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First of all let me introduce the concept of ranking system we used on our site. All points given under category "EK rating" and on this page - are marks put by  authors and reviewers of our site. As we try to do our best to be objective (we have experience in music doing such kind of rankings for more than 6 years now) there usually is a big chance that our opinion will be completely different from yours.
Now about points theirselves. Each song that won national selected and qualified to the final or qualifying round is ranked by 4 categories with 4th being mark for live presentation given during final night. In each category 10 points is the maximum.
At national pages of this website each song is marked out of 10. This allows us to complete rating of best preselection songs. Some songs considered by us as the best of preselection are also reviewed on country pages.
And again I have to mention that ranking is put on site just to be rough guide for you, to give estimates for each song.
If you want to express your opinion, agree or disgaree with authors - mail us
Participants of Eurovision 2004
  Music Lyrics Vocal Result after 3 categoties Live performance  
Jari Sillanpaa - "Takes 2 to tango" (Finland) Tango. Mephisto style devil tango. 9 "Angels and demons dance side by side" 10 Strong professional vocal. 10 If this strong will not qualify to the final, it will only mean that system of qualification failed to perform. 29 Vocally perfect. Not so perfect visually as in National Final. 9 38
Aleksandra and Konstantin "My Galileo" (Belarus) We're glad that duo managed to turn from simple folk songs to something clearly in europop standards. 8 "I'm desperate to reach new horizons" 8 Vocal of Aleksandra can not be described. One should listen to it. 8 Not bad song at least for the debut. 24 Participants very worrying, especially Alexandra, but at the end they've managed to improve. 8 32
Piero Esteriore and The Music Stars "Celebrate" (Switzerland) Poor disco-dance number. 7 "Clap your hands"
Absolute nonsense 6
Nice leading and back vocals of Music Star participants. 8 Song going nowhere. 21 Piero tried to do his best and performed song from his heart. 9 30
Fomins & Kleins
"Dziesma par laimi" (Latvia)
Interesting, outstanding song. 8 "When nothing is left
I want to sing to you"
Professional. 8 Can become new Olsen brothers. 24 Strong performance in soft-rock style. 10 34
David D'Or "Laha'amim" (Israel) Nice calm song 9 Most important thing in life is - to have a dream and believe in it. 10 Absolutely superb vocal. 10 Will be a great pity if this interesting song will not qualify to the final. 29 Amazing performance where David easily demonstrated all abilities of his splendid vocal. 10 39
Marta Roure - Jugarem a estimar -nos (Andorra) Mid tempo pop ballad. 8 "I want us play in loving each other" 6 Average. 7 Not very memorable song, not in English. 21 Messy performance, dances and back vocal shouts. 7 28
"Foi Magia" (Portugal)
Average midtempo song 7 "It was magic
When I touched you, and the kiss that I gave you"

Oh, well...
Some amateur vocal. 7 It's obvious that if Portugal will keep on sending such songs it will never be a Eurofavourite. 20 At certain level, but not one to remember. 8 28
Julie and Ludwig "On Again... Off Again" (Malta) Disco meets opera. 9 "Love is a flame that we can never tame" 9 And another great duet, with great vocal abilities. 10 Not regular song. 28 Impressed a lot first of all because of great work on the vocals. 10 38
Maryon - "Prenez soin de notre planete" (Monaco) Midtempo song of no style. 7 GreenPeace anthem 9 Amateur vocal. 7 Points from neighbouring countries. 23 Not bad, but certainly nothing to add to it. 9 32
Sakis Rouvas - "Shake" (Greece) Poor dance tune 7 "I could trade my life for a night with you" 6 Nothing outstanding 7 Will be lost between other dance tunes 20 Rather poor vocally, but very exciting. 7 27
Ruslana - "Diki Tantsy" (Ukraine) Style of Wild Dances. 8 "Dance forever" 8 Recently live vocal of Ruslana improved a lot. 8 Not standard and with excellent stage performance shoul battle for top places. 24 One to remember, but vocally not good enough. 7 31
