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How did Norway's first rehearsal go?

Carl Espen took Norway by storm when he won the national final overwhelmingly back in March. In a good week we know whether the Norwegian representative can is able to take in Europe with 'Silent Storm'. Watch his first rehearsal.

Norway's staging is actually perfect for Carl's entry 'Silent Storm'. NRK seem to have changed the staging a little bit, having put a big platform on the stage where Carl's four violists are to take place later on in the song.

Upon the first notes of his song, the camera focusses on Carl's pianist before they swiftly move on to Carl and film him from different angles. There's no back drop until that moment, only white smoke which fills the stage.

An air shot is being shown, which also portrays the beautifl glassy blue back drop which looks like water flowing.
From this point onwards the four violists have also taken their place on the platform.

There's another focus here on Carl which shows the flooring. It's quite special because we're seeing thunder lightning on the floor, which works well with the piano.

For the final 'orchestra' finish, the backdrop has changed to a wave of water which also features golden fireflies.

Overall it's very beautiful to look at, and I'm a little concerned that I'm more impressed by the backdrops and effects than I am by Carl. Don't get me wrong, his voice sounds great. I reckon with a few more run throughs his voice will be in absolute shape.

I'm just a little bit taken back by the way he looks in the camera. I'm not entirely sure whether he's not feeling well or a little disinterested. A change in facial expression could really make or break whether Norway makes the final or not this year. Third run through down, we are indeed starting to see some facial expressions, and while the fade towards the end of his song, it makes a HUGE difference already!

Just don't lose the expressions and interpretation Carl!