How did Finland's first rehearsal go?

Literally 24 hours ahead of winning the national final in Finland, pop rockers Softengine signed a major record deal in their home country. Can their victory and success at home, open doors now in Europe? Find out how their first rehearsal went.

Finland has opted for a decent standard Britpop performance with their song 'Something Better'. Red lights are used in the backdrop for the intro, until the beat kicks in we when we get a silver cover. Throughout the chorus light beams are swirling around the arena, which is really fitting for this type of song.

One the anthemic bridge part comes in the stage goes full on red. A pretty decent first rehearsal for Finland who are definitely treating it as a first sound check in the first run through. Not much engagement. Second time around there's more from the band members, though frontman Topi does tend to close his eyes a lot. Hopefully he works on that in the coming rehearsals.

They got a great reception first time around. Little less second time round as the vocals of frontman Topi were a bit off from the second verse onwards. Maybe it's the nerves. The song has a lot of high falsetto notes in the chorus so I can imagine it being a very difficult job to sing it twice in a short period of time. Not to mention the nerves. Third time round though, Topi hits all notes perfect.

A solid pop performance for Finland and great first rehearsal. If they now work on engaging with the camera's, I wouldn't rule Finland out for the final this year.