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How did the UK's first rehearsal go?

The unknown singer song writter Molly Smitten Downes was chosen by the BBC to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest today. Here's how Molly's first rehearsal went down.

Molly's first run through is pretty much just a standard sound check as Molly on two occasions ask for higher sound in her ears.'

Second run through is soo much better already with the sound. I don't really want to start a media frenzy already of 'OMG THE UK are going to do it, they're gonna win!' but the BBC have got a very very nice backdrop which features black and white leaves, Red/orange balls, and fireflies. It's without a doubt one of the best backdrops I've personally seen this year.

No long shots so far, a lot of close ups on Molly, who's a damn good singer too, and I personally felt like I got to know Molly watching it from the screens. I hope DR are going to translate that onto screen too.

As I said, too early to make a proper judgement, especially as these are first rehearsals, but it is certainly looking very good so far for the United Kingdom.

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