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Russia first rehearsal

Saved the best for last?

Absolutely! Sergey's most definitely putting out all the stops; Visual presentation is key here, and Sergey is undoubtedly delivering.

Wings, 3D Effects, climbing the LED wall, you name it Sergey has it.

Vocally, Sergey's in top form too.

Great first rehearsal, which undoubtedly is going to keep the momentum going for Russia. It will be up to its other close competitors, (ahum France) to challenge Russia.

Well done.

Oikotimes Birthday Party and Opening night of Euroclub

Oikotimes birthday party and opening night of Euroclub

From Oikotimes and opening euroclub party

Well we finally had nothing to do in the press centre last night at around 9pm, so what’s a Eurovision fan in Copenhagen gonna do except go to the first party of the season

Dimi, Daniel and I rushed home to the apartment, changed, grabbed a quick vodka and then headed off in a taxi to deepest darkest central Copenhagen to Club Vega for the party

So the club?? Well it’s not as big as in previous years, but has a huge stage and seems to have various rooms upstairs and another room to the side. We didn’t venture in there too much as there were only about 350 people there….I know it's early days yet!!

Drinks are a little on the pricey side, but hey we are in Scandinavia so expect that, expect to pay around 50DKK for beer and 65-85DKK for shots and cocktails….Daniel and I started on the “Back Stage Pass” cocktail…..yum, Rum and green stuff…

Well the Party. First a huge thanks to Fotis from Oikotimes who invited personally the whole of the ESCKAZ team. Sadly Andy could not make it, he had too much work to do, but the rest of the team were all there. And another thanks for the glass (well nearly a whole bottle in the end) of champagne….much appreciated!!!!

Performances from the following delegations took place, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan and Alex Panayi (Cyprus 1995) Drama Queen (Denmark 2007) and DJ Ohrmeister. The video clips are on our usual youtube channel. A selection are here;


We also managed to chat to several other delegations too, Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, San Marino, and a great chat with one of the Swedish songwriters Sandra Bjurman who co-wrote Running Scared, the winning song from 2011 for Azerbaijan. Maybe this for me was one of the most interesting chats to have all night, talking about the great relationship between Swedish music and the rest of the world of pop!!!

From Oikotimes and opening euroclub party

So that was it, first party of the season. Was just a perfect opener to the coming week or two and yes we were in bed by 1 am…..I know there is something wrong with us!!!

1st rehearsal of Lerika in Amsterdam

Andy on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 11:02

Lerika gives quite comfortable performance for the big favourite of the contest. She isn´t really looking to reach the high notes, but otherwise, everything is very good. The dance has changed compared to the national final, you probably have seen updated version of it already during the opening party. Lerika moves to the front of the stage, and then back to the middle during the song, hopefully it will look good on cameras as well. Seemingly, Lerika is the only performer today to perform in her stage outfits.