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Portugal first rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 15:37

We start with a mainly dark stage with some spots from behind on Cláudia. . The first part of the performance is mainly shot quite closely to the lead singer. Only in the second chorus when Isaura joins in the cameras zoom out.

Vocally it sounds quite ok but the early draw position (Portugal will perform as #8 in the final) - could harm the chances for a good result.

Day 6 of rehearsals - it'll be a mixed day!

Desiree on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 09:46

In just about 15 minutes the first rehearsal of today will start, which is Armenia.
We start the day with the remaining 4 countries of semi final 1 who will each do their second rehearsal which will be blogged live from the arena like yesterday. The same goes for the first five countries of the second semi-final.

After all these we get to see the first 30 minute-rehearsals from the BIG-5 countries + Portugal. These rehearsals will go on well into the evening, so loads happening today, stay tuned!

Lisbon Press trip

In addition to rehearsals, press-conferences and interviews it’s time to say something about the host city of 2018th edition of the Eurovision. We were very priveleged to be invited at the special press-trip around Lisbon yesterday organized by AMP Associates. In brief we consider this as the biggest highlight moment of our stay in Lisbon so far.

The tour started at Joana Vasconcelos Studio - famous Portuguese artist and designer known all around the world. Her exhibitions are held in different countries with huge success. In 2009 there was an exhibition even in Moscow. Joana’s studio is located at Lisbon promenade and occupies 3 floors, where a lot of people work - starting from designers to seamstress.

After that we moved to the MAAT museum - a future location of the Blue Carpet event and the opening ceremony. This is a museum of art, architecture and technology. At that time there was an exhibition about future of humanity.

Then we went to the first lunch at the Watt restaurant, which is located in the center of the city. The restaurant chef been not just only an owner, but also he is a father to 4 kids and he is also a famous person in Portugal and beyond. He uses only ecologically clean products for his cookings.

After lunch we had a trip on the famous 28th tram. We went to the one of the biggest cathedrals in Lisbon, and after that we walked by foot to the restaurant called Associação do Fado Casto. In that place we have witnessed a little fado concert by Teresinha Landeiro.

Last place we visited was famous restaurant in Lisbon.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the city and if you'd like to join us in this experience, watch the video below:

Music video for Portuguese entry presented

Andy on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 13:14

The singer, who will represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest-2018, recently has presented her video.

Claudia Pascoal will surprise Europe with her sensual song "O jardim". She decided not to change the tradition and will perform her song in her native Portuguese.

The composition was written by a Portuguese singer and composer Isaura. According to her this song, is dedicated to her beloved grandmother, who is no longer alive. And she wanted to create something that would put them together forever. Claudia gave the voice to this song.

"We all miss someone who is no longer among us. And the song is about it, "Claudia said.

The clip of the song was decided to be shot in the studio.

"We wanted this video to be understandable for everyone, regardless of culture and from which country the people are. We would like people from all over Portugal to join us - and in our video there are 10 people of different sex and different age categories. "
The entire clip was shot on a green background. This color is made up of blue and yellow colors, that are Heaven and Earth, so this color has mystical properties and it is also associated with plants in the garden, which is emphasized by the line in the song: "My house has become a flower. Now that you are not there, I water my garden. "

The minimum number of requisites was used. The main one was a table on which we can see the books that Grandmother used to read to all the children and the tangle from which she used to knit for her relatives. In general, there were many big plans to emphasize the emotions that we express, feeling emptiness.

According to the rules of "Eurovision" Portugal, as a host country immediately falls into the Grand final, so the result we will see already on May, 12 in Lisbon.

Capucha & The Dowsers Society

Andy on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 13:37

Since Eurovision week is not only about Eurovision music, but also learning more about the culture of the hosting country - we have used our free evening to travel from Lisbon accross Tajo river to Barreiro city to attend concert of rock band The Dowsers Society in a quite unique setting of Associação Desenvolvimento Artes e Oficios - Center of Crafts and Arts. The support band was Capucha from Spain.

Sadly we have counted only 50 members of the audience at the concert, despite the very high quality music output of both band. Capucha offered mostly indie-alternative with blues-rock tendencies and their songs had a tendency to start slowly getting heavier to the end. All but one songs were in Spanish, with one song in English. Band also got a lot of memorabilia - caps, T-shirts etc. You can listen to them at: https://capucha.bandcamp.com/ and two clips below.

The Dowsers Society is quite interesting band with also blues, psychedelic and stoner influences and is practically on the world class level. The interaction with 3 members is perfect. The set has included 11 songs, few of them instrumentals and all in English. And they also brought their albums (7 Euros) and mediators (1 Euro) - the band also drawn few albums for fans attending the concert. Unfortunately we had to leave 1 song short to catch last ferry to Lisbon and got back to the city at 2am. You can watch few videos below and listen more at https://thedowserssociety.bandcamp.com/

Capucha & Dowsers Society in ADAO

Semi-final 1 dress rehearsal 1 - live blog from the hall: to be updated!

Desiree on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 13:49

In a few minutes the first dress rehearsal for semi-final one will start and we just heard that the opening act will be done twice. I'm live in the hall where I will keep you continually updated, so please refresh from time to time to read the latest news!

The start is delayed for a few minutes. Spain, Italy and UK will also perform.

And we're off! just 5 minutes later than initially planned We start with women wearing traditional gear and Ukrainian folk music in the background. Then a dancer on stage to be joined by Monatik, who proves to be very versatile: rapping, sing and dancing a very modern song that could've been a nice participating entry. Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch his name yet. I hope to update you on that after we have seen him again.

After the second run his name is not mentioned, but instead he introduces the hosts who are in casual clothes for this rehearsal. Some introductory speeches later the lineup for the semi-final is shown on screen and the voting is explained. No surprises here.

Next: song 1 from Sweden!
Post-card: Stills from Robin and his dancers, rehearsing, motor riding, getting ready to perform.
Performance: The lights seem to flicker a bit in the beginning. First time I notice it, not sure it's meant to be like that. Once again a very solid performance so it's bound to at least qualify and possibly do very well. On the other hand, there is still the issue with the 'OK' sign he makes with his hands that means something different in other countries.

song 2: Georgia:
Postcard: Rehearsing with Anri Jokahdze, running in the park, getting ready to perform and walk on stage (which seems a common thing already for all countries).
Performance: There's a delay in the start of the Georgian performance, so stay tuned! A solid performance by Tamara, who has no need at all to hold back.

song 3: Australia
Postcard: Isaiah in Melbourne and in a car, getting on a stage, watching the stars.
Performance: In the hall Isaiah really seems a bit overshadowed by his own images on the screen. A very good performance again. No further issues here.

song 4: Albania
Postcard:Running, singing with a band, doing sports, working on her dress and making the heart sign with her hands.
Performance: Vocals a bit shaky in the beginning. Only yesterday evening she was going all out in the Euroclub.
The long note is not working completely as it should so she sings it lower to save herself. Will be something to look at tonight and tomorrow evening.

song 5: Belgium
Postcard: Blanche playing the piano, reading, doing press conferences, autographs.
Performance: Blanche wears a different dress now - in black! so her nickname nnow no longer fits her outfit. The black dress is very dark, as the staging is as well. I know the white one was criticised a lot but I prefer it to what she wears now. The high parts near the end still sound very weak. However, a good reception in the hall.

Song 6: Montenegro:
Postcard: Slavko in the park, in a theater.
Performance: The visuals of Slvako while he lays on the floor have changed now. In blue, no more bright pink lipgloss. Looks a lot better and a bit less over the top. Slvako still fills the stage on his own, Could be better vocally. I am quite worried about its chances but I still enjoy this song a lot after a few ballads.

First break: Hosts on stage (minus greenroom host Timur). App mentioned. Timur in the greenroom speaking with who performed.

Song 7: Finland
Postcard: Norma John working/sitting together, walking in a building, shopping sunglasses, playing the piano.
Performance: Dry ice. Looks beautiful at the start. Vocally it seems not as solid as we have heard before. Big applause though.

Portugal second rehearsal

Desiree on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 12:30

The second rehearsal for Portugal then, already the 2nd last country before we move to another break. I still think this is going to be really atmospherical on the actual semi-final (and also final) nights.. The backdrop with images from the woods is beautiful, straight from a fairytale but what I can see from the screens is that it doesn't show that well on screen. In other words, it looks better from the hall.

Speaking about the vocals, it's of course still irrelevant. It will be all about Salvador himself on Monday when he arrives for the first dress rehearsal. Even though there will be absolutely no movement on stage from his part I also think he could be on a disadvantage as it'll be his first time on stage, it'll all be new to him while everyone else on screen has been there before.

Looking forward to hearing it 'for real' on Monday!