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How did Germany's first rehearsal go?

Elaiza from Germany are the first act to kick off today's shenanigans in the B&W Hallerne.

Punctual as ever, Germany started their first rehearsal exactly at ten o'clock.
The three Elaiza ladies are in a standard band formation on the stage; accordeonist - singer - contrabassist.

Ela, the lead singer is wearing a black skirt with leggins and a flower patterned jacket. She's sounding great by the way. All three girls are getting better and better with each rehearsal.

There isn't much else going on, on stage apart from the girls singing. Personally that's the right approach for me. Any additional props or dancers would probably make the act look busy.

As the backdrop is concerned. The song starts off in a light blue shade, turns into different shades of pink and purple until the name of the band appears several times on the backdrop. In the final chorus, we have ribbons falling down from the ceiling, something which also happened in the German national final.

A pretty decent first rehearsal for Elaiza from Germany, with hardly any changes from the national final.