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Moldova.....1st rehearsal....

Well as I am meant to be singing this later today with the delegation I better watch this.....

However it would help if I had sound and vision in the press center;-)

That said just seen about 1 minute of it and not bad at all.....

But that was a 1 minute judgement of it...

Well watching the full run through now.....great choreography on this one, staging is very dark but this totally suits the song....backing track seems to have changed a bit on this one too....less bass and a bit stronger on the vocal....but that could be the sound in the press centre

Moldova Aliona Moon 1st rehearsal

Andy on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 11:21

Aliona unexpectedly starts first run in English. Seemingly a mistake, she switches to Romanian in couple of sentences. It is not repeated in futher runs. Hi Pasha! He is joined in the beginning on piano by two dancers. Aliona uses again her illuminated dress. White top, and bottom starts red. Dancers are pretty useless to the left of screen. Stage lights blue. THe backdrop has thunderstorm at song climax. Aliona raises then with her dress above the stage and illumination starts on it. It is looking very cool. But fans won't like there is too few of Pasha shots.

Denis Midone 2nd rehearsal

Andy on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 12:32

I don't really have an idea what is happening with Moldova on stage, in this kind of costumes it doesn't really look like a marine theme. So it must be something different. It looks a bit weird now though. Still it gives great impression, I think Moldova has chance to get their best result this year.
Upd: We've been told, this is futuristic space ship! Oh, well. It really can't be read from the performance, so delegation of Moldova are trying to change light and camera work to make it more obvious.

Denis from Moldova completes the line-up!

Andy on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 21:15

Femke from The Netherlands has already arrived a bit shortly before on a bus from her home town, we will talk with her shortly.

Delegation from Moldova is the last one to arrive. Part of them with lead singer, his father and producer came right now, while the rest of the team are having long bus trip to Amsterdam and will arrive at about 1am this night. Denis is very happy to come to Amsterdam, he wants to see the city and make new friends. He wants to win, but thinks one need to work very hard to achieve this. After the interview Denis mentioned he is looking forward meeting Ralf... and moments later Ralf with his mother entered the hotel and greeted Denis!