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Eurovision Song Contest

Austria's ready for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest

So here we are, all ready and set up for another fantastic experience at the Eurovision Song contest.

For the second year in a row, I'm back for the ESCKAZ team and totally excited to get you all the scoops in the ESC bubble.

This year, is a different year, the compeitition field is strong, and wide open. And that's how I like it. Just like last year, I'm convinced we're going for another surprise winner. Austria has welcomed us with open arms. A huge press centre's awaiting us with great facilities. So has the reception of the volunteers been, and the humongous press pack we've received. No expense has been saved, from free travel for press to the magnificent stage.

Austria has wanted the contest to return for so long, and now that it has, the whole city and organisation are embracing in the Eurovision sphere, which is only going to build bigger over the next two weeks.

In a couple of minutes time, the first of 40 nations are showing their cards for the first time, and just like them, we're ready to play our favourite game of the year.

Let the Eurovision Song Contest Begin!

Twin Twin are full of energy this morning.

A High energy performance for Twin Twin and much much much better vocals than the one we heard so far.

A lot going on on the LED screens. Lots of vibrant, colours in a cartoon'ish way. Lots of moustaches of course, with a special backdrop of a giant Moustache filled with flags of some countries taking part in this year's contest (Israel, Germany, Norway).

A very high energy performance from France, though they seem to have skipped some of the catwalk use for some reason. The charisma is there, just the vocals need to be a bit more on par.

A fun rehearsal which has the potential of being even better, if they keep working on their vocals.