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Backstage day with DoReDos (Moldova)

Andy on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 09:53

Delegation of Moldova had their first rehearsal yesterday and we were invited to follow the day with them - so we can show some backstage footage starting from the arrival, passing through control and getting to the Delegation Bubble, then Dressing Room, rehearsing there, moving to in-ear rehearsal, final things before getting on stage, and after the rehearsal getting to the viewing room. It was followed by Hair & Make-up consultation, Eurovision.tv interview and then delegation moved to Press-conference area and interviews.

In the video you can briefly spot: Julia Samoylova, Dmitry Melnikov, Yuri Aksiuta, Alexander Rybak, Balkanika, Henric von Zweigbergk, Ola Melzig, Christer Björkman, Jon Ola Sand and all time on screen are all Moldova delegation members starting from D1s Vitalie Cojocaru, Philipp Kirkorov and Dmitrii Sergeev, D2 Ivan Luca and D3 artists Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov, Sergiu Mîța, Erik Høiby , Sara Linnea Larsson and Konstantin Vechersky.

Due to the filming restrictions the video does not include any footage of the on stage rehearsal itself, but we present a video from the dressing room rehearsal with Alex Panayi.