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Estonia First Rehearsal: Elina Born and Stig Rasta - Goodbye To Yesterday

Elina and Stig from Estonia have also travelled to Vienna as one of four big favourites to win Eurovision. As proven last year, story telling is soo important and it is the main factor on whether a song gets conveyed well or not and does well.

Judging by the first run through of Estonia's entry 'Goodbye To Yesterday' it's looking very good for them. Starting with the reflection of Stig in the doorlight on the podium floor, The Estonian entry gets its first run through which swaps images of the floor with headshots of Stig.

Once the chorus kicks in, light coming from a second door is shown on the floor with the silhouette of Elina. The pair perform the song away from each other with Stig being in front, and Elina at the back.

One the second verse kicks in, the pair sing their duet together on similar line, exchanging looks, which highlight a broken relationship between the two. Combine the looks they exchange with the camera and you have a pretty similar look with the way the Netherlands were staged last year. But that's where the comparison stops really.

Great to see Estonia getting a production it deserves.

Estonia Dix Points!