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List of participants of Junior Eurovision 2006 in order of performances.

  Country Performer   Song Rank of the song by EK version *
1 Portugal Pedro Madeira (11/11/92) Por10.jpg (6322 bytes) Deixa-me sentir (Let Me Feel) Another performer in highlighted youth style of clothing. Great vocals, but the song is not very memorable. Five static backing vocalists and minimal movements of the singer round the scene 7/10
2 Cyprus Luis Panagiotou (05/06/93) & Christina Christofi (23/12/94) cyp10.jpg (8661 bytes) Agoria Koritsia (Boys Girls) Excelent duet, well performing together, very good arrangement of the song, may be a bit chaotic dance routine and not very strong visual appearance, speaking about composition and vocals - everyting is on the top level. 8/10
3 The Netherlands Kimberly (Nieuwenhuis) (22/11/91) Net10.jpg (4998 bytes) Goed (Good) Anothe ballad, this time backed up by very active gypsy dances, which may be only turn attention of the performer and her song. Also perfectly performed and will battle with Sweden for the title of best ballad.  8/10
4 Romania New Star Music (Teodora Roxana Sima (24/10/93), Diana Ioana Prepelitsa (09/05/94), Liviu Mircea Teodorescu (12/07/92), Cristian Sanda-Gorun (30/12/92)) Rom10.jpg (8729 bytes) Povestea mea (My Story) First costume show at Junior Eurovision - a gimmick that should work. Performers dressed as Fat Frumos (Prince Charming) - soloist, Harry Potter (most enthusiastic and emotional performer), Piter Pan and Spider Man (two girls). Together with very memorable song and especially chorus, this will enter home stage as hot favourite of the contest. 9/10
5 Ukraine Nazar Slyusarchuk (20/04/92) ukr10.jpg (8067 bytes) Hlopchyk rok-n-rola (Rock'n'roll boy) Stylish costume and haircut of the yound singer, performance backed with a sports acrobatics and rock-n-roll dancing. May be performance should have concentrated on the singer instead of background. 7/10
6 Spain Dani (Daniel Fernandez Delgado) (11/12/91) Spa10.jpg (7156 bytes) Te doy mi voz (I Give You My Voice) Different to predict what choreography will be like in Bucharest as at National Final song was traditionally backed by adult backing dancers. The only gimmick was when at the beginning of the song girl sitting on motobike dressed singer in his jacket. The there is simple dance routine, not very memorable as the song itself, performance also could be better. 7/10
7 Serbia Neustrasivi ucitelji stranih jezika (Fearless teachers of foreign languages)
Stefan, Aleksandar, Ilija, Aleksa, Gojko, Tijana, Dalibor and Jana) (11-13)
Ser10.jpg (11756 bytes) Ucimo strane jezike (We Are Learning Foreign Languages) Rapping teachers of foreign languages try to teach listeners to count on 6 languages of Europe and 1 of Asia and other basic phrases like "Hi, what's your name" in English. Song is memorable, but a bit obtrusive. Visual performance require improvement. 7/10
8 Malta Sophie Debbatista (20/04/94) mal10.jpg (4387 bytes) Extra Cute First assotiation coming - Silvia Night. A pathetic performance of 'extra cool' girl starts with shout "Hello, world, are you ready, I'm hitting the road" and singer appeares on the motobike. After that she moves a lot round the scene, which makes camerawork to be well appreciated, and 'queen of rock' ends playing drum kit. Will this dramatic concept work - we shall see on the final night. 7/10
9 FYR Macedonia Zana Aliu (21/04/93) mac10.jpg (7770 bytes) Vljublena (In Love) Mid-tempo composition with ethnic influence. Three dancers are used in stage presentation. Lead singer carries some pitiful look throughout the song compared to lively promo photos of the singer. 7/10
10 Sweden Molly Sanden (03/07/92) swe10.jpg (6599 bytes) Det finaste nagon kan fa (The Best Someone Could Get) Typicly Swedish schlager ballad, very suitable for local Melodifestivalen. Static performance, visual work with cameras, four backing vocalists and singer, who demonstrates strong vocal performance. Difficult to predict how the ballad will go, especially as Sweden now lacks any support from Scandinavia and Baltics region. 9/10
11 Greece Chloe Boleti (13/04/93) Gre10.jpg (7277 bytes) Den peirazei (It Doesn't Matter) Cute singer dressed in youth style, good song with quite memorable refrain. Backing dancing however need improvement and better syncronization, considering they barely had 3 rehearsals together before the show. 9/10
12 Belarus Andrey Kunets (07/12/95) blr10.jpg (14061 bytes) Noviy Den' (New Day) Best national preselection of Europe once again has delivered one of the best entries of the contest. Excellent song, arrangement and performance. Expressive presentation and a bit chaotic dance routine, but there are no doubts that presentation will be developed by the Euroweek in Bucharest. 9/10
13 Belgium Thor! (Salden) (28/11/97) Bel10.jpg (6361 bytes) Een tocht door het donker (A Journey Through The Dark) Absolutely childish song, performer will be remembered for his cuteness, and his entry for memorable rhythmic lines in chorus. A bit of static performance with sitting backing vocalists, which was greatly decorated by backgrounds and lights. 8/10
14 Croatia Mateo Djido (01/04/94) cro10.jpg (9603 bytes) Lea Pop-rock song following style of winner of first Junior Eurovision Dino, performer dressed in karate uniform, not a bad image, but performance and visual part of it need significant improvement. 6/10
15 Russia Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy (14/01/97) rus10.jpg (8937 bytes) Vesna (Vesenniy Jaz) (Spring (Spring Jazz)) For the first time at Eurovision concept of twins is used that can attract extra attention to Russian entry, written in not very children jazzy style and backed by 3 saxophone players. We think that visual performance and dresses of singers need improvement. 8/10

* Review of the songs (EK rating) is in no way official and represents subjective only point of view of the website editor. Author keeps right to change this marks at any time and support those musical acts that fit his taste and other preferences.