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Join Ruth Lorenzo as she dances in the rain in her second rehearsal

Ruth Lorenzo unleashes the Spanish fury in herself during her second rehearsal.

That Ruth Lorenzo can belt is something we already know, but today she really stepped it up big time.

Her first rehearsal was not the best we've heard Ruth sing, but considering the circumstances (the singer was hospitalized due to exhaustion), she did the best she could.

Today Ruth was vocally spot on. She sounded a zillion times better than she did a few days back.

Very controlled in the very first verses and chorus. In her first run through Ruth overdid it a little, but the second time around she's sounding so much more controlled all over.

The backdrop is absolutely gorgeous, the use of digital rain, makes this another visual highlight.

Add to that the tons of charisma this young lady has and Spain should be very proud of their 2014 entrant and her song. Exceeding all expectations!