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Nordic Party 2019

Once again the Scandinavian Delegations combined into the famous Nordic Party ensemble and invited selected members of the press to Euroclub for their Party.

First many many thanks for the invite from the Danish Delegation and Team Leonora - we are very appreciative of being asked again to attend this amazing event.

Euroclub was not yet officially opened, but we had a sneak peak of the venue - some pictures are below. Not too many as we had technical problems with one of our cameras - apologies for that

Nordic Party 2019

The party was, as always, one of the highlights of the event colander at the eurovision two weeks. All the Scandinavian delegations, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia, were in there and partying and complimentary food and drink was served while we could mix and mingle with the various artists and members of delegations. We also spotted Hera Bjokr from Iceland Fred from Eurobandi (Iceland), Selma from Iceland, Krista Sigfrieds from Finland Sergey Lazerev from Russia and of course Fillipe Kikirov

We managed to grab few moments with all the delegations that attended and our favourite was, as always, chatting to Hatari - closely followed by John and the Mommas, but it was good to catch up with them all…

Finally at 23.00 general members of the press were allowed to pass into Euroclub and we were all then treated to performances from all the Delegations

Some comments on the sound quality in Euroclub, it did not seem that good, though it improved a little as the evening went on, I hope they resolve the issues they were having last night in time for the next parties

Some interviews are here; Performances in other blog post

EuroClub opening ceremony

Another tradition Eurovision location is Euroclub, which opened last night at 11pm (Lisbon time). It’s located at Praça do Comércio in Millennium club. Euroclub this year have two different spots: terrace and 2-leveled dance floor. This year’s Euroclub is three-times smaller than last year’s but this one looks more like a club, and not like exhibition centre.

Last night there were artist from Australia and Portugal performing. And the host was Suzy (Portugal 2014). In conclusion, this year’s Euroclub is more “clubish”, real place where you can rest or party like an animal

Oikotimes 21 party

Andy on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 23:14

Highlight of the 2nd evening in the Euroclub was Oikotimes 21 party, attended by performers from Malta, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Azerbaijan, Poland and Czech Republic. Several more delegation members were at the party, but without their singers. Very uncommon thing for the Eurovision Club parties was the amount of young girls, who obviously enjoyed performances. However, so did we.

More experiences from the Euroclub last night

Desiree on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 09:43

Yesterday I also went to the Euroclub opening and while a larger review and all the videos/photos are already posted, just a few words from me to add!

I thought I was going to late as the word was the opening would be around 9 pm and I didn't make it until 9.30 approximately. Just a tip for those who haven't been there - once you're walking in the (very dark) park you're going into the wrong direction! I ended up standing right next to the Euroclub according to the map, however the park is situated much higher than the road the Euroclub is on. At least I got a nice photo from the Euroclub, if only it weren't so dark...

Luckily the programme didn't start until after 10 so I still got to see Sunstroke Project and O.Torvald perform.

The drink menu was already mentioned. I decided to try one of the special shots, with the name Jamala. So I got to taste a winning recipe obviously. Still didn't really see what it is so I can't help those who were looking for the recipe for success!

Shot "Jamala" in Euroclub

To Euroclub.....

Well it was the first night so of course we had to check out Euroclub to see what it is actually like with people in it...

The larger part is not open yet, so really we were just in Eurofancafe which at night time becomes the Euroclub itself. As it was the first night not too many people came to the opening, maybe maximum 100 people there to be honest....

Still the music was good and we had 3 beers for approximately £300 each and went home :-)

Israeli Partry

Israel through up a magnificent party at Euroclub tonight. I heard about it a lot and was expecting a lot as well. Many rumours say that it's one of the most interesting parties held in Euroclub, so I decided to join it with Samira. It all started at about 10 pm. So, we arrived and we were offered fresh orange juice at the entrance. That was a good start! The disappointing thing was that a lot of non-accredited people were let in as well, so there was not enough air to breeze. Because of that I literary wanted to die.

Participants from Israel (of cause), Malta, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Switzerland and Iceland were entertaining public which was very happy to see the contestants. Many nice foods were served - couscous, veggies, fruits, pastry and sweets up to everyone's taste. And again - there were loads of people queuing up for food so it was impossible to try anything. And that was the only and the biggest minus of the party.

In general, I have very positive emotions and impressions but I wouldn't have liked to repeat it again. Soon after 2 am Samira and I left home to relax at long last as tomorrow we have some spare time and no need to get up early.

Serbian Party, May 15

Tonight we attended a party organized by the Serbian delegation in a gorgeous palace which is usually used as a restaurant and a concert hall. The venue is very beautiful situated just in the middle of a mysterious park.
When we entered we were offered to fill in a quiz to win a prize from Bojana Stamenov. The interior was amazing; it looked as real 19 century palace. There was a good choice of free drinks – water, juices, proseco, wines, etc.

