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Germany - First rehearsal

Eran on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 17:24

Germany's S!sters are the last act to go on stage for today. Carlotta and Laurita walking towards each other on the catwalk and meet each other on the 2nd chorus. Their faces appear on the video art and later words like "Sorry" and "Respect" show up on it. The camera work circling them, falling at one point, zoom in on them and then take a shot at the audience. On the last chorus, there are different images of sisters on the screen. There are some things to work on regarding the camera work, the staging seems to be not tight enough.

That's it, we saw all 41 acts rehearse on stage at least once. Can you spot the winner?

Germany First Rehearsal

German entrant Jamie-Lee Kriewitz is one of the youngest participants in the field this year. She's just finished her first rehearsal and vocally she's sounding very strong.

There isn't really much change happening from the project as we saw it in the national final. The same green laser beams are used, the trees are on the stage, Jamie-Lee is even wearing the same thing.

Perhaps a good choice... If it worked in the national final, why wouldn't it work for Eurovision.

First rehearsals for the Big five and Denmark

I can't believe it's over a week since I first went to get my accreditation badge here in the press centre. Now I'm all geared up to watch the first rehearsals of the big 5 countries and Denmark.

The Eurovision Song Contest has now really really kicked in.

The red carpet is later on today as well, together with a great night planned in the Euroclub.

I'm sure we'll have loads and loads of fun today!

Spicey x