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SoftEngine from Finland rehearse for the second time

Softengine's anthem 'Something Better' just gets better and better...

As you might have guessed, a lot of delegations are sticking to the the back drops and aren't really making drastic changes to their performances.

That's pretty much the story as well for Finland.

Blue and red, are the dominating colours for the Finnish pop rockers of Softengine. They've come to the contest with a real stadium track, which will surely go down well in the hall.

Now it comes across a little bit un-engaging on tv, because lead singer Topi still keeps his eyes closed for most of the time during the song. He's definitely improved from the first rehearsals but an awful lot of the camera work shows him with his eyes closed. I really hope he keeps working on that. Vocally he's not to fault on, the nerves from the first rehearsal have gone, and Topi and his mates sound absolutely fantastic.

A great track for the Finns this year, and considering it's also a stand out in its genre, this is gonna do a lot better than the bookies have down at the moment.