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Norway: Carl Espen unleashes his silent storm in second rehearsal.

Norwegian entrant Carl Espen didn't really set my perception of his song on fire, with his first rehearsal. Could he turn it around with his second rehearsal?

Well he most definitely did. What I remember from his very first rehearsal was the fact that I didn't feel there was a lot of emotional connection coming from Carl.

This time however, Carl seems a lot more confident in performing his song, and he's clearly been working on making sure the right emotions are coming across.

I really love what Norway have done with their staging too. Their backdrop is overall very blue,which suits the mood of the song really well:

Zooming in on the piano from the start, to close up on Carl, to going back to the piano, and then head over to the four violin players, the Norwegians have found a good way of making 'Silent Storm' look visually attracting and managed to find a great way of maximising the space on stage in a great way.

I'm getting a lot of goosebumps with 'Silent Storm', a personal highlight for me in this semi final.