Linas and Simona "What Happened to Your Love" (Lithuania) Amazing uptempo ballad 9 Could you give me one more try. 10 Superb duet, especially male part. 10 Great finish of the preselection. 29 Perfectly done, either vocally or choreographically. 10 39
Anjeza Shahini
- "Imazhi yt" (Albania)
It's difficult to judge now what parts will be cut in 3 minute version and what arrangement will be made. For now 8 Besides "I like to become a little mad" - standard love song. 7 Singer should keep on developing her vocal. 7 Chances to qualify to the final are very loose. 22 Very strong and impressive performance. 10 32
Lisa Andreas - "Stronger Every Minute" (Cyprus) Very balladish song. 8 "My love grows stronger every minute" 8 Girl definetely can think 8 I'm afraid that this song can be considered as dull one. 24 One of the best performances around - song is going from the heart. 10 34
Tose Proevski "Life is" (Macedonia) Not bad mix of modern rock-pop and folk music 8 "Life is a book and you have to read it" Problem is that Macedonian and English lyrics are totally different. 8 Average voice 7 Doubt that this song will make an impression after first listening 23 Nice, but not so impressive. 9 32
Platin "Stay Forever" (Slovenia) Nothing to remember 7 "Just stay forever" 7 Not bad vocals, but this obviously is not enough 7 Doubt that this song wil qualify to the final 21 They were trying to show, but unfortunately song is pretty poor. 9 30
Neiokoso "Tii" (Estonia) Something 5 "I got up early in the morning, Went out with the cock-crow, Left my gates wide open, Go other with me too" 6 Peasant, not pleasant. 6 Extremely poor song just trying to sound similar to successful folk entries from previous years. 17 Pity, performance was extremely exciting, especially drums part. 10 27
Ivan Mikulic - Dajes mi krila (Croatia) Ballad. 9 "I lost part of me" 10 High class vocal. 9 Now we have superb ballad in semifinal too. 28 Extremely good vocal performance. 10 38
Tomas Thordarson "Sig det'logn" (Denmark) Very strong latino song 8 Lyrics will be translated into English. Right now this is good ballad, but not suitable for music 8 Not bad 8 Among latino entries of the year this is best so far. 24 Messy performance: it was easyly seen that Thomas has big problems with performing in Englsih. 8 32
Zeljko Joksimovic "Lane Moje" (Serbia) Another ballad this time ethno one. 6 "Look for someone who reminds you of me" 7 Impressive vocal... 8 But the song is unfortunately dull. 21 Impressive. 9 30
Deen "In the Disco" (Bosnia) Professional disco from Vesna Pisarovic. 8 And nonsense lyrics from her same time . 6 Not bad vocal, but not more. 8 Dance number, suitable for disco, but not for music contest. 22 A bit scandalous number. 9 31
Re-Union "Without you" (Netherlands) Very simple but effective melody. 7 "I've spent my life in search for you" 8 Not bad singing. 8 Again simple song but there is smth charming. 23 All genius is simple. 9 32
Ramon "Para llenarme de ti"
Standard latino song. 7 "Everything for this love"
Not bad, and the only good part of the song. 7
Rather poor vocal and true American appearence. 7 Afer knocking all good songs one by one Spain came to the deadend. 21 A bit worrying, but vocally good. 9 30
Tie Break "Du bist" (Austria) Nice ballad. 8 "You are the air that I breathe" 9 I'd prefer solo performance. 7 Doubt that among male singers this will make any difference. 24 Of three performerce only one coped with vocals. 8 32
Knut Anders Sorum "High" (Norway) Nice powerfull ballad 9 And amazing lyrics 10 Strong, professional vocal. 9 With good performance - top 5. 28 A great performance. 10 38
Jonatan Cerrada - "A chaque pas" (France) Having best English and French authors on your site result can't be unsuccessful 8 And for sure we can't go without  8 Nice strong vocal. 8 Though song still missing some hitpoints... 24 Good vocal performance spoilt by disasterous stage show. 9 33
Max "Can't Wait Until Tonight" (Germany) Accoustic ballad. 7 "First time I saw you it knocked me down" 8 Very "sounding" 8 Good song, but not leading. 23 Very strong. 10 33
Xandee "1 life" (Belgium) Average dance tune. 7 "You're my brother my sister tonight" 7 Very average. 7 Pity that this type of song can be popular among Eurofans. 21 Poor vocally and messy choreography. 8 29
Yulia Savicheva - "Believe Me" (Russia) According to our tradition we don't rank the Russian entry. We just wish success to it in Istanbul.
