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Eurovision 2014

First rehearsals for the Big five and Denmark

I can't believe it's over a week since I first went to get my accreditation badge here in the press centre. Now I'm all geared up to watch the first rehearsals of the big 5 countries and Denmark.

The Eurovision Song Contest has now really really kicked in.

The red carpet is later on today as well, together with a great night planned in the Euroclub.

I'm sure we'll have loads and loads of fun today!

Spicey x

Sanna's cage

Andy on Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:08

The stage is ideal fit for it, and it looks the best way Undo can be shown on the stage. Basically it is updated version of Melodifestivalen performance. People who think this is a favourite, will get their hope strengthened after seeing that one.

Vocally it is perfect, though the backing-vocalists are nowhere to be seen. We're not really keen on MF version of off-stage backing singers, I think they deserve their on-screen moment of fame.

Amazing Tanja

Andy on Mon, 04/28/2014 - 10:26

Even if it's a first run, this is quite confident performance. Poor Latvia for being stuck between really great two looking performances.

It's all about Tanja and Argo inside a cage which looks like a gymnastics room, we don't see a hint of experienced backing vocalists hidden somewhere. The routine is almost unchanged from the national final version.

They are wearing white, Tanja's dress is short and pretty sexy, it looks that these might me their final performance outfits. She is totally using her choreographic experience in that, and the impression is very, very positive.