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Meet and Greet with Juri from Estonia

Liza on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 14:34

I was of course excited to see Juri's Meet and Greet, since he spent a year in Denmark as an exchange student. And Denmark was also mentioned, because he went to a music school and it helped him a lot with where he is today as a singer. Naturally when I gave him my little flag, I greeted him in Danish. He was asked about his deep voice, and he mentioned that in his early years, he voice was rather high, and he had to sing soprano with the girls in the choirs.

First Rehearsal Estonia

Get ready to play cards with Jüri Pootsmann, from Estonia!

In true old school Vegas style, Jüri's elegantly playing out his cards during his first Eurovision rehearsal here in Globen. I just love his deep vocals, though they seem a little bit off as his performance progresses. Perhaps the nerves. Not really worried about that at this stage, as he's proven to nail them before.

Staging includes a lot of hearts and aces, and cards, with black and gold colours being predominant. All the actions actually takes place on the smaller Eurovision stage, which connects the main stage through the catwalk.

Shaken not stirred, the Bond of Eurovision is in the house.

Estonia Second Rehearsal: Elina Born and Stig Rasta - Goodbye To Yesterday

First up after the break are the duo from Estonia; Elina Born & Stig Rästa .

Just like their first rehearsal, Elina and Stig haven't changed much in their performance. We still have the silhouettes in the doorlights, and a skyline backdrops.

I really love the camera shots and the chemistry between these two singers. They are really channeling this broken relationship brilliantly. It's very cleverly done and very intriguing shown.

Estonia are for definite a front runner to qualify with ease and make some big damage in the contest.

Evening cruise on the Danube courtesy of www.wien.info and www.ddsg-blue-danube.at

This year the host city of Vienna is providing literally hundreds of options for daily excursions to the various sights around Vienna

Last night Daniel and I were very fortunate to take one of the relaxed evening trips along the Danube river in the company of the delegations from Lithuania, Serbia, Estonia and various assembled press. All courtesy of www.ddsg-blue-danube.at

At around 7pm we all gathered on the boat with waiter service, plenty of food and some great company, and some live music from a saxophone player, mixed in with some background music, sadly not all Eurovision....

The whole trip lasted about 3 hours and at no point did the food or drink run out....always a huge plus.....

It was totally amazing to see the Danube in full for most of the journey, including going though the Danube Canal lock twice.....

Pictures and Video clip below;

Highly recommended for any visitor to Vienna, if you are here for Eurovision or not!

Estonia First Rehearsal: Elina Born and Stig Rasta - Goodbye To Yesterday

Elina and Stig from Estonia have also travelled to Vienna as one of four big favourites to win Eurovision. As proven last year, story telling is soo important and it is the main factor on whether a song gets conveyed well or not and does well.

Judging by the first run through of Estonia's entry 'Goodbye To Yesterday' it's looking very good for them. Starting with the reflection of Stig in the doorlight on the podium floor, The Estonian entry gets its first run through which swaps images of the floor with headshots of Stig.

Once the chorus kicks in, light coming from a second door is shown on the floor with the silhouette of Elina. The pair perform the song away from each other with Stig being in front, and Elina at the back.

One the second verse kicks in, the pair sing their duet together on similar line, exchanging looks, which highlight a broken relationship between the two. Combine the looks they exchange with the camera and you have a pretty similar look with the way the Netherlands were staged last year. But that's where the comparison stops really.

Great to see Estonia getting a production it deserves.

Estonia Dix Points!

Estonia - First Rehearsal

Estonia's idea behind the performance is simple and catchy. The lights are projected only at Stig, while he's singing Elina is hidden in the shade of the stage. The lights are getting bright and she emerges performing her part of the song. Not everything was ok during the sound check, especially Stig's performance.

They are both dressed up in black and white, wearing a simple but stylish suit and dress.

The second and the third tries were way better but there's still more room for improvement. They have a very intimate eye contact with each other and that makes the song even more attractive for the audience. I love this song; I adore the idea and hope everything works well for this duet.

And so it begins.....

Finally that moment in 2015 arrives when the first countries grace the 2015 Eurovision stage for the very first time, we kick off this morning with Moldova, Armenia, Belgium and The Netherlands and then skip into the afternoon with Finland, Greece, Estonia and finishing the day but no means least Macedonia

We come at the rehearsals with some preconceptions as to what will be good, bad and indifferent as we have already seen performances from many of the delegates on the promo tour.....but forget all that WE WILL clear our small brains of all this and open a totally open mind and be as objective as we can

Just a few more hours and clips from www.eurovision.tv should be online plus opinions from the 5 million other bloggers about to unfurl their (sometimes brutal) honesty on the world