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1st - Maria Isabel (Spain) - Antes muerta que sencilla

2nd - Cory Spedding (UK) - The Best Is Yet To Come

Final scorecard:

1. Spain - 171 points
2. United Kingdom - 140 points
3. Croatia - 126 points
4. Romania - 123 points
5. Denmark - 116 points
6. France - 78 points
7. FYR Macedonia - 64 points
8. Cyprus - 61 points
9. Greece - 48 points
10. Belgium - 37 points
11. The Netherlands - 27 points
12. Malta - 14 points
13. Norway - 12 points
14. Belarus - 9 points
15. Sweden - 8 points
16. Switzerland - 4 points
17-18. Latvia - 3 points
17-18. Poland - 3 points

You can find latest photos and information from Eurovision week in Lillehammer at our news page

image - junioreurovision.tvSo this year second edition of Junior Eurovision song contest will take place. 18 countries will send their representatives: Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Macedonia, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK (Germany and Israel were in preliminary lists by withdrawn later).

Contest will take place in Lillehammer, Norway, on 20th of November, 2004 at Hakons Hall, 20:15 CET. (Venue for the contest was changed 3 times, before contest was supposed to be held in Manchester, UK and Zagreb, Croatia).

Rules for the contest are mostly similar to those of adult Eurovision, exept that performers and songwriters should be 15 years old or younger.

Host of this year contest will be
Nadia Hasnaoui and Stian Barsnes Simonsen - well known Norwegian TV hosts. They also hosted Norvegian junior preselection. Guests of the show was band Westlife performing Ain't That A Kick In The Head.

Contest theme will be an atmosphere of bright Nordic winter nights, sparkling stars and snow crystals.

November 16 - arrival to Lillehammer
November 17 - rehearsals for first part of the participants
November 18 - hour long rehearsal for every participant of 2nd part of the show
November 19 - first dress rehearsal 16.00-18.30 CET, second dress rehearsal with audience 20.15 CET
November 20 - Final of the JESC 2004 20.15 - 22.30 CET

You can find latest photos and information from rehearsals on our news page

Voting will run in usual ESC manner with centralized voting platform operated by by

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Billetservice Norway and the price varies from 30 to 42 Euro. You can also order official CD and DVD at website
You can listen to the songs and watch videos at official site or on the site of Norwegian broadcaster.

All participants known, drawing ceremony take place during meeting of representatives in Lillehammer on 13 and 14th of October in two stages, during first stage opening and closing countries were selected and other songs were divided into groups, the rest of the draw took place next day and final outcome you can see below.

Flashback - participants of 2004 event after four years - here.

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Countries in the running order

  Country Performer   Song Comment Rank of the song by EK version
1 Greece Secret Band (Giorgos Kotsougianis (Guitar and vocals) (1989), Andreas Kefalas (keyboard) (10/12/88), and Antonis Skrivanos (dancer) (31/08/90)

O palios mou eaftos
Dream of both participants is to become famous in whole Greece. Now they have chance. Very plaintive and monotonous song without much chances.
2 Malta Young Talent Team
Rodney Gauci (19/05/89), Elaine Falzon (21/11/88), Julian Muscat (20/08/88), Charlotte Debbatista (30/09/91), Marilena Gauci (20/10/91), Timothy J.Aguis (23/06/89), Josef Aguis Degabriele, Sarah Naudi (07/11/90).

The Power of a Song
Maximum possible number of performers on stage in JESC is 8 and participants from Malta are using this limit in full. Only 1 point difference in televoting and favour of Jury allowed them to win national event. Big number of performers on my opinion can only spoil the song, as it requires full understanding and group singing skills and is very difficult for children. Good dance song though.
3 Netherlands Klaartje Meulemeesters (28/10/93) & Nicky Bruyn (07/12/94)

Hij is een kei (He's great)
Another love song here. Nice childish song without too much of musical skills, that having good difference from the others and good chances.
4 Switzerland Demis Mirarchi (08/03/93) Birichino
Because of low budget it was decided not to held national selection but to send winner of children festival which was held 2 years ago. Demis's song will be performed in Italian, which barely will save this very average tune.
5 Norway @lek (Aleksander Moberg)
En stjerne skal jeg bli
On Alek's opinion his song written about his wish to become a star should differ from other songs most of which are written about love.  Generaly not bad song in pop/rock style, stylistically very similar to last year's winner one.
6 France Thomas Pontier (23/07/90)

Si on voulait bien (If we really wanted to)
Very strange decision was to select performer first and only then to compose song for him. At preselection Thomas performed songs by Telephone and Jaques Bruel.  Very unexpected is also the style of the song, real French chanson of 70-80s.
7 Macedonia Martina Siljanovska

