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Ukraine: Second rehearsal

The Clock is ticking for Mariya Yaremchuk. How did she do with her second rehearsal today?

Not much has really changed for Mariya's performance since her first rehearsal. Although I initially thought there might be more things added to the act, Mariya and her dancer have only brought the hamster wheel onto stage with them.

I have to say though that the act is pretty cool. There's a bit of a love story going on there, which is clearly noticeable when Mariya is on the hamster wheel. the backdrop here is really fitting. Clocks, hamster wheels are all on display in a mainly blue background, with a hint of space-features. It makes you feel like you are inside the hamster wheel.

Mariya is wearing a black and silver dress, which flies around when the wind machine is put on.
Second time around, we hear Mariya humming in her song. Great introduction.

The more I see the act, the more I like it. Definitely wouldn't rule Ukraine out for a) the final and b) the end victory.