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How did San Marino's first rehearsal go?

Copenhagen 2014 is Valentina Monetta's third Eurovision attempt in three years. Could 2014 be her year to qualify and score big time in Eurovision? Maybe! Here's how the first rehearsal went.

San Marino is joined by a pianist who introduces 'Maybe' from a small stage, before the camera heads over to the main stage.

Valentina is seen there, in a simple white gown, on a glittery platform performing her song all by herself. There are no backing vocals on stage with her.

There is a prop however.

Valentina has a cream coloured white, wrinkled veil behind her, which has the shape of a shell, giving me a little bit the impression that San Marino have taken their inspiration from 'Birth of Venus' painting by Sandro Boticelli.

The backdrop consists mainly out of silver and gold, with golden records being portrayed on the backdrop halway through the song. The contrast with the white veil and dress, make it visually a nice three minutes to look at.

Also vocally you can't fault Valentina, she's sounding superb.

Out of the three Eurovision entries Valentina has performed, Maybe is possibly the strongest visual the tiny state has been given. Less is more, and that should be sufficient enough for hopefully a surprise qualification at least.