Jonsi - "Heaven" (Iceland) And another superb ballad in rock style 10 Interesting is that title is not mentioned anywhere in lyrics 9 Very strong. 10 Amazing ballad to compete great list. 29 Best performance in final. 10 39
Chris Doran "If the World Stops Turning" (Ireland) Not bad ballad from Westlife member. 8 "If the world stops turning..." 9 Strong vocal, but not so good camera attraction.  8 Pity, but this song will not be noticed from first listen. 25 Very nice vocally. 10 35
Blue Cafe - "Love song" (Poland) Dangerous mix of techno with national folk instruments. 6 "Sweet song Love song". Very strange love, and very short, just 5 lines... 5 Poor copy of Anastasia. 6 Another confirmation of rule that if singer didn't qualified to the final with good song he has all chances to do so next year with bad one. 17 Chaotic and not memorable. 8 24
James Fox "Hold On To Your Love" (UK) Standard song more suitable for boys band. 7 "I found that someone I believe in" 8 Unexperienced performer. 7 Song should be like by youngsters, especially female.  22 Nice performance. 9 31
Athena - "For Real" (Turkey) SKA - pank similar to Madness and other mid-70th groops. With few instrumental parts. 7 "No question no answers" just "Up I wanna bring u Up!" 6 Yes, this is vocal. 7 How many eurofans noted this song can bring another first place for Turkey, but from the other side of scoreboard.  20 Different from others and memorable. 10 30
Sanda Ladosi "I admit" (Romania) Regular, but nothing more. 7 "You were the light in my life" 7 Average 7 Let's say - there are better songs in the final. 21 Strong and impressive. 9 30
Lena Ph - Det gor ont (Sweden) Another average song 6 "The last thing I need - memories of you" 6 Nice vocal though 8 Once again Sweden selects not the best song. 20 Performance is very effective. 10 30

Final ranking on our site's version:
Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia, Norway, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, Latvia.

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EuroFriends (vote) Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal 9 Ranking of all songs closed
Eurowizja Poland, Ukraine, Serbia Finland, Austria, Ireland 23 Ranking of all songs 12.05 (289)
Eurovision-DB Serbia, Belgium, Sweden Monaco, Latvia, Portugal 10 Method of jury closed
Eurovision Madrid Belgium, Serbia, Ukraine Switzerland, Slovenia, Monaco 8 Standard closed (293)
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Best preselection songs 2004


Klajdi Musabelli Nje sphrese per jeten time Albania   14 Davinia Mi obsession Spain
2 Adrian Enache My love story Romania 15 Afterdark La dolce vita Sweden
3 Kurt My heart Belgium 16 Daniela Brun The ghost of you Switzerland
4 Knez Navika Serbia 17 James Kilbane Loosing you Ireland
5 Yuhubanda Ce zdaj odides sama Slovenia 18 Ja Da Mr. Brown Norway
6 Geir Ronning I don't need to say Finland 19 Miguel Amor de madrugada Spain
7 Jari Sillanpaa Takes 2 to tango Finland 20 Teodora Bojovic and Nightshift Daj mi snage Serbia
8 David D'Or Le'ha'amin Israel 21 Triple 10'rs One of a kind Netherlands
9 Jonsi Heaven Iceland 22 Ibica Jusic Jos samoj ove put Croatia
10 Andreas Esteche Ole Ole Sweden 23 Kristine Broka and Sanita Zapacka Angel's song Latvia
11 Andi Kongo Sikur te rroja sa kjo bote Albania 24 Lawrence Gray You're on my mind Malta
12 Linas and Simona What happened to your love Lithuania 25 Garry Hagger I will choose you Belgium
13 Edmundas Kucinskas Hey, hey, golden ray Lithuania 26 Kozma Dushi E nesermja tjeter kujt i takon Albania
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