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Moldova: second rehearsal

Christina's first rehearsal went brilliantly on tuesday. How did she do in her rehearsal today?

As I said with Albania, the outfits of performances can break or make the whole atmosphere when seeing it on screen here in the press center.

Moldova's song is probably, together with Estonia, the one that has grown the most on me, especialy after being amazed by Christina's amazing vocals and rather fitting atmosphere she brought during the first rehearsal.

Having seen the final outfit now, a semi-blue Greek/warrior dress and her dancers dressed up like slaves, I'm a little bit back to square one with Moldova.

the backdrop is still amazing, but loses somehow impact because of the outfits the Moldovan team are wearing.

Despite that however, Christina's vocals are spot on. She's bringing great entertainment and even though Moldova isn't one of the bookmaker's favourites at the moment, I can still see her easily qualify and do extremely well.