Serbian Party, May 15

Tonight we attended a party organized by the Serbian delegation in a gorgeous palace which is usually used as a restaurant and a concert hall. The venue is very beautiful situated just in the middle of a mysterious park.
When we entered we were offered to fill in a quiz to win a prize from Bojana Stamenov. The interior was amazing; it looked as real 19 century palace. There was a good choice of free drinks – water, juices, proseco, wines, etc.

The party started on time – 9pm, and Bojana gave a 30 min concert. A band of a guitarist, drum person and a piano man helped her on the stage. She was very open to public, many wanted to make a picture and she never refused to do so.

We met several delegations at the party but they didn’t give a performance. These we – Moldova, Macedonia and Albania. We also had a special guest, winner of the 2007 Eurovision – Maria Sherifovic. She sang for Serbia fans for more than 40 min. Daniel Kajmakoski (Macedonia) stayed practically till the end of the party and enjoyed himself a lot. The event continued with a wind band performing national Serbian songs and people dancing. And at the very end Bojana has chosen the winner of the night. She announced the name of the winner in the Serbian language so we couldn’t understand what was the prize.

Everybody at this event was very welcoming and attentive; we loved the place a lot.
Thank you a lot for the invitation!