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Molly from the UK graces the stage for a second time:

Molly from the UK had a great first rehearsal Sunday. Is she able to do even better in this second one?

Not the best first run through for Molly. She's vocally starting off really well but in the bridge she's finding it very hard to hit her high notes. Possibly just a warm up for her voice though.

Looks like its a bit more complicated like that; Molly's not feeling too well, so she's really saving her voice until the very last rehearsal. In the last one she's clearly giving everything she has under the circumstances, although Molly seems a little bit ahead of herself. Probably the nerves. Really hope Molly looks after herself in the coming days.

There isn't much change in terms of the backdrop. We're still seeing the leaves sprouting out of the backdrop and stage floor when Molly's Power to the People start. The red lights are also there. One of the best backdrops we're seeing this year.