Chão and the landscapes of Alto Alentejo. There the Maltese artist has met a riding instructor, who gave her an unforgettable lesson. After that, Christabelle had the opportunity to admire the Lusitanian horse, to visit the stables and the museum. The singer commented on this experience and also her brief visit to Lisbon:

"It was fantastic and I even made a new four-legged friend, Tofu, not to mention all the Portuguese people whom I met, and who were very hospitable. The postcard was filmed in a beautiful place in Alter do Chão and we spent two very good days there. In Lisbon it was also amazing, including the architecture and the food. Can not wait to get back there!"

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Christabelle took off to Lisbon for her first official engagement related to the Eurovision 2018. She started her postcard shooting which will be used during the Eurovision semi final night on the 10th May.

Her postcard was filmed in Alter do Chão, in the district of Portalegre, more specifically in the Coudelaria Alter-Real. Founded in 1748 by King D. Joao V, Coudelaria Alter-Real was installed in Coutada do Arneiro, owned by the Casa de Bragança, being the oldest and most notable Portuguese Stud and the longest running time in the original seat in the World. Known for breeding Alter-Real horses, the breed's production was at risk during the Napoleonic invasions, when General Junot's French troops stole the best specimens. Only in 1992, with the importation of three Andalusian Stallions, measures were taken to return to Alter-Real its old characteristics and its best use in the world today, in addition to its preservation. Currently, the reproduction of Alter-Real is controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Meanwhile, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca appointed singer Christabelle as an ambassador for the President's Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society on the mental health sector. During a visit at San Anton Palace, Christabelle immediately accepted the new role and said this is an honour for her. With her song Taboo, Christabelle hopes she will give courage to those suffering from a mental health condition to continue fighting and seek assistance.

President Coleiro Preca stated that mental health affects many people, without looking at age or faces. She added that she will contact various European platforms which work in the mental health sector so that they will also deliver the Maltese song message, Taboo, which through Christabelle will represent Malta next May in the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal.

Christabelle also met the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia to discuss Taboo and the things people can do to help with the awareness of mental health.

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Did someone just pinch me? MESC 2018 WINNER! I am completely overwhelmed by all your messages of support and heartfelt...

Posted by Christabelle on Sunday, 4 February 2018

03/02: Christabelle to represent Malta, #NFReview
29/01: First rehearsals are underway
22/01: Colin Fitz to host national final
04/01: Participating entries presented
12/10: 16 finalists announced
16/09: 30 shortlisted entries announced
01/07: Preselection regulations released


On 30 June Maltese broadcaster The Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) has invited interested artists and songwriters to apply to take part in the "Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018".

The song, including music and lyrics, must not have been released commercially before 1 November 2017. Singers must be 16 years old by 1 May 2018. The winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is not eligible to compete. All artists must be of Maltese nationality or have dual citizenship; in a group consisting of two or more people, the lead artist must be Maltese or have dual citizenship. Authors and composers may be of any nationality. Complete regulations are available here. Submission should include: Song in original version and backing track, lyrics, declarations by artist, composer and lyricist, confirmation of payment of non-refundable processing fee of €150 per entry, payable online through PayPal. Submission deadline was set for 1 September. Whilst an artist may submit any number of songs for the Eliminatory Phase selection, artists may interpret only one song during the Final Phase itself. If one artist has two candidate songs, he/she will sing the one of their preference. The composer and lyricist will go on to find another singer for the second entry along with the broadcaster.

During the eliminatory phase, all songs were heard by the panel of Judges in full playback form and without the presence of the artist. However, the panel of Judges could have requested viva voce representation of certain songs in order to establish artist voice quality. The preliminary list was compiled following the adjudication of 129 songs which were presented to participate in this most prestigious festival. First shortlist included 60 entries, second shortlist was narrowed by both local and international judges and included 30 entries. On 15 September, PBS has announced the preliminary list of the 30 songs selected in the first phase, possibly, to compete in next year's Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Check the shortlist of 30
Abire Sekkaki - Casablanca Love
AIDAN - Dai Laga (Aidan Cassar)
AIDAN - See You (Aidan Cassar)
Avenue Sky - We Can Run (Jonas Gladnikoff, Matthew Ker, Glen Vella)
Brooke Borg - Heart of Gold (Christian Schneider, Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert, Brooke Borg)
Christabelle Borg - Taboo (Johnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son, Christabelle Borg, Muxu)
Dan - If Only (Cyprian Cassar, Mark Scicluna, Marlon Polidano, Daniel Muscat)
Danica Muscat - One Step at a Time (John Ballard, Ruth Mussie, Jerusalem Yemane, Irena Krstva, Kian Fakhary)
Deborah C - Turn It Up (Christian Schneider, Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert)
Deborah C & Josef Tabone - Human (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu)
Dominic Cini - Pictures (Cyprian Cassar, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Dwett - Breaking Point (Elton Zarb, Muxu)
Eleanor Cassar - Back to Life (Jonas Gladnikoff, Michael James Down)
Ishmael Grech - Good Times (Bruce Smith, Matthias Nylander)
Jasmine Abela - Supernovas (Charlie Mason, Jonas Thander)
Kelsey Bellante - Super Woman (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu)
Kevin Paul Calleja - Great Adventure
Kim Cortis - Monsters (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu, Kimberley Cortis)
Kurt Anthony - You Will Find Me (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu)
Lawrence Gray - Love Renegade (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu)
Malcolm Pisani - Kiss
Matthew Anthony - Call 2morrow (Jonas Gladnikoff, Tom Wiklund, Peder Eriksson)
Miriana Conte - Rocket (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu)
Nicole Azzopardi - Mixed Feelings (Elton Zarb, Muxu)
Petra - Evolution (Elton Zarb, Muxu)
Raquel Galdes - In My Mind
Rhiannon Micallef - Beyond Blue Horizons (Rhiannon Micallef, Cyprian Cassar)
Richard & Joe Micallef - Song for Dad (Cyprian Cassar, Richard Micallef)
Stefan Galea - Closer (Rikki Lee Scicluna, Richard Micallef, Claude Spiteri Belcher)
Tiziana Calleja - First Time (Tina Stenberg)

