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Sergey Lazarev

Winner predictions from Daniel and I


Still calling it for Russia this year, with either Australia or Ukraine in second place

BUT I would love to see Austria do it, that would be simply amazing but unlikely to happen and of course I am totally hoping for a top 10 place for Georgia


Think that Russia will still pull this off, with a dark horse as Serbia and France possibly having their best score for years.

Would love to see Russia win this all in the end BUT at the same time Bulgaria should hopefully do well too, good luck to Poli

Russia first rehearsal

Saved the best for last?

Absolutely! Sergey's most definitely putting out all the stops; Visual presentation is key here, and Sergey is undoubtedly delivering.

Wings, 3D Effects, climbing the LED wall, you name it Sergey has it.

Vocally, Sergey's in top form too.

Great first rehearsal, which undoubtedly is going to keep the momentum going for Russia. It will be up to its other close competitors, (ahum France) to challenge Russia.

Well done.