Martina plays piano, studies English and Italian and of course she sings! Rhythm and dance song with some different elements and with average performance.
8 Poland KWADro (Kamila Piatkowska (15), Dominika Rydz (15), Weronika Bochat (13), Anna Klamczynska (14)) kwadro.jpg (6308 bytes) Lap zycie
Polish final was not broadcasted live and decision on the winner was taken by Jury. It seems that after failure last year contest is not so popular in the country. After listening to the other contenders I can say that now this song can be counted as pretty strong one.
9 Cyprus

Marios Tofi (24/02/90)

Oneira (Dreams)
As in Switzerland in Cyprus there were raised certain doubts that winner has already issued or participated in a professional CD but no sanctions from EBU were implied. Standard song which would have nicely fit into regular ESC too.
10 Belarus Yegor Valchok (04/08/92)

a.jpg (7008 bytes)

"Spayvaitse so mnoyu" (Sing with me)
Egor's dream was always to perform at Eurovision stage and to perform with Ruslana. Should mention very good quality of Belarus national final. Though may be not the very best song have won, future of Belarus music seems very bright and Belarus entry should once again be on the top.
11 Croatia Nika Turkovic (07/06/95)

Hej mali
Nika speaks Croatian, English and Slovenian, and likes classic music, jazz and pop. Another good pop song, not oustanding but rather nice.
12 Latvia Martins Talbergs & C-Stones Junior (14)

Martins Talbergs - Balts vai melns (Black Or White)
Martins already has JESC experience as he participated last year as backing singer. Regular pop dance song, not bad though.
13 UK Cory Spedding (02/06/1991)

uk_cory_spedding.jpg (2377 bytes)

The best is yet to come
Cory is singing for only one year and already got success. Potential of young performer is so high that her dream to sing in popular musicals will certainly be fulfilled in future. Very strong ballad, sung with accopmainment of piano should become one of the favourites.
14 Denmark Cool Kids
Ibrahim Chouqeir (03/05/94), Caroline Forsberg Thybo (28/06/93), Niki Popovic (18/11/92)

Pigen er min (The girl is mine)
Hip-hop music lovers from Aarhus now get chance to represent their country in the contest. So after punk is now regular guest at JESC we're getting hip-hop there. On my opinion - that is nothing to speak about.
15 Spain Maria Isabel (04/01/95)

"Antes muerta que sencilla" (Better dead than normal)
Maria Isabel lives in Andalusia and her favourite performers are participants of the show Operacion Triunfo Manuel Carrasco and Chenoa. Selection seems to be very strange. There are high doubts that song will be understood by non Spanish speaking voters.
16 Sweden Limelights (Liselotte Ostblom (12) and Anna Jalkeus (12))
(Anna's blog, old Limelights blog)
Varfor jag? (Why me?)
Favourite singers of the girls are Stevie Wonder and Nelly Furtado. Very tearful song, with depressive lyrics, nicely performed.
17 Belgium Free Spirits (Fabrice Morelle, Olivier Losciuto and Samuel Evrard (14)) cell02_0165026_sac.jpg (41214 bytes) Accroche-toi (Hold on)
Attack of young fans of Nirvan and Offspring to the Junior contest continues with this anti-suicide song. It seems that in Belgium children listen music that is not at all suitable for regular ears. Very lively song about suicidal tendencies.
18 Romania Noni Razvan Ene

Iti multumesc (Thank you)
Noni Razvan has already participated in filming of the commercials and different local and international music festivals. Ballad song with impressive vocal, we will see whether Noni can perform it live too.

National preselections:

