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Israeli Partry

Israel through up a magnificent party at Euroclub tonight. I heard about it a lot and was expecting a lot as well. Many rumours say that it's one of the most interesting parties held in Euroclub, so I decided to join it with Samira. It all started at about 10 pm. So, we arrived and we were offered fresh orange juice at the entrance. That was a good start! The disappointing thing was that a lot of non-accredited people were let in as well, so there was not enough air to breeze. Because of that I literary wanted to die.

Participants from Israel (of cause), Malta, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Switzerland and Iceland were entertaining public which was very happy to see the contestants. Many nice foods were served - couscous, veggies, fruits, pastry and sweets up to everyone's taste. And again - there were loads of people queuing up for food so it was impossible to try anything. And that was the only and the biggest minus of the party.

In general, I have very positive emotions and impressions but I wouldn't have liked to repeat it again. Soon after 2 am Samira and I left home to relax at long last as tomorrow we have some spare time and no need to get up early.