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Belarus - 2nd rehearsal

Eran onThu, 05/09/2019 - 12:04

ZANA has changed her outfit. She wears a crop top in pink, white and black, shorty white shorts and high boots. She has a matching a jacket, that is being taken off by the dancers early in the performance, but it's not done in the most elegant way. The two female backing singers also changed outfit and wearing urban outfits in black, white and red. The dancers wearing short sleeve top in black with what seems to be some tribal shape in white in the middle. ZANA seems to keep her vocals for later.

Belarus - First rehearsal

Eran onSat, 05/04/2019 - 14:02

Zana goes on stage with a tight colorful top and a torn up white trousers. She looks good and sounds well. At first, she's accompanied by two male dancers, that gives the performance some urban vibe. They're doing some flips on stage. The props are big boxes on wheels, that also supposed to add some more urban feel. With the colorful somewhat artistic video art it seems too much at times. The eye is always busy. Toward the end of the song, two female backing singers/dancers join her on stage. I will say again she sounds very good vocally.

Belarus second rehearsal

Desiree onThu, 05/03/2018 - 14:21

Similar rehearsal to the first one a few days ago - sounding good, still completely over the top of course. Let's see if in a few minutes I can reveal a bit more about how all the little tricks are done!

Ok, I've just been down to see the last run of Belarus - the dancer actually does take the flower off the camera - and the rose through his hand is clicked on by someone running by very quickly.

Belarus First Rehearsal

ChrisB onWed, 05/03/2017 - 12:28

Ok, so Belarus have a flying boat, sort of, as the boat is not really flying but the backdrop LED creates that impression.
Fun performance, the two have excellent chemistry and the staging looks less static than what we have seen from them before. Vocals are also good.
I'm not sure I understand the relation between staging and theme of the song.

Belarus First Rehearsal

IVAN from Belarus is without a doubt the most talked about artist this year, even before the contest started.

His idea to perform naked has partly been granted, as you'll notice from the introduction. A naked IVAN hologram caressing a hologram wolf. You get the party. In fact the whole performance can be described as hologram. There is so much going on that I hope the Belarussian team whittle it down a bit.

Vocally IVAN's not quite on par either, but that's probably just the nerves with all the media attention and being in Globen for the first time.

Oikotimes Birthday Party and Opening night of Euroclub

Oikotimes birthday party and opening night of Euroclub

From Oikotimes and opening euroclub party

Well we finally had nothing to do in the press centre last night at around 9pm, so what’s a Eurovision fan in Copenhagen gonna do except go to the first party of the season

Dimi, Daniel and I rushed home to the apartment, changed, grabbed a quick vodka and then headed off in a taxi to deepest darkest central Copenhagen to Club Vega for the party

So the club?? Well it’s not as big as in previous years, but has a huge stage and seems to have various rooms upstairs and another room to the side. We didn’t venture in there too much as there were only about 350 people there….I know it's early days yet!!

Drinks are a little on the pricey side, but hey we are in Scandinavia so expect that, expect to pay around 50DKK for beer and 65-85DKK for shots and cocktails….Daniel and I started on the “Back Stage Pass” cocktail…..yum, Rum and green stuff…

Well the Party. First a huge thanks to Fotis from Oikotimes who invited personally the whole of the ESCKAZ team. Sadly Andy could not make it, he had too much work to do, but the rest of the team were all there. And another thanks for the glass (well nearly a whole bottle in the end) of champagne….much appreciated!!!!

Performances from the following delegations took place, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan and Alex Panayi (Cyprus 1995) Drama Queen (Denmark 2007) and DJ Ohrmeister. The video clips are on our usual youtube channel. A selection are here;


We also managed to chat to several other delegations too, Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, San Marino, and a great chat with one of the Swedish songwriters Sandra Bjurman who co-wrote Running Scared, the winning song from 2011 for Azerbaijan. Maybe this for me was one of the most interesting chats to have all night, talking about the great relationship between Swedish music and the rest of the world of pop!!!

From Oikotimes and opening euroclub party

So that was it, first party of the season. Was just a perfect opener to the coming week or two and yes we were in bed by 1 am…..I know there is something wrong with us!!!

Belarus Alyona Lanskaya rehearsal 1

Andy onTue, 05/07/2013 - 10:28

The staging is pretty nice there. Alyona enters from a huge disco ball. Two male dancers in front and 2 female and male backing vocalists first to the left from Alyona and then moving behind her. Second part of performance have some tamtam drumming from dancers. Two problems there: backdrop. Its awful and totally don't fit the song. And Alyona when she is relaxed it's great. She is easily annoyed by something though and it quickly shows. She should be totally totally relaxed for the performance. My advice skip all press-activities besides Belarus party, let her rest, especially for the whole Sunday. Sing very easily on Monday and Tuesday mornings. The song stands out and should do well.