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Is Tijana taking us to the sky with her second rehearsal?

Find out right now?

There's a few things still a little unclear for me when it comes down to the Macedonian stage performance.

Tijana is joined by three backing vocals and also a dancer in white, who's attempting to do some break dancing I think. There's a sequence in the performance where Tijana interacts with him and that's just very awkward, unless something will be projected that we're not yet seeing.

It's not all bad though, Macedonia has been given a great futuristic backdrop, which also includes hands. My favourite part most possibly is the sequence where her backing vocalists join her and occupy the stage. Great interaction and energy between all of them.

Tijana is dressed in a black suit by the way, has blue ear rings and is performing with no glasses. Her backing vocals however are wearing the white glasses, which have also been handed out here in the press centre as promo material.
Her voice is absolutely stunning, you simply can not fault Tijana's enthusiasm and the engagement she's put in her Eurovision project.

Her song is a personal favourite of mine, but stage wise I'm not entirely sure how the audience will feel about it. Crossing my fingers big time for Tijana and Macedonia!