The party started on time – 9pm, and Bojana gave a 30 min concert. A band of a guitarist, drum person and a piano man helped her on the stage. She was very open to public, many wanted to make a picture and she never refused to do so.

We met several delegations at the party but they didn’t give a performance. These we – Moldova, Macedonia and Albania. We also had a special guest, winner of the 2007 Eurovision – Maria Sherifovic. She sang for Serbia fans for more than 40 min. Daniel Kajmakoski (Macedonia) stayed practically till the end of the party and enjoyed himself a lot. The event continued with a wind band performing national Serbian songs and people dancing. And at the very end Bojana has chosen the winner of the night. She announced the name of the winner in the Serbian language so we couldn’t understand what was the prize.

Everybody at this event was very welcoming and attentive; we loved the place a lot.
Thank you a lot for the invitation!

EuroWies'n Night at Belvedere Complex

What a nice evening we spent with Samira at Eurowies’n Night today at Belvedere Palace. The Belvedere is a historic building complex in Vienna, consisting of two Baroque palaces, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables. The buildings are set in a Baroque park landscape and it houses the Belvedere museum now.

How did we get to know about it? We received invitations from our press bags stating that we need to be dressed up “beautiful, colourful, traditional”. Unfortunately we were not aware of this beforehand to bring at least some traditional accessories with ourselves from our countries. We thought that everyone will follow our thoughts so there will be no one wearing national costumes. But we were surprised, people took a lot of care and attention about this night. Most of the invited were dressed up “properly”.

By the way, at the entrance we were given two vouchers for free drinks each and a flute of proseco. We realized that they were giving a lot of drinks for free until they finish with them. After that we could use our vouchers for soft drinks and spirits.

It all started with the speech of the organizers of the event and the management of the Belvedere complex. The views of the area are amazingly beautiful. After a while, we met Bojana (Serbia), she was very open to public, taking picture and explaining the meaning of her traditional dress. The dress is a fusion of the southern and northern part of Serbia, but the shoes she’s wearing are very traditional in each part of the country.

From EuroParty, May 14

All of a sudden girls and boys started serving food to everyone. They served traditional food from each country (40 different dishes – starters, mains and deserts). We had Salmon cake from Norway, Prawns with egg from Denmark, Melon yoghurt salad from Cyprus, Chocolate kiss from Slovenia, Banana cake from Australia and many many many more! I don’t have that much time to describe the variety of foods that was offered.

At the same time music started. Traditional Austrian music. No, wait! It’s the Eurovision songs of this year sang the Austrian way with an ascent. Powerkryner was very energetic, very enthusiastic and full of life. The dancers – 6 girls are just awesome, they could dance and entertain public till morning I think. We found out that this band won an award in traditional Austrian contest as the best traditional band in Vienna last year.

Later on we met with some other participants from Moldova (Eduard Romanyta) and from Romania (Voltaj). They all were wearing their national costumes, and we received a gift from Eduard (a CD with Eurovision song + remix and 6 other songs).

From EuroParty, May 14

I think we are very lucky to visit such an event. We spent the time the best way ever with even some practical use – we got to know and taste a lot of traditional dishes. And you have to! Here’s the menu of today’s evening!

From EuroParty, May 14

Thank you very much wienerwiesnfest.at for this event!

Jam night at Albertina Passage

Samira and I just returned from the Eurovision jam night – tired and satisfied. The party took place in Albertina Passage in the city centre just next to the Opera. We met a lot of people without accreditation badges, and it’s not a surprise – fans are allowed to these parties the first week.

It’s a very nice place, beautifully decorated with lots of dining tables. On a usual night I would have liked this restaurant but at party with 300 guests….I doubt it. Many tables were empty but in other areas it was fully packed and not enough air-conditioned.

Well, it all started with Maimuna (Belarus) “inviting” Uzari with her violin to come on the stage. They performed their remix very good and today you could see there was a great improvement with their eye contact. Now they look like atrue duo.

Second came Nina (Georgia) singing two songs. Her performance was impressive, full of emotions and pain.
Elhaida Dani was given a turn to perform – it was a big change comparing with the previous singer. She was very open to public, singing her favorite Eurovision song – 2012 Spain’s entry and later, her Eurovision song.
Then we got to hear from Czech Republic – two very cheerful singers who managed to make all people dance. They have a special energy coming out and spreading it to everyone.

The last performers were the two backing vocalists from Slovenia. They sang a couple of songs for us and the dj continued to play the music. When we were leaving, at about 12.30, there were still a lot of people in the club, including boys from Anti Social Media, dancing and enjoying themselves.