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Eugent Bushpepa

Albania second rehearsal

Desiree on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 10:36

Today the second country to rehearse is Albania and not Iceland, as the Icelandic delegation is delayed by a traffic jam.

A mainly red background here for Albania. Eugent is still sounding absolutely fantastic. In the hall it does seem he is giving it all, so looking forward to hearing it when it does matter!

Some issues before the 2nd run here but as soon as it started it went on as usual.

Albania first rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 11:27

Everyone who saw our review from yesterday will not have missed that this is my big favourite this year, so naturally I was looking forward a lot to this rehearsal.

Eugent is joined on stage by his band and backings. While the vocals are absolutely outstanding once again, I am still not really sure what has just happened. It seems the backing track has been significantly slowed down and I'm not feeling this just yet, waiting for the next runs to get a better idea!

Second run, this is more like it! Now it sounds exactly as we have heard it before in the promotour and at the first live performance of the Eurovision version. Eugent is wearing a suit but one with some tweaks to make it rock a lot more.

In the run up to the first chorus the backings clap their hands as if they are making the sound effects, in later runs Eugent joins as well which is a bit of an unnecessary feature for me. What I would also like to see improved if the lighting in the beginning as he is standing in the dark for quite some time.