12th of June - Norway (10 participants) -
@lek - En stjerne skal jeg bli
01. Cee Jays - Hor pa oss - 3rd place , 02. Joakim - Vi to, 03. Vi - Det ?'kke deg, det er meg, 04. @lek - En stjerne skal jeg bli -1st place, 05. The Exocarps - Andreplass, 06. Sheepboys - Damer er noe dritt, 07. Luna - Min egen vei, 08. Hanne Merete - Her for deg, 09. Summerboys - Det var sommer - 2nd place, 10. Rosa Klinkekuler - Bikinidamene
26th of June - Macedonia (10 participants) -
Martina Siljanovska Zabava
01. Ljubinka Petrusevska - Na Vrata Tropa Ljubovta, 02. Elena Dimovska Ako Dojde Kraj, 03. Gligor Dinev, Eva Hristovska, Ruben Jusuf, Veronika Sijak, Elena Jovanovska Gradski Fraer, 04. Martina Siljanovska Zabava, 05. Marija Pavlovska Dozdot, 06. Irana Atanasovska & Bojdan Smilevski Nema Sto Da Krieme, 07. Robert Mitrov Te Sonuvam, 08. Gordana Monevska Osamena, 09. Ivet Caro & Orchideja Dukovska Angel Cuvar, 10. Stefani Brzanova - Gulapce
Switzerland - Demis Mirarchi - Birichino It was decided to send winner of the local children festival Mara & Meo 2002 edition with his winning entry. Now it is considered whether this is not breaking the rules of the release date, but can possibly break the rule of professional debut of the singer.
4th of September - UK (8 participants) - Cory Spedding - The best is yet to come 1. 48 points | Cory Spedding - The best is yet to come, 2. 46 points | Andrew Merry - Together again, 3. 34 points | Nathan Sykes - Born to dance, 4. 29 points | Kirsty Williams - Sunshine, 5. 24 points | Loaded Dice - Teenage superstar, 6. 19 points | Jessica Hamilton - Because of you, 7. 17 points | Samantha Seth - Rock star wannabe,
7. 17 points | Charlie Allen - One in a crowd
7th of September - Cyprus (10 participants) - Marios Tofis - Oneira (Dreams) Stella Maria Koukkidi - Afta pou hriazome (All I need), Nikol Papahristodimou - Ena latin se prokalei (One latin is challenging you), Louis Panagiotis - Gela tragouda (Laugh sing) - 2nd place, Andreas Christoforou - Tha se agapo (I will love you), Loreni Kalliopi Kostantinou - Kalimera sto mellon (Goodmorning to the future), Malvina Charalabidi - Parti kalokairino (Summer party), Marios Tofis - Oneira (Dreams)- 1st place, Georgina Panagi - Mpla,mpla,mpla (Bla, bla, bla), Rafail Georgiou & Anna Loizou - Doste ta heria (Give your hands) - 3 place, Christodoulos Tsagaris - Diakopes (Holidays)
19th of September - Poland - KWADro - Lap zycie 01. Monika Bakalarska - Mur (The Wall), 02. FART - Spiewaj (Sing!), 03. Natalia Goerne - Marzenia (Dreams), 04. GRAFFITI - Dogonic marzenia (To catch the dreams), 05. Dominika Guzek & Kasper Zborowski - Czary (The Magic), 06. Julia Kopczyk - Jestem jaka jestem (I am what I am), 07. Agata Korwin - Swoje zdanie (Own opinion), 08. Patrycja Kowalska - Wyobraznia (Imagination), 09. KWADro - Lap zycie (Catch the life), 10. Pawel Pietrzyk - Rockendrolowe sny (Rock and roll dreams), 11. Agata Stodolna - To samo (The same), 12. Adrianna Wenclewska - Chce pamietac (I want to remember)
20th of September - France - Thomas Thomas (14), Julien (14), Julie (13), Julian (10) & Marine (11), Tiffanie (10), Joris (11), Christopher (11), Axelle (16), Lucie (14), Cindy (12), Marion (15) & Julia (15), Erika (15), Jordan (14), Amaury (15), Myriam (13) & Manon (14) At preselection children performed cover versions of well-known songs.
21st of September - Belarus (9 participants) - Yegor Valchok - Spyavaitse so mnoy Yegor Valcok - Spjavajtse sa mnoj (Sing with me), Iryna Kulagina - Zatshem? (Why?), Alexandra Zaharyk - Dsivny Vecar (Beautiful night), Yegor Zavatsky - Belarus maja (My Belarus), Viktorya Padverbnaja - Budsjem sjabravats (Let us be friends), Katsjaryna Levcik - Ja ljublju etot mir (I love this world), Galina Klabukova - Potantsui! (Dance!), Julia Barabei - Rozovye ocki (Pink-red sunglasses), Ala Nadtocava - Zvjozdnyj Karnaval (Carnival of stars)
21st of September - Spain (7 participants-14 songs), semis on 3rd and 10th of September- - Maria Isabel Antes muerta que sencilla (Better dead than normal) Final: Carolina & Alba Loca, loca (Crazy, crazy), Maria Isabel Antes muerta que sencilla (Better dead than normal),  Sara, Anabel & Rocio Eres un bombon (You are a candy), Blas Sentir (To feel), Mirela Conoci el amor (I knew what love was), Nico Yo soy un bambino (Im a kid), Lidia & Lucia Musica en el corazon (Music in the heart)

