The Balkans know how to party

Last night, ESCKAZ were invited to join the participants of Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina to their joint Balkan party event.

The delegations made us very welcome by treating us to wonderful drinks and accompanying food and astonishing performances.

Balkan Party Photos

Anna Sahlene, 2002 Estonian representative in Eurovision, and this year's backing vocalist for Australia's Dami Im, kicked off the party with a few performances, including her entry Run Away, which were followed up by the Croatian backing vocals team this year, presenting Yugoslavia's impressive back catalogue of Eurovision songs including Rock Me and Hajde da ludujemo.

After their performance, it was time for Serbia's representative Sanja Vučić ZAA to take the stage with her backing singers. She treated us to a powerful, classy, gutsy medley of soul music (Duffy, Amy Winehouse ) which she topped off with her eurovision entry Goodbye. Sanja's a class act and I'm very keen to keep an eye out for her, after Eurovision.

The performances kept coming in, with Highway performing their Eurovision entry, and proving they also have a soft spot for disco and soul, as they performed their rendition of Get Lucky, amongst other songs. It was a great party that showed much more than just the artists Eurovision entries. Bosnia Herzegovina's one off Eurovision collaboration group, also performed their entry Ljubav Je, but also made it possible for each artist to shine individually; Ana performed one of her own songs, Jala rapped his way much to the delight of the audience, Dalal showed her girl power and Deen treated the Eurovision fans to a much liked return to 'In The Disco', his entry in 2004.

Topping off the highlights of performances was Albanian entrant Eneda Tarifa, who treated us to three songs too, showcasing what an all round entertainer she is.

Guests Ivan from Belarus and at the last moment, San Marinos entrant Serhat, also joined the party, each performing their respective songs. Serhat climbed the stage for a rendition of his entry I didn't Know, alongside Sanja and Eneda and Highway, much to the delight of the crowd, which danced until their feet hurt.

Throughout the evening, we also spoke to some of the entrants, and asked them what their favourite balkan entry this year was.

A fantastic evening, which we're unlikely to forget any time soon.

Thank you to all the delegations involved for having us.

Македония и Литва - первая репетиция

Начинается выступление Калиопи в спокойных мрачновато-синих тонах. Песня отдает 90ми и техническая простота выступления тоже придает выступление классическое ощущение. Я бы даже назвал его второй серией предыдущего пришествия Калиопи на Евровидение.
Бэки стоят в стороне, вокально выступление солидно сработано, лишний только ультразвук, который Калиопи издает на последней ноте. В остальном же чувствуется, что очень опытная и уверенная артистка.
На первом припеве на задниках вспыхивают языки пламени.
Лаконичное, неперегруженное выступление, которое подошло бы Сербии.

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