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How did Russia's first rehearsal go?

The Tolmachevy sisters won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. Now they want to shine in Copenhagen. Here's a look at the first Russian rehearsal:

The former Junior Eurovision winners, Tolmachevy sisters, start their performance in matching outfits on a glass seesaw, holding a transparant tube together. In the second run through, the girls have their long pony tail hair strangled together as well.

They're surrounded in a red backdrop which bursts open when they sing the chorus of their entry 'Shine' for the first time. It's really red, which leads me to assume that the dresses for the girls are most probably are going to end up in white, if they stick to this backdrop.

During the second verse, the girls break the tube in two and go each to a side of the see saw, going up and down. There's no change here in the second chorus.

I'm a little bit confused about one of the props that appears out of the see saw however. just before the key change, there's this big canvas being pulled out of the see saw, which is white and joined together looks like a Chinese fan prop. But it's completely white, so I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of that is. Unless something will be projected on there.

Vocally, the girls got better with each run through. The first one was a little bit shakey, but second time around the nerves seemed to have calmed down, resulting in a smooth third run through.

Run through number three also added a little extra element to it; the famous firework waterfall. I have to say, including that into the performance with the bridge really does make Russia look particularly good on stage. Before I wasn't entirely sure, but I reckon Russia have no trouble qualifying either this year.