Blas | Cantare (I will sing) - Sentir (To feel), Carolina & Alba | Loca, loca (Crazy, crazy) - Que calor (What a heat),  Mirela | Si o no (Yes or no) - Conoci el amor (I knew what love was) , Sara, Anabel & Rocio | Eres un bombon (You are a candy) - Ponte las pilas (Cheer up), Lydia & Lucia | Un poco tu y un poco yo (A little bit you and a little bit me) - Musica en el corazon (Music in the heart), Maria Isabel | Antes muerta que sencilla (Better dead than normal) - Mira nino (Look boy), Nico | Yo soy un bambino (I'm a kid) - Te propongo (I have a proposal)
24th of September - Malta (16 participants) Kylie Coleiro - Because we R friends, Brooke Borg - Come over, Yanika Fava - Dream, Dario Bezzina - Eviva I-Muzika -2nd place, Christabelle Borg - One way journey, Young Talent Team - Power of a song - 1st place, Thea Saliba - Say 'No' ,   Leanne Ellul - Colours of love, Jessica Muscat - Precious time, Yazmin and Sophie - The magic window, Kristina and Ryan - Young and free, Ylenia Caruana - Colour dreaming, Klinsmann Coleiro - Warzone children, Domenique Azzopardi - Talk to me, Maronia Gafa' - Shalom, Raisa Piscopo - Don't you think it's time
25th of September -Romania - Noni Razvan Ene - Iti multumesc (Thank you) Ana-Maria Deliu Tarina de la Turda (The fields of Turda), Razvan Dumitru - Corabia de vise (Ship of dreams), Noni Razvan Ene - Iti multumesc (Thank you), Dana Gabriela Mares - Vreau sa fiu artista (I want to be a star), Patricia Maria Matei - Copiii viitorului (Children of the future), Lara Popescu & Alexandru Matios - Asta e vacanta (The way holidays are), Raluca Paraschiv - Cantecul meu (My song), Alexandru Petcu - Tot ce-mi doresc (All I want), Giulia Silvestru - Liniste (Peace), Matei Tibacu-Blendea - Reactie in lant (Chain reaction)
25th of September - Denmark (10 participants) - Cool Kids - Pigen er min (The girl is mine) 1. Cool Kids - Pigen er min, 58 points, 2. Cozy - Helt speciel, 52 points, 3. Amalie & Frederikke - Jeg t?nker pa et kram, 36 points, 4. G=Beat - Buster Buster, 32 points, 5. Line - Stop, Stop, 22 points
G=Bith - Buster buster, Green Kidz - Pa en gron, gron sommerdag (On a green, green summerday), Amalie & Frederikke - T?nker pa et kram (Thinking of a hug), Frigg - Jeg ka li det (I like it), Cool Kids - Pigen er min (The girl is mine), C-Kat - Det er helt utroligt (It's unbelivable), Simone - Hvorfor gik du din wej (Why did you walk away), Nico & Julie - Forste blik (First look), Cozy - Helt specielt (Very special), Line - Stop, stop (Stop, stop)
25th of September - The Netherlands (10 participants), semis on 11th and 18th of September - Klaartje & Nicky Hij is een kei (He's great) Final:  1. Klaartje & Nicky 10 10 12 Total: 32 2. Anouk 12 10 7 Total: 29 3. Danny 6 7 12 Total: 25 4. Shakira 8 8 8 Total: 24 5. Marnix 7 6 6 Total: 19
1st semi:
1. 36 points | Shakira - Dansen in Afrika (Dancing in Africa), 2. 27 points | Marnix - Het aller, aller, aller grootste hart (The biggest heart of all), 3. 25 points | Klaartje & Nicky Hij is een kei (He's great), 4. 21 points | Four Stars - Hoi (Hi), 5. 20 points | Lorren - Alles wat je kan (Everything you can)

