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Triana Park

Latvia First Rehearsal

ChrisB on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 15:29

I have only seen one runthrough for Triana Park so far, so take everything I'm going to say with a grain of salt.
I was very optimistic on Latvia's chances going into the year, but at the moment there are quite a few things that don't work here:
- It looks overchoreographed, Agnese is trying to interact with the camera too much, which doesn't make the act look as credible as we have seen in Latvia's NF. The impression is that they are suddenly begging for votes instead of just doing their own thing.
- The moment of her usually breaking into the dance routine during the instrumental is preceded by a silly paper streamer gimmick trick, that is shooting out of Agnese's hand. And it seems to irritate her and malfunctions also. The Latvian delegation should really consider dropping this gimmick from their act as it doesn't add anything and makes the entry look less cool than it is supposed to be.

I understand the Latvian delegation are trying to provide a little more fun and reduce the bands edgyness, but they are basically shooting themselves in the feet if they are trying to appeal to mainstream audiences, instead of just believing in themselves and their song.

Now I have seen a second runthrough and it improves slightly but my previous points remain.