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Semi Final 1

Jury Rehearsal Semi-Final 1 - Live Blog

ChrisB on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 19:57

This is the live blog for the Jury Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 on which juries will give their scores.
The blog will be updated throughout the show.

Sweden: Robin sounds better than he has all week. Choreography as slick as usual.

Georgia: Tamara can be very happy with that performance. Flawless vocals, big voice.

Australia: Isaiah with mostly fine vocals, maneuvered himself in trouble with ad-libbing at one point, but recovered quickly.

Albania: Lindita held the long note with ease. Overall solid performance.

Belgium: Just like earlier today Blanche is in good form and looks with determined focus at the camera. Sublime!

Montenegro: Slavko bouncing around the stage, making clear his performance is not only for the juries, but the fans in the hall.

Finland: Very solid performance.

Azerbaijan: Very cool performance, vocals perfect.

Portugal: Salvador using his soft voice like an instrument with precision and passion.

Greece: For juries Demy sings the chorus in lower register and without backing singers. Clever move.

Poland: Kasia with a powerful, flawless, dramatic, even angry, performance.

Moldova: Fun performance. As it has been all week.

Iceland: Svala's hand got stuck in her cape at one point. But it didn't affect her at all. She is a professional!

Czech Republic: Martina can be very happy with that performance. Pitch perfect.

Cyprus: Much better than earlier today. A little out of breath towards the end, understandably.

Armenia: As fierce and professional as she has been all week.

Slovenia: Omar with a solid performance.

Latvia: Triana Park with a good performance getting cheers from the audience.

Greece: Due to 'technical difficulties' Demy gets to perform twice. Chorus in lower register again.

That was our live blog for the jury rehearsal semi final 1.