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The SUN IS SHINING.....well it was this morning.....

When we went off on a little trek round the sights and sounds of tourist Vienna

All started very well, at 9.30 a.m. too, there's a first for us two....and in shorts too, the weather could not have been more perfect, sun shining, no sign of the forecast rain anywhere!

Seems that Vienna is a lot bigger than we were all led to believe though, so after 30 minutes walking it was the cheap cop-out and we hopped on the HOP-ON-HOP-OFF tourist bus to take in the main sights....Actually this seemed like the bets option when seeing some of the hordes wondering round the streets....

I guess this old doll (Marie Teresa) seemed to be the most impressive thing we first saw, then it was usual mix of old buildings and various famous streets until we hit the impressive TV tower on the other side of the Danube

Some very esteemed members of the press will be hurling themselves off this in a bungee jump in approx five days time....I think we need to have a "cameras at the ready moment" that day :-D

All in all was a nice day out.....short video clip here; and some more photos underneath that, it tried to rain but now the sun has come out again...#eurovisionbringssunshine