2nd semi: Anouk - Over en uit (over and out) 34 points, Danny - Van zingen word ik blij (singing makes me happy) 28 points, Four Flying Elemenents (Paulo, Jesse, Khalid & Ajay) - Zo is het leven (that's the way life is), 24 points Kika - Dansen (dancing) 22 points, Denise - De jungle beat (the jungle beat) 21 points
26th of September - Greece (10 participants) - Giorgos & Andreas - O palios mou eaftos (My old self) 01. Cloe Boleti (11) - Vima vima (Step by step), 02. Maria Nefeli Papadaki (13) - Do-re-mi-fa-sol, 03. Alexandria Kalliope Georgellis (12) - Tha pistepso se ena asteri (I will believe in a star), 04. Eleni Fragoulia (12) - Simera (Today), 05. Maria Malantzi (10) - Ble tzin (Blue jeans), 06. Sivilla Vasiadi (13) & Giannis Chasapis (13) - I zoi synexizete (Life goes on), 07. Sophia Koutsouri (11) - Akouse me (Listen to me), 08. Aleksandros Chountas (14) - Tha thela (I wish)
09. Karolina Kountoupidou (14) - Ela kai chorepse mazi mas (Come and dance with us), 10. Giorgos (15) & Andreas (15) - O palios mou eaftos (My old self)
26th of September - Belgium (10 participants), semis on 10th and 17th of September -Free Spirits - Accroche-toi (Hold on) Final: 01. 56 points | Free Spirits - Accroche-toi (Hold on) , 02. 52 points | Methiola - Samuser (To have fun) , 03. 50 points | Mary-Lo - Laissez-moi rever (Let me dream), 04. 47 points | Hotvibes - Ma vraie identite (My real identity) , 05. 45 points | Manon - Mais la vie (But life), 06. 35 points | Alex - Ecoute-moi (Listen to me), 07. 30 points | Kevin - J'ai envie (I feel like...)
1st semi:
1. 45 points | Bess - Laissez-les vivre (Let them live) (disqualified), 2. 44 points | Free Spirits - Accroche-toi (Hold on), 3. 41 points | Hotvibes - Ma vraie identite (My real identity), 4. 37 points | Kevin - J'ai envie (I feel like...), 5. 33 points | B-Cocktail - L'age d'aimer (The age of loving)

2nd semi: 1. 47 points | Mary-Lo - Laissez-moi rever (Let me dream), 2. 43 points | Methiola - Samuser (To have fun), 3. 40 points | Manon - Mais la vie (But life), 4. 38 points | Alex - Ecoute-moi (Listen to me), 5. 32 points | Julie - Ma chance (My chance)
2nd of October - Latvia (11 participants) - Martins Talbergs - Balts vai melns (Black Or White) Baiba Skudike - Manis del (Because Of Me), Martins Talbergs - Balts vai melns (Black Or White)- 6317 1st place, Sabine Berezina - Ir laiks (It's Time), Miks Dukurs - Mes esam viens otram (We Have Each Other), Ilze Migliniece - Tad, kad lauka list (When It's Raining), Kristina Zaharova - Pardomas (Thoughts), Ralfs Eilands - Dziesmina par merkaki (A Song About A Monkey) - 3557 3rd place, Armins Larks - Nejust neko (Feeling Nothing), Edgars Smiuksis - Meitenes dziesma (A Girl's Song) performed by Madara, Nadezda Mankevica - Es velos (I Wish), Evita Grzibovska - Nac, dziedi, dejo lidzi! (Come To Sing And Dance With Us) - 4667 2nd place
9th of October - Sweden (10 participants) - Limelights - Varfor jag? 01. 82 points | Limelights - Varfor jag?, 02. 72 points | Erik Nielsen - Oh La La, 03. 64 points | Ville Blomgren - Min Grona O, 04. 62 points | Reggae Boyz - Shabalabala Polarn, 05. 60 points | ReLi - Nar Jag Aker Moped, 06. 34 points | Yazmina - Jag Vill Veta Nu, 07. 32 points | Sisters - Sjorovarvisan, 08. 18 points | Girlzz - Forsta, 09. 16 points | Jessica & Karin - Att Ha En Van, 10. 10 points | JaP - Min Van
Erik Nielsen - Oh la la (Oh la la), Girlzz - Forsta (Understand), Jessica & Karin - Att ha en van (To have a friend), JAP - Min van (My friend), Limelights - Varfor jag (Why me), Reggae Boyz - Shabalabala polarn (Shabalabala mate), ReLi - Nar jag aker moped (When I ride my moped), Sebastian - Sommarens lekande barn (The playing kids of summer), Sisters - Sjorovarvisan (Pirate melody), Yazmina - Jag vill veta nu (I want to know now)
10th of October - Croatia (12 participants) - Nika Turkovic - Hej mali Hana Blazevic (12) - Nije ok, Nela Buj (13) - Suze malene, Lana Ivankovic (14) - Svakom tko zna, Kristina Jaric (12) - Djeca svijeta, Jakov Milankovic (14) & Ana Guberina (14) - Odlazim, Anita Novak (10) - Moja utjeha, Kristijan Stepanic (11) - Da li jos, Petra Skofic (13) - Potres, Nika Turkovic (8) - Hej mali 1st place, Nika Turkovic (8) - Mogu, Iva Valentic (11) - Hajde upali mrak - 3rd place, Tea Zec (9) - Don't worry, Party Kiss & Double F - Nije OK - 2nd place

You can find more information about the 2003 contest at our pages, and also at official site of the contest