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press centre

Norma John talks in the press centre after semi-final one

Desiree on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 12:48

Norma John in the press centre after semi one

Finland not making it to the final has been a big surprise - if not shock - for many, including quite a few of the team of ESCKAZ didn't see this coming and/or hoped otherwise.

Despite the disappointment, not long after the semi-final finished, Norma John already showed up in the press centre to give some words to mainly the Finnish press. I also spoke to them for a few seconds (not on video, sorry everyone..) and they didn't seem too devastated. Lasse told me that it's always hard to compete in music.

Belgium first rehearsal (+ lunch break)

Desiree on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 11:47

So that was lunch already. The restaurant in the entrance zone of the press centre offers meals at very Ukrainian prices, which means practically for free. Apparently there will be more options in the next few days, so I'm glad that has been taken care of!

An hour has flown by and Belgium has started ahead of schedule! After the first run I must say I'm very disappointed. I had expected so much more from this performance. Blanche is alone on stage (no costume yet), and the backdrop is nice with some moving lines, but nothing out of the ordinary. The promotour performances already revealed that she's not the most charismatic performer on the Eurovision stage and little has changed.

Now, I would've expected some dancers or at least some kind of stage show, so far, zero of that. In the last part of the song Blanche tries to take it up a bit vocally but unfortunately misses the notes, the first offkey ones of the day (and hopefully the only ones!)

It took a long time to get another run from Georgia but we still got a third one. Both sounded a lot better than the first time, especially the third time.