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How did Portugal's first rehearsal go?

Portugal are back, it's simply not the same, not having them around at Eurovision. Here's how Suzy fared during her first rehearsal this morning.

Portugal are definitely going for the fun factor this year. They have a very colourful back drop, which features the colours of their national flag and the added yellow and black colours, which swirl around in the background and on the flooring of the stage.

Suzy is joined with her two backing vocals who were also together with her on stage during the Portuguese national final. The difference here is that they are moving along with her. I'm glad the Portuguese delegation has gone for that approach because they are maximizing the stage space that way.

During the first run through, Suzy's vocals were pretty off. But this is a first rehearsal so we guess its much more important to get to know the stage at this moment.

Also joining her on stage are Suzy's three drummers, leaving the act more or less similar to the national final. They have gone for the new version of the track, so there's a lot of clapping involved.

I'm unsure about Portugal's chances of qualifying, but they are clearly having fun on stage. I reckon if they polish up the act a little bit (especially the dancers, get those moves much slicker) and, tighten those vocals, I reckon this will be another crowd pleaser for the people in the hall and the audience at home, next Tuesday. And who knows what that will lead to.