On 12 October PBS has announced the 16 songs selected that will compete in the final phase of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. The chosen songs were announced during a meeting with the 30 singers who were selected to perform their song in the contest's preliminary phase. The finalist songs were chosen over three days of auditions and were performed before a jury of seven foreign judges. On 16 October during a meeting held at the PBS Creativity Hub with the 16 MESC 2018 finalists, a draw took place to determine the 1st and the 16th slot in the running of the festival. The draw determined that the festival will be opened by a newcomer Aidan with his song Dai laga and will close the running order Petra, who will be performing her song Evolution. You can check bios of participating artists here.

On 4 January the lyrics video were launched together with the 16 finalist songs. The lyrics video can be accessed on the TVM site or Youtube channel.

During the final show on 3rd February 2018 at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre the sixteen finalists will perform live with backing vocalists. This year's production team came up with the Eurovison theme #jointhemagic.

The final night of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) is to be presented by Colin Fitz. This was announced on 22 January on Carlo"s Breakfast Cafe" which is broadcast on the PBS radio station, "Magic Malta".

The news was given during the programme by last year"s presenter Daniel Azzopardi who handed the role over to Colin Fitz, who will be presenting the festival on 3 February.

Fitz is one of the presenters on Magic Malta and has often presented musical shows, and is well-known for his humorous banter.

PBS shall finance the participation, flight from Malta (and return) and accommodation, of the singing artist(s) only. PBS reserves the right to engage its own backing vocalists and/or dancers to accompany and participate with the artist(s) in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Aidan Tiziana Eleanor Cassar Brooke Deborah C Dwett Matthew Anthony Miriana Conte Petra Rhiannon Richard & Joe Micallef Jasmine Avenue Sky Christabelle Danica Muscat Lawrence Gray

# Performer Entry Songwriter(s) Jury Tele Total
01.AIDANDai LagaAidan Cassar6+8+10+ 7+3=34842
02.Miriana ConteRocketCyprian Cassar, Muxu5+0+4+ 0+0=9514
03.Jasmine AbelaSupernovasCharlie Mason, Jonas Thander2+10+8+ 0+5=25631
04.Matthew AnthonyCall 2morrowJonas Gladnikoff, Tom Wiklund, Peder Eriksson4+5+3+ 8+6=26632
05.Danica MuscatOne Step at a TimeJohn Ballard, Ruth Mussie, Jerusalem Yemane, Irena Krstva, Kian Fakhary0+0+0+ 2+0=213
06.DwettBreaking PointElton Zarb, Muxu0+2+0+ 0+1=31215
07.Lawrence GrayLove RenegadeCyprian Cassar, Muxu0+0+0+ 3+0=347
08.Richard & Joe MicallefSong for DadCyprian Cassar, Richard Micallef10+4+5+ 5+7=316798
09.Tiziana CallejaFirst TimeTina Stenberg0+0+0+ 4+0=4812
10.Eleanor CassarBack to LifeJonas Gladnikoff, Michael James Down7+1+2+ 1+8=191736
11.Rhiannon MicallefBeyond Blue HorizonsRhiannon Micallef, Cyprian Cassar0+6+1+ 0+2=9514
12.Brooke BorgHeart of GoldChristian Schneider, Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert, Brooke Borg8+3+6+ 10+10=374784
13.Christabelle BorgTabooJohnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son, Christabelle Borg, Muxu12+12+12+ 12+12=6073133
14.Deborah CTurn It UpChristian Schneider, Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert, Erik Gronwall01313
15.Avenue SkyWe Can RunJonas Gladnikoff, Matthew Ker, Glen Vella1+0+0+ 0+0=11516
16.PetraEvolutionElton Zarb, Muxu3+7+7+ 6+4=27633
International jury:
Kleart Duraj (Albania)
Jan Bors (Czech Republic)
Regína Ósk (Iceland)
Bruno Santori (Italy)
Meri Popova (Macedonia)

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