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hard rock

Capucha & The Dowsers Society

Andy onSun, 04/29/2018 - 13:37

Since Eurovision week is not only about Eurovision music, but also learning more about the culture of the hosting country - we have used our free evening to travel from Lisbon accross Tajo river to Barreiro city to attend concert of rock band The Dowsers Society in a quite unique setting of Associação Desenvolvimento Artes e Oficios - Center of Crafts and Arts. The support band was Capucha from Spain.

Sadly we have counted only 50 members of the audience at the concert, despite the very high quality music output of both band. Capucha offered mostly indie-alternative with blues-rock tendencies and their songs had a tendency to start slowly getting heavier to the end. All but one songs were in Spanish, with one song in English. Band also got a lot of memorabilia - caps, T-shirts etc. You can listen to them at: https://capucha.bandcamp.com/ and two clips below.

The Dowsers Society is quite interesting band with also blues, psychedelic and stoner influences and is practically on the world class level. The interaction with 3 members is perfect. The set has included 11 songs, few of them instrumentals and all in English. And they also brought their albums (7 Euros) and mediators (1 Euro) - the band also drawn few albums for fans attending the concert. Unfortunately we had to leave 1 song short to catch last ferry to Lisbon and got back to the city at 2am. You can watch few videos below and listen more at https://thedowserssociety.bandcamp.com/

Capucha & Dowsers Society in ADAO