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How did Switzerland's first rehearsal go?

Switzerland's hopeful, the young Italian fiddler Sebalter, also graced the Eurovision stage in the B&W Hallerne for the first time today. Here's a run through of the first rehearsals of 'Hunter of Stars'.

Switzerland gets to share the same fiery, golden backdrop with Austria's participant Conchita Wurst, albeit the phoenix wings which have been replaced with golden circles drawn in the backdrop.

Sebalter really splashes off the screen. He has such a charismatic face, which means he sells his entry with such ease. The same can be said for the collective of musicians and backing singer who are joining him. They all give their utmost in the performance. It's fun and it's energetic.

And just at the point where I think it's all getting a bit too static, Sebalter and three of his musicians move to the right catwalk of the stage all the way to the little stage, where a drum is placed for Sebalter.

A very effective and energetic performance which will be remembered by a lot of people, partly because the singer is very charismatic and it the incredibly catchy whistle.

'Hunter of Stars' has the potential of doing really well in my opinion and perhaps even steal away some of the votes, Malta was hoping for.