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Finland - Second rehearsal

Eran on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 08:53

Sebastian Rejman and Darude take the stage. I've heard word Sebastian is not feeling well, and that might explain the weak vocals. He's walking on the catwalk, which I either missed in the first rehearsal or they've simply changed the staging in that way. Everything else looks the same. The dancer does a good job, but overall and ironically the whole act seemed low on energy.

Finland First Rehearsal

So Finland gets to start off the rehearsals.

Sandjha's wearing a blue cat suit, she's flanked by five backing vocals who are all wearing black catsuit outfits too. The song in itself is adequately sung, but it misses a bit of an impact at the moment. The overall colours of the backdrop for the verses in the beginning are blue and purple, but once the chorus kicks in we get a yellow and orange vibe.

Sandjha's starting off her song by herself, and is only joined by the backing vocalists during the first chorus. They are walking towards her from the back of the stage to the microphone statives, which you can see Sandjha's dancing around during the first verse.

There's a bit of dancing, a bit of posing and a some slow moving twerking, something fans will know from the official video. Sing it Away is adequately sung, but at this moment the staging needs a bit more excitement and something visual to keep the viewers entertained coming next Tuesday.