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Semi Final 2

Jury Rehearsal Semi-Final 2 - Live Blog

ChrisB on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 20:08

This is the live blog for the Jury Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 on which juries will give their scores.
The blog will be updated throughout the show.

Serbia: Tijana with a dramatic and vocally solid effort.

Austria: Nathan plays it safe and pulls out of the big note. Charming performance.

FYROM: Jana with a very fierce and flirty performance for juries. Vocally sound.

Malta: Claudia shows passion and the best vocals so far.

Romania: Alex' voice got a little wobbly after riding the cannon. Ilinca's vocals and yodeling strong throughout.

The Netherlands: OG3NE once again with an impactful performance of perfect harmonies.

Hungary: Joci solid as before.

Denmark: Anja laying down her armour and performing Where I Am with heart and passion. Vocally good.

Ireland: Brendan manages the big note impressively. Best we have heard from him so far.

San Marino: Valentina and Jimmie showing good chemistry and interaction. And both sang very well.

Croatia: Jacque with an excellent performance for juries. Good falsettos and in fine voice(s)

Norway: Contemporary sound, solid vocals and even some smiles.

Switzerland: Timebelle's Miruna tries to offer some extra vocal freestyling for juries and it mostly works.

Belarus: NAVI with a fun performance, good chemistry and no vocal issues.

Bulgaria: Starts out with shaky voice but recovers very well. Most of the falsettos were strong and impactful staging.

Lithuania: Fusedmarc saved their best performance to date for the juries.

Estonia: Laura and Koit showing professionalism and sounding stronger when it counts the most.

Israel: A lot of improvement for Israel with fewer off-key issues than before.