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Latvia: Second Rehearsal

Up next are Aarzemnieki for Latvia, who organized a fantastic tea party yesterday. Let's see how their second rehearsal went.

Oops bit of a problem at first. Aarzemnieki front mean Joran has dropped the microphone. 'Not a piece of cake' we hear the producer say. Oh Danish humour aye.

Now, there is not that much change again for Latvia either. Joran and his guitarist start the song on one of the catwalks, walking slowly to the other two band members, where they perform the rest of the song together.

Their backdrop has stayed the same as the first one, so they keep going for the camp fire feel with the night skyline trees and little golden party lamps.

The rest of the group are a lot more enthusiastic than the last time. Their second run through is a lot better, no hiccups. They're having a great time.

The final shot of the group is one of them all together, all full of smiles.

I have to say, this is a serious contender to be a dark horse qualifier in my book. Joran oozes charisma and he plays the camera very well. With an ear worm like 'Cake to Bake', I wouldn't be surprised to see the public en masse voting for them, resulting in a qualification. A personal favourite.