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Bulgaria First Rehearsal

Bulgaria are one of the three countries to return to the Eurovision Song Contest this year and they are doing so with a bang.

They have a great song to start with and a great performer. Poli has such charisma which oozes from the screen. During the intro verse, we have a close up shot from Poli, who then starts singing, before she unveils her gladiator outfit.

For the chorus, she's dancing a routine, which at first looks a little weird, but is in fact pretty cool as well.

The backdrop consists mainly of a silver, blue and gold scheme, with snow effect all the way through the backdrop and LED floor. Two panels however change to silhouettes during the chorus, showing silhouettes doing the same routine as Poli does. For the final chorus, the four backing singers have also joined Poli to the front of the stage.

Vocally it sounds ok, a few shaky points at times, but nothing really to worry about.

Qualifying should be very easy.