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Eduard Romanyuta

Moldova First Rehearsal: Eduard's love/hate relation with the police

Moldova this year has the honour to open the semi finals, so they've grabbed every possible opportunity to make a huge show.

Their singer, Eduard, is flanked by three dancers, 2 male and 1 female, who are wearing leather police uniform albeit, short trousers. Eduard spends most of his time on a prop on stage, which lets him walk onto it, together with the female police officer. Beside the prop, the backing vocals are also present onto the stage, a technique which wasn't really used last year so glad to see these people, also dressed as police officers, being given their time in the spotlight; there's two of them.

It's high energy throughout for Eduard. He has a difficult routine, which he just brushes off with ease and he's not compensating his vocals either. So a very impressive start for Moldova, for which the backdrop is mainly Red in the chorus. Sex sells, as last year showed when Poland provided us with plenty of boob, so in my opinion a good old shot of a bum cheek and Eduard losing his shirt towards the end couldn't really be left out from the performance. I like it!

So, a very solid first rehearsal, which our Ukrainian-Moldovan friends should be very very very happy with, and should also easily see them qualify